My 50 Cal Exploded

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Kentucky Ballistics

14 dager siden

“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics 14 dager siden
Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!
Been Washedup
Been Washedup 14 timer siden
Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load
Paul Alejandro
Paul Alejandro 13 dager siden
I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.
theyetirulrs 13 dager siden
That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!
Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit 13 dager siden
Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery
Tim Meijerink
Tim Meijerink 13 dager siden
We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland
Frank Ruiz
Frank Ruiz 2 minutter siden
Wow bro, I just hope you get a full nice great recovery, be safe please!!!
Douglas Wynsma
Douglas Wynsma 2 minutter siden
That goes to show god can do miracles, God bless
not1 just4words
not1 just4words 5 minutter siden
Praise God and pass the ammo!
james lesperance
james lesperance 7 minutter siden
Holy cow
Chris. M
Chris. M 8 minutter siden
Glad your alive! You even made be a bit nervous after this story hahaha.
Bean Biscuit
Bean Biscuit 10 minutter siden
You could have lost your eye if it weren’t for your safety glasses. This is why safety matters, people! I’m glad you’re okay, man.
KrusherMike 12 minutter siden
Holy crap dude. 😬
Hora de pesca
Hora de pesca 17 minutter siden
WOOW !! Tremendous experience, you were born again thanks to God, this is how training for the handling of firearms is so important, even more so if they are of such large caliber, I am still in shock. 😲😲
jerry hoschouer
jerry hoschouer 18 minutter siden
God is Great !!! Continued Prayers and God Bless………..
Ben Sutherland
Ben Sutherland 18 minutter siden
God still has something for you to do. Praise Him for your progress!
Jacob White Quills
Jacob White Quills 21 minutt siden
Just came across your video. Happy your gonna make a full recovery, Iam a person who has suffered many injuries and recovery can be tough.
JENSEN UHRIG 22 minutter siden
We will all pray for you to get better. 💛💛💛
Onkel _Balgert
Onkel _Balgert 27 minutter siden
Omg... This is horrible. But still lucky you survived ...
dylan cabrera
dylan cabrera 28 minutter siden
Glory be to God! Dang that’s crazy
Dr.Ostrich 29 minutter siden
Guesd It
Guesd It 29 minutter siden
I ain't trying to be mean but I'm watching this because of demo ranch saying he made a video for you so I checked it out then seen this video I'm glad your still here stranger hope you a quick recovery
Bill Evans
Bill Evans 33 minutter siden
Thank you, God. Thank you, Shooting Glasses.
JamesRandom 33 minutter siden
Oh my! I’m glad you’re okay! That must have been scary. Good for you that you are going to continue doing what you love!
Abigail Bracy
Abigail Bracy 36 minutter siden
Matt had mentioned you had an accident and I am glad you are doing alright. Make sure to not push yourself and kiss those babies! I am thankful that your background and your father's quick action helped you to survive this accident and I am glad to hear that this incident has not stopped you from from continuing to enjoy your passion. I hope you have a full recovery. ❤
joaquin rosado
joaquin rosado 47 minutter siden
Glad you are getting better bro...
Steve Horton
Steve Horton 51 minutt siden
I'm so glad ur ok if it wasn't for ur dad and God u wouldn't be alive brother God bless ur dad for saving ur life
Commander Cross
Commander Cross 53 minutter siden
Look at this and tell me there isn't a god, also that shrapnel hit him and heard the damn C.O.D. juggernaut hit marker
Brucer Ducer
Brucer Ducer 54 minutter siden
God bless you brother. I pray for your complete healing.
TheCymbalProject 57 minutter siden
Dammmmmm.... orbital bone.... ow ow ow owww!
Shubham Kapur
Shubham Kapur Time siden
Get well soon.... And take rest.... :)
Raw Blow
Raw Blow Time siden
