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27 dager siden

Are you ready? Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” and start streaming the Original Series March 19 on Disney+:
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bruh v
bruh v 12 minutter siden
*Marvel Studios' "Hobbs and Shaw"*
Athalla Putra
Athalla Putra 16 minutter siden
My favorite hero is bucky winter soldier
The Arshiii
The Arshiii 38 minutter siden
0:31 same trees are on the end credit of Wanda vision
Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Hussain 38 minutter siden
If someone ask me to vote for marvel or dc. I will definitely vote for marvel. Dc or Marvel?? Hmmm what do you say....
Goodluck Cunningham
Goodluck Cunningham 48 minutter siden
It actually looks like freefire trailer
RQ entrep
RQ entrep Time siden
After Wandavision, now finally this.
Ozo Jo
Ozo Jo Time siden
Which is that song omg it sounds sooo good
srikanth polisetty
srikanth polisetty 2 timer siden
Falcon and Winter Soldier is all about stopping Rocket from stealing Bucky's hand.
Tashdidul NICian
Tashdidul NICian 2 timer siden
I miss cap soo much but he would have been proud of them
Akash Garg
Akash Garg 2 timer siden
Who else got The Black panther vibe from the background music?
Thịnh Nguyễn
Thịnh Nguyễn 3 timer siden
The music in the trailer reminds me of the COD Warzone season 5 trailer
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness 4 timer siden
Something tells me this show is definitely gonna be better than wanda vision. Really missed Zemo!
Ismail Ajha
Ismail Ajha 4 timer siden
Wow! this bucky have more character
Anubhav Gain
Anubhav Gain 4 timer siden
Maza nhi aaya!!!!
Noel Rajeeve
Noel Rajeeve 4 timer siden
This is set for March And March has arrived
Marie Gutierrez
Marie Gutierrez 5 timer siden
Scrop WSanct
Scrop WSanct 5 timer siden
I’m out from this! Wandavison was awful! The pace was all over the place, the episodes were either not needed or could have been wrapped up sooner and the weekly release made no sense? It would have benefited them to release it all in one go! And for what? Wandavison contributed nothing to the mcu other than Wanda kids and a new but now old vision? I’m sticking to the films and cancelling my Disney plus, I should have stopped watching after they dragged the sitcom theme for two episodes! Disgrace
DARK SIDE Time siden
Yea. Nobody ask you to watch anyway.
LennyBoiLovesYoutube 2 timer siden
I miss attention spans
TheJEDIBRANDON 5 timer siden
Now that the amazing WandaVision is over, next stop on the MCU Disney+ show train is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier!
multifandomz 6 timer siden
I just know the intro is going to slap
multifandomz 6 timer siden
"No more sorcerers" "Superheros shouldn't be allowed to exist" Then wtf do u want Zemo? Isolation? Then go back to prison
GeneralPanda 7 timer siden
Therapist: “Just Blink! Sweet Jesus...I mean how old are you??” Bucky: “...”
Legend said this is a fan made trailer
Arden 66
Arden 66 7 timer siden
Therapist: how old are you? Bucky: yes
prey unknown
prey unknown 7 timer siden
After wanda let's see what this series gives us
Kaushalshroff 7 timer siden
Re-watching this trailer after the end of amazing show Wandavision
Kaylee ಠ_ಠ
Kaylee ಠ_ಠ 8 timer siden
WandaVision was immaculate 👌🏼 (and extremely depressing). So I’m really looking forward to this series!!! (And Loki too of course)
Taylor McCord
Taylor McCord 8 timer siden
Danielle C.
Danielle C. 8 timer siden
Why only 6 episodes? They each better be an hour long.
LennyBoiLovesYoutube 2 timer siden
@Frank Smith eh that's good enough
Curtis Dunn
Curtis Dunn 7 timer siden
@Frank Smith Hopefully the credits are short.
Jason Kaplan
Jason Kaplan 8 timer siden
@Frank Smith Oh yeah, ur right. My mistake.
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 8 timer siden
@Jason Kaplan Actually I heard they are 40-50 minutes long. That is shorter than hour.
