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Snapchat: @sabscarpenter
Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Laura Burhenn
Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
Starring: Gavin Leatherwood
Creative Director: Sarah Carpenter
Cinematographer: Luis Perez
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
Gaffer: Hiram Borges
Lighting Designer: Gigi Pedron
Key Grip: Nate Thomson
Assistant Director: Tasha Petty
Line Producer: Siya Bahal
Production Assistant: Brent Assayag
1st AC: Misael Audelo
2nd AC: Brian Callaghan
2nd Lighting Tech: Michael Rosman-Hyman
Asst Lighting Tech: Khoi Nguyen
BBG: Zane Tan
BBG: Ashley Petrie
Set Decorator: Ashley Cripe
Set Dressers: Max Cunnane, Xavier Rodriguez, Sam Rodich
Carpenters: Alen Stubbs, Mike Buckman, Tige Daroff, Dustin Bradley, Gabe Gonzalez, Steven Crowick
Special Effects: Scott Harrison
Stylists: Jason Bolden & John Mumblo
Hair: Scott King
Make-Up: Allan Avendaño with Ruby Vo
Gavin's Groomer: Mayra Godoy
Gavin's Stylist: Chainé Leyendecker
Gavin's Wardrobe Assistant: Jacquelyn Veliz
Tailor: Olga Podymova
Covid Compliance Officer: Jori Teplitzky
Medic: Nick Matosian
Director's Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur Agency
Commissioner: Tony Corey
#SabrinaCarpenter #Skin
Music video by Sabrina Carpenter performing Skin. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Steven Moore
Steven Moore 4 timer siden
Don't like it
family guide 11
family guide 11 4 timer siden
Hi sabrina i segest that you talk with Olivia and you guys could talk about it and stop making songs about it
Bcrbes 4 timer siden
This girl is talented af
Avni Villuri
Avni Villuri 5 timer siden
She sounds like Camila at some points in this song!
leticia fhabian
leticia fhabian 5 timer siden
Taca le pau juniooooo iriiii é tretaaaaa. Povo chique faz música pra "discutir" kkk amoooo ❤️❤️😂
Sydney Coleman
Sydney Coleman 5 timer siden
No one likes home wreckers. Next.
Juanita Vergara
Juanita Vergara 4 timer siden
Shut up child
Robyn Northey
Robyn Northey 5 timer siden
Aranith Paz
Aranith Paz 6 timer siden
Until now, I watch the video and listen to this song better because ... the truth is a great song! ✨🔥🎶 and the rhythm is divine, it makes you feel in a love story
hi bye
hi bye 6 timer siden
how she finna steal someones man then tell her that shes not getting under HER skin um babes u broke someone.
xbluebirdx T-T
xbluebirdx T-T 6 timer siden
But if they got over the drama and became friends uGH they would be such a great duo😫
Ella Luyckx
Ella Luyckx 6 timer siden
this is no song, this is only critics towards Olivia, but you really confirmed that relationship😉
Anita and ellie
Anita and ellie 7 timer siden
Team Olivia and Joshua FOREVERRRRRRR 🤧 👇 like if you agree
Kenya North
Kenya North 7 timer siden
Tania Cantu
Tania Cantu 7 timer siden
When you sing in thumbs you sound like Melanie Martinez
iiAlana 7 timer siden
This song and Olivia's is like my fight with my friend about a boy omg it hits different omg girl you go!!!!
aline 8 timer siden
A Sabrina é perfeita demais, eu não aguento!
Bee 666
Bee 666 8 timer siden
sabrina looks older than her age lol
Sofía Flores
Sofía Flores 8 timer siden
SCARLETTE ZAMORA 8 timer siden
Maybe I would still like her if she didn't say he's all on my skin
I love you Sabri
Ruth Fernández09
Ruth Fernández09 8 timer siden
Is good the músic !!
