The First Guy To Ever Go To Prison

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Ryan George

Måned siden

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Ryan George
Ryan George Måned siden
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Bob Simmons
Bob Simmons 28 dager siden
Mass Incarnation is a real issue in the U.S :(
Zacherjason Måned siden
Can you do The first guy to be bald pls
P C Måned siden
I think it would be great to make a video of the first guy to domesticate a wolf or a horse!
Memeology Kid
Memeology Kid Måned siden
I’ve actually been to it, would recommend
Finn Yates
Finn Yates Måned siden
I love the call backs to other stuff like he did a back flip snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day and the first guy to steal something
Ben Coker
Ben Coker 4 timer siden
“You wore somebody’s face as a mask.” Hannibal, that you?
Jeremy Linch
Jeremy Linch 4 timer siden
Only fake thing about this is that a prisoner would never admit to being guilty
Gavin Lamphear
Gavin Lamphear 5 timer siden
Did a backflip and snapped a neck I remember that and the hat their I remember that too
Jonathan Jackett
Jonathan Jackett 6 timer siden
"gotcha hat" *Ends up in prison*
Braylon Arrington
Braylon Arrington 6 timer siden
0:24 me after every ryan goerge vid
Secret Identity Subliminals - S.I.S
Secret Identity Subliminals - S.I.S 8 timer siden
You actually said something clever there, his freedom is limited because he excercised power which might or did limit someone elses freedom. The problem here is what freedom is can be discussed and re-defined centuries over, and not every illegal thing, is so, becuase it limits other peoples freedoms to do so
Abhiram AS
Abhiram AS 13 timer siden
This guy has a really different perspective of life💯
Rafael Geraldo
Rafael Geraldo 17 timer siden
"So I have to stay here for a time because I broke teh rules?" "Yes" "So I'm grounded?" "I guess" "So you're my dad now?" "Wait what?"
Wayne Strange
Wayne Strange 20 timer siden
Breaking out is gonna be pretty tough then, huh? Actually it’s gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
Carnetha Anthony
Carnetha Anthony Dag siden
NOLA & MSP THE ESCAPE GAME! I repped both!
Carnetha Anthony
Carnetha Anthony Dag siden
Love The Escape Game
Raging noob
Raging noob Dag siden
he has a mustache over his mustache.
Pottsniff GROND!!
Pottsniff GROND!! Dag siden
Orange you glad he didn't say a worse colour? Edit** wow, I'm late.
Dr. Skip McWilliams
Dr. Skip McWilliams Dag siden
Algorithm comment
Monscent Dag siden
Why does he talk that way?
Frank Ponti
Frank Ponti 2 dager siden
Kind of sounds like you're making excuses for violent criminals and disguising it as a cute skit.
Not Specified
Not Specified 3 dager siden
Ryan can just say room, fire or Sir in any sketch and I'm good.
david ludwig
david ludwig 4 dager siden
Everybody: "Let's just default to my perspective."
Native Afro-Ευrasian
Native Afro-Ευrasian 4 dager siden
I have a feeling the first ever prisoner was neither in the USA nor had he that kind of company
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel 4 dager siden
"How is keeping me in a room going to accomplish that?" US prison system in a nutshell.
TYGROSKY 5 dager siden
The escape game souns like something I want to try
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins 5 dager siden
Tik Tok videos be like:
THE DUDE 5 dager siden
putting a mustache on a mustache beutifull
M Z 5 dager siden
1:24 I expected him to say "candy corn is TIGHT"
Federico N. Giudici Michilini
Federico N. Giudici Michilini 5 dager siden
You are so good man. Keep it up.
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow 5 dager siden
So this is Ryan who stole the hat and inveted theibring
Shanto 5 dager siden
Stole a lots of hats isn’t that frm first guy to ever steal something
Random Person
Random Person 6 dager siden
The worst crime committed was saying that candy corn is good
Superlative CG
Superlative CG 6 dager siden
People fear prison, but in reality, prison life in most western countries is a better standard of living than billions of people free in the world have
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim 7 dager siden
first person to escape from prison
Glitch Gamer EC
Glitch Gamer EC 7 dager siden
Oh your channel so funny😂😂😂
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games 7 dager siden
When you’ve watched Ryan so long that you start ad libbing….”Thems the rules”
MarechtCZ 7 dager siden
I like the fake moustache on top of a real moustache
Primal Core
Primal Core 8 dager siden
R - G - C
R - G - C 8 dager siden
Damn, this sponsorship fits this video perfectly.
