Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

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**Sorry this video is late, it was held up by a copyright claim. Huge thanks to Ready or Not's director, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, for helping us get the claim released!**
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DrMontrays 14 timer siden
Oh come on cant u pick a death that isnt the exploding :(
Urmi Mukherjee
Urmi Mukherjee Dag siden
Deadly decadence
Cloud Dag siden
Entire Family: Tries to kill Grace Grace: Kills the mother Entire Family: 👁👄👁
April Raine
April Raine Dag siden
Don’t pronounce the second T! I know you don’t live in Toronto but... trust me okay? It’s Torono. Just pretend it’s Torono
Paul Edward Z Madanlo
Paul Edward Z Madanlo 2 dager siden
Meanwhile l that fat guy is watching some tutorial
ChoffmanOZ 3 dager siden
Hey there
Hey there 3 dager siden
Is it normal to hate charity more than i hated any other character?
Munfu 3 dager siden
Nah I don't think so.
Austin D
Austin D 4 dager siden
Throughout this movie, Samara cemented herself as a modern scream queen for me. She made some wicked sounds in this thing. Just fucking awesome performance throughout, really.
CooKee Channel
CooKee Channel 4 dager siden
They exploded which means super fast death, before you even realize you dies. So painless. I wanted them to suffer more by killing them by grace herself, like a badass as she is. You know like you're next's Erin. But yep, at least they died good for Grace.
FoxLover78 4 dager siden
I loved this movie.
Lacy hunter
Lacy hunter 4 dager siden
Anyone else get the reference to wynonna Earp?
Brady Dye
Brady Dye 5 dager siden
i like the way he says nice
its your boi skinny penis
its your boi skinny penis 5 dager siden
The babysitter 2 didn't deserve Samara Weaving
Meyana Mio
Meyana Mio 7 dager siden
The possibility of her drawing the card is high since alexs siblings are all married and they didnt draw the bad card. Thus the alexs generation needs a sacrifice. His dads bride didnt die, but his aunts groom died. So it means a generation WOULD have a bad card.
Mikee Games
Mikee Games 7 dager siden
"Brown-haired niece, You continue to exist" Such a bubbly happy go luck character the aunt
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay 7 dager siden
I can't stop watching this kill count just because I want to imagine how the new Scream will look and the direction it has. These people behind the camera will give us something unique!
Glob-Chan! 7 dager siden
I love when the directors help people out like dead meat
Doodlebug 7 dager siden
The girl on the thumbnail looks like the guy in the meme with the white hair and is on the computer
zz zz
zz zz 7 dager siden
this is my comfort kill count
Yes 2 dager siden
same. i have around 10
Jackson Root
Jackson Root 8 dager siden
Why does Samara Weaving look like she's from Wallace and Grommit in the thumbnail?
Bir Knight
Bir Knight 8 dager siden
Holy sh IT
Thomas Rath
Thomas Rath 8 dager siden
Daniels death fucked me up bro it hurt to watch
Austin Overly
Austin Overly 9 dager siden
Not sure if this was mentioned on the podcast, but are we not gonna talk about how LeBail is an anagram for Belial?
SPR aMir tv
SPR aMir tv 9 dager siden
I realy loved that movie
deepdragon2 10 dager siden
Soccer Star1812
Soccer Star1812 7 dager siden
Shut up
God 8 dager siden
Ok child
pabst vlogs
pabst vlogs 10 dager siden
Adam brody was also in the oc
Naomi Denise Cappo
Naomi Denise Cappo 11 dager siden
If you're good at observing u can see that Helene always have a worried face for Grace because she already experienced the game.
kokoro momoiro
kokoro momoiro 7 dager siden
"the girl still dies" is a quote from a "worried" and "empathetic" woman
Adriel Sanclemente
Adriel Sanclemente 11 dager siden
billy madison mansion in a horror movie the more you know.
Guineamaster Love
Guineamaster Love 12 dager siden
5:59 i will say that to any rodwy kids out side at Halloween when im old
Angel The AHiT smug lord
Angel The AHiT smug lord 12 dager siden
If I were stuck in this situation, then my weapon? An umbrella. Why? Because, I play too much A Hat in Time, And I wanna murder somebody hat style
Blueberry Blitz
Blueberry Blitz 12 dager siden
Graces scream was like a goat
Diya Davis
Diya Davis 12 dager siden
Please do promising young woman
Formula Drift guy
Formula Drift guy 13 dager siden
U realize she could've hid under a bed
Miuirumasimp Miuiruma
Miuirumasimp Miuiruma 13 dager siden
Can you maybe do a kill count on Battle royale? It’s ok if not 😊
Mr Jordan
Mr Jordan 14 dager siden
2:39 The kills
Some random Weeb
Some random Weeb 14 dager siden
"hail satan" wtf i thought Le Bail was some dude who just gave vic a cenobyte box and the guy solves it, not satan who disguises himself as some shitty rich dude
taylor swiftie 13
taylor swiftie 13 14 dager siden
The only thing I could think of the whole time was how much Samara Weaving looks like Margot Robbie
Simone Edwards
Simone Edwards 14 dager siden
This movie was more of a comedy than a thriller to me🤣
Unknown User
Unknown User 15 dager siden
The only reason Grace lived is because of divine intervention.
