The Cabin in the Woods (2012) KILL COUNT

  Ganger 11,192,954

Dead Meat

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**At 15:20 I meant to say the "Swedes", not the "Swiss". I know Stockholm is in Sweden, just made a mistake there. Sorry about that, Swedes & Swiss!**
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Beats TheFox
Beats TheFox 7 timer siden
can we get some froggy love?
Bendy Beats
Bendy Beats 8 timer siden
"Hey Dave we need a big bag of guts!" God I love that line
Merrick Slocum
Merrick Slocum 10 timer siden
This movie is probably the closest thing we get to an scp movie
dino biscuits
dino biscuits 11 timer siden
Alternate Numbers: 6,870,000,000 people died in Cabin in the Woods. 3,490,000,000 victims were female, and 3,380,000,000 victims were male, giving us a pie chart of 50.8% females and 49.2% males. With a runtime of 95 minutes, we had a kill on average every 830 nanoseconds.
plushy star
plushy star 16 timer siden
oof a crowbar to the head
Alma Castaneda
Alma Castaneda Dag siden
This has to be the movie with the most blood ever
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier Dag siden
My golden chainsaw award is the fucking movie
Bobbie S.
Bobbie S. Dag siden
its so cute that in that one behind the scenes bit Sigourney Weaver was holding the werewolf's hand
April Raine
April Raine Dag siden
Steve Hadley is Josh from the west wing. Never again shall be be referenced otherwise this is a royal decree or something, idk ... whatever
Vaccinium augustifolium
Vaccinium augustifolium Dag siden
Happy 10 years to my favorite horror movie!
Jill Lippidippy
Jill Lippidippy 2 dager siden
Fun fact : Jesse Williams who plays Holden, is Markus from Detroit:Become Human
Пеналов Пеналов73
Пеналов Пеналов73 2 dager siden
Start at 1:34
lAmCanad1an 2 dager siden
Buenos Aires site.. Demonic Kong!? Seriously?! I want to know the story behind that!
Evel Kolaříková
Evel Kolaříková 2 dager siden
27:40 UNICORN!!
dominick Jimenez
dominick Jimenez 2 dager siden
5:54 Markus???
Stupied Sqad
Stupied Sqad 3 dager siden
So were just gonna ignore the wranglers with an angry molesting tree
Kelsea Foster
Kelsea Foster 3 dager siden
At the beginning of the movie I was like “is this mall cop? Did you choose the wrong movie?”
Anibal Tapia
Anibal Tapia 3 dager siden
i cant believe i narrated myself a year ago
Jen Westendorf
Jen Westendorf 3 dager siden
F to the Boomer and Tank from L4D :(
Isaac Dempster
Isaac Dempster 3 dager siden
The fact that this movie only doubled its budget is insane. It didn’t get the attention it deserved because of the way it was advertised in my opinion.
Isaac Dempster
Isaac Dempster 3 dager siden
*kills 1 out of 3 zombies very easily* 2 minutes later : “I’m gonna return with choppers” Like gurl go fight them
Isaac Dempster
Isaac Dempster 3 dager siden
I don’t remember Jackson here lol
j a e
j a e 3 dager siden
1:51 don't forget that he is jakes dad in b99 lol
geg 3 dager siden
i like to imagine that the reason marty never changes is because hes already in his worst state possible
Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz 4 dager siden
0:40 Was that a boomer from left 4 dead on the right
Just Some Guy with a Goatee
Just Some Guy with a Goatee 4 dager siden
The proper ending: Dana is actually killed by the werewolf (HOW'D SHE SURVIVE GETTING MAULED??) With the Director now chastising Marty for being selfish and telling him the world would end in less than a minute. As the seconds tick away, both are amazed to find nothing happens. The Director then realizes that Marty was the true Virgin and Dana, the fool(she foolishly read the passage to set the zombies on them in the first place). Now they are left together to escape the facility filled with monsters as the credits roll.
Keric Bartlome
Keric Bartlome 4 dager siden
I may have missed something in the movie that talks about the ancient ones. Does one of how many sites of these unholy monsters had to be successful sacrifice to not upset the gods or is it all or nothing? Because they said Japan has basically a 100% win rate until the children beat the ghost and lost then it’s up to America to clutch up the dub for the ancient ones before time runs out because all other sites failed except for America at the time Edit: Marty had 100% the best lines in the entire movie especially the very last two sentences they make before the end of the world “I’m sorry I almost shot you..... I’m sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf and ended the world.” While they smoking a joint
Oh Boy
Oh Boy 4 dager siden
Love this movie It’s great
Basiic Linda
Basiic Linda 4 dager siden
ngl this is the coolest horror movie ever tho
Tori Del Rey
Tori Del Rey 4 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks this movie is just a parody of the evil dead movie?
