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DID WE DO IT? Today we play Fletching Community Day in Pokémon GO and potentially set a new world record. Also caught a TON of new shiny fletchling and gained a TON of XP!
#PokémonGO #CommunityDay #ShinyPokemon
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harshit solanki
harshit solanki Dag siden
1:54 to 2:03 (when you have severe constipation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) lol
Ruhan & Amirah Alam
Ruhan & Amirah Alam Dag siden
MISTIC7 I caught 983 shiny pokemon!!!!!!!
Isaac Lichaa
Isaac Lichaa 9 dager siden
Arttu Mettälä
Arttu Mettälä 21 dag siden
i get 27 shiny fletchling
fire nobb boy
fire nobb boy 28 dager siden
I chaught 29 shiny fletting on the community day
The Kid You Can’t Guard
The Kid You Can’t Guard Måned siden
Nobody: Me taking a poop: 1:56
Gamer boy Gaming boss
Gamer boy Gaming boss Måned siden
When do you do live streams
Gaming with a legend Amadeus
Gaming with a legend Amadeus Måned siden
I got shiny golem
Stharling Camarena
Stharling Camarena Måned siden
I also got a talonflame but it was not a shiny and i got no shiny but i completelyed the evolution
GiggyTV ROBLOX Måned siden
1000th comment
COOCH_BASHER420 Måned siden
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams Måned siden
Does anyone have a clash of clans account that they aren't using anymore?
Limise Måned siden
MrMe ඞ
MrMe ඞ Måned siden
I got 5 shiny 2 were shundo
Tiggy McGiggy
Tiggy McGiggy Måned siden
Barrett Parker
Barrett Parker Måned siden
I caught 7 shinys
Spencer X
Spencer X Måned siden
I caught 20 shiny Fletchlings
DerMys2 Måned siden
31 shinys for me :)
Plushie Power
Plushie Power Måned siden
I got 60,000 XP
Tyler ???
Tyler ??? Måned siden
Sorry but I got 38 shiny fletching me and my friends are sweats and were out all day
XSIS UNKNOWN Måned siden
I got 10 shiny flechling and the shiny fam
Lightning Måned siden
i was the 500 sub to shorts
I got 7 shiny fletchiling
Ty Kahele
Ty Kahele Måned siden
Hey Mistic7 i love your youtube videoś of pokemon i was wondering if you can friend me on pokemon go my name is Tydabeast808... thank you !!!
Kaumana Phillips
Kaumana Phillips Måned siden
Erin Flaherty
Erin Flaherty Måned siden
I did not get any but I was in toho .
i got 3 shiny fletchling i got shiny talonflame shiny flechtinder and shiny fletchling
GrassBlades Måned siden
I got 9 shiny fletchling so I’m happy
Juice World
Juice World Måned siden
Can u add me on Pokémon go because I have to send three gifts to friends and I have nobody added
SE Cryptic
SE Cryptic Måned siden
Mystic turned into a rapper
Demon Skull
Demon Skull Måned siden
I got a shiny fledgling to
Leon Måned siden
I got like 5 shinys lol
XXFANF_foxi Gionet
XXFANF_foxi Gionet Måned siden
No i got it before
Harrison Pink
Harrison Pink Måned siden
In one day he got more shiny then I have all up
N_Zdip Måned siden
Your name is הוו in Hebrew
Arifin Ahmed
Arifin Ahmed Måned siden
What device do you use for gaming?
Arifin Ahmed
Arifin Ahmed Måned siden
Can I have your trainer code please
Yeco pro
Yeco pro Måned siden
Me agregas en pokemon go
Yeco pro
Yeco pro Måned siden
Vive en México
Dax Young
Dax Young Måned siden
I caught 5 shiny fletchling
Jaren Jansen
Jaren Jansen Måned siden
What Tesla model?
Ham&Cheese Sandwich
Ham&Cheese Sandwich Måned siden
@Mystic7 I need help with the season of legends challenges because nobody does raids with me and I can't catch landorus
Brayden Lisowski
Brayden Lisowski Måned siden
I was in the first 2,000 subs lets fricken go
Sean (Zixiao) Guo
Sean (Zixiao) Guo Måned siden
in my phone it is rare to get normal too
Louis Thorpe
Louis Thorpe Måned siden
Did Giovani first try
Body Lashin
Body Lashin Måned siden
I got two shiny fletchling one I say are you shiny in my room and then boom it was shiny
Allen Wilson
Allen Wilson Måned siden
I snagged 10 shinys on comm day.
foo foo
foo foo Måned siden
but that is not the most you can get man , you should use ar+ and get and excellent throw, first catch of the day... and you know the others
charlotte go
charlotte go Måned siden
I got no shinies on the community day😥😓😭😭😭
YoungBoy Xoxo
YoungBoy Xoxo Måned siden
when he reads professor willow in that voice every time.....does it for me every time 😂😂😂😂
Jakub Křenovský
Jakub Křenovský Måned siden
i caught 31 shiny fletchlings and one hundo. whats the record of shinys in comday ??