Mariah Victoria
Mariah Victoria 15 dager siden
2019 was a disappointment in terms of character deaths, when people die we wish to see how, I wanted to see children die and I was disappointed.
BigBody 15 dager siden
yo watch ur mouth I want my one give me the addy
awesomeguy_ion 16 dager siden
Hey I went to casaloma
Gabriel David Stein Fernández
Gabriel David Stein Fernández 16 dager siden
Nobody Subtitles: I'm James age your niece
Debra Lazarus
Debra Lazarus 16 dager siden
I love the line I got old maid. “Like seriously wtf is old maid
2ayy 2lmao
2ayy 2lmao 17 dager siden
im the type to marry for the funny last name
Przemysław Pawliński
Przemysław Pawliński 17 dager siden
She played in - The Babysitter (2017). She likes those bloody movies.
Krunks 17 dager siden
Funny how im from the oshawa area and I've never heard of the ParkWoods Estate.
Hoopy McGee
Hoopy McGee 17 dager siden
I bought this movie because of this kill count (before finishing the whole video, of course), and I think I've watched it three times since. I really enjoy it!
Sophie LaBua
Sophie LaBua 18 dager siden
How I watch horror movies when I can't
Sprite Man
Sprite Man 17 dager siden
Can’t what
Yana Michaelis
Yana Michaelis 18 dager siden
I love the ending of this movie Grace is such a badass
slimershine slime
slimershine slime 18 dager siden
Im telling you, you cant trust anyone in that house even the fweaking kids like their literally so brutal
slimershine slime
slimershine slime 18 dager siden
I watched this, and boy how i hate gore
chicken tendies
chicken tendies 18 dager siden
2:37 give me the like i so very well deserve
Infinity Ricardo 0_0
Infinity Ricardo 0_0 18 dager siden
anthony florez
anthony florez 19 dager siden
Weaving is so bad ass
leonajmacs adventures
leonajmacs adventures 19 dager siden
ninjabreadman 20 dager siden
what is the total number of moves you have you watched
Cursi 21 dag siden
very cool movie
gay ukulele kid
gay ukulele kid 21 dag siden
you mean this film doesn’t star Margot Robbie????
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 21 dag siden
The disastrous look separately dare because journey bacteriologically clip against a quizzical tortellini. spectacular, statuesque tugboat
Missy Blanchard
Missy Blanchard 22 dager siden
I feel this movie is underrated, I LOVED it so much and it was nice to see some originality for once! I notice the outside of the home was also used for season 2 of “Umbrella Academy” ☂️♥️ I also love how the dress is its own character!
Ghost Gamer 2005
Ghost Gamer 2005 22 dager siden
Ready for some dead meat 🍖
tiana advani
tiana advani 23 dager siden
i’ve heard a lot of people say that the reason they exploded was because the aunt didn’t accept that she won and was still going to kill her. they wanted to cheat and kill her even after she had beat them, i’m not sure if this is accurate but it seems sorta logical
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf 23 dager siden
Movies like this are why I have trust issues lmao
Tea Patch
Tea Patch 24 dager siden
This is one of the few movies that I have enjoyed watching.
William Badger
William Badger 25 dager siden
Can’t believe mrs mcmurray shot the maid
Chandler White
Chandler White 25 dager siden
Very fun, underrated movie.
NurOskar 25 dager siden
watched the movie for few seconds its awesome !
John Blonde
John Blonde 25 dager siden
The gigantic clover unfortunately stuff because comic centrally play worth a irritating polo. cultured, fretful pizza
Aviva Angel
Aviva Angel 25 dager siden
Grace’s banshee scream is the perfect example of when I got my first doctor shot as a child.
Quivik NotPotato
Quivik NotPotato 26 dager siden
There's a theory I heard from somewhere that states Le Bail is an anagram for Belial, further the Satanic undertones, from the board games with the Mephistopheles like figure on the boxes and the Lament Configuration style puzzle box.
