Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Test

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5 måneder siden

On Wednesday, December 9, Starship serial number 8 (SN8) lifted off from our Cameron County launch pad and successfully ascended, transitioned propellant, and performed its landing flip maneuver with precise flap control to reach its landing point. Low pressure in the fuel header tank during the landing burn led to high touchdown velocity resulting in a hard (and exciting!) landing.
Thank you to all the locals supporting our efforts in Cameron County and beyond. Congratulations to the entire Starship and SpaceX teams on today’s test! Serial number 9 (SN9) is up next - Mars, here we come!

RedPug 2 dager siden
holy shit... less than half a year after the first flight, a prototype landed... amazing...
imdominic4 2 dager siden
The funny thing is that SN8 landed on the same spot SN15 did, and both SN8 and SN15 lighted 2 engines on the flip.
Imran Zakhaev
Imran Zakhaev 3 dager siden
Anyone here after seeing the successfull landing of sn15?
imdominic4 3 dager siden
sn8 just looked like sn15 but sn15 lighted 2 engines on the flip and the landing
imdominic4 3 dager siden
me lol
Abishek Goski
Abishek Goski 5 dager siden
God it's only been 4 months bitween this and SN15 landing successfully
Cow_Playz 5 dager siden
Who is here after sn15
ctx 5 dager siden
SpaceX getting cocky with those fancy landings, first they land two boosters next to each other, now they are making them disappear...
Random Cubing
Random Cubing 6 dager siden
The belly flop is dope though
Daniel's Corner
Daniel's Corner 6 dager siden
1:55:20 to look at that Wide shot from just 6 months ago and then look at it now and see all the construction progress on the Orbital Infrastructure.
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa 6 dager siden
dakineee 6 dager siden
Who’s here after sn15?
Ti38 Calculator
Ti38 Calculator 7 dager siden
And now, 4 months later, SN15 survives its 10km flight! Good job SpaceX!
teehbobbbbyyy 7 dager siden
Who's here after SN15's successful landing
Lula Mira
Lula Mira 8 dager siden
1:54:55 the end
That Dude5041
That Dude5041 10 dager siden
Justin S
Justin S 12 dager siden
Pretty cool how you can see the engines stop the roll at 1:14 flight time they do a slight twist
Stevenso 12 dager siden
This was a space flight simulator Moment at the end
NASA SR2 15 dager siden
On one engine
NASA SR2 15 dager siden
What's was that green flame
NASA SR2 14 dager siden
@TimePro ooo
TimePro 15 dager siden
Engine-rich exhaust caused by Methane header tank low pressure
Tima Mardeno
Tima Mardeno 19 dager siden
1:54:59 Sory, but it was very beautiful:()
Richardo Franzie
Richardo Franzie 25 dager siden
I can't stop watching this for some reason! Tin can...that fly's? I AM AWED!
Verge Poland
Verge Poland 21 dag siden
It’s a water tower ( from @EverydayAstronaut )
Amateur Rocketeer
Amateur Rocketeer 28 dager siden
Sn15 has just done a cryo test yesterday for me. CANT WAIT FOR A 5TH FLIGHT
「CELLO KID」 Måned siden
The design is cool but impractical
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah 26 dager siden
It's so impractical, NASA even dare to choose it as a first human lander since 1972 (with acceptable technical & outstanding performance, significantly cheaper than two other proposals) oh wait..
TimePro 29 dager siden
How so?
Carlos_Men03 Måned siden
saltó el dia de mi cumpleaños :)
Valentina Caicedo
Valentina Caicedo Måned siden
۞―P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳―۞ ➡️➡️️ 》》 《《 -----------------^^----------------- ♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸LINK 💖﹃】 ♠みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1618220732
Donald Holben
Donald Holben Måned siden
Sooo Close!
Stank Rod
Stank Rod Måned siden
I’m guessing everyone here, for the most part, really digs on these rockets and shit. And I gotta say, I can’t blame ya, they are pretty bad ass. I just hope neuralink will help my son see again someday
Stank Rod
Stank Rod 14 dager siden
I know some folks in Germany just came out with the first self contained “bionic eye”, if you will. It just went through some human trials and performed way better than anyone expected. Some scientist in Hong Kong also have some amazing technology coming out using nano light receptors meant to mimic the photoreceptors of the retina. These damn nano light receptors can also see in infrared at night.