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 8 timer siden
this song is messed up
Claire Brd
Claire Brd 9 timer siden
Serene Meinders
Serene Meinders 9 timer siden
Leave Olivia alone because all you do is cause problems, no hate I probably don’t got it all right but it’s rude and how about you act your age and stop acting like a selfless little girl and be the bigger person because it’s not cool or cute
Jime Jime
Jime Jime 9 timer siden
Jonny hill123
Jonny hill123 9 timer siden
Too much autotune
Sabina 10 timer siden
Hey haters back of Sabrina! Y’all hear? It’s not her fault! No dramas please and death threats!
Tania Cantu
Tania Cantu 10 timer siden
Olivia had a wonderful life but no the Sabrina has to get the man and oliva when you did driver license like you are talking about your car and your man and I saw you WITHOUT a car in the street why Olivia why anyways I love your hair Sabrina but its just that I can't believe you got Olivia bb god ground you anyways oliva your story of Joshua is true and it is forever dont worry and I think Sabrina Olivia and Joshua used the same car in the videos
Jessica Felix
Jessica Felix 10 timer siden
I came here to try and understand the drama, and I still don’t lol. Like she said, she’s just telling her side, which the other girl did too. Sabrina didn’t say anything bad about or bash her at all. So why are ppl coming at her?
A Aziz
A Aziz 11 timer siden
This is the first Sabrina Carpenter song I've ever listened to, and it's insanely good!!!
Jayliana Ross
Jayliana Ross 11 timer siden
she stole someone's boy
Ivy Muthoni
Ivy Muthoni 11 timer siden
funny how drivers license played then this then all your exes by JULIA MICHAELS. CALL IT COINCIDENCE
Cheska Charlton
Cheska Charlton 12 timer siden
Can we stop assuming that there's a drama going on. I mean can we just both appreciate it
Joyce Vitoria
Joyce Vitoria 12 timer siden
Lídia 12 timer siden
Marie Joy Crisologo
Marie Joy Crisologo 13 timer siden
wait!..its Nick!?.. nick amd sabrina 😢
The Among Us Sisters
The Among Us Sisters 13 timer siden
Why do they have to fight over a boy. They are both such beautiful and kind girls. Can't they get over it and just have peace.
mona 13 timer siden
0:15 but...blonde wasn't use as a rhyme doe "and ur prbly with that blonde girl, who made me doubt"
Cassandre D'Amours
Cassandre D'Amours 13 timer siden
wow verry god
Milly toca world
Milly toca world 13 timer siden
wow so nice to her but it is a good song but you guys need to calm down
anna m
anna m 14 timer siden
can someone explain the drama pls i thought this was a normal song but y’all hide something
Ryans art
Ryans art 14 timer siden
I really can't believe that people are saying that she came after Olivia but in reality Olivia started the beaf and sab was just defending her self it just so dumb and I wish the best for both and that it would stop
Desiree Lumauig
Desiree Lumauig 19 timer siden
Ok but what would you rather listen to- Drivers license or Skin?
Hola san amgos
Hola san amgos 18 timer siden
Prob Drivers license
Valeria Leal
Valeria Leal 19 timer siden
108k to 17m:)
andrea esoc
andrea esoc 19 timer siden
I love this song
Maarie Johansen
Maarie Johansen 20 timer siden
shes allowed to be upset
Extra LaMars
Extra LaMars 21 time siden
Okay, so okay lyrics, but why is she so auto-tuned? It kinda bugs me...she has a great voice so why does she need to add to it? Edit: So to be more clear on what I meant, on the end, you can hear VERY obvious auto-tune. Most of the song is fine but there are parts where it is heavily auto-tuned.
