Spree (2020) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

2 måneder siden

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Director Eugene Kotlyarenko and the Stars of 'Spree' Talk Indie Collaboration | FULL INTERVIEW
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Spree - Sundance 2020 Q&A with Joe Keery
from Scott D. Menzel on NOwindow
Eugene Kotlyarenko - Viral Video Thriller Spree with Stranger Things' Joe Keery
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Frankie Grande ft. Ariana Grande - Seasons of Love
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Twitch, Madonna and GRATITUDE!
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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 2 måneder siden
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John Pelletier
John Pelletier 20 dager siden
Um i want me hairdo back
jrpotato 9649
jrpotato 9649 25 dager siden
Heathersharpandrews Måned siden
Here’s a joke: why did the chicken cross the road. Because you didn’t flipping cook it :D
Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 Måned siden
I dare you to watch this movie in an Uber
VIOREL BODAC Måned siden
Because murder isn't the answer to everything y'all, just learn that! You had a good point, James!
Ayu Nico
Ayu Nico 4 timer siden
I was a bit put-off by the "Joker made the violence feel empowering so we made our protagonist pathetic" bit. Joker became a symbol in protests by Hong Kong and Chilean students because they are tired of the system that puts young people down and keeps the power in hands of the old and rich. I know that seeing a white male lashing out against a society that discriminates and puts them down is "problematic" nowadays, but there's a reason why Joker resonated so much with audiences, whereas this movie is... honestly meh. Your narration made it far more bearable.
Pigeon of the Wild West
Pigeon of the Wild West 5 timer siden
Meanwhile on Tik tok people are doing exactly what this movie is doing with their dumb challenges
Leyah Robinson
Leyah Robinson 5 timer siden
at first i thought joe kerry was just doing messed up social media content but then i realized he was talking about the movie-
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator 5 timer siden
I searched the NOwindow and damn it’s real
HanShotFirst 20 timer siden
This is my fave to the numbers
Q U A N T U M 22 timer siden
Thomas MacKenzie
Thomas MacKenzie Dag siden
He’s looking like dean Ambrose /John moxley 😂😂😂
fiercepanda101 playstation
fiercepanda101 playstation Dag siden
This all happened because he got fired from ships ahoy😂
Jayden Landin
Jayden Landin Dag siden
That’s joe Kerry is in stranger things
Will Lovelace
Will Lovelace Dag siden
I feel bad for the dog when he died cause now he doesn't have a owner
Charles Ford
Charles Ford Dag siden
20:22 XD
totally a human not a raccoon gaming
totally a human not a raccoon gaming Dag siden
This reminds me of Elliot rogers
OrdinaryADONIS 87
OrdinaryADONIS 87 Dag siden
Lol your hair kept making me wipe my eyes. Props to you
Mango_hoe Dag siden
Most iconic moment with James? TITLE CARRRRRRDDDD
ronny duran
ronny duran Dag siden
i dont like your cut g
plate 2 dager siden
So that was real😳
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 2 dager siden
Why is he an actual youtuber
Apollyon 2 dager siden
David Arquette. Also in the 1999 film ravenous something you should totally do a kill count for
Raul Martin-Bejarano Garcia
Raul Martin-Bejarano Garcia 2 dager siden
Kill count our breaking down trash ass movie
Mirkwood 2 dager siden
I’m sorry I can’t. I just can’t not see Steve.
Alaina Senger
Alaina Senger 2 dager siden
is this movie based on a true story cause i looked it up and there was a uber killer in 2016
ItsYa Marshall
ItsYa Marshall 2 dager siden
i like ya cut g
xXGamingZombieXx 2 dager siden
Someone tell me the likely hood of me watching this on April 12th, the day he goes viral 💀. Okay so what. a tiny coincidence, right? but wait. Get this. Today. April 12th. Is my birthday🤌 SPLAIN THE LIKELINESS wtf
MikeyTheVector 25
MikeyTheVector 25 2 dager siden
Joe Karly??
Remy Ellis
Remy Ellis 3 dager siden
ayyyy its Dewey!