Stevan Matejic
Stevan Matejic 16 dager siden
if neuralink doesn't help you in that goal, I'm sure many more options will pop up. If technology keeps progressing like this, your son will be able to see in no time!
ZaroFlamed YT
ZaroFlamed YT Måned siden
Igor Delta F.
Igor Delta F. Måned siden
Man will go mars no earlier than 2040. Even a small cybertruck takes years to be released to public, I can't imagine how long it will take starship to meet all the requirements. Probably decades. The news says we will see Man on mars very soon, just to keep us high expectations, but I think it's just marketing. I'm just being realistic.
g 14 dager siden
moon landing was only 8 years after announced
Igor Delta F.
Igor Delta F. 16 dager siden
@Lmao. 2040
Lmao. 17 dager siden
@Igor Delta F. don't act like I'm bullshitting because you can find this exact comment pasted all over starship videos.
Igor Delta F.
Igor Delta F. 17 dager siden
@Lmao. sure mate.
Lmao. 17 dager siden
copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste an original thought, for once, would be nice.
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Måned siden
I am a timetraveler and I am looking for: "Here after SN15 successful landing?"
Crafter 1246
Crafter 1246 6 dager siden
@Pol Valls same here
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 6 dager siden
here after successful landing
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 23 dager siden
@Crafter 1246 If I have to be honest, I always thought that they couldn't fly SN15 by april 20th
Crafter 1246
Crafter 1246 25 dager siden
I am a fortune teller and i predict it will successfully land on 4/20
meinsenf Måned siden
make my day. hahaha, really bat, that musk wasn't in there.
in pain
in pain Måned siden
The fresh pickle partially squeal because meteorology impressively scatter despite a puzzled silver. pathetic, hospitable angora
Cookie Tjep
Cookie Tjep Måned siden
Later I'll be able to tell my kids where I was when this happened.
Евгений Гудков
Евгений Гудков Måned siden
Can you still ask comrade Rogozin for a trampoline so that the launch to Mars is successful?
Daniel Måned siden
Who's there after SN11
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Måned siden
@A F we'll see SN15
A F Måned siden
i think that sn8 flip maneuver was the best one, even comparing to sn10
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Måned siden
I like all starship flight tests
Gascar Jentis
Gascar Jentis Måned siden
poor SN8 :(
SFS Gamer
SFS Gamer Måned siden
This is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen 1:48:13
Run In The City
Run In The City Måned siden
Lift off at 1:48:10 you'welcome 😉
ALF Måned siden
super it is a masterpiece
Sal G
Sal G Måned siden
This message is for Elon Musk. I see you’re trying to change the world. Please get in contact with Dr. John Searl. Get him on your team and I guarantee you will make things happen 100x faster. Just do it man, let’s get the ball rolling already. I want to see big changes in my lifetime. John Searl has his Lab here in Southern California. Research him if you want, he’s for real. I know you both can make things happen.
Mick Cluie Mendoza
Mick Cluie Mendoza Måned siden
am i the only one that who finished watching the whole video?
Filip Kuchař
Filip Kuchař Måned siden
I'm putting like here for u to buld a new one
Mercedes Barton
Mercedes Barton 2 måneder siden
The warlike bamboo connolly balance because peak perioperatively escape upon a loud japan. flawless, creepy twist
2 måneder siden
This was truly groundbreaking
Aziz Arsalan
Aziz Arsalan 2 måneder siden
Please also plan to provide internet in Afghanistan as soon as possible. We are paying about 50$ per MB in a month. There is just a maximum of 10 MB internet speed in here.
swirlOvision 2 måneder siden
6 dager siden
@swirlOvision I can disprove you. You Just will not accept it.
King Smoothy
King Smoothy Måned siden
@່ he's from "the most stupidest people" country
King Smoothy
King Smoothy Måned siden
@swirlOvision you can't disprove us either
Måned siden
@swirlOvision i dont watch cnn Also where are you from. America? I also told you to build a rocket yourself. Did you do it?
swirlOvision Måned siden
@່ ahahhah its all CGI, you cant disprove me, but keep watching CNN pal, youre so smart, next youll tell me vaccines save us
David Eranosian
David Eranosian 2 måneder siden
3,5 months later, they got it to land. SPACEX IS GOIN' FAST PACE.
