Playing Guitar on Omegle but I take song requests from strangers...

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TheRealOver 59 minutter siden
I dare you to play piano
Inas Abiyyu
Inas Abiyyu 4 timer siden
Jerze Husted
Jerze Husted 5 timer siden
How does this man not have a girlfriend he’s so good and funny af bro
Jace Doyle
Jace Doyle 5 timer siden
How are people actively avoiding you and I try as hard as I can and never find you
Stabbinggamer 5 timer siden
Could you do the Dance monkey
Stabbinggamer 5 timer siden
Hi the doo
KIMIZZ CHANNEL 5 timer siden
I need more vid like this Doo😭
SHADOW KNIGHT PH 5 timer siden
face reveal.master
Pel0n Pelucas
Pel0n Pelucas 7 timer siden
u should play the guitar solo on the song Hotel California by the Eagles
A Slaughter
A Slaughter 9 timer siden
7:18 Thats what he said
Abhinov Rajkonwar
Abhinov Rajkonwar 11 timer siden
Why does he seem like guitar Jesus 🥺 i wish i become 20% of him
SteveThePirate80 11 timer siden
0:52 look at the vascularity in his forearms all dedicated to those fingers and hands. Damn son
Simon Lorenzen
Simon Lorenzen 14 timer siden
i loved the "PLAY THE F***ING GUITAR!" part! that was awesome!
RISHABH 15 timer siden
Soon 5 M bro
Glpz1 16 timer siden
That Blinding Lights had me mental
Bugz 18 timer siden
i would love the whole song just to repeat it when i am driving or working on severs
Tanvir Muttakin
Tanvir Muttakin 19 timer siden
is that discord call ending beep? nvm...
Logan Stevens
Logan Stevens 22 timer siden
the dooo makes me pee white sometimes
Ethanos & Raider
Ethanos & Raider 22 timer siden
The doo: Shredding his guitar Neighbors:😐
Vujkin PC
Vujkin PC 22 timer siden
damn you are buff
Henry Hien drummer LAM
Henry Hien drummer LAM 23 timer siden
It actually lots of happiness given out by this guy, The Dooo, we thanks and appreciated, take care
jason cat
jason cat 23 timer siden
Hey can you play stand by me
Marcos Daniel
Marcos Daniel Dag siden
Rahil M
Rahil M Dag siden
Is THE DOO secretly DREAM ? 🤔
Lotoxy Dag siden
5:26 how is this guitar not falling ?
Ansh Haze
Ansh Haze Dag siden
One day I also wanna be that good in guitar, so I could play songs just by listening em...
Lennert Vanoplyes
Lennert Vanoplyes Dag siden
Can you play nothing else matters for me please in your next video?
Tekeon Dag siden
zadeng_pro Dag siden
The first two girls are like.'oh those fast fingers'.
Im2faced AMS
Im2faced AMS Dag siden
'I like praises give me more'
David Dag siden
We want daft punk stronger
not Argus
not Argus Dag siden
Wait how do you talk without a head???????
XtraSnazzy Dag siden
This original comment makes laugh like hahaha
Hazy Palace Birdcage
Hazy Palace Birdcage Dag siden
Since 20k or 40k subs I think I've been here. but I think I accidentally unsubbed a few times, and have re-subbed probably before dooo hit 100k, it was before the first year one mashup video thing.... anyway I think The Doo should get his videos, and take only the music parts of them, and then like, put those exact videos of him on Omegle without the conversations(maybe some of the talk as ad-lib or whatever and his OG songs, them MASHUP ALL OF THEM TOGETHER, heck, why not throw in that monkey man song into the mix from @Im Suda that he's got some lbars in, and make it a massive power mashup, but wait until July 1 2023 to drop it for his 10 year anniversary of the making oif his account. as he joined youtube with this account "Joined Jul 1, 2013"
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander Dag siden
Bro you gotta do more daft punk to honor them. I kinda wanna hear aerodynamic or derezzed the most
AnimeTitanimum57 Dag siden
Arctic Monkeys fan and a Green Day fan in one episode boosted my confidence that maybe my generation isnt screwed
Thunder Chicken Thighs
Thunder Chicken Thighs 20 timer siden
Arctic Monkeys isn’t that old.
HyteSmothery 9
HyteSmothery 9 Dag siden
Hey Doo I've gotta fun idea for a vid in the future Play a couple songs from your playlist on Spotify, YT Music ect This might not work if you have already played most of them 👍
KrissyLilSheep Dag siden
Still stuck on "Impenetrable CHUNGUS of a city" XD fkn ded
Larry Powers
Larry Powers Dag siden
Can you please play headstrong by trapt
Alex Scott
Alex Scott 2 dager siden
The WorthCZ
The WorthCZ 2 dager siden
Can i somehow get tabs to these songs?
Ulvorskets 2 dager siden
To the girl that requested 505, thank you
Blenderis YO
Blenderis YO 2 dager siden
What is this guitar? It has nice woodlike finish
Erik Cohen
Erik Cohen 2 dager siden
we need all these covers on spotify ASAP
Rogan O'Reilly
Rogan O'Reilly 2 dager siden
The chick that skipped LMAOOO
filippo mynot
filippo mynot 2 dager siden
i love the doo but i piece of my heart broke when you said you didnt listen to the artic monkeys before, still love anyways
elarion23 2 dager siden
Who the fuck shouts "play the fucking guitar" and skips when the guy starts legit shredding?
AscalonRevived 2 dager siden
I don't know if you'll ever see this comment doo but you are really good you've help me get out of a good bit of low spots in my life keep it going man
Kantirant 2 dager siden
stfu doo im not gonna sub D:
Rafael Marques
Rafael Marques 2 dager siden
This white guitar is so sexy...
raging bull taurus
raging bull taurus 2 dager siden
how many people ask about thwe loop pedal not knowing about it or what it is?
