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I found some GOLD for Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos
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PewDiePie Måned siden
0:59 LUNK ALARM!!!
LawlessElf 9 dager siden
TruBornStraw 22 dager siden
Im claiming my reply before it hits 500 limit. Imma come up with something creative later.
Nora A
Nora A Måned siden
Yeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Pancake Dragon
Pancake Dragon Måned siden
Who is this?
Vibius Måned siden
Somebody stop him!
Poke Mon
Poke Mon 11 minutter siden
durpster 00
durpster 00 Time siden
Ok so the bad part is that’s so cheesey the tax glasses actually work
Will Volz
Will Volz Time siden
Did you guys know god and Jesus loves you
Isaac Ventura
Isaac Ventura Time siden
I made the likes go from 391k to 392k.
Cosmic_king 2 timer siden
Say what you want I actually want one of these
Derpytron84 Rocks!
Derpytron84 Rocks! 4 timer siden
This man could sell you sand on a beach for a dollar a grain
Anna-Lee Henderson
Anna-Lee Henderson 4 timer siden
Muh mum gotta som da altritis
TresTrefusis 5 timer siden
As a Marine myself I would be less worried about the darkening effect of sunglasses and more worried about the glaring shiny rainbow lenses on those "tac" glasses giving my position away *face palm*
Josh Randall
Josh Randall 5 timer siden
Oh yeah knock down all dem markers
K.K Slider
K.K Slider 5 timer siden
3:37 you’re laughing grandmas got arthritis, and you’re laughing
Mcdabb 34
Mcdabb 34 5 timer siden
Jack you used this with felix
HEEERE'S DoNcKy 6 timer siden
What do you do? Do you run it under hot water, endanger yourself with a knife or trust in some good old sexism? Well what ever pops your jar eeeuuhmmmm i mean floats your boat xd
TD Advocate
TD Advocate 7 timer siden
The magic mesh is actually pretty useful. Have used a number of them over the years cause they only last a couple years at max. But if they start to tear just put some stronger tape on either side of the hole and it will last a little longer. Also, they are better if you actually nail them up obviously. But they overall are really nice for even windows if you want to cut th down. One big issue though is that stronger winds can knock them open so it defeats the purpose. But that's typically either like 40+km winds when they are new or like 25+km winds when they are older.
Gabriel Simmons
Gabriel Simmons 8 timer siden
Bro... my parents bought the screen door thing😂😂😂
banditgiraffe 2.0
banditgiraffe 2.0 9 timer siden
3:45 What did you just say????
Tudor Morariu
Tudor Morariu 10 timer siden
18:40 you see, my grandparents had one of these and it surprisingly worked
William Chiappone
William Chiappone 12 timer siden
Vince vs Ronnie Battle of the greatest salesmen
Thierry Fadzli Aditya Dewanto
Thierry Fadzli Aditya Dewanto 13 timer siden
jack: this is the greatest irish salesman also jack: this is the greatest thing to buy the future chair you can bring it anywhere
Haaansie 15 timer siden
17:00 just poke a hole in the lit or lift it a tiny bit with a spoon or knife let some air in no problem even a child can open it at that point
Tbone 15 timer siden
Jack looks like L at the start
Sad Boy Hour
Sad Boy Hour 19 timer siden
I've tried on $15 polarized glasses at home of economy and they had a picture that looked white, and when I put them on there was a mountain picture
galaxy game player
galaxy game player 20 timer siden
Best Irish accent 3:45
Unknown Cxdi
Unknown Cxdi 23 timer siden
irish vince offer
Elliott Carney
Elliott Carney 23 timer siden
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 23 timer siden
I know im late but is it me or is the more excited Jack gets,the more irish he gets? I love it!
Taryn Burtlow
Taryn Burtlow Dag siden
Magic mesh is great until the magnets wear out
Sp33dstersup Dag siden
I’m a little sad that the TOP OF THE MORNIN intro sorta died
anthony birmingham
anthony birmingham Dag siden
yeah another funniest home videos vid
Thicckiid Dag siden
Why does the video picture look like tubbo
Jendrick Burgos
Jendrick Burgos Dag siden
21:27 JACK:nick my good you look cool Me:oh no he's making people the predator
The Universal Union
The Universal Union Dag siden
What if you have an argument and you storm out you can't slam the door. You just go next door and slam their's instead hahahaha.