[ExP] МЕДИК 2 måneder siden
Player # 2
Player # 2 2 måneder siden
I am still baffled at how my forst thought was "oh no, the cameras" and the second one was "badass" THE CAMS WERE PROBABLY THE CHEAPEST THING OF THE ENTIRE VIDEO
Elizabeth Christine
Elizabeth Christine 2 måneder siden
i am curious about the landing ... the head of rocket can release a parachute even if it is a multiple stage rocket. it can greatly slow down the falling speed and adjust the posture of rocket. the rocket engine will ignite again right after the posture of rocket is stable. meanwhile, the parachute will also be released at this moment. is what i think not that easy to be implemented?
Marek Plerion
Marek Plerion 13 dager siden
@Elizabeth Christine Opening a parachute takes time. With space vehicles it's usually 2-staged - drogue chutes first, than mains. In order to give it enough time, the flip and landing burn would have to be made much higher, resulting in losing the benefit of additional drag when in horizontal position. So - more fuel needed. Plus the weight of the chutes themselves (wich would be massive - like, several hundreds kg). It's not that it wouldn't work - just wouldn't be as effective in reducing the cost while maximizing payload, which Starship is all about.
Buran Stan
Buran Stan 2 måneder siden
@Elizabeth Christine On mars there will be no parachute to slow the thing due to mars thin atmosphere.
Mathieu 2 måneder siden
@Elizabeth Christine A reusable solid rocket booster is a simple metal tube. Starship is immensely more heavy and complex. You don't see a 747 landing with a parachute, that would be stupid.
Elizabeth Christine
Elizabeth Christine 2 måneder siden
@TimePro hi, thanks for reply. according to my search. NASA has a reusable solid rocket booster using parachute to parachute into Atlantic. I do not know how much weight it is. Maybe, 150 ton does matter to SpaceX’s rocket. Maybe, the rocket of NASA is much lighter than 150 ton.
TimePro 2 måneder siden
A 150 ton rocket would see a parachute as nothing no matter the size
Fruityloops 2 måneder siden
Musk got those RGB Raptor Engines
Fruityloops 2 måneder siden
@nidzo I'm stupid thanks
nidzo 2 måneder siden
Raptor Engines*
Lion Clieli
Lion Clieli 2 måneder siden
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Zharki at FalconAerospace
Zharki at FalconAerospace 2 måneder siden
I felt a space shuttle ex-tank flying by itself
Orbital Endeavour
Orbital Endeavour 2 måneder siden
the raptors was going brr, they tried their hardest to slow down
hsh shs
hsh shs 2 måneder siden
Who is here after seeing SN10?
Dika Måned siden
I am here after they successfully launch that japanese guy to lunar orbit Jk
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 2 måneder siden
I an here after SN15
Milagros Cuevas
Milagros Cuevas 2 måneder siden
Welcome here future people, I see SN10 landed.
TimePro 2 måneder siden
SN8, boy did you miss out on something amazing yesterday.
asdmvva 2 måneder siden
we have a good news SN8 :' )
Anon Måned siden
I'm not crying! You're crying!
Steve Roe
Steve Roe 2 måneder siden
as long as we use fossil fuels we are grounded
Dylan M.
Dylan M. 2 måneder siden
@Lmao. In my research class, we were taught how to actually use Google effectively.
Lmao. 2 måneder siden
how does this even happen in the age of google
Magnus B
Magnus B 2 måneder siden
Starship does not use fossil fuels. Only methane and LOX
Dylan M.
Dylan M. 2 måneder siden
And how do you suggest we get to space?
Jay Paint
Jay Paint 2 måneder siden
Who’s here after SN10’s post-landing RUD
Armand Omelko
Armand Omelko Måned siden
came after sn11
Kristian Kasmuller
Kristian Kasmuller Måned siden
@Cringe Channel sn11 had a midair RUD by the looks of it
Cringe Channel
Cringe Channel Måned siden
it almost SN11 turn
Ladan 2 måneder siden
@Leo NOwindowr ik
Leo Youtuber
Leo Youtuber 2 måneder siden
@Ladan no shit thats what it means
Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 2 måneder siden
The temporary camera microbiologically multiply because starter totally mark save a sudden waiter. rabid, miniature seaplane
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy 2 måneder siden
They did it!!!!