KoolKyle73 8 dager siden
I like how they put a mustache on the mustache
faze jarvis
faze jarvis 8 dager siden
Part two for first person to escape
TaipeiPersonality 8 dager siden
You didn’t say “penal” once. Not even once.
killercat killwrcat 2021 cunt
killercat killwrcat 2021 cunt 8 dager siden
Google prisons in norway :3
Sea Pea
Sea Pea 9 dager siden
0:39 like the reference to his video called “the first guy to invent fiction”.
Misses Witch
Misses Witch 9 dager siden
"Took Somebody's Hat" Jake Paul!
JustA Darius
JustA Darius 9 dager siden
Yeah prisons maybr aren’t such a good thing lol
Marked Ashamed (Marinealver)
Marked Ashamed (Marinealver) 9 dager siden
It used to be towers, but the first jail was invented back in antiquity because people would keep fleeing their court dates. Heck back in medieval England if a man missed 3 court dates he was declared an outlaw and was no longer under the protection of the crown, which means it was impossible to be accused of a crime against an outlaw. You caught an outlaw, you can do whatever you want. If it was a troublesome outlaw with a bounty, cut off his head and cash in.
Andrew 10 dager siden
"Try not to get stabbed by anyone else we put in here mostly." *Oh nooooooo* How do you even describe that expression he was making. Like a robot with tone?!?
Elite Swat07
Elite Swat07 10 dager siden
I like how he has a fake mustache over the real one
The Fanch
The Fanch 10 dager siden
Frightening, though extremely funny. I give thee the Medal of the Higher Comical Order.
ThatDudeWithBoobs 10 dager siden
After seeing him talk to himself over the years, I'd love to actually try to have a conversation with him to see if I can keep up.
Vigilant yaksha Xiao
Vigilant yaksha Xiao 10 dager siden
The formula for all his videos is: Step 1 - think of something that’s oddly specific with a lot of flaws Step 2 - research Step 3 - backflip and snap somebody’s neck Step 4 - C o m e d y
Commentis Anonymous
Commentis Anonymous 10 dager siden
alternate title: the developers of the escapists be like:
Grom Thunderfists
Grom Thunderfists 10 dager siden
Inmate 0001 Good touch
Jason Dowling
Jason Dowling 10 dager siden
This is painfully hilarious
Hedel Torres
Hedel Torres 11 dager siden
The First Guy to call a piece of land his property... imagine, people roamed the earth, one day, someone said, this is mine... and the next guys was like.. ummmm... ok..
RedHextic 11 dager siden
“Oh yeah you also put someone in a room” “I just wanted some money with a restaurant!” “A...what?” “A restaurant” “A... restore rent?” “No, a restaurant” “So it’s like a French restore rent?” “Nope” “Whatever you’re in a room” “But even though I put someone in a room that doesn’t mean I should be put in a room” “You put someone in a room, I put you in a room” “Fair now what?” “I don’t know”
Shneldon 11 dager siden
Unrealistic. There can't be two people who agree candy corn is "pretty good."
Not Specified
Not Specified 11 dager siden
Brill link
Anthony Conley
Anthony Conley 11 dager siden
love these new videos
Yatharth Bansal
Yatharth Bansal 11 dager siden
That freedom’s thing just blew my mind
Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon 11 dager siden
Locked in a place with violent criminals. Also have to wear orange a color that provokes aggression. Sadistic.
mkian 11 dager siden
look at that, the hat snatcher is finally inside the boring room, justice is served.
Al Macpherson
Al Macpherson 12 dager siden
Finally, Ryan, go your own way... we will all follow you.
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 12 dager siden
i dont know but sometimes it looks like he is shaving the part between is eyes and his eyebrowns
Wrynn Blade
Wrynn Blade 12 dager siden
I love the callbacks XDD
TimeLord 12 dager siden
Imagine wearing a mustache over your actual mustache
Flatland Dweller
Flatland Dweller 12 dager siden
this guy will share a cell with the coach that gave the other coach some soup!
Master chief
Master chief 12 dager siden
Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward 12 dager siden
i love the little truths Ryan throws in with the jokes in his sketches, pure genius.