DLR DLR Dag siden
Deep lore? Nah. Deep *laughs*
Zane Phair
Zane Phair Dag siden
TacGlasses are just cheap polarized sunglasses with an amber lens base. Polarization reduces glare and allows you to see through the filter on the TV. The Amber base enhances colors by upping the contrast... TacGlasses are just cheap CVS sunglasses
The Universal Union
The Universal Union Dag siden
Wait.......THIS is a fake Jack Jack has said he has anxiety about doing that on his chair...HE'S A POD PERSON.
darkness is life 123
darkness is life 123 Dag siden
I LOVE YOU love you:]
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella Dag siden
"I know I'm Irish, I know you've all the jokes" Is it redundant to say I love this man? This is the type of person that only gets insulted out of jealousy
Aidan Mearns
Aidan Mearns Dag siden
10:16 thought about what he said and Oh God please no! Wait, hang on! Stop!
Páraic Sharkey
Páraic Sharkey Dag siden
he got all but one marker today he's getting more powerful
Danielnigg Dag siden
Potatoes came from south america
Dark Fang12
Dark Fang12 Dag siden
My aunt has a magic mesh. She bought it from walmart and not this channel.
Trey Thomas
Trey Thomas Dag siden
Jack can you make more happy wheels
ninja brothers with a dog dogy
ninja brothers with a dog dogy Dag siden
Magic mash breaks. Eisaly
ninja brothers with a dog dogy
ninja brothers with a dog dogy Dag siden
F the robo twist is so strong what if you put it on a person then coming you break there arm or hurt someone pretty bad I don't think it works that good
Diane Freese
Diane Freese Dag siden
Where's the top to the morn intro
NCR Veteran Ranger
NCR Veteran Ranger Dag siden
From now on I will say artritus
Kyra Jinx
Kyra Jinx Dag siden
Ronny: ''Have you ever tried to peel one of these?'' OwO Jack: ''No.. Ronny... I haven't'' xDDDDDDDD OMG that sent me! xD
Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly Dag siden
Good vid :)
Keniel Laboy Rodriguez
Keniel Laboy Rodriguez Dag siden
*clears throat* .................................................... * boom* L A U G H
Adam Karns
Adam Karns Dag siden
Seàn, I really need to know what you said after he told us the name of the prep bowl. I feel like I'm having a stroke every time I watch it, and I'm loosing sleep not knowing!
Jacob Ackert
Jacob Ackert Dag siden
3:44: happy Irish noises
Josh Mau
Josh Mau Dag siden
I actually did buy a robotwist for my mom, ironically because of her arthritis
Haden Fowler
Haden Fowler Dag siden
Caoimhe Kelly
Caoimhe Kelly Dag siden
Almost certain that the sports presenter he’s going on about is Micháel O Muircheartaigh 😂😂 he’d talk about the corner forwards second cousin from down the road in the middle of a match 😂
Hairy Potter
Hairy Potter Dag siden
I actually own an Irish peeler
OsloNolon Dag siden
SPREAD EM!!!!!!!!!!!
Echo Dag siden
Carter White
Carter White Dag siden
When jack doesn’t realize that he made a video with pewds with the robo twist
Leanna Holsinger
Leanna Holsinger Dag siden
I've used the magic mesh and it works
Damagingpluto Dag siden
I miss the “top of the mornin to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to...”
Clayvan Van
Clayvan Van Dag siden
mike picciano
mike picciano 2 dager siden
10:07 "Ronnie, you might as well be rubbin your penis on it, Ronnie" I've seen this episode 2 times before, but missed how hilarious that made me laugh! I appreciate that Mr. Sean.
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee 2 dager siden
The trick to opening jars is to stick the edge of a spoon just under the lip of the lid and pull up until you hear a pop. Thats the sound of the seal breaking and then the jar's lid will come right off. After I figured this out I've never struggled with a jar again.