Jason Kaplan
Jason Kaplan 8 timer siden
They are!
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 9 timer siden
are this events vased after endgame ?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 7 timer siden
The Only Hope
The Only Hope 10 timer siden
I really hope this show isn’t disappointing nor a massive waste of potential like WandaVision.
The Only Hope
The Only Hope 7 timer siden
@Curtis Dunn Nope, a lot of people express the same opinion.
The Only Hope
The Only Hope 7 timer siden
@Rachel Wyld Yeah, she’s been wrong with almost every “scoop” and ends up giving excuses, her fans take it up anyway.
Curtis Dunn
Curtis Dunn 7 timer siden
@EditingGeek Wandavision connects to Doctor Strange 2.
Curtis Dunn
Curtis Dunn 7 timer siden
You're in the minority.
Rachel Wyld
Rachel Wyld 8 timer siden
@The Only Hope I have problems with Grace when she said that Pedro was leaving and Pedro himself shut down that rumour.
Easyclaps gaming
Easyclaps gaming 11 timer siden
This show will have younger captain america and they will give him his shield back The whole point of older capter america giving him shield was that because he will loose his shield when he went back for peggie
Youssef H
Youssef H 11 timer siden
Migos 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
SpinKing69 11 timer siden
They're following a stinker with the ending of WandaVision, hopefully this is better
ChanTheDude 11 timer siden
I'm ready
Aninha Serfaty
Aninha Serfaty 12 timer siden
ivana0601 12 timer siden
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ 13 timer siden
Therapist: “How old are you?” Bucky: “ I don’t even know”
Bryce Heng
Bryce Heng 13 timer siden
deadpool in back at 1:11
Bryce Heng
Bryce Heng 13 timer siden
Deadpool in back at 1:11
Alister Snow
Alister Snow 13 timer siden
Lady: seriously how old are you Bucky: funny thing about that
Amirreza 13 timer siden
This is what I really need after Wandavision's finale
Anastasia Richardson
Anastasia Richardson 13 timer siden
This show is going to be f***ing superb. I cannot wait 😭
Lou the Bobomb Boi
Lou the Bobomb Boi 14 timer siden
0:13 Fortnite intensifies
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 15 timer siden
So falcon isn’t going to be Cap?
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 3 timer siden
@Khalil Pippen no I want the comic version, makes me think they will either make Bucky cap or bring back cap
Khalil Pippen
Khalil Pippen 9 timer siden
@His Space Marine well he has the shield so u can call him cap or falcon
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 9 timer siden
@Khalil Pippen that’s dumb then he’s not cap
Khalil Pippen
Khalil Pippen 10 timer siden
@His Space Marine falcon is till gonna have his suit💀
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 10 timer siden
@Khalil Pippen but the uniform isn’t the same
Ry Cosierttt
Ry Cosierttt 15 timer siden
Who’s here after watching the WandaVision finale?
Lightning McQueen / Marvel And Mandalorian Fan #95
Lightning McQueen / Marvel And Mandalorian Fan #95 15 timer siden
ASHOK BHINDIA 15 timer siden
Omg I'm excited
atul achu
atul achu 15 timer siden
Can anyone explain what is the connection btw wandavision and this one
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 8 timer siden
@Dániel Ragó I heard Ms. Marvel is connected to Captain Marvel 2. Loki may not be connected to anything because it takes place in alternative timeline and not the main MCU timeline.
Dániel Ragó
Dániel Ragó 10 timer siden
WandaVision is connected to Spider-Man 3, and Doctor Strange 2. Hell right now i don't even know Falcon and the Winter Soldier is even connected to anything that we know so far....I mean there is the Loki, Hawkeye and Ms.Marvel series later this year, but none of them feels like connected to this one.