Nanaknuki 113
Nanaknuki 113 5 dager siden
*Angry molesting tree...*
Parker King
Parker King 5 dager siden
That android looks lot like a human
Fun fact: the girl who plays as jules also plays as lily in power rangers jungle fury
Chaos agent Lol
Chaos agent Lol 5 dager siden
Also known as the unofficial scp containment breach film
Noah Lambert
Noah Lambert 5 dager siden
just search how many people were alive in 2012 and than add grey or red and blue equally
Lyreck Obras
Lyreck Obras 5 dager siden
i can literally see thor in the cabin in the woods movie
Come on mayne シ w
Come on mayne シ w 6 dager siden
The blonde girl is literally the yellow power ranger in jungle ranger.
septicsans89 6 dager siden
For me it says this video was released in 2019 but its 2021 right now
369 Terminator
369 Terminator 5 dager siden
@The_Chuckle_Hut indeed
The_Chuckle_Hut 5 dager siden
@369 Terminator hot
369 Terminator
369 Terminator 5 dager siden
@The_Chuckle_Hut they must be fresh out the womb
The_Chuckle_Hut 5 dager siden
That's how time works
septicsans89 5 dager siden
@369 Terminator I just think it's weird
LeviSquadReject 6 dager siden
I remember first watching this movie and thinking it was the dumbest thing ever but after rewatching this kill count over 5 times, I’m now left thinking it’s one of the most genius and well thought out movies ever made.
Zachbest123 6 dager siden
That avengers clip was improvised Robert Downey Jr. did that all on his own
Niggleblade 6 dager siden
Weeds stopped me getting covid so i believe it 😂
Just CAT
Just CAT 6 dager siden
5:54 why TF this guy looks the same as Marcus in Detroit become Human
Dwelf on a Shelf -
Dwelf on a Shelf - 2 dager siden
Because he is the same person
Hitman crew
Hitman crew 6 dager siden
about 7.5 billion people should've been counted but okay
Gwydion ML
Gwydion ML 7 dager siden
Hey man, you said Marty and Dana were siblings. They’re totally not. They’re just friends
wsuhgvdshgvsahvfeqwjhfaujhyff fakjnfe
wsuhgvdshgvsahvfeqwjhfaujhyff fakjnfe 7 dager siden
me: what a old movie and i hated i didnt see it D: i was born in 2012 dec
toryn maples
toryn maples 7 dager siden
I love how in this movie they bring in some game foes being the witch and boomer from left 4 dead
TG Mathis
TG Mathis 7 dager siden
lol James had me weak explaining they are not siblings😭😅😅😅
Loud Pencil
Loud Pencil 7 dager siden
Is that fucking Thor
VIET PHAM 7 dager siden
I am sad that curt died because chris hemsworth was my fav actor
Cam Mike
Cam Mike 7 dager siden
I love how you Judy go with it at the end
Cam Mike
Cam Mike 7 dager siden
I haven’t watched the movie yet but I love this channel and it’s probably already finna be a golden chain saw
Gina Lovewell
Gina Lovewell 7 dager siden
who else thought of adopt me when he said bat dragon
Goth Geezer
Goth Geezer 7 dager siden
5:46 oh look it’s the guy who plays Marcus in the game Detroit become human
Natalie DeLaRosa
Natalie DeLaRosa 7 dager siden
Brooo I know not many will see this sense it’s been a long time since the video was made buy may I say that Marty was my favorite of all the characters . Just seemed the coolest to me idk
COBRACMR 4 7 dager siden
8:20 fuck I wish I was that wolfhead.
Doodlebug 7 dager siden
*The girls turning the demon into a frog One of the girls: *speaks* Me: why tf is that so cute
WeatCoast Review
WeatCoast Review 7 dager siden
Bruh I’ve been watchin this foo since he started and just now noticed his accent and also he sound like Chris Hansen
Corageous Panda Things
Corageous Panda Things 8 dager siden
It's like Adam and Eve 0.o (FBI open up)
Hallie Hernandez
Hallie Hernandez 8 dager siden
Very proud of that
Hallie Hernandez
Hallie Hernandez 8 dager siden
So cute
xXeEvEe4lifeXx 8 dager siden
I feel like they could've just asked for some blood instead- I dunno i've never seen the movie i'm just confused ;-;
Angel Bahena
Angel Bahena 8 dager siden
Past james sup
Jayme Forge
Jayme Forge 8 dager siden
Hi. Stockholm is in SWEDEN. Not Swiss!! Jfc.
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 8 dager siden
Hi. Read the description and/or the pinned comment before getting mad at me. Mistakes happen.