The Bored Enthusiast
The Bored Enthusiast 2 dager siden
Jack: Need a show about Muscle man and Granny going on adventures So basically Johnny Bravo
Dalton Letner
Dalton Letner 2 dager siden
the magic mesh is a real thing
Dauw 2 dager siden
oh granny , her and her artritis heheheh silly gramgram
Guns n Stuff
Guns n Stuff 2 dager siden
Guns n Stuff
Guns n Stuff 2 dager siden
Guns n Stuff
Guns n Stuff 2 dager siden
Guns n Stuff
Guns n Stuff 2 dager siden
Clayvan Van
Clayvan Van 2 dager siden
For anyone who disliked why
AC Marie
AC Marie 2 dager siden
hahahaha we totally had those magnet doors in my house growing up in the south. (in the usa)
Jye Finisie
Jye Finisie 2 dager siden
What did he sayyyyyyyyyyuu sèan be like ashablemskjkkwkwkwkakakakamakamwwk yi bais
AC Marie
AC Marie 2 dager siden
remember when Jack used to be ashamed of his Irish accent? lol then we have this. XD I love it.
Gaby Peñalosa
Gaby Peñalosa 2 dager siden
Well that's on your search history now
VoidSilk 2 dager siden
Anyone remember when he reviewed the robo twist like 6 years ago
Pomo the Promo Possum
Pomo the Promo Possum 2 dager siden
Jack was hype when that potato got revealed
Enigma 2 dager siden
Ronnie: y'ever try to peak one o these? Me: no but i think your dad tried to sit on one once
Mathilda 1211
Mathilda 1211 2 dager siden
I have the Magic Mesh and honestly it works really well.
Aaron Fredriksson
Aaron Fredriksson 2 dager siden
Cant u play doki doki literatur club again
Zoë's Animations
Zoë's Animations 2 dager siden
Ronnie Neville in the advertisement wasnt the same as the one who rap3d a kid, because the advertisement was made in 2020 and the news article said Ronnie was 70 although in the ad Ronnie was around 30 so its probably not the same Ronnie
Wolfsbane 123
Wolfsbane 123 2 dager siden
I have a robotwist that I got for my mum and I can confirm it actually works really well. it only takes like 10 seconds.
oofed for eternity
oofed for eternity 2 dager siden
Jack: **says arthritis in an Irish accent** Subtitles: her trays
Leeanne Sweeney
Leeanne Sweeney 2 dager siden
Jack u used a robo twist
sushiisawesomeXD 2 dager siden
"This is 2017" - Jack, March 4th, 2021
VCGcosplay 2 dager siden
I Googled Ultimate Irish Prep Bowl... I CANT GET IT IN THE STATES 😭😭😭💔💔💔
Ian Lien
Ian Lien 2 dager siden
Coben Kingery
Coben Kingery 2 dager siden
Jack going crazy because of a potato.
Joe Savage
Joe Savage 2 dager siden
Ronnie with the save by revealing the potatoe You should watch the ultimate Irish peeler
Coben Kingery
Coben Kingery 2 dager siden
White board's lookin kinda sus
Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman 2 dager siden
I thought the Irish are also good for fighting
Lin-Chan_UwU 2 dager siden
I realized I had the peeler and I didn't even know... all I can say is Ronnie it stating facts!
Carter Fry
Carter Fry 2 dager siden
I love when Jack goes full Irish for a few sentences and you can’t understand a single word😂
pugsy pug
pugsy pug 2 dager siden
didnt jack and felix do a vid with robo twist
snek cheese
snek cheese 2 dager siden
3:44 Irishness intensifies.
Spicycola453 2 dager siden
3:46 I think Jacks just left the Irish/english World
MR STatic
MR STatic 2 dager siden
Toad 2 dager siden
You used the robo twist with Felix that time
Max Kretzschmar
Max Kretzschmar 2 dager siden
Tenth time I’ve watched this Ronnie is Thor and the prep bowl is mjolnir and GRANNY’S GOT ARTHRITIS
Khaan Kamil
Khaan Kamil 2 dager siden
7:03 Hey Jack we know your not calling anyone.
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