Extra LaMars
Extra LaMars 11 timer siden
@Guido R u don't have to be rude, thanks. I was talking about the end mostly
Guido R
Guido R 17 timer siden
Not much clean your ears
Ashley Aiello
Ashley Aiello 21 time siden
Dont be shading her song, I like the song but the drama has got to stop, and don’t reply to ur song, when she never said anything about you other than your perfect, so don’t be trying to hurt her. I used to love you but now I gotta go with Olivia, because this went too far, it wasn’t this much if your business that you had to reply to her songs and say bad stuff even though she said your beautiful
krishnaveni govindu
krishnaveni govindu 21 time siden
Drivers license song is much better than this song
sabby brown
sabby brown 11 timer siden
@krishnaveni govindu yaaaa who am I to judge.... but, bad comments arent welcomed. thats the real point.
krishnaveni govindu
krishnaveni govindu 11 timer siden
@sabby brown it is all songs to me
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
@krishnaveni govindu you clearly mentioned driver license, comparing skin to it. it is not all song to me
krishnaveni govindu
krishnaveni govindu 12 timer siden
@sabby brown because I am listening all songs, then I got to know skin song is too bad
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
then why are you here
{•PurpleBeerry_cake•} 22 timer siden
i love this song and pls dont hate Sabrina😣😣
Vagabond Diary
Vagabond Diary 22 timer siden
ana oliveira
ana oliveira 23 timer siden
Te amo 😍😍
Jasmine Banks
Jasmine Banks Dag siden
Olivia still better periodttt❤️
Jasmine Banks
Jasmine Banks 8 timer siden
@sabby brown can u stop talking to me thank u
sabby brown
sabby brown 11 timer siden
@Jasmine Banks Listening to this song because I love it. and Idk this mv is Olivia's that her name must popped in this comment.
Jasmine Banks
Jasmine Banks 11 timer siden
@sabby brown cause I want to tf y are you here???
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
then why are you here
Jeanelle Repolles
Jeanelle Repolles Dag siden
“I’m happy and you hate it.”
Pancho Vera
Pancho Vera Dag siden
Her song is so rude towards olivia
Xewy Xocolat
Xewy Xocolat Dag siden
... “ it won’t always be this way”???
Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis Dag siden
Ok but its actually bad
Angelica Robles
Angelica Robles Dag siden
this is so badddddddd lmaoooooo admit itttt u stole her boy
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
why are you here then. you can just stop the video and go. bad comments are not welcomed and not necessary.
Guido R
Guido R 17 timer siden
You are really childish
x4nxty Dag siden
This song helps me get through shit
Jackie Escobar
Jackie Escobar Dag siden
Omg I can not stop lesson to this song
naina looks
naina looks Dag siden
nick and sabrina,,, i-
αทα cαrσliทα
αทα cαrσliทα Dag siden
paying attention to music is not for olivia but for her fans
The Lucy Halpin
The Lucy Halpin Dag siden
Hold up who is da dude next to Sabrina I thought she was dating Joshua Bassett not some bloke
Darling Mako
Darling Mako Dag siden
just came here for Gavin tbh lmao
sofia lemarchand
sofia lemarchand Dag siden
next song coming up: deja vu . coïncidence... i don’t think so
Zalika Anderson
Zalika Anderson Dag siden
I love this song it's my ringtone ❤️❤️🌸
Emma Boyd
Emma Boyd Dag siden
I like Olivia
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
you lost?
miss Dag siden
did any1 ask
mary Barrios
mary Barrios Dag siden
Sara Gerswer
Sara Gerswer Dag siden
I cant be the only person thinking this song is much better than drivers license, no hate but this song is 10000000 times better :)
zsxfia Dag siden
she thinks she did something but tbh she's just embarrassing herself...
