NASA unveils stunning new video of Mars landing

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New footage shows the Perseverance rover's entry, descent and landing on the red planet.
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Serdar Agajanov
Serdar Agajanov 3 timer siden
There is no water. Where did the clouds come from?
MH2000 11 timer siden
Mars is going to the 51 us state
Iam Out
Iam Out Dag siden
Good job guys and girls
Tri Sumantri
Tri Sumantri Dag siden
I'm from indonesia
Russell A. Leenders
Russell A. Leenders 2 dager siden
I don't under understand,,, why go to Mars? Humans are making Earth Mars! Start Teraforming NOW! Spend money on Oxygenated Apartment's with greenhouse attachments to eat and use human waist for fertilizer. With COVID-19 we are prepared for close quarter's living. Think people THINK!
Eko logika
Eko logika 2 dager siden
The Gold Fireball
The Gold Fireball 2 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until a figure runs across the camera
Michael Fataaikitama
Michael Fataaikitama 3 dager siden
Humans have killed Earth. And now they have landed here to do what?. Kill my home.. Why me.
Jorn Jorn
Jorn Jorn 4 dager siden
Thunderbirds are go! I believe the director should have put a bit more effort in the special effects of this science fiction production. Especially at the landing where all the dust was added, the way it moves just looks a bit cheap, but overall not too bad of a film actually. I was also very amused by the celebrating control room scene afterwards. I will rate it 3 out of 5 stars.
Lincoln Landon
Lincoln Landon 4 dager siden
To all the people who say this is fake: What do they gain from faking this? Nothing. Just stop saying everything is fake and accept that we are doing great things, putting drones on another cosmic body so incomprehensibly far away!
The True Lifestyle
The True Lifestyle 4 dager siden
Please translate my this hindi comment to english as soon as possible!!! Its very very important for humanity!!🙏 Don't go to mars NASA ! Mangal ki dasha hamesha kharab hi hota hai bure logo ke liye. SANATAN dharm chodkar tumlog red indians ne so called science developed kia jo ki geeta me pehle se likha hai. Ab NATARAJA statue bhi banaya hai. Phir bhi mars par kyu ja rhe ho. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai waha dhoka..aliens ki wajah se. Please don't go there. Mai divya shakti se aliens ya future human ko mehsus kar skta hu. Mai ek brahman family se hu. Please don't leave earth and our culture. Or you all will be killed by aliens. They are stronger than us. And woh dhoka bhi de skte hai hame. 🙏 Mai 100% sach bol rha hu. Aaj nhi toh kal dhoka de hi denge...mai rahu ya na rhu par aisa ghat sakta hai. Only shiv or narayan can save humans. NATARAJA statue banaya hai phir bhi apna bhul swikar nhi kar rhe hai kyu? Ravan , kangs jaise jitne bhi rakshas the unko bhi devta ka gyan tha phir bhi adharm ke maarg pe woh chal rhe the. Same tum log iss kalyug me aisa hi kar rhe ho. Bharat sarkar se mera ye vinti hai ki foreign desho me kripa karke iss vishay ko uthaay. Warna der hojaygi.🙏 Shiv is the spiritual science,the god of all science.
Bakura Theif
Bakura Theif 4 dager siden
Next phase vr application via Android built bodies imagine the things we can find
Troy Kite
Troy Kite 5 dager siden
The only problem is it's all fake...
samurai dog
samurai dog 5 dager siden
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer 5 dager siden
LADAKH YOUTUBE 5 dager siden
Therese Röthel
Therese Röthel 5 dager siden
Ohh woww, now thanks to NASA and all the scientists, engineers, researchers, nerds and geeks every single human being is totally safer, happier, living fun, active, joyous lives and living is much easier, cheaper, safer and more peaceful. They stopped all crime, no more natural disasters like hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes, volcanoes, can kill anyone, electricity never goes out, no deaths from venomous snakes happen etc. Woww, they even are finally promoting kayaking, canoeing and bicycling in the wooded park trails here in the suburbs where they actually had made it a crime to enjoy these healthy, normal activities.