SuNeP JmR 2 dager siden
Bro can play 616 red lipstick song pls I request you full ❤️🔥
Letícia Martins
Letícia Martins 2 dager siden
oh my god, people are so rude
pwn Mactep
pwn Mactep 2 dager siden
My dooooo
Kent Vx
Kent Vx 2 dager siden
Bro you have to alip ba ta if you can do like alip ba ta you are the best guitar player in the world
Nick Hale
Nick Hale 2 dager siden
Wolfys Gaming
Wolfys Gaming 3 dager siden
You have to give lessons to all your subs
DroneWolf Media
DroneWolf Media 3 dager siden
That ending though! 🤣 Will done sir. 💪
meganomamo 3 dager siden
heck yea i was the 195 T. liker lololllol
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez 3 dager siden
House Cat
House Cat 3 dager siden
Why dude at 8:50 look like a discount Blarg?
Mr popo gaming
Mr popo gaming 3 dager siden
@TheDooo we need a full version of Mary had a little stroke (like this if you agree)
ominix 881
ominix 881 3 dager siden
Just wait TheDoo. Bought myself an Otamatone and one day we will have a Otamatone duel once I master it. Yes this is in fact a challenge!
tangotango01 3 dager siden
Did you just play Digital Love by Daft Punk??? That was the most awsome thing that happend in the Video and caught me totally offguard. Thanks Doo
tangotango01 3 dager siden
Did you just play Digital Love by Daft Punk??? That was the most awsome thing that happend in the Video and caught me totally offguard. Thanks Doo
Evan Urglavitch
Evan Urglavitch 3 dager siden
How are you gonna skip right before he smacks digital love's solo smh
Dale de Kock
Dale de Kock 3 dager siden
How do any of these videos get dislikes mang?! It makes no feckin sense
Shinsuke Raiden
Shinsuke Raiden 3 dager siden
Mary had a little stoke. That had me dying dude 😭😂
Dreser 3 dager siden
GianCroissant 3 dager siden
cagao guilee
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson 3 dager siden
Stranger: “is this the doo?” The doo: “yes” Stranger: **skips** Me: willing to pay to meet the doo
Dominic Ryan
Dominic Ryan 3 dager siden
I got you with a sub
Eli S.
Eli S. 3 dager siden
love ya doooooo
Anonymo 3 dager siden
WAIT. I can subscribe for FREE and then get 15000 monies, YO this is epic!
Angel Galvan
Angel Galvan 3 dager siden
I forgot people never heard about sight reading
Prahalatan Prathiban
Prahalatan Prathiban 3 dager siden
The sound at 5:57 made me think that I was on a discord voice chat and just disconnected.
smokedjoweed 3 dager siden
I swear 90% are on lsd or mushiis
Talha Irfan
Talha Irfan 3 dager siden
Mary had a little stroke need to be played to the president to get the doo deported
Levi Smith
Levi Smith 3 dager siden
Thank you for 2000 light years away.. made my day :)
BR!AN F ADAMS 4 dager siden
"Is this the dooo?" Yes... *Skips*
Jared Parody
Jared Parody 4 dager siden
You both like tiktok. Don't waste your talents on these kind of people
Sitthiphon 4 dager siden
Kıvanç Doğan
Kıvanç Doğan 4 dager siden
He just says i can play ___this song from ___by the persons looking. The girl looks deffinetly like post malone the guy is same as Jcywrld. He knows whats doing
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 4 dager siden
Can you PLEASE do a cover of all girls are the same so I can mix it with the song and the lil yachty verse to keep forever 🥺
John F
John F 4 dager siden
I found your channel after randomly searching 'Messing with people on omegle' and I have to say that it was the best random search ever. I have been living under a rock or something because this is the first time I have seen your videos. I feel cheated that I wasn't here sooner but going back through a bunch of your videos is fun. You are amazing and extremely talented. I am sharing your channel with my family and we are all subscring!
Matthew McArthur
Matthew McArthur 4 dager siden
5:09 can we have a full version please 😅😅
Dalton Reid
Dalton Reid 4 dager siden
pls do a full cover of All Girls Are The Same by juiceworld
le potato
le potato 4 dager siden
Petition to get an actual cover of Mary had a little stroke
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain 4 dager siden
One request - can you please do a full cover of Naruto's theme song 🙏🙏
Skurk Czar
Skurk Czar 4 dager siden
We need a Hillbilly version of this shredding that Banjo again! ;)
Hernan Garcia
Hernan Garcia 4 dager siden
i like how there amazed that people with a talent in music can just learn music by watching or listening to the song
Tryhard 4 dager siden
the listening one was sickkk
pratheek kamatam
pratheek kamatam 4 dager siden
4:09 my favourite part of the video(the song and that guy)
feAr bAbY
feAr bAbY 4 dager siden
hey, play me Phub's intro ; P
Pendulers 4 dager siden
Adri RB5
Adri RB5 4 dager siden
0:40 2021 tornado of souls versión
BingBingBong 4 dager siden
Your poor tendons... Your poor fingertips...
DrixTheDragon 4 dager siden
The dooo not freaking out and getting angry at the mention of the word thunderstruck?! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL DOOO!?
Jordan Watt
Jordan Watt 4 dager siden
That fact that people don’t know about this guy in the black ops two days is kinda funny 😂😂
NU'USILA AFEMATA 4 dager siden
why hasn't anyone played nf yet
Drangon_54 4 dager siden
You should play silent lucidity some time
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