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
being talented is not an embarrassment
rac2873 Dag siden
Her writer bragged they wrote it in a week then removed the story. Oops.
miss Dag siden
how she wrote this song on jan 2020 you're embarassing one here
Sebastian Dag siden
Those drinks better not have alcohol in them mam
KayKayW 34
KayKayW 34 Dag siden
luv u brinaa
Nada Jamniansuk
Nada Jamniansuk Dag siden
เด็ดมาก เด็ดมากจริงๆ เนื้อเพลง mvเอย
Damn Best
Damn Best Dag siden
That taylor swift copycat. Olivia rodrigo a.k.a wannabe taylor swift so fucking bad. Using taylor swift and copying her videos and style so she can earn fame and start to bully others
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Dag siden
Yeah we shouldn't let what others do or say get under our skin as Galatians 1:10 says "Obviously, I'm not trying to win the approval of people but of God, if pleasing people was my goal I would not be Christ's servant." And 1 Chorintians 10:31 "In eating, in drinking, do all things for the Glory of God" not yourself or others especially not others but The Almighty God Jehovah, your Blessed Holy Father.
Melissa Brigham
Melissa Brigham Dag siden
I’m so mad at her shes the bad guy it’s about driver license like I’m the hater i don’t care
sabby brown
sabby brown 12 timer siden
dont listen to it then. but thanks for increasing the view
miss Dag siden
GJ Robbie
GJ Robbie Dag siden
Olivia: Sings a Song about Joshua Fans: Come for Sabrina Sabrina: Writes a song about Olivia Fans: Come for Sabrina Anyone else spotting a pattern here?
Pop Music
Pop Music Dag siden
Let's go 20 million
Ruby Grauman
Ruby Grauman Dag siden
Sabrina, I love this song. And I think the whole drama is stupid. You're a great person, you don't deserve hate. You responded politely to the hate, and yet there is still more of it, but don't let that get to you. No matter what Olivia fans come up with, you're still my hero. End of story.
Ana Clara
Ana Clara Dag siden
𝙈 𝘼 𝙍 𝘼 𝙑 𝙄 𝙇 𝙃 𝙊 𝙎 𝘼 💜
joylynn oberman
joylynn oberman Dag siden
THis hits ssoooooo badddddddd
mandu Dag siden
i feel kinda bad for her too she deserves her happiness without having to deal with things like exes
mandu Dag siden
no cap . this is better than driver license idk why thats so hyped up. If that song is sad to people , i have no words.. there are much more plenty heartbreaking songs out there
mineofyours Dag siden
I'm sorry but like she just named her in a couple in lines and then sabrina turns around and does a whole music video talking about her and how happy she is with her ex... Idk it's weird.
khloealise Dag siden
that's really not what it's about.
btsvt Fangirl
btsvt Fangirl Dag siden
Honestly f joshua it's all his fault these Queen's are fighting.
Jordan Farmby
Jordan Farmby Dag siden
To me it sounds like she is hurting and just wants to be friends :(
Xx Snugs xX
Xx Snugs xX Dag siden
The fact people start drama makes me wonder how bored they are 🤔
zyra jaynne
zyra jaynne Dag siden
idc abt the behind of all of this but this song is a bop
niamh Dag siden
yall shut up about olivia this is about sabrina 🥰
Bayu Novanto Irawan
Bayu Novanto Irawan Dag siden
Deeeeeyn Dag siden
The music video has really good meaning though, it tells that every relationship experience problems and struggles but it depends on both of you if you hold on together in a storm.
Deeeeeyn Dag siden
Then they just made this all drama so that their songs will be hit. Lol
banana milk
banana milk Dag siden
I remember sabrina as maya from gmw and all this hate on her is also breaking me
banana milk
banana milk Dag siden
people rlly gotta stop acting as if olivia owns joshua, I hate seeing so much hate on sabrina cause she doesn’t deserve it
Khushy Gupta
Khushy Gupta Dag siden
Tbh im here for Gavin 😂
Anh Pham
Anh Pham Dag siden
ok but yall realize she wrote it to the thousands of hate comments and death threats she's been getting?
Timothy Muanda
Timothy Muanda Dag siden
The song is class tho🔥
Jasmina Božič
Jasmina Božič Dag siden
this is about Olivia Radigo right?
miss Dag siden
no fans made it abiu olivia
Luján Duré
Luján Duré Dag siden
CTRL BEAST Dag siden
i love your cheeks @sabrinacarpenter
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