Velin Simeonov
Velin Simeonov 6 dager siden
what internet do you have hahahaha... The truth is coming and all of you will be exposed and send 33 levels under the earth. I know that you know what I mean
Don't believe me!
Don't believe me! 6 dager siden
Wow, finally video imagery from Mars! This is exciting! 😮
redlightrunner 6 dager siden
Giovanni 6 dager siden
Certo che ci credono bene bello il deserto che fanno vedere nelle imagini la terra.....
hine ang
hine ang 6 dager siden
mars, bitches
Klaus Кровосос
Klaus Кровосос 6 dager siden
Awesome. Amazing, nice job.
Ritchie Vernon
Ritchie Vernon 6 dager siden
You know what extremely bothers me about this is we're spending money on the space program that can actually be used to help the homeless here in the United States and possibly around the world! We've got our priorities messed up! Let's conquer the problems on Earth before we enter space again!
End 3 dager siden
Your comment is idiotic, America spends on NASA 22.6 billion dollars per year on NASA which is 0.48% , Just so we can populate other planets and discover other species , While the U.S army spends yearly 700 billion dollars on equipment and artillery for what? If they saved even a billion dollars on the homeless we could finish world hunger.
Retropolitan 6 dager siden
You're looking at it the wrong way. Space exploration actually has 10x the value appreciation. We've been able to create lots of everyday inventions because of space explorations. Things like artificial limbs, firefighting equipment, insulin pumps, CAT scans, air purifiers, and many more were created because of the space program. If you think we're spending too much money on space, you should look into how much we're spending on military instead.
King of Rock 1982
King of Rock 1982 7 dager siden
Great now send the offended cancel culture there
Zachary Eaton
Zachary Eaton 7 dager siden
no way we landed on the moon.
Dopa Trucka
Dopa Trucka 7 dager siden
So there's video of the landing but not of the surface?
samurai dog
samurai dog 5 dager siden
@Rebel 1 lmao no facts
Geode66 6 dager siden
@Rebel 1 “paytaxers” 💀
Rebel 1
Rebel 1 6 dager siden
They wasted all their paytaxers money by making this CGI.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 7 dager siden
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siko 8 dager siden
xavier gladney
xavier gladney 8 dager siden
Devan Rose
Devan Rose 8 dager siden
getting closer everyday.
Geralt Of Bolivia
Geralt Of Bolivia 8 dager siden
Wish there was a live stream video you could watch of the rover just doing it’s thing.
RA 111
RA 111 9 dager siden
Elon....... Make it happen pleeeeeeease
Calyx Gabriell Timbang
Calyx Gabriell Timbang 9 dager siden
Alien: *Hey you see that UFO?*
c v
c v 10 dager siden
60 years ago they discovaried houses? on dsotm & Növv what ^ ^ von brauns n hitlairs air$ ^^
milomilo 10 dager siden
Yup nice dirt and rocks AGAIN...can we get the true pictures now NASA? 2021 every kid and his grandma have cheap drones that take better pix than you. You think we're stupid ...stop it.
Craxo 2 dager siden
What do you want to see, mouth breather?
RedViper 10 dager siden
thats not even mars
PeSo BoutPaper
PeSo BoutPaper 10 dager siden
so at 4:30 nobody else sees the skyline is cut off on the corners??
DANCERcow 10 dager siden
Faker than the moon landing!
Amara Trace
Amara Trace 10 dager siden
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Hassan Atif
Hassan Atif 10 dager siden
This is somewhere on earth
sleven120 10 dager siden
You people actually think this is real??
Sunny Ta
Sunny Ta 10 dager siden
Devon Island. Just switch the photo filters. Boom....
Chang. 11 dager siden
they allegedly did this in the 70's so why they acting like nerdy kids at xmas? muppets!