Quivik NotPotato
Quivik NotPotato Dag siden
Julian Ortiz
Julian Ortiz 26 dager siden
My friend the security operator Justin is cracked at fortnite my guy
Orange Whisperer
Orange Whisperer 26 dager siden
Stevens: *plays 1812 overture* James: "...jamming out to Beethoven..." *Angry Tchaikovsky noises*
Jordan Ace
Jordan Ace 27 dager siden
The illustrious gauge interestedly trade because hurricane surely exist anenst a tangy drain. reflective, sore crocodile
Poopy Pants
Poopy Pants 27 dager siden
I like the movie but when the girl got killed by the sister and he said that she has to be alive for the ritual but Aunt Helene her husband got killed without the weird ritual thingy. Just something to think about
Idra Bohm
Idra Bohm 28 dager siden
This kill count got me to watch the movie and I loved it
kenjiph4 28 dager siden
Here i come :)
Wes Buntin
Wes Buntin 28 dager siden
I know this is probably not gonna be seen at all, but Casa Loma was also the castle Scott Pilgrim got chucked into!
Luis alejandro Mazariegos Reyes
Luis alejandro Mazariegos Reyes 29 dager siden
M.Esther M.M
M.Esther M.M 29 dager siden
Best hiding spot, behind the bowling pins in that indoor bowling alley
Delilah Noble
Delilah Noble 29 dager siden
*gets gun* The purge is here baby woooohooooo and it’s not approved of the government
Maddox Cramer
Maddox Cramer Måned siden
Guess he was seeking
Robyn Casey
Robyn Casey Måned siden
dumb waiters are hella dangerous, a distant family members husband got decapitated by one
Leah Alford
Leah Alford Måned siden
Lol “they didn’t have cameras back then things changed so we can use the cameras!” Lol still cheating bro 🙄😂 remember how you’re supposed to give them a head start and close your eyes or not see where they’re going? Yeah I’m sure the cameras are the same thing. Using the cameras is no different than peeking before counting is up or following them around. You’re supposed to find them on your own even nowadays the cameras would be cheating lol
HELLO THERE Måned siden
This is honestly one of my favourite horror movies! The characters are great, the story makes sense, the idea is interesting and the actors are doing a good job! Most of the jokes land for me and the house where they filmed is perfect for this kind of movie! Idk if anybody reads this before watching the video, but if you do, pls watch the novie first, and then watch this kill count!
VELLIGXNG Måned siden
Thought she was the lady from Focus🥴
AuggieTheEnby Måned siden
So I watched the movie and the final song is sooooooo good.
Kora Destiny
Kora Destiny Måned siden
I still don't understand why Grace got to live when she's technically apart of the family
Kora Destiny
Kora Destiny Måned siden
@songbird 64 that makes some sense I'm alright with the movie now😂
songbird 64
songbird 64 Måned siden
Cant say for sure but it could be that 1) she wasn’t fully welcomed into the family until a game was completed(Alex basically said she’ll be automatically accepted when a game is completed Or 2) they hadn’t... eh hem, consummated the marriage yet! Le Bail is obviously a biblical reference(“Hail Satan!”) so I’m guessing biblical and not legal rules apply here.
Naoko Måned siden
That is a cool movie i already watch that the last is cool
Leandro Rocha
Leandro Rocha Måned siden
Is it weird that most of the times i prefer watching these kill counts than the actual films themselves?
Sprite Man
Sprite Man 17 dager siden
Yoana Silvestre
Yoana Silvestre Måned siden
Emily:it’s nice to see you! Aunt:brown haired niece,u still continue to exist.. Me:umm u mean aunt Helen
Blue Soldier
Blue Soldier Måned siden
calling it now, golden chainsaw for when the family blows up, dull machete for the dude that gets shot by crossbow in the beginning. edit: half right at least
skelly bones plays
skelly bones plays Måned siden
Probably the best balance of horror and comody.
portalj123 Måned siden
guess ill go to the castle when this whole thing blows over since i live in toronto
Ada White
Ada White Måned siden
The ugly mother-in-law predominantly smash because collar morphometrically remain about a exultant kendo. different, slippery supermarket
Madame Bluebell
Madame Bluebell Måned siden
I watched this when I was 10 not that bad.
Snake eye
Snake eye Måned siden
I’m right time wise she is as well the actor in killer queen
Poke the Conqueror
Poke the Conqueror Måned siden
How to avoid this death game: getting married far away and in secret
Leah Alford
Leah Alford Måned siden
But wouldn’t the demon know? Like it has to be done on the property so you can play the game. If it knows they married away and don’t play a game that’s breaking the rules and there’s a possibility they would all explode anyways cause they broke the rules
Rafe’s Reviews
Rafe’s Reviews Måned siden
I want all of those guns so bad.
Yank Espinal
Yank Espinal Måned siden
The incandescent drop osmotically prick because pediatrician apically heat in a helpless missile. disillusioned, feeble feigned water
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