Talovarts 11 timer siden
White vision possibly might appear... Come back here if I’m corrected lol
dollars21 12 timer siden
other than being in the same universe nothing yet
Khalil Pippen
Khalil Pippen 13 timer siden
There both fighting FBI and soilders and the gov
aaliM art
aaliM art 16 timer siden
They just can’t help their show trailers from looking like movies.
dollars21 12 timer siden
well did you want the old TV show budget then
Neny La tóxica
Neny La tóxica 16 timer siden
I’m in love with wandavision because it’s all about magic but I have to see this to understand the movies that are coming
Animozz 16 timer siden
1:55 HOW OLD ARE U is 105+
Roddy Bonne
Roddy Bonne 16 timer siden
Wandavision was fantastic can't wait to see this
tracy Richardson
tracy Richardson 17 timer siden
Bad guy: "Superheroes cannot be allowed to exist" Magneto: Hold my coffee!
Annoyed Sister
Annoyed Sister 17 timer siden
Can we talk about how lit the music was
blujay122 17 timer siden
Josh Cowham
Josh Cowham 17 timer siden
This is going to be better than Wandavision - that show was such a disappointment 🤷‍♂️
Paweł Petek
Paweł Petek 10 timer siden
@Dániel Ragó or just wait for other shows to come out to judge them instead of just making assumptions based on trailers and your general subjective thoughts?
Dániel Ragó
Dániel Ragó 10 timer siden
@Paweł Petek Well, but we can all agree that on Disney+ WandaVision will rule the best place, followed by Loki. Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks good, but its a regular action series, nothing special (so far). Hawkeye is just....Hawkeye. And there is Ms. Marvel and we don't know anything about it except the actors name.
Paweł Petek
Paweł Petek 11 timer siden
@pavithra shaji lmao it was great but it wasn't the best Marvel tv show ever. Daredevil season 3 is the best thing Marvel ever produced in the term of tv series and it ain't even close
pavithra shaji
pavithra shaji 11 timer siden
Are you kidding me??! Wandavision was the best marvel tv show ever released no doubt. The last episode was the best thing ever
Octavius 16 timer siden
It’s gonna be the same thing. They are both shows so they aren’t gonna be the same quality as the mvoies
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 17 timer siden
Guys, i can tell u one thing: this show is going to introduce the x men and the symbionts to the MCU. You saw it here first 🙃
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 7 timer siden
No, just no. Too early for the X-Men and the Symbiotes are owned by Sony.
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 10 timer siden
@Dániel Ragó man these are facts but ok
Dániel Ragó
Dániel Ragó 10 timer siden
We don't need any bullshit theories after WandaVision finale, because as Mysterio once said. "People need to believe. And nowadays, they'll believe anything." Mephisto, Nightmare, Fox Quicksilver.....Just stop it.
Joao C
Joao C 18 timer siden
Danie Liu
Danie Liu 18 timer siden
What Sam got from Captain America 1. Shield 2. Bucky and staring contest
Douglas Toomer
Douglas Toomer 18 timer siden
TWIST: Falcon is Mephisto! 😂
rudraksh Pandey
rudraksh Pandey 18 timer siden
Least anticipated Marvel Show. I am brutally honest. The trailer got just 1.1 cr views, take any of Marvel movie, its probably lowest.
Mohan Sinnappu
Mohan Sinnappu 17 timer siden
@Tiago Tavares Chorão yeah
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 17 timer siden
Wait till 19 march and you Will be completely surprised pal 🙃
New2Drood 18 timer siden
I am so freaking hyped for this after actually seeing Wandavision. GIVE ME THE BUDDY COP SHOW NOW
Erik Romero
Erik Romero 19 timer siden
This looks like the worst show Wanda vision is gonna be better
Diamxnd ice
Diamxnd ice 8 timer siden
Stop comparing a magician show to an action show and wandavision was good but that ending was boring asl
D.B Cooper
D.B Cooper 14 timer siden
it's better that no one cares about this series so they don't have to come up with theories and leave those who really like to watch in peace. i doubt the same thing will happen with loki.