Chang. 11 dager siden
lol. people are so easily fooled..
mohamed ali
mohamed ali 11 dager siden
Mr Brn
Mr Brn 11 dager siden
Been there done that.
Serie Johnson
Serie Johnson 12 dager siden
Why won’t they try landing on a different planet. Mars seems to be dusty, cloudy and rocky...can we just move to another planet. That planet with all the storms. Mars has gotten boring no life, no 💦 water, nothing.
Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma 9 dager siden
The closest planets are Venus and Mars Venus isn't suitable for us as its atmosphere consists of extremely toxic gases and a mixture of Sulohuric acid. So Mars is the only option right now
HughJass 12 dager siden
What i dont get is, they got this 4k video of the entire landing. Yet we still dont have actual video of the rover driving around or its camera just looking around the surface. I wanna see the duat blowing in the winds. The clouds moving up above. Just something actually happening on the surface
Matthew Tenorio Dueñas
Matthew Tenorio Dueñas 12 dager siden
Maan, finally a video from mars
リゼっち 12 dager siden
How long does it usually take to send the image back to earth ?
M P 12 dager siden
There coming
M P 12 dager siden
Oh, No!
Wojciech Zgodowski
Wojciech Zgodowski 13 dager siden
They should've send a boston dinamics dog to mars, where it runs around the rover and has a nuclear power plant build in or docks to the rover for charging. 😂
Grumbel Bumbel
Grumbel Bumbel 13 dager siden
What a boring, lifeless planet. And whats the purpose of all this? Humans can't live and survive there, and we should we even try? Earth is precious and we destroy it constantly. Mars is not a new hope to escape, it's a dead world.
Zuurker U
Zuurker U 13 dager siden
Why not both? Taking care of our home plant doesnt mean we can't explore other planets.
Karim Khalil
Karim Khalil 13 dager siden
Nice edited footage of Nevada
Craxo 2 dager siden
Believing in stupid conspiracy theories doesn't make you special
Karim Khalil
Karim Khalil 5 dager siden
You can't take in and comprehend the truth with a NOwindow comment stupid ... go do some research perhaps you'll grow some brains
samurai dog
samurai dog 5 dager siden
@Karim Khalil its sad. you have zero evidence of what you say is true, then call people sheep and tell them to "wake up" as a deflection tactic because you have no argument or evidence for what you say.
Karim Khalil
Karim Khalil 10 dager siden
@Xi Jinping if you want proofs and evidence then I suggest you turn off the TV and go and study some biology and physics then compare what you have studied to the bullshit they're spreading about viruses and space and you will know. Anybody with a logical reasoning has questioned these hoaxes and you can find professionals from all over the world that agree with me. They're just silenced by the media. Its not my fault your brain is the size of my balls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Karim Khalil
Karim Khalil 10 dager siden
@Xi Jinping just stfu. You think intelligence is measured by college degrees 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i am a postgraduate with a masters in events and hospitality did I use that to prove my intelligence? Hahahahah as I say may god help you and the sheep that are like you 🤣
Dawid Warszawski
Dawid Warszawski 13 dager siden
Cooper! Landing!
Allen Peden
Allen Peden 14 dager siden
I love how “science deniers” will one day demand all that “fake science” be used to keep their unimportant life going because of their paralyzing fear of illness and death. It’s amusing how they proclaim their truth: “it’s all fake” and “it’s just another government conspiracy” using magic boxes with moving pictures that glow and play their latest favorite tune or show. They write their distorted reality by pressing on little chiclets or glass screens using letters and numbers that are not even in order and sometimes not even connected by wires. How crazy it is! Flying in the air- sending messages without papyrus and ink- talking to people on the far flung sides of their “flat earth”. If not careful, I could loose myself in wonderings of how it is easier for them to believe in a mythological, all knowing, all seeing creature with powers that are without limit. A magical being that created the vastness of earth and dome of glowing pin-pricks some call “stars” and “galaxies” in six short days and even providing an extra day off for us to spend on our knees speaking quietly to this omnipotent being who has nothing better to do than to listen to laments and pleas for winning sports teams or five numbers and oh yes, that “powerball” thing. If not careful, the sacrilege of believing small, invisible creatures cause disease will replace the fact that an imbalance of the ethers is cause for disease.. what chance do we have after that slope is skidded upon? - A.Peden
Tanmoy khan
Tanmoy khan 15 dager siden
KITE T[VR] 15 dager siden
There's no place like home.