Emiliano Olague
Emiliano Olague 2 måneder siden
Great job congratulations to Spacex and the team well done. Amazing?
Robert Bidochon
Robert Bidochon 2 måneder siden
@1:54:55 oupsy
Balogh Benedikt
Balogh Benedikt 2 måneder siden
how the h. ? On another live stream the countdown kept running down to 00:00 and the raptors ignited. There was an engine shutdown. How come we did not see this here? the broadcast kept sendsing? I dont get this.
2 måneder siden
Foolmaster 2 måneder siden
Lorence Hill
Lorence Hill 2 måneder siden
All dressed up and no where to go.
Foolmaster 2 måneder siden
AlkaCL 2 måneder siden
watching this waiting for the SN10 to launch in about 5 minutes!
PATT SFS 2 måneder siden
1:48:00 T-10
Vauwbw Hsiens
Vauwbw Hsiens 2 måneder siden
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Dave Timothy
Dave Timothy 2 måneder siden
Normal = rocket Belly flop = *plane stalling*
JC 22
JC 22 2 måneder siden
I would say it will buff out😆
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 2 måneder siden
The mellow guide superiorly approve because temple predictably enter unlike a imperfect hovercraft. awful, nervous motorboat
JOhn Lau
JOhn Lau 2 måneder siden
1:48:00 launch
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus 2 måneder siden
that was a perfectly good camera on the inside of the engine that got blown up.
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
@Brent Smith he meant engine bay. what else would he be referring to
Brent Smith
Brent Smith 2 måneder siden
I highly doubt that there were any cameras in the engines. The conditions inside the engines are far too harsh for any camera to survive.
Aravind Krishnan
Aravind Krishnan 2 måneder siden
Anyone here cuz u can't wait to see SN10 fly.....
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
@Aravind Krishnan days*
Aravind Krishnan
Aravind Krishnan 2 måneder siden
@Stick Mann yah........
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Tmccreight25Gaming 2 måneder siden
To me it looked like one Raptor failed shortly after re-ignition and the other went fuel rich after LOX tank pressure was lost.
Tmccreight25Gaming 2 måneder siden
@Lmao. yep... shut my fat mouth right up.
Lmao. 2 måneder siden
@Tmccreight25Gaming SN10 really just went extra to do you dirty like that huh
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 2 måneder siden
@Tmccreight25Gaming It needs at least two to do the flip. After that it transitions to one. They even said that on the SN9 live stream
Syed Jobayear Hossain
Syed Jobayear Hossain 2 måneder siden
Jean-Jacques Fanchtein
Jean-Jacques Fanchtein 2 måneder siden
Bonjour a tous je suis pas un cinglé mais je veux partir dans l'espace comme cobaye et porteur de message et cela permet d'envoyé un corp humain cela serais le plus beau des cadeaux a faire pour une autres vie j'ai des gros soucis de santé j'ai perdu mon fils a cause du Covid-19 ma vie elle est derrière moi et j'ais aussi des choses que je regrettes JE SUIS TOUT A FAIT SERRIEUX JE SUIS PAS UN DINGLE fanchtein Jean-Jacques Tran Truc Ly 6 Bis rue du Général Blaniac 47300 Villeneuve-sur-Lot +33625746611 PS : je cherche aussi car j'en est entendu parlé de Cobaye pour resté trois mois allongé pour des recherche préparant de future Astronaute mais je cherche surtout a partir sans possibilité de revenir **************************************************************************************************************** Je suis pas Dingue partagé ce message Merci
Jean-Jacques Fanchtein
Jean-Jacques Fanchtein 2 måneder siden
Au revoir lol
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
au revior
caden3ds 2 måneder siden
I wish we could see the chat lol
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Josh Norriss
Josh Norriss 2 måneder siden
Elon Musk, You are a nutter lol. NO ONE would be even dreaming of this shit and here you are doing it
̇ 2 måneder siden
who gives a shit, he's a billionaire doing whatever he wants lmao
TimePro 2 måneder siden
What a word to describe him: "Nutter" LOL
Brian O'Conner
Brian O'Conner 2 måneder siden
AWESOME TEST .CONGRATS STARSHIP TEAM!!! . . . . . . . . 🚀 ONE DAY... MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!! never lose hope!!
