''Rocco, put your tail down": Cat interrupts virtual UK parliamentary meeting

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9 måneder siden

A member of the UK parliament’s cat interrupted a live virtual committee meeting on Tuesday, prompting laughter from others on the call.
John Nicolson was speaking during a meeting of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, asking about the use of subtitles on children’s TV, when his contribution became itself worthy of children’s TV as a fluffy ginger tail popped up before him.
“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” Nicolson says in the video, before making a memorable appeal to the cat: “Rocco, put your tail down.”
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Ridwan Noer
Ridwan Noer 31 sekund siden
Great strategy, maybe one day I will use that
Tina Torres
Tina Torres Time siden
His tail is so fluffy omg
just me
just me 3 timer siden
0:37 0:46
Leandro Ciccone
Leandro Ciccone 6 timer siden
God bless ppl who treat animals nicely💕👍🏿
Anandhu Sarith
Anandhu Sarith 12 timer siden
Sun Wasee
Sun Wasee 12 timer siden
Virtual parliament meeting exists Rocco: Hippoty hip hop this is my place
MintChoco JHOPE
MintChoco JHOPE 16 timer siden
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 17 timer siden
That Man: Rocco put your tail down? Subtitles: Rocco could you kill them.
Ruqqaya Bibi
Ruqqaya Bibi 9 timer siden
U copied anoyher comment
Pinataka Man
Pinataka Man 19 timer siden
0:36 Save your Time
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya 20 timer siden
Plot twist: that is his dick 😂
Blue Mighty
Blue Mighty 20 timer siden
Rocco just appeared to change the topic... Cats are more important and don't need subtitles...😂😂😂😂
Fernanda A
Fernanda A 23 timer siden
Animals for the win 💗
Sir Radzig
Sir Radzig Dag siden
Scusatelo,a Rocco gli si è drizzato un po il ... la coda
vince •
vince • Dag siden
Beautiful Cat color
Lincoln Oliveira
Lincoln Oliveira Dag siden
Rocco showing his only fans content.
dont ask pls
dont ask pls Dag siden
That's not a tail 😳😳
Pesto Patagonia
Pesto Patagonia Dag siden
That Cat's TAIL is SO FLUFFY. A Cat lovers Dream!! 😍🧡
Nishant Patar
Nishant Patar Dag siden
Don't worry cat just doing it's work by catching mouse from politician's desktop.
Andrea Machado
Andrea Machado Dag siden
Vitasta Decor & Design
Vitasta Decor & Design Dag siden
Somone give that cat a medal ✌🏻
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 2 dager siden
God damn Rocco just phases in
Channel Dewasa
Channel Dewasa 2 dager siden
Like cat INDONESIA👍👍👍👍
Nova :D
Nova :D 2 dager siden
“Rocco could you kill them?” - NOwindow Captions
Tamsin Miller
Tamsin Miller 2 dager siden
WolfMaiden11 2 dager siden
Everyone went from serious to trying to contain their amusement! 😅😅😅😅
Sir V The king of terriers?
Sir V The king of terriers? 2 dager siden
Cat:imma ruin your NEWS NOW PET ME
Shayne 2 dager siden
I love that person who just bursted out laughing xd
Yseson _
Yseson _ 2 dager siden
Cats "you humans take yourselves too seriously"
Екатерина Шуровенкова
Екатерина Шуровенкова 2 dager siden
Hi, Rocco))
enchou 2 dager siden
0:53 am i delusional or does this guy look like britney spears..
dexa 2 dager siden
Rocco deeply cares about children having access to subtitles. Good boy, Rocco.
Agus Sigit Wisnubroto
Agus Sigit Wisnubroto 2 dager siden
So this is interesting...
mayank2431 2 dager siden
the caption says : rocco could u kill them 😄
TheMoonGirl 222
TheMoonGirl 222 3 dager siden
0:47 That laugh is very hilarious!!!🤣
Devlin 3 dager siden
To be fair having subtitles would totally work, funny cat.
red is me
red is me 3 dager siden
Owner: Rocco, put your tail down NOwindow: rise it up, Rocco!
kwkstar 3 dager siden
The important things are always punctuated by cats!
Gaming_The Swag
Gaming_The Swag 3 dager siden
Rocco we get it you have a nice tail but we want to hear some news stuff
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo 3 dager siden
I say next time there's a summit of world leaders just have them bring their pets and let's see how it goes
Avivit Ariel
Avivit Ariel 3 dager siden
Reminds me of my Louis 🤣🤣🤣
Damzel Eve Balinas
Damzel Eve Balinas 3 dager siden
Cat: Okay, break time guys. Look at my tail! It's so fluffy!
Cerijean Mangubat
Cerijean Mangubat 3 dager siden
I now know that subtitles can help children in literacy. Thank you cat
Twilleh 3 dager siden
People not using headphones is the worst thing about Zoom
AstoldbyAja 4 dager siden
maan cats will just do whatever cats want XD
eugyero 4 dager siden
"Rocco, put your tail down"............that's what she said.