Donut Wonders
Donut Wonders 15 dager siden
Why are we calling them martians what if they call themselves something else we should just call them people for kow
Jontrex 15
Jontrex 15 15 dager siden
I wonder what Mark's reaction is.. He loves Space so much, that he said we would be the first in line to volunteer to go to space.
Abdu Shaheen
Abdu Shaheen 15 dager siden
Wow! Its the same my country Libya landscape , libya desert , you can write on google waw an namus
Ømni 16 dager siden
Why does this look like that one desert on google maps
lost 2weeks
lost 2weeks 16 dager siden
What desert does have hundreds of craters?
Mazza entertainment
Mazza entertainment 16 dager siden
😂😂😂😂not fooling anyone here!
ABC 16 dager siden
ABC 16 dager siden
ABC 16 dager siden
yank mcruff
yank mcruff 16 dager siden
These are the most dishonest people in the federal government. This branch is wide to the world they're lying again they are not driving around or parachute in on Mars.
lost 2weeks
lost 2weeks 16 dager siden
Sucks to be you
Holy Cow
Holy Cow 16 dager siden
Impressive work.
Fatto Catto
Fatto Catto 16 dager siden
Flat Mars proven!
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez 16 dager siden
I'm waiting to see something in the background 👀
Jack Carl
Jack Carl 16 dager siden
Jew Man
Jew Man 16 dager siden
A dark room with one light and an object moving around it and that object gets light on all sides. Let’s double the light by spinning the object as it goes around the light. Goodnight NASA
DiverFictionB Salman
DiverFictionB Salman 16 dager siden
I declare my country on Mars
i Watch Videos
i Watch Videos 16 dager siden
Ima go watch The Expanse again.
REDLIFE 666 17 dager siden
We probably have it better than any other race planet wise we have everything on earth unlike mars desert like surface I honestly reckon people have already been n gone from Mars and were years too late there planet died like ours is starting to
Mohamed Khodir
Mohamed Khodir 17 dager siden
Guys, you need a new graphic team you suck.
Mohamed Khodir
Mohamed Khodir 2 dager siden
@lost 2weeks Hi brother and I'm out side every day I'm photographer but the truth is I never believed these people until today no one confirmed they where on the moon and now Mars sounds very dumb even as jok.
lost 2weeks
lost 2weeks 16 dager siden
Mohamed can you not see the difference between real life and animation anymore? Maybe get more outside
Yaman Al Hinawi
Yaman Al Hinawi 17 dager siden
Mars rn: what do they want now?
Bryson Tills
Bryson Tills 17 dager siden
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GenerationFilth 17 dager siden
So where’s the video of them exploring?
Khaled Omreen
Khaled Omreen 18 dager siden
Why parachute, is there an air on Mars
Anon 18 dager siden
Yeah it does have atmosphere
David Phillips
David Phillips 18 dager siden
what's the flash of light at 2.02
Logan Bear
Logan Bear 18 dager siden
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D BO 18 dager siden
These people whom designed this mission has to be the smartest people ever 👍🏾, great freaking job
The incredible Creation
The incredible Creation 18 dager siden
Andreas Reutemann
Andreas Reutemann 19 dager siden
Super Bilder ❤️❤️❤️
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder 19 dager siden
Half a million homeless people in the usa, and the nasa numpties are spending billions in space on kiddy play.