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Thanks for saying lose and not loose
The High Ground
The High Ground 2 måneder siden
In some way i love spacex for revolutionzing rockets. On the the other side I kinda hate spacex for star link, because of the potential accelaration of the kessler syndrom
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
@Jack Whitlock "because of the potential accelaration of the kessler syndrom"
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Eh they have a plan
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 2 måneder siden
What’s wrong with Starlink?
Alvaro Garavito
Alvaro Garavito 2 måneder siden
epic fail. literally.
Dika Måned siden
@Nicoleus White this is their first try to land it like that, right?
Alvaro Garavito
Alvaro Garavito 2 måneder siden
@Nicoleus White exactly.
Nicoleus White
Nicoleus White 2 måneder siden
Actually, it's a great success. They're solely testing for the maneuver and they nailed it. Whether it crashed or not is irrelevant. Landing it safely is just a bonus, so it's okay they didn't nail it. There's so much room for progress.
Brent Smith
Brent Smith 2 måneder siden
In the sense that although it was a failure, it was still epic to watch?
martin p
martin p 2 måneder siden
I am hoping for similarly great video for sn-10. The video for sn-9 was disappointing.
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 måneder siden
GabrielthabigPRO - Gabriel R Scone
GabrielthabigPRO - Gabriel R Scone 2 måneder siden
1:47:12 60 seconds in the clock 1:47:52 20 seconds in the clock 1:47:59 12 seconds in the clock 1:48:16 lift off confirms 1:52:53 engine cut off 1:54:44 engine ignition 1:54:56 failed mission
Joe Bidome
Joe Bidome 2 måneder siden
@Starship SN10 yes
Starship SN10
Starship SN10 2 måneder siden
*Successful mission
Tom Fournier
Tom Fournier 2 måneder siden
Control: Awesome Test guys Elon: Er yeah test sure
ying liu
ying liu 2 måneder siden
the fire was so hot it turned green!1:54:53
Joe Bidome
Joe Bidome 2 måneder siden
@Starship SN10 ah i see you sorted by new
ying liu
ying liu 2 måneder siden
Starship SN10
Starship SN10 2 måneder siden
To much oxygen rich exhaust burnt the engine :'(
ying liu
ying liu 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the info!
Brent Smith
Brent Smith 2 måneder siden
Indeed; the green color is copper inside the engine vaporizing from the intense heat. To be clear, melting the innards of your engines is *not* a good idea.
ying liu
ying liu 2 måneder siden
I find it hard to believe that something of that sheer mass and size is able to glide!
ying liu
ying liu 2 måneder siden
Brent Smith
Brent Smith 2 måneder siden
It's not really gliding, more like skydiving. Or as Buzz Lightyear would say, 'falling with style'. With that said, there are larger vehicles that can glide. An A380 is another half as long as this, and with a much larger wingspan. It also weighs at least twice as much, potentially up to five times as much. All things considered, it glides pretty well, certainly a lot better than this.
C 1F
C 1F 2 måneder siden
Че за х#йня ??? Почему это случилось
Jerry's Vids
Jerry's Vids 2 måneder siden
Starship Sn8 Was Test On December 9 2020.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
Everything Wish beautiful to the last minute
jorge cameras lopez1
jorge cameras lopez1 2 måneder siden
2021. close enough ¿regular show : ovnis nasa donald j trump 2017 final? trailer
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 3 måneder siden
I told you so...
Fede Y
Fede Y 3 måneder siden
LalithPlayzMC 3 måneder siden
i knew that would happen because such heavy rocket will not be able to land back on land SpaceX i am not telling to stop "TRY AGAIN."
Connor Schneider
Connor Schneider 3 måneder siden
Coming back here to compare with SN9's results and hopefully seeing SN10 this weekend!
Joe Bidome
Joe Bidome 2 måneder siden
@TimePro no
TimePro 2 måneder siden
SpaceX, or specifically SpaceX in Boca Chica doesn't do anything starship related during the weekends. I'd say maybe this week Friday or next week Monday we can see a launch
Jimmy B. Perez Lopez
Jimmy B. Perez Lopez 3 måneder siden
es el combustible lo ahoga.
Jimmy B. Perez Lopez
Jimmy B. Perez Lopez 3 måneder siden
lo escuchas dice el cpu me queme
Jay Paint
Jay Paint 3 måneder siden
Came back here a while after SN9 flew. Still so amazing!!!!!!!!!
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