Stella doge Perfect
Stella doge Perfect Måned siden
I caught 47 shiny and two hundos and I was using your merch
kdudds11 Måned siden
Mystic 7 I finally got a poke ball plus
Steve Becker
Steve Becker Måned siden
TC: 2101 7064 6820
Kyle uses his brain
Kyle uses his brain Måned siden
Tell your doctor to lower your Adderall dose 😂 danggg
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson Måned siden
Hi can you please tell your blue ppl to quit hogging all the gyms. There are two other teams to share with. You seem like a nice guy. Blue team is not.
aabelangerify Måned siden
Before 8 thousand subs
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson Måned siden
Spicylemon Måned siden
I got 21 shiny fletchlings, and three tornaduras 1 being shiny (the tornaduras shiny sucks btw).
Nerissa Arellano
Nerissa Arellano Måned siden
i was in a Raid with you bro thats crazy
logeybogeyy logey
logeybogeyy logey Måned siden
Today i git tornadus
To Churan
To Churan Måned siden
I got SHUNDOO Fletchling and i hit level 38 same day 🤗
Maryanne, Reese, Cade, & Madelyn Elzen
Maryanne, Reese, Cade, & Madelyn Elzen Måned siden
I caught 4 shiny fletchlings
Rusty Cole
Rusty Cole Måned siden
we have the same game on my moms phone
pikachu the plush maker
pikachu the plush maker Måned siden
I got 4 shiny fecthlings
kurioser Gamer
kurioser Gamer Måned siden
Wie ich gerade nur seinem Dc server beitreten wollte und 1h nachrichten gelesen habe 🤦‍♂️
Brycen Wassner
Brycen Wassner Måned siden
I got 45 shinys
Carmela Chavez Liberman
Carmela Chavez Liberman Måned siden
I got a shiny gible from a research box on the 1st one
Chris Geven
Chris Geven Måned siden
I got a SHUNDO Tornadus yesterday!!
Gabriel Vega Hernandez
Gabriel Vega Hernandez Måned siden
Moneykiller91 Moneykiller91
Moneykiller91 Moneykiller91 Måned siden
Eddie Rizk
Eddie Rizk Måned siden
i caught 20 shiny fletchling
Incognito Måned siden
man of culture not getting tik tok. respect.
Aiden Melgoza
Aiden Melgoza Måned siden
P. M.
P. M. Måned siden
Wie immer gutes Video. TC: 2788 8150 3380
nøno Måned siden
PokeCam Måned siden
2:37 Mystic7 shasuhuyairruiyio i sros dio siofuus fifsdljfhdhjshfkjh hskjdhsskhj d Wait, What?
Elias Måned siden
I missed the excellent throw and got 46k
Salvador Renteria
Salvador Renteria Måned siden
I remember watching you when you played coco but I unsub for some reason
Samuel Barker
Samuel Barker Måned siden
Angel Keizer
Angel Keizer Måned siden
I got 16 shiny fletchlings
Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer Måned siden
1852 9966 3623 - tägliche Geschenke
EMNDZ 999 Måned siden
Shiny Talonfllame is so cool, I definitely enjoyed this community day
Darko cop
Darko cop Måned siden
That Brian thing u were on about made me get rid of shiny incarnate:( I got 50 shiny fetching
Sukh Dhillon
Sukh Dhillon Måned siden
I got the shundo fletching
Sean Hyer
Sean Hyer Måned siden
Thank you for not accepting tik tok
jackson wassom
jackson wassom Måned siden
I'm still waiting for froakie community day.
CrzxzyPlayzMC Måned siden
0:04 “wAtEr ShLoNg
something 64-10
something 64-10 Måned siden
i hit 45 shiny flechlings
Ryan Orest
Ryan Orest Måned siden
"Hit my with that water shlong" Ha ha ha lol 😆 🤣 😄 😂
Jace Ballou
Jace Ballou Måned siden
I got 11 shiny fletchlings
Unmistified 22
Unmistified 22 Måned siden
I found my first 100% Pokémon in this event
Charlie Goldie
Charlie Goldie Måned siden
Corrupted Knig9t
Corrupted Knig9t Måned siden
I was so close to a shundo fletchling
Bro’s Gaming
Bro’s Gaming Måned siden
Can you get banned for using a phone swing to hatch eggs and get candy for your buddy
Kim Winther Hybholt
Kim Winther Hybholt Måned siden
BobaFett20P Måned siden
Am I first?
CYB Måned siden
Swear everyone making youtube channels for shorts
Tessa Swett
Tessa Swett Måned siden
Ouch.. "What am I gily?" 😂 I feel so bad I watched that live.. The disappointment man 😂
Ivan Rotim
Ivan Rotim Måned siden
Girls your is cool 😀
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