Sade Gemmell
Sade Gemmell 4 dager siden
Megan King
Megan King 4 dager siden
When I am really old and my grandchildren ask "What do you remember about the 2020 pandemic Granny" I will cackle and say dogs and cats on zoom meetings...
jillzi7 4 dager siden
Obviously the levity was needed and welcomed. Love it
Quip 4 dager siden
That is one regal tail wave
Wrathlon 4 dager siden
I swear to god pets in video conferences has been the greatest gift of this pandemic and should be a requirement for all live broadcasting going forward.
Someone u don’t know
Someone u don’t know 4 dager siden
“Rocco put your tail down” Captions: Rocco could you kill them
Elsa 4 dager siden
Cat wants his 5 minutes of fame jijiji
V Sen
V Sen 4 dager siden
Rocco put your tail down, is the best line I have heard this whole month. You made my day Rocco while I recover from coivd.
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent 4 dager siden
Reporters: Trying to be professional Pets & Children: *bippity bopity your serious us now my property*
yuunkuro 4 dager siden
Even in serious times we need to laugh
dylan sprouse
dylan sprouse 4 dager siden
Cat: I need money dad! 😂
CheesecakeLasagna 4 dager siden
His topic is actually interesting too. Mandate captions on TV to introduce kids to literacy at an early age.
3SunSanさん 4 dager siden
Every parliament meeting should have a cat present from now on
David Arboleda
David Arboleda 4 dager siden
I love how he says: "twïətēr"
jupiter 4 dager siden
Mayo Bunny
Mayo Bunny 4 dager siden
Bet he was wearing boxer shorts with his suit
Lucy K.
Lucy K. 4 dager siden
I love the other 2 people's faces lol
Regina Martins
Regina Martins 5 dager siden
Matras 5 dager siden
Subtitles: rocco could you kill them
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 5 dager siden
He had me in the first half ngl
Angry Mario
Angry Mario 5 dager siden
0:47 Rocco could you kill them -Captions/Subtitles
Jessi Bucks
Jessi Bucks 5 dager siden
The common fiction consistently park because mailman correlatively bow to a sharp claus. gifted, perpetual cry
Paige Renee
Paige Renee 5 dager siden
If anything good came from COVID, it’s moments like these
saya cuma kuceng
saya cuma kuceng 5 dager siden
I want to see roccos face
Mariana Abreu
Mariana Abreu 6 dager siden
r a v e n
r a v e n 6 dager siden
The cat be like: "i'm bout to end this whole's man career"
Yu Jeon
Yu Jeon 6 dager siden
Kesshou 6 dager siden
J'suis ko 🤣😭
Bon S
Bon S 6 dager siden
Rocco: oh my, I sense tension, me must intervene *Raises tail on camera*
Dirtydan14 6 dager siden
Most of them were just jiggling ,but there was one that was losing it completely jsjdjdjdj
Meah Gojo Cruz
Meah Gojo Cruz 6 dager siden
LMAOOO !!! 😂😂😂
Nilo Antonio
Nilo Antonio 6 dager siden
thats the cat's middle finger on camera..
Fazz V.R.
Fazz V.R. 6 dager siden
Creo que vi un lindo gatito....
Rafael 7 dager siden
Para los que vinieron por el gato 00:34
Haniel M.
Haniel M. 7 dager siden
So when a cat interrupts the UK parliament showing up on the table it's "funny" and "cute", but when I do the same it's "madness" and "invading private propriety"...
Nostalgia Addict
Nostalgia Addict 7 dager siden
0:53 is this guy's head close to the ceiling? Looks funny
Patricia Bracken
Patricia Bracken 7 dager siden
Love the cat.
E-MingEyeroll 7 dager siden
Okay but he has a point. What’s the answer
Nada 8 dager siden
Plot twist : he was actually saying that to Rocco Sifredi
TheDayisMineTrebeck 8 dager siden
Cats for Congress 2022
Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott 8 dager siden
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Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott 8 dager siden
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Teresa Scott 8 dager siden
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Huzaifa Savage
Huzaifa Savage 8 dager siden
Who new a tail could bring joy
Agt.LoneWolf 8 dager siden
Rocco: Guess again hooman! that's not my TAIL..
Flowerpower 8 dager siden
Rocco's just pointing out where subtitles go.
topbisnes 8 dager siden
Rocco: 'why so serius, I will give u some entertainment hooman'
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson 8 dager siden
Cat's Tail = 1 Humans = 0
Katie 9 dager siden
The fact that they're talking about subtitles and the autogenerated ones for this video says "Rocco could you kill them" instead of "Rocco put your tail down"
Omni Zona
Omni Zona 9 dager siden
The outgoing woman unintentionally beg because passbook proportionately boast mid a bewildered chicken. torpid, inconclusive pea
Jack Steller
Jack Steller 9 dager siden
Blood sucking corrupt politician pieces of garbage. They should all be in jail!
Mario 9 dager siden
Rocco Siffredi.. ahahahahah ❤
RR PLAN C 9 dager siden
ErminiaCarla Vangone
ErminiaCarla Vangone 9 dager siden
Invito i pets dei nostri politici a fare altrettanto!!
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