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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Isiah Baldwin
Isiah Baldwin 42 minutter siden
Imagine what woulda happened different if she would have took the twix instead
Isabella Vaught
Isabella Vaught Time siden
Nice rhyming
Isabella Vaught
Isabella Vaught 2 timer siden
This is a good song and I'm kinda glad that it does not have swearing and that's why he is one of my favorite rappers
Andrew Shular
Andrew Shular 2 timer siden
Never be that girl folks, stores have insurance
Zay David
Zay David 2 timer siden
NF a movie maker! I was on the edge of my seat.
Monicah Mwangi
Monicah Mwangi 3 timer siden
Wow🔥🔥🔥this is art ❤am in love with it and ur music is amazing😁# my new favorite rapper
Kaushal Brahmbhatt
Kaushal Brahmbhatt 4 timer siden
It is so interesting that it has a bit of an accelerating start, climax, and sort of satisfying end. It is surprising that you can get all this synced in 5 mins. Storytelling at its best.
Doctor Shoeb
Doctor Shoeb 6 timer siden
AYDEN WOODS 6 timer siden
NF the frist best christan rapper on the list he better then lecrae. Lecrae second on the list
AYDEN WOODS 6 timer siden
NF is dominating the Rap world
AYDEN WOODS 6 timer siden
My favroite Rappers know this make NF go what but nobigdyl , jon keith ,trip lee ,wattudrg , 1kphew
ALFRED DANIEL 9 timer siden
You should get featured in a movie .
Aditya Kalambe
Aditya Kalambe 10 timer siden
I want to experience this for the first time again...
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson 10 timer siden
I wish nf had a whole tv show of him rapping you would definitely catch me watching it the whole day and night and everyday
Marij 14 timer siden
Imagine actually being in this situation it would be so scary
Convivial Gaming
Convivial Gaming 15 timer siden
Sinonic13 15 timer siden
can anyone tell me if this was directed through real "Story" or not?
Sushant Yelve
Sushant Yelve 3 timer siden
Nope!! NF came live on Instagram after release of mixtape! He said it was not true story.. He always been fan of movies.. So he wanted to try something different.. So they did this song! ❤
Search for New world's
Search for New world's 15 timer siden
Why always bad guy get down in one shot and good guy can even fight after getting more bullets and still be alive like nothing happened 😂😂😂😂😂 That's why movies don't reflect the true reality 🙄
Search for New world's
Search for New world's 15 timer siden
Thi whats i need in music industry, who can sing a rap in a real story and make it a masterpiece of art 🙏🏼 NF YOU A LEGEND ❤️❤️👍
Mitch Collins
Mitch Collins 17 timer siden
M Sapone
M Sapone 18 timer siden
I can't get enough of this song and video!
Ryanair Brik
Ryanair Brik 19 timer siden
I thought the cops blasted the robber when the screen went black
Erik Keller
Erik Keller 20 timer siden
NF will be the next best story-teller.
CIRAXY 22 timer siden
This dude really deserve more attention, a true artist.
Kiel Wallis
Kiel Wallis Dag siden
I am at a loss dor words ..... I'm in love with this ! In every sense of the word .
Joachim Flum
Joachim Flum Dag siden
This is deep...
CupcakeCammie Dag siden
wow. mind. blown.
Shawn Harper
Shawn Harper Dag siden
That cashier is hard as fuck.
Tristan Nijdam
Tristan Nijdam Dag siden
Mae games
Mae games Dag siden
If only I could tell stories like this.
WhitteCard Music
WhitteCard Music Dag siden
if nf and juice wrld had a song together
Evo Dag siden
Holy shit that was intense...
Roxy Dag siden
cashier is dead too....
GOD SLAYER Dag siden
I’ve always found guns repulsive, made for cowards with no honor 😐
BEYONDERuk Dag siden
I mean, massive Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil vibes with this whole story thing... But this was executed expertly, absolutely loved it Nate. Well done.
michelle bwt
michelle bwt Dag siden
Deine lieder sind klasse und das Video einfach top
Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson Dag siden
Holy fuck
ImOffended Dag siden
Yo this movie director is rlly good at this music stuff, he should try doing more. A whole album would be great
Nikki Dag siden
NF co produces and co directs his videos with Patrick Tohill. I keep saying NF would be an amazing movie director.
Bones Baptiste
Bones Baptiste Dag siden
I feel bad saying that this is the first time watching this video even tho I always listen to this song and the entire mixtape.... Gotta admit the video makes this hit different... I appreciate the song even more after watching this🔥🔥🔥
Rain Universe
Rain Universe Dag siden
So... Eren’s roommate gonna be mad at her bf dead
me fidz
me fidz Dag siden
First this video comes i thought she was boy
Mrnicegamer Dag siden
Love it
LucKyyShotz Dag siden
This is a visual and lyrical masterpiece.
Edson Dag siden
Hard, 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ethan Dag siden
Every time NF drops an album or single I think he can’t get any better, then he blows my mind again. Thank you.
Me Jo
Me Jo Dag siden
Nice rhyming sir
Fabian S. • 70 years ago
Fabian S. • 70 years ago Dag siden
This is efficient storytelling!
Kingdon Arts
Kingdon Arts Dag siden
Sir you did something with this one here .
God Guy
God Guy Dag siden
Campfire stories with NF. Also, did this actually happen to him or someone close to him, cause if not, mans even more legendary.
savage ethan
savage ethan Dag siden
He could be the next Eminem
Colin Bourque
Colin Bourque Dag siden
All I wanna know is if the cashier made it. RIP to the hard working souls ripped away to early for the contents of their drawers.