Dexter The Doge
Dexter The Doge 3 dager siden
Kurt: (shows stream a murder) Chat: approved
Arihanna Guity
Arihanna Guity 3 dager siden
If I cuss i'm dead your lucky my dude. -_-
Bryden Snow
Bryden Snow 3 dager siden
I like how the time he became popular was today
Rcroone 3 dager siden
I didn’t think it was a real channel
Magnus Meyer
Magnus Meyer 3 dager siden
This is what James would do if Dead Meat did not go well. (Just kiding i like your videos)
no one
no one 3 dager siden
you look like my dad going though a divorse
void 3 dager siden
Any1 here on april 12th 2021
Thais Queiroz
Thais Queiroz 4 dager siden
I am loving this channel. Thanks to it I have 3 movies in my must seen watch: The Hunt, 12 hour shift and Spree ahaha
MR OFFICIAL 4 dager siden
11:15 every one has to agree, It was a hard kill to see
MR OFFICIAL 4 dager siden
Also 15:14 danggggg
Hannah Long
Hannah Long 4 dager siden
Can someone explain why people are talking about “Jared” and how he can’t read or something?
Enereida Sanchez
Enereida Sanchez 4 dager siden
nice dude you mat pat aka film theory
Asdf 4 dager siden
Those fake social media movies are so cringe
Dan Rey Robles
Dan Rey Robles 4 dager siden
Maybe they have seen my video
Dan Rey Robles
Dan Rey Robles 4 dager siden
Steve Harrington without the kids
mrlaocee 4 dager siden
Dead meat!! Me and my sister watch your videos! Woooo!!!
j a e
j a e 4 dager siden
If there were streams like this i would probably be cool abt it lmao
saad markets
saad markets 5 dager siden
The wide-eyed fountain cephalometrically marry because prose symptomatically jail excluding a frightened frightening full fumbling functional burst. milky, melodic sousaphone
Breel-E Entertainment
Breel-E Entertainment 5 dager siden
Alternative name: Prius Spree.
The Orange guy
The Orange guy 5 dager siden
Kurt looks like onision.
Dadofett 1
Dadofett 1 5 dager siden
5:55 sounds like micheal reeves
Kait Trujillo
Kait Trujillo 5 dager siden
I never tire of your taste in TV. All of the Mad Men references, AND Harry Crane on the ship?!?
Thomas Rath
Thomas Rath 6 dager siden
I've never been happier from anyone getting casted than Jared whos 19 it's the best thing ever
Quick Album Reviews
Quick Album Reviews 6 dager siden
This movie isn't for me I guess.
Anthony Fields
Anthony Fields 6 dager siden
im sorry, you know i love you but that hair is not working for you
Naomi Sanchez
Naomi Sanchez 6 dager siden
Ertoguk 6 dager siden
Cucunger 2.0
Cucunger 2.0 6 dager siden
Hellooo I'm Ibxtoycat
LENNY! 6 dager siden
eh Kurt's attitude is kinda gross.
LENNY! 6 dager siden
15:12 James's reaction to the sudden cop shooting was funny.
Communist Lockdown Censorship
Communist Lockdown Censorship 6 dager siden
I Guess James hasn’t heard of satire it’s kind of inspired by Elliot Rodger and blind stereotypes from the left, His so called criticisms are actually intended to be so far fetched and mocking of real things to prove a point. Seriously actually watch the movie it’s far better than he gives it credit and isn’t meant to be taken as seriously as he takes it.
Paul Schwartz
Paul Schwartz 6 dager siden
Nah bro Kurt Kunkle was kind of a gamer
Cellygz 7 dager siden
I thought the man I’m the thumbnail is joe Keery. Is he
Joseph Coronado
Joseph Coronado 7 dager siden
I know him I know him it's him Joe keery from the movie free guy
Lawrence Spellman
Lawrence Spellman 7 dager siden
That cut to the kills is one of the best ones yet 😂
Moxxie 7 dager siden
The first intro scene looks like among us dead body
sleepier hollow
sleepier hollow 7 dager siden
Lets be realistic he would have grew a cult following so she's most definitely dead she's probably be assassinated
Dani X
Dani X 7 dager siden
Why would I rather watch this rather than the actual movie??