Omar Elsayed
Omar Elsayed 13 dager siden
Fun fact: orange is the opposite color of blue.. and blue is the color of cops
The Galaxy Gamer
The Galaxy Gamer 13 dager siden
is it just me or does it feel like Ryan gets a sponsor every video
Rahat Radi
Rahat Radi 13 dager siden
0:40 reference to other videos
LilBigCat 13 dager siden
Was he in alcatraz? The image in the back
Youfortube Torrevillas
Youfortube Torrevillas 13 dager siden
The oh nooo is so insincere it cracked me up
basty bacon
basty bacon 14 dager siden
the next part of the saga should be the first guy to break out of prison
Drippier “Pulsating Latin Pussy”
Drippier “Pulsating Latin Pussy” 14 dager siden
Let prison man out of jail, any laws made after an action can’t be punished for!
eGavik 14 dager siden
"Is that gonna work?" "it might!"
Wyte Tigrr
Wyte Tigrr 14 dager siden
His catchphrase is "we decided"...
God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 14 dager siden
Please do the First Guy to ever have a gun
Calvin Chan
Calvin Chan 14 dager siden
There should be a sequel to this, " The First Guy to Ever Play Escape Room" where the warden is the owner of the escape room.
AdiCat _2011🏳️‍🌈:D
AdiCat _2011🏳️‍🌈:D 15 dager siden
People need to be this innocent
mrbeast6000 15 dager siden
Do first person to go to rehab
Moshe Delerb
Moshe Delerb 15 dager siden
The alien is the first non-Ryan-George character in the universe
AHUMUZA MARK 15 dager siden
Dude in orange clearly doesn't understand how prisons work
TierOne Sounds
TierOne Sounds 15 dager siden
I know it's super random, but I kinda envy his beard.
Bon Myat Khaing
Bon Myat Khaing 15 dager siden
all of his videos are funny
Daniela Lorenz
Daniela Lorenz 16 dager siden
Slightly disproportional mustache is still going strong... xD
Flame Yy
Flame Yy 16 dager siden
These new vids have references to old ones
The Christian Crafter
The Christian Crafter 16 dager siden
I’ve done the one in Jacksonville, it’s awesome! Definitely try it.
Mikey Thompson
Mikey Thompson 17 dager siden
omg. you don't just casually do a backflip and snap somebody's neck.
a a2
a a2 17 dager siden
The neck snap story wasn't fake after all
Jamaine Elmore
Jamaine Elmore 17 dager siden
This is the Producer Guy that produced Face Off
Steven Bell
Steven Bell 17 dager siden
Last minute= message!
Tony H
Tony H 17 dager siden
How ya'll came up with this series is mind boggling and I have to say that I couldn't be happier. Everyone's been insane and hilarious.
Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez 17 dager siden
Thank 😊 you for posting this video 📹. I like how you explain Prison. I found your channel from Julie Nolke. You sir have a new subscriber..
Bob Syme
Bob Syme 17 dager siden
😂😂did a backflip and snapped the guys this channal,it must have been a bad guys neck tho,even better 2nd watch👏👏this is tight i decided
GamingMonts 17 dager siden
0:45 -GOT YA HAT!!
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille 17 dager siden
2:46 This is actually the best description of society I've heard in a while 😂
Kyle Carattini
Kyle Carattini 18 dager siden
Oh nooooo
medexamtoolsdotcom 18 dager siden
Actually if you want to talk about the FIRST guy to ever go to prison, it very likely wouldn't have been for a reason that would be considered acceptable today. For instance, the crime of being homeless. Or the crime of insulting the king. Or the crime of falsely reporting that the king had died. Or the crime of blasphemy. Or just being a war prisoner. Also, the prisoner really should tell the guard that he has some sort of hideous caterpillar on top of his mustache.
medexamtoolsdotcom 18 dager siden
For instance I'm FREE to say profanities to your face, and the government won't do anything to stop me from doing that, but if I threaten your life, that's crossing a line that will make the government step in and stop me. That is how freedoms are the opposite of rights, because the government is providing you with guarantees that are not supposed to be infringed so I get in trouble for infringing on them.
medexamtoolsdotcom 18 dager siden
You also use the word "freedoms" too much. Some of the occurrences of freedoms should be replaced by the word "rights". Rights are the opposite of freedoms. See, rights are guarantees from the government of protection for you from others exercising their freedoms, freedoms are simply where the government provides no such guarantee.
caleb leubecker
caleb leubecker 18 dager siden
a sequel to the first guy to steal somthing
Gordon freeman
Gordon freeman 18 dager siden
Is it weird that all I can think of is comments to the add and not remember the video 🤣
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