The Day Kylian Mbappe & Erling Haaland Met For The First Time

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When Kylian Mbappe met Erling Haaland for the first time. Will they be the next Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi ? a New era has begun ? comment down your opinions about these two players.
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The Day Kylian Mbappe & Erling Haaland Met For The First Time
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F Martínez
F Martínez 2 timer siden
ALDI SEPTIAN EPENDI 22 timer siden
The next zlatan & cristiano
Juu Jika
Juu Jika 22 timer siden
who is haaland
KO MessiaH
KO MessiaH Dag siden
didn't they meet during salzburg v psg in champions league group stage lmao
Romance Stars
Romance Stars Dag siden
ShaaSheeesh Dag siden
How talk is haaland
Zeara I
Zeara I Dag siden
theyre the messi and ronaldo of the new generation
Bogdan 2 dager siden
haaland is the best player. ( after mbappe )
dfgd dfdf
dfgd dfdf 2 dager siden
jajajaa ese mbappe miedoso 1:31
kristoff ziegler
kristoff ziegler 2 dager siden
The Versus fan boys need to calm thier titties , neither Haaland or mpbappe are currently the best players , The best player at the moment in my opinion is lewandowski followed by messi and cr7
2 dager siden
cristian valadez
cristian valadez 3 dager siden
Halaand el mejor
beatbyrich 3 dager siden
mbape don't take cr7 image,, change your jersey number to 9 or 10,, i suggest 10
beatbyrich 3 dager siden
Erling Haaland
Ben Storm Bad Ass
Ben Storm Bad Ass 3 dager siden
They both could be heading towards the Premier League this summer 2021. Can you how many neutral fans will go to watch them play even if there not going to be playing for there team . I really do believe one of them will be playing for Liverpool if Salah does leave 👍🏻👉🏻.
High Low ቻይ ና
High Low ቻይ ና 4 dager siden
Mbappe no doubt way batter by far.
Van D. N.
Van D. N. 4 dager siden
Mbappe >>>
Mujahid 4 dager siden
The new ronaldo messi? Haha
Paiiva fn
Paiiva fn 4 dager siden
Haaland, Haaland, Selbst die Bayern haben Angst, Bald kennt ihn das ganze Land Ha ha ha haaland, Hey! Haaland, Haaland, Gestern war er unbekannt, Heut'(e) feiert ihn das ganze Land Ha ha ha Haaland
Yeah_Bro -_-
Yeah_Bro -_- 4 dager siden
Glad to have seen the first match of the next big rivalry
Digital india
Digital india 5 dager siden
Still,they need to go a long way to catch Messi. Halaand can't even dribble against two
Dasamoolam Damu
Dasamoolam Damu 4 dager siden
haaland Doesn't need to Dribble he push opponents by his Physical and Take the ball and score
pro xd
pro xd 5 dager siden
xd xd xd xd xd f f f f f f f f f f
El chamo futbolero
El chamo futbolero 5 dager siden
Si mbappe y Haaland es la nueva generación, aquí en Sudamérica conocerán a Yeferson Soteldo y Gonzalo Plata
Jordy Solano
Jordy Solano 5 dager siden
Magnifico 5 dager siden
5:32 чуть ворота не сломал
Magnifico 5 dager siden
Ra hul
Ra hul 5 dager siden
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 5 dager siden
this soccer match was i guess cool
Bill Kurtis Ngako
Bill Kurtis Ngako 6 dager siden
I like Mbappe's pass to Neymar who else ?
Bill Kurtis Ngako
Bill Kurtis Ngako 6 dager siden
Haaland is Victorious for this particular match but Mbappe is better 🙏🙏
leontrl 6 dager siden
haaland is a machine
feuka 6 dager siden
Rowdiegame 6 dager siden
like:haaland ignore:mbappe
Rᴏsʜᴀɴ 6 dager siden
Miding Taki
Miding Taki 6 dager siden
when right time comes remember i was here too,🙂
Yorick977! 6 dager siden
haaland vs psg
Steve John
Steve John 6 dager siden
How are ppl ignoring Sancho !!! What a game he's playing
Gareth Gamer m1887
Gareth Gamer m1887 6 dager siden
Crack halam, crack mbappe
앙드레코스톨라니 7 dager siden
Mbappe >>>>>>>>haaland
Konrad Tycner
Konrad Tycner 7 dager siden
Imagine Haaland and Mbappe in one team, unstoppable duo
Azərbaycan Türkiye
Azərbaycan Türkiye 7 dager siden
Mbappe=Messi Haland=Cr7 Haland powerful Mbappe talanted
King Genial
King Genial 7 dager siden
Mbappé ya es campeón del mundo
og skull
og skull 7 dager siden
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Habiburrahman Rambe
Habiburrahman Rambe 7 dager siden
This video will everlasting
Arian Gaming344
Arian Gaming344 7 dager siden
Messi and Ronaldo theyre job will be done very soon just 2 or 3 years later well now time for 2 new superstars problaly this 2 can be future superstars
Rayu Hel
Rayu Hel 8 dager siden
2:42 2:46
Rizalikmal Rosli
Rizalikmal Rosli 8 dager siden
This two gusy Will be Messi and cr7
OfficialCrane 8 dager siden
I was here.
OfficialCrane 8 dager siden
I was here.