Dirkardo StEvergreen
Dirkardo StEvergreen 18 dager siden
Do you honestly think the money spent on this would solve the homeless problem in America? NASA's budget is a fraction of the US military budget - do you feel a similar sense of disgust about that?
Open Keyz
Open Keyz 19 dager siden
NASA are the biggest frauds of all time.
Diego Devito3198
Diego Devito3198 16 dager siden
@Nicholas Negron he’s subscribed to something about flat earth
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 19 dager siden
Did you mean you?
HEALING SPY 19 dager siden
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 19 dager siden
I dont think they are on mars. They are filming in Greenland.
lost 2weeks
lost 2weeks 16 dager siden
Greenland?? Apparently it's a different location on earth every day, tomorrow you'll say it's congos jungle
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 19 dager siden
They are on Mars.
Escape-project 19 dager siden
you sure that's on mars ???? lmfao...
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 19 dager siden
It is.
colin isherwood
colin isherwood 19 dager siden
And the point is. Oh yeh theres nothing here.
James Kim
James Kim 19 dager siden
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Hidan 19 dager siden
Are you ok bro
alejandro ulloa
alejandro ulloa 19 dager siden
Nice try liers
alejandro ulloa
alejandro ulloa 12 dager siden
I do
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 19 dager siden
Stop believing everything you see on the Internet please.
Camillo N
Camillo N 19 dager siden
How does nasa operates a remote control Lego from millions of thousands of miles using “internet” with the so called high-gain antenna ?? Lmao. “We could go to the moon in a nanosecond, unfortunately, we destroyed the technology that took us there” - proceeds to land on Mars 100 times further away than the moon. According to nasa, the density of the Martian atmosphere is less than 1% of earth atmosphere.. how can a parachute work without practically air resistance, descending at thousand of miles just to reduce that speed in less than 2 minutes rounding up the final speeds to 120 something mph ? yeah I’m a skydiver and it DOESNT MAKE SENSE. The new rover travelled 127.000.000 miles to mars in 7 months... meaning 585.253 miles x day, 24.385 mph, 406 miles x minute to descend with a “small helicopter attached to rovers belly and a parachute that miraculously opened in an atmosphere 1% less than earths lol The Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" is a long-range, high-altitude aircraft that reaches 2,193 mph, somehow nasa says that that cupcake looking spacecraft travels 12x faster than the blackbird . You zombies really love CGI LMAO
002o 14 dager siden
You are a complete and absolute technical analphabet. Explaining something to you is like explaining to a hen.
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 17 dager siden
@Camillo N there satellites orbiting Mars.
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 17 dager siden
@Camillo N that was in 1980s
Anon 17 dager siden
@Camillo N NASA explained that landing sequence is automated and in your quote they never said that landing is remotely controlled. When you achived orbital velocities and want to reach a celestial body you increase the speed and extend the orbit.After your trajectory is complete you don't need to increase speed even more so no need to have your engin running.
Camillo N
Camillo N 17 dager siden
@Anon fthat’s not what nasa said, so according to you, how do you achieve and maintain ridiculous speeds of thousand of mph with engines off? Do you work at Rocketdyne or nasa ? I highly doubt it, so before repeating everything you see on the media, use basic logic and comprehension, do your math, understand mass x speed, high transmissions vs fake transmissions beyond the millions of miles from the nearest satellite, and I could go on and on
666camel666 19 dager siden
why is it windy and dusty when mars has no atmosphere?
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron 19 dager siden
There is an atmosphere, but it’s very thin.
shawnte Pitts
shawnte Pitts 19 dager siden
Dizzy Dope
Dizzy Dope 19 dager siden
I feel sorry for the idiots who think this is true
Dirkardo StEvergreen
Dirkardo StEvergreen 18 dager siden
And yet none of you geniuses can present the slightest bit of evidence proving this is fake. Isn't that weird?
3oss Omok
3oss Omok 20 dager siden
another fake landing....
Anon 18 dager siden
Prove it
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