Erik Romero
Erik Romero 14 timer siden
@Tiago Tavares Chorão lol they aren’t your reaching
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 16 timer siden
@Octavius m8 believe me, they are going to introduce the x men and the symbionts to the MCU in this show. I assure you
Octavius 16 timer siden
@Tiago Tavares Chorão all the Disney plus shows won’t have actual impact on the movies so it’s gonna be the same as wandavision. Good thing scarlet witch is going back into the movies with Doctor strange. I fear Bucky and Falcon will stay on tv shows
Mikhelis 19 timer siden
looks great! gives me some bourne identity ''feeling''
Trajoan Mayberry
Trajoan Mayberry 19 timer siden
MCU Shows & Movies in 2021 Wandavision 9.4/10 ✅ The Falcon & The Winter Soldier BlackWidow Loki Shang Chi & The Legends Of the Ten Rings What If The Eternals Ms.Marvel Hawkeye Spider-Man No Way Home
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 16 timer siden
@Paweł Petek two words plus another three: ralph bohner and no mephisto/nightmare
Paweł Petek
Paweł Petek 16 timer siden
@Tiago Tavares Chorão why was it shitty
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 17 timer siden
@Fat Cookie yeah the finale was pretty shitty, but those post credit scenes blowed the hell outta my mind
Fat Cookie
Fat Cookie 17 timer siden
I would give wandavision more of an 7.9 out of 10 the end wasn't the best but I think it leads to something greater.👍
Tiago Tavares Chorão
Tiago Tavares Chorão 17 timer siden
Wandavision was indeed great, but until march 19, its going to be 11/10 😉
Kantasick 19 timer siden
music name?
Milzz 19 timer siden
Is You Ready - Migos
Aaryan Dherange
Aaryan Dherange 19 timer siden
I don't know why . But over here : Bucky feels a bit different , as was he the same guy who caught captain America's shield and was reckless ? And the Marvel jokes again . They good but not that good . I don't need a joke every 30 secs to be entertained . But with zemo here . My hopes are high . Just have to be cautious .
Aaryan Dherange
Aaryan Dherange 19 timer siden
Also I really wish that Marvel . Makes zemo even a big brain and big brain as like ummm : He was the one to send the video to jj Jameson and
___pewdiepie___ 19 timer siden
0:50 spoiler :: They are talking to old cap So , basically old cap is giving them instructions on what to do
megamadman 20 timer siden
Honestly I wasn't into wandavision but this looks like something I'd watch
elmira cool
elmira cool 20 timer siden
cant wait for the jokes
philly d
philly d 20 timer siden
Just gimme Marvel Marvel Marvel xD
Tsutsu Nh
Tsutsu Nh 21 time siden
What if Steve Rogers and peggy had a child when he time travaled and chose to stay with her ?
Edits by JJ
Edits by JJ 21 time siden
Whoever who made this trailer is a freakin genius🤩
Rohan Sood
Rohan Sood 21 time siden
Who else is here after wandavision
Beerbottles123 21 time siden
Counselor: "How old are you?" Bucky: "She honestly want me to answer that?" Sam: "She was being rhetorical"
Ren C
Ren C 21 time siden
Whiteytidy 22 timer siden
Ehh. I mean I'll watch it but I'm not hyped by any means...
Nadia Eliza
Nadia Eliza 22 timer siden
Who's here after finishing wandavision?
I am Groot
I am Groot 10 timer siden
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. btw I thought the last episode will be a disappoinment but when I watched it it kind of is.. but when vision is like stronger now I was happy that Vision is not weaker like Infinity War Vision.
Alan Newman
Alan Newman 19 timer siden
Cathriona o'Shea
Cathriona o'Shea 20 timer siden
Sajan KC
Sajan KC 22 timer siden
Don't know why but am I the only who is getting Hobs And shaws vibe??
goesityouwhaton 23 timer siden
I'm expecting a hole series of a "I was Steves best friend" contest.
Vardhan Shrivastava
Vardhan Shrivastava 22 timer siden
Marshal : I am Ted's best friend! Barney : No I AM Ted's best friend!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 23 timer siden
Therapist: How old are you? Bucky: To be honest, 103 Years.
abhishek s IXC
abhishek s IXC 23 timer siden
Ready .