Super Wukongo
Super Wukongo 8 dager siden
This movie is as much like SCP as the Color Purple is like a Belgian Waffle. The SCP stories are more like the side of Indiana Jones we don't see, Sanctuary 13 or the Library. This movie is the perspective of the crew making a cliche horror movie with the old gods, aka the Audience, being stand ins for a general horror movie crowd. The monsters being "leftovers from the old world" subtly implies them as creations of the old gods but since the old gods are supposed to represent us those monsters are our classic literary fears, ghouls ghosts, goblins, zombies sea creatures werewolves etc. With the sacrifice interrupted and failed the Old god's destroy the world, much like movie fans do to a movie that they hate. It's literally a representation of a horror movie getting critically lampooned.
the real dead man
the real dead man 8 dager siden
29:04 i think we all know where this is going
mario yu
mario yu 9 dager siden
The magnificent arrow coincidentally time because disadvantage controversly detect save a classy joseph. amused, threatening society
Mr Tusk
Mr Tusk 9 dager siden
yes that one arm was a male.
cfairfax85 9 dager siden
They should've put the token black guy in the dies first..wouldve been pure gold 🤣
ß ß
ß ß 9 dager siden
did someone notice the boomer infected of the game l4d2? 19:44
Zachary Skan
Zachary Skan 9 dager siden
They killed Ellen ripely and Thor? Worst movie ever,
Doragon Kraken
Doragon Kraken 9 dager siden
No one can admit that this is the SCP fondation first Movie
shadow gaming
shadow gaming 9 dager siden
Did someone noticed "corona " on the white board??
Dr. Vex
Dr. Vex 9 dager siden
Oh shit it’s that one guy from that one game. Fun.
Gdaman 26
Gdaman 26 9 dager siden
It can explain any horror movie? Well then what about Mandy?
Mullingamer 9 dager siden
Ooo deam, that gonna be a looooong video
Sentient Pancakes
Sentient Pancakes 10 dager siden
An announcement to all personnel: the lift to Gate B has been locked down to ensure the safety of the upper areas of the facility. Please remember to stay inside the evacuation shelters until the facility has been secured.
Wyvron 10 dager siden
You can round it to 7.6 billon
Henry Mohan
Henry Mohan 10 dager siden
The scp foundation’s component
Gogeta 346
Gogeta 346 10 dager siden
“Evil auto bots” so decepticons?
mili 10 dager siden
i just realized that the guy playing holden was markus from dbh, i knew he looked familiar lmao
Heely Z9
Heely Z9 10 dager siden
Markus? Why u here??
John Crimmins
John Crimmins 10 dager siden
This movie is the ultimate fourth wall break
MkHero The Denial Legend
MkHero The Denial Legend 10 dager siden
I'm wondering how the fuck the stoned one was the smartest I guess his shit makes him more smart and logical
qiakzy _13
qiakzy _13 10 dager siden
we all gonna ignore his amazing hair
Captain Canuck
Captain Canuck 10 dager siden
I've always wanted that bong
Rikkaku The Sai-Krowe
Rikkaku The Sai-Krowe 10 dager siden
Cabin in the Woods is Scary Movie done right. A satire of the horror genre while still being a legit horror movie.
Asriel wearing a hoodie
Asriel wearing a hoodie 10 dager siden
0:36 Me: the hell is the witch from l4d doing on the left (Also why the hell at 5:45 does this guy looks like Markus from Detroit Become Human? lol)
rageoftyrael 11 dager siden
One aspect that makes no sense is that they say that the whole rules they are following is supposed to be followed by everyone. So... how was the classroom full of japanese girls supposed to satiate the ancient ones?
Dajuan butler
Dajuan butler 11 dager siden
Wait Jason takes Manhattan is canon in this film Shit
Im Roi
Im Roi 11 dager siden
22:29 I like how the ghost woman just shakes the dudes soul out lmao
Spye -
Spye - 11 dager siden
25:30 How do you pronounce that name?
Gabriel Alvarez
Gabriel Alvarez 11 dager siden
17:33 the actor of Spider-Man is on your left
Jesus Acevedo
Jesus Acevedo 11 dager siden
Yo IDK if y’all know this but Anna Hutchison played Lily Chilman in Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Jessie Wiles
Jessie Wiles 12 dager siden
They arent siblings !
FishFuk 12 dager siden
Lisa Merckx
Lisa Merckx 12 dager siden
I find something very messed up..... Given the idea of what this GLOBAL “organization” does: killing the athlete, scholar and fool then virgin that can live or die. Per culture So in the movie! The Japanese site was going to do this to a class full of girls, possibly under the age of 13...... WTF
T W 12 dager siden
Sigourney is a big mood with the werewolf though lmao.
T W 12 dager siden
The evil is defeated. So that's where it came from lmao
RightFull 12 dager siden
James Sweden isnt fucking switzerland 15:20 Stockholm is the capital of Sweden
Rick James
Rick James 12 dager siden
15:22 RIP Harambe
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