Corey Graves
Corey Graves Dag siden
Gave me goosebumps 😳
Mey ssa
Mey ssa Dag siden
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Mey ssa Dag siden
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king of the saiyans god NEW
king of the saiyans god NEW Dag siden
Listen to this whit Ur headphones at full volume. Thank me later
Isabella Lozano
Isabella Lozano Dag siden
So intense
Benjamin Kendall
Benjamin Kendall Dag siden
Wow...the emotional rollercoaster...
bittersweet tragedy
bittersweet tragedy 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
bittersweet tragedy
bittersweet tragedy 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
bittersweet tragedy
bittersweet tragedy 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
JoeyyRook 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
JoeyyRook 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
JoeyyRook 2 dager siden
return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️
sanjay stewart
sanjay stewart 2 dager siden
Buzz Fighter 7
Buzz Fighter 7 2 dager siden
Tamás Freiberger
Tamás Freiberger 2 dager siden
What a damn masterpiece
Doctor Tee
Doctor Tee 2 dager siden
this song is extremely good
Speaker Subject
Speaker Subject 2 dager siden
In all seriousness tho, this is worst case scenario
XxX XxX 2 dager siden
Wow nice 😍
Evangeline Mash
Evangeline Mash 2 dager siden
I wonder if Nate knows that 'bloody' is considered a swear in the UK... Bit of a sticky one....
Ronald Revai
Ronald Revai 2 dager siden
My minds blown🤯🙆🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
AccceB 2 dager siden
Laying in bed listening to this can the whole thing in my head, amazing
Brett Bowers
Brett Bowers 2 dager siden
this is why workers are trained to just comply with robbers, allow them to take the money from the till and the cigarettes, it's not even your money but the employers, contact the police as soon as it's safe and they will try to retrieve the money
Whisper Laverdure
Whisper Laverdure 2 dager siden
Damn son, literally have goosebumps.. 💯 Fucking stellar yo...
Matthew Sayah
Matthew Sayah 2 dager siden
Love the song but the video isn’t wasn’t the song pictures The girls facial expression was way to scared in the video if she was scared she wouldn’t have fought should have been nate acting
Callie Mae
Callie Mae 2 dager siden
This was amazing y’all can’t tell me different
Whailen Ragnar
Whailen Ragnar 2 dager siden
.wow, intense.
Bruh 2 dager siden
I like how he gives a lot of details
joe rogan
joe rogan 2 dager siden
2:12 this robber got bars
Pola Fn
Pola Fn 2 dager siden
Lyrics 98 Storyteller 100 Flow 95 Voice 96 98 Overall
Racer 2 dager siden
Starburst is always the way to go.
JackCBWAS 2 dager siden
I've heard this song a dozen times, but it still gives me goosebumps 😳... One of my favorites from Nate.
outsider beats
outsider beats 2 dager siden
MrZION 2 dager siden
This is whybi carry everywhere i go.
nate Robinson
nate Robinson 2 dager siden
Beautiful Nate. Great story 👏
omar tarmo
omar tarmo 2 dager siden
Her roommate's boyfriend is the second thief or it's just my imagination
Trevor Ellis
Trevor Ellis 3 dager siden
Wait how did he get there so quick with his homie if he was sleeping on the couch?
MrBeast6000 3 dager siden
Im 514.000 like i made it 514 bfr it was 513 i love to be the one to turn the like 1K more ahahaha
Blurry !!!
Blurry !!! 3 dager siden
Ugh all NF does is copy from Eminem like rlly , ppl acually like this bullshit?
Nikki 3 dager siden
This was a really dumb song choice to say he sounds like eminem. This is what your 6th time now commenting the same trash on NFs page?
Nikki 3 dager siden
This is not like eminem at all. When did eminem never cuss on every song? When did eminem rap on cinamatic beats and rap over orchestral strings not drums at times? When did eminem hides eggs in most all his music videos? This one NF hid a black balloon by trash can and grabbed at a receipt in the burger joint that had date and time of his song time that was about to be released. NF connects all his albums like marvel movies and is like marvel where you get a tease at end of videos that leave you hanging at times. When did eminem song only in songs? NF has trauma, if you want love, etc He sings very very good. You should learn about an artist first before you comment. You look silly. Ps eminem shade 45 is playing NFs clouds and lost song and posted it on the Twitter too with eminem and paul even tagged in one and follows NF on twitter. Eminem clearly respects his music now
Blurry !!!
Blurry !!! 3 dager siden
Don’t even say anything niki
Ben From Michigan
Ben From Michigan 3 dager siden
What a fucking piece of art like wtf he does nothing but evolve!!!!
Me You
Me You 3 dager siden
Daaaaaaammn duuuude!!!!!! This shit!
xAleGames 3 dager siden
Uno dei migliori video che i miei occhi abbiano mai potuto guardare.
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 3 dager siden
This is one of the best movie I seen 😂😂
jacob ross1220
jacob ross1220 3 dager siden
Story Part 2???
aM a WeEb Lol
aM a WeEb Lol 3 dager siden
Let’s get him vertified youtube
Leoniekathx 3 dager siden
i am so amazed
aaraak 3 dager siden
Give me any
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 3 dager siden
John and Angela Wilmot
John and Angela Wilmot 3 dager siden
I feel if it had ended when he said sorry Erin and the screen goes black, as it gives you enough to question who got shot and what happened next. Though I’m happy with how it ended.
Alexander Okonkwo
Alexander Okonkwo 3 dager siden
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