Isaac Sandoval
Isaac Sandoval 23 timer siden
I hope this is better then wandavision
Paweł Petek
Paweł Petek 16 timer siden
@yolol or you just overhyped yourself? marvel never said Evan Peters is Quicksilver so why did you even assume that, they just played with you lol
yolol 17 timer siden
@Fat Cookie Im sorry but the way they do Evan Peters as a joke is....totally suckss....
Fat Cookie
Fat Cookie 17 timer siden
@yolol couldn't agree more
yolol 23 timer siden
Wandavision is good but the ending is.......suckssss
Flamy Dag siden
Falcon and Bucky get a movie Rhodey: sad war machine noises
FinJproductions 23 timer siden
Urm Rodeys getting his as well. It's called armour wars.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 23 timer siden
that part where he almost fell 1:23, if it was Steve he'd try to save him (again*train scene), he's the kind bestfriend, Lol Sam is the bestfriend who will laugh at you
Sharif SAM
Sharif SAM Dag siden
Did someone get goosebumps hearing the wonderful BGM shade of this trailer??
マ-ビンタ Dag siden
I want to see Ralph Bohner in this show
Iria Rioja Gómez
Iria Rioja Gómez 19 timer siden
I was very angry at the whole Ralph Bohner thing... like, c'mon Marvel, you can't cast FRICKING EVAN PETERS AS WANDA'S BROTHER AND THEN SAY IT'S A RANDOM NEIGHBOUR
Alan Newman
Alan Newman 19 timer siden
100% make it happen Marvel
David Dag siden
Though I'll bet it's just the start to a line, I kinda hope Bucky's incoherent yell whilst hanging off a truck is just...literally that :D Screw words, just yell at him.
Faisal Hussain
Faisal Hussain Dag siden
Will it be available in hindi audio also?
Jett Lehmann
Jett Lehmann Dag siden
I can’t be the only one here after wandavision 9 trying to convince myself that there is more
Abrahman X
Abrahman X 5 timer siden
Forrealll lmao
Yazid2004 8 timer siden
You are not alone
Elizabeth Garness
Elizabeth Garness 13 timer siden
You are most certainly not alone
Clumsy 13 timer siden
Im so broken after that series bruh
CalMcCor 18 timer siden
Not alone indeed
ujjlas iccgad
ujjlas iccgad Dag siden
Bhumi Dag siden
🔥🔥I love marvel movies🖤🖤
Phoebe Stedman
Phoebe Stedman Dag siden
whose here after the wandavision finale?
Santhosh Mn
Santhosh Mn Dag siden
2rad4rio Dag siden
1:20 Gang Beasts
Hazel Grey
Hazel Grey Dag siden
Therapist: "How old are you?" Bucky: "Well..."
Vincent Wijaya
Vincent Wijaya Dag siden
I'm more ready than ever after WandaVision
Merlin Dag siden
Who is here after WandaVision Episode 9?
Pizzario 11 timer siden
FlameVids 14 timer siden
Alyssa Garrix
Alyssa Garrix 17 timer siden
Abhinav Pawar
Abhinav Pawar 20 timer siden
Harmony Moore
Harmony Moore 23 timer siden
Me just finished it
Literally Sans
Literally Sans Dag siden
Here after episode 9 of WandaVision
TyrannosaurusRexican Dag siden
Ralph Bohner
Shalom Salvania
Shalom Salvania Dag siden
that part where he almost fell 1:23, if it was Steve he'd try to save him (again*train scene), he's the kind bestfriend, Lol Sam is the bestfriend who will laugh at you
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell Dag siden
My inner 12 year old wants a scene where Bucky is driving and this happens: *Sam Farts in the passenger seat* *Long pause* Bucky: Could you please roll your window down? Sam: No. *Bucky tries rolling down Sam’s window from his side* Bucky: Are you holding the button on your side so the window won’t go down? Sam: Yes I am.
Iron Cross
Iron Cross Dag siden
I dont like the fact that falcon seems to be enhanced as well.
Milzz 19 timer siden
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