Rohan 8 dager siden
Mbappe vs haaland But neymar stole the show💥 Youngsters watch and learn😈
Emperor Emperor
Emperor Emperor 8 dager siden
Haaland will come on top in the end
Cogeta 9 dager siden
Haaland Strength✅ Height✅ Pace✅ Finishing✅
Peter Kelner
Peter Kelner 9 dager siden
These kids these days looking stranger and stranger
ibix ibrahim
ibix ibrahim 9 dager siden
I don't know about Mbappe but ERLing haaland is complete beast
WzyKz 9 dager siden
Sancho is way more talented and gifted than Haaland.. Why is no one talking about him?
Clash of clans Fans
Clash of clans Fans 9 dager siden
Die sind nichttttttt. Wie ronaldo und Messi Egalllll vie weil. Aufrufe hast. Die werden nichts
Football Highlights
Football Highlights 9 dager siden
This Video is incredible garland is worlds greatest... Please help be to improve on my own chanel
Random Music
Random Music 9 dager siden
Just to see me when NOwindow recomend me this video 6 years later
Jonas Guzmán
Jonas Guzmán 10 dager siden
Así que aquí fue que se vieron las caras Halland y Mbappe, pero eso sí Halland no era lo que es orita.
Joaquin Clarke
Joaquin Clarke 10 dager siden
2:26 lol
Frank Merson
Frank Merson 10 dager siden
Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa... in the end, the Rocky wins.
Xon Gaming
Xon Gaming 10 dager siden
nacho 10 dager siden
Jaja majin buu and rafael from ninja turtles
Jeremy Najera
Jeremy Najera 10 dager siden
The Messi and Ronaldo rivalry of the next era
Kapitan Żbik
Kapitan Żbik 10 dager siden
Can someone explain me why some people speed up videos with football highlights?
Hamad Mito
Hamad Mito 11 dager siden
After Years, You guys will search for this
Rafael Segura
Rafael Segura 11 dager siden
Both making history in Real Madrid next year
xelenoz 11 dager siden
2 soon to be legends
Evan O’Brien
Evan O’Brien 11 dager siden
Kids in 10 years time gonna be visiting this video and saying “now they are rivals”
Muhammad Sohaib
Muhammad Sohaib 11 dager siden
Future beasts💪💪🤟🏻🤟🏻
Dana Boy
Dana Boy 11 dager siden
Anyone else wanna see Halaand in Bayern?
Viral 11 dager siden
Who is here after Mbappe scored 2 goals vs Bayern Munich ? 👍
António Bento
António Bento 12 dager siden
Haaland or Mbape? My answer is still Ronaldo
Mutahir Rana
Mutahir Rana 12 dager siden
MBappÈ shirt # 7 . I always Feel like as He is Cristiano Ronaldo
tuan ma
tuan ma 12 dager siden
Haaland dynasty
vyziobeats 13 dager siden
5:31 😈
Abecsai De Leon Hernandez
Abecsai De Leon Hernandez 13 dager siden
Haaland to Real Madrid
Harold Davey
Harold Davey 13 dager siden
Puede más solo le falta trabajar lo psicológico para potenciar su capacidad.
MD.Matiar Rahman
MD.Matiar Rahman 13 dager siden
Erling Haland is a good player.
Zehbi Zehbi
Zehbi Zehbi 14 dager siden
In 8 years we Will be back here when They are the best players in the world
Antonio Stoian
Antonio Stoian 14 dager siden
5 april 2021. I just made history
Silas 14 dager siden
Próximas lendas do futebol
Sayed Jalal Badshah
Sayed Jalal Badshah 15 dager siden
The future Cristiano and Messi 🔥
Chrissie Martin
Chrissie Martin 15 dager siden
Imagine the two of them running at a defence scare the jusus out them
CLIPS FF 16 dager siden
Haaland , Haaland 🔥
achilles11 16 dager siden
“Khvitcha Kvaratskhelia” guys remember this name. He’s Georgian player.
cesar casas
cesar casas 16 dager siden
El futuro es de los goleadores así que Haaland
roski 16 dager siden
Haaland is a team player
roski 16 dager siden
Haaland is built different😭
Keid 16 dager siden
Haaland The Best
The Calcutta Vibes
The Calcutta Vibes 16 dager siden
Upcoming legend's
Loyal Lion
Loyal Lion 17 dager siden
Aight Halaand and Mbappe are great player, but they are overrated tbh
Lucas Daniel Villalba Rojas
Lucas Daniel Villalba Rojas 17 dager siden
haaland es mejor
Nabil Ashrar Pidim
Nabil Ashrar Pidim 17 dager siden
0:31 Haaland : me was laughing becose how Mbappé's face look like ninja turtle
Wafi Rizqulloh
Wafi Rizqulloh 17 dager siden
hi mbappe
Hedonpackers 17 dager siden
5:36 great shoot anyway
Mohammed Zohair
Mohammed Zohair 18 dager siden
I'm leaving my mark on this video. This video could be history if Mbappe n Haaland become the next RONALDO n MESSI!!
abdulrahman noor
abdulrahman noor 18 dager siden
Welcome to Barcelona
Landry Tyrell
Landry Tyrell 19 dager siden
The selective drug suggestively rain because walk byerly part but a assorted font. far, offbeat transaction
Abu Rabaah
Abu Rabaah 19 dager siden
I like haaland more than mbappe.
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