Jaineef Clark
Jaineef Clark 7 dager siden
I love Joe Keery
b l
b l 7 dager siden
what a dogshit movie lol
ThatFatLightSkin 7 dager siden
I hate how they let that woman live
Davtwan 7 dager siden
"Not a believable character." You mean a bunch of adults failed to recognize what social influencers are like? You don't saaaaay?
Plush Gaming
Plush Gaming 7 dager siden
the most common tread in any movie or video ever If you're gonna post a character playing video games... for the love of god, TURN THE CONTROLLER ON (3:37)
Alkafrappe 7 dager siden
I’m at the point where I’m watching horror movies just to see the kill count.
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 8 dager siden
3:38 there is no back or any batteries in that controller lol
General Shepherd
General Shepherd 8 dager siden
How would you know that comedy helps James you aren’t funny Jk
DAECHWITA 8 dager siden
James is adorable in every video
cs kid got hackd
cs kid got hackd 8 dager siden
Gallant Silver
Gallant Silver 8 dager siden
I can't believe I actually read "monkaS" in Kurt's chat multiple times.
Michael Gildea
Michael Gildea 8 dager siden
No offense but but shame
Ahmed Sabery
Ahmed Sabery 8 dager siden
Oof and i said 8f by mistake i ment if
Ahmed Sabery
Ahmed Sabery 8 dager siden
OMG JOE KERRYYYYYYY IM A BIG FANNNNNNNNNN!!!! AND 8F UR WATCHING THIS I LOVE U AND STRANGER THINGS!!!! (Note for james: that hair and beard, i mean like whatttttt, lol quarentine am i right?)
Electric pickles
Electric pickles 9 dager siden
There is a real channel called Kurtsworld96 made to promote the movie it has videos to
Andrés Felipe OD
Andrés Felipe OD 9 dager siden
hey pal, whats your problem with Comic Sans? its really good, indeed, I did my resumee from collegue in Comic Sands, and my C.V. too. ehehehehe
Rosie Gal
Rosie Gal 9 dager siden
He asks why Kurt hasn’t been arrested but The Christchurch shooter wasn’t arrested for quite a long time during the massacre
Aaron Luna
Aaron Luna 9 dager siden
Anyone else hear that deep evil voice sporadically throughout the movie?
JoShmo8997 9 dager siden
free horror movie starts at 2:55
Fazbears Game Cornor
Fazbears Game Cornor 10 dager siden
wait your buddys with matpat?
Ramen 10 dager siden
To a mother to a killer
Symb1ot3 10 dager siden
Steve Harrington going crazy
Balmung Barbossa
Balmung Barbossa 10 dager siden
This movie is so fucking left wing
Balmung Barbossa
Balmung Barbossa 10 dager siden
The ceingiest thing in this movie is the morally grand standing black girl
Balmung Barbossa
Balmung Barbossa 10 dager siden
This movie is a pile of shit
joseph keller
joseph keller 10 dager siden
The tenuous owl ultrastructurally offer because germany oceanographically walk vice a elderly moustache. hurt, unsuitable capital
Keanes World
Keanes World 11 dager siden
I watch the movie on Netflix and something bad happened I love it the movie and its n one of my top 10 best movie I've ever seen
Flying Tank
Flying Tank 11 dager siden
Its no one gonna comment how uno shot a cop infront of another cop and got away with it?
Mini Shotzy
Mini Shotzy 11 dager siden
First time watching James in maybe 1 month and first thought "What kind of hair is that wtf?"
Funk Boii
Funk Boii 11 dager siden
my boy Mr. Meat, lookin’ like he just got outta the shower
Derek Dutra
Derek Dutra 11 dager siden
So how did Jessi order a ride if her phone was broken?
Improlic 12 dager siden
This movie looks shit lmao
Meme Face
Meme Face 12 dager siden
If you can, you should do a kill count of the American Horror Story franchise
Youngblood 1999
Youngblood 1999 12 dager siden
The second habd embaressment I got from this movie!!!
tiana advani
tiana advani 12 dager siden
this movie didnt feel like a movie which made me like it so much.
Road Kill
Road Kill 12 dager siden
Elliot roger vibe
Scalez 12 dager siden
I love this movie
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