New sub here. What a story and a bad one at that but i think you saw the power GOD can have in our lives. I was in a bad situation years ago and i hurt so bad physically, i didn’t care if i died or not, i closed my eyes and prayed to GOD to help me get thru the situation and i had something happen to me that has never happened before, my whole body started feeling cold and shiver and a calmness came over me, it calmed me thru my situation and i know that was the power of prayer, power of GOD helping me.
Nightmare Time siden
Hearing stories like this make me realize how weak I am. Much respect
General Generic Username
General Generic Username Time siden
Thank God
Pieter allen Master Blue
Pieter allen Master Blue Time siden
PHEW !!! Enough said!
Variety Khan
Variety Khan Time siden
Be watchful of old ammo next time !!!
Kevin Meza
Kevin Meza Time siden
Glad you're ok brother
Retired at 49
Retired at 49 Time siden
This says a lot about wearing safety glasses! They litterly saved your vision and life!! It also shows why nobody should be firing unknown rounds!
Gab FMC Time siden
That was a moving video, can't deny it made me tear up. Glad that your spirit is up. Thank GOD, for he has a plan for you bro!
Rijan Shresthaa
Rijan Shresthaa Time siden
Get well soon brother You took it like a champ
Brutus M.
Brutus M. Time siden
I was today years old when I learned the iphone has that function. What a story man, you are one lucky guy and thanks for sharing!
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Time siden
Get well! God Bless!
touch_master Time siden
My GOD.... I feel so sorry for you ! But you are going to recover, you are fighter
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz Time siden
Miraculous story 🙏🏻 God is awesome !!!! glad you're still here Brother👍🏼
Let's Quit
Let's Quit Time siden
let's quit
Junior1020 Harvey
Junior1020 Harvey Time siden
1st problem is you knew that these rounds were "really really old" and you knew they weren't shooting properly, yet u kept shooting them. That's a mistake, a big and dangerous mistake. Glad you're okay though, lessons learned the hard way. Man you're so lucky to be alive, God definitely helped u out there. Hopefully you're done messing with old rounds. And btw I also know what it's like to have God throw you a bone. I was ran completely over by a taxi cab on my motorcycle with no helmet on and my head never touched the pavement. God is great!!
You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do
You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do Time siden
I'm looking at buying a shirt right now. 😎👌 UPDATE: Was going to buy one but for a $25 shirt, it was going to cost me $58 after S&H. Any other way a guy from Alberta can order one other than through the link you've provided?
Daniel A
Daniel A Time siden
Thank god you are ok and recovering Happy to here you are ok and will make a full recovery God bless.
juan pablo Suarez
juan pablo Suarez Time siden
I hope you have a speedy recovery!!
Tondach08 Time siden
Strong man
Tim D
Tim D Time siden
4:28 You're welcome. Not worth watching, but that's it.
Do Work
Do Work 2 timer siden
Buy a Kevlar neck shield and also invest in a plexi glass protector shield.
James Hamilton
James Hamilton 2 timer siden
Glad you are still here man.
Bill Kembo
Bill Kembo 2 timer siden
Amen to your life... that explosion 💥 was God is good
COOLxxBREEZE 2 timer siden
God is Good! Give Him praise
Ditch Chicken
Ditch Chicken 2 timer siden
Thank you for sharing this. I am so glad you are okay now and wish you a full recovery.
marcos ortiz
marcos ortiz 2 timer siden
Gene Galpin
Gene Galpin 2 timer siden
Real scary! Soo glad you made it through this!
Rob C.
Rob C. 2 timer siden
Madan Shrestha
Madan Shrestha 2 timer siden
you are legend brother: God bless you!!
Manny Huerta
Manny Huerta 2 timer siden
Damn I wouldn’t fight you 🤣 you can take a hit
Harv Pot
Harv Pot 2 timer siden
I am so glad you are alive
Throp 2 timer siden
Don’t know anything about guns. What does “hot round” mean?
Tall Mike
Tall Mike 2 timer siden
You get a sub!
philosoaper 2 timer siden
you survived? where's the fun in that?
Tony Blas
Tony Blas 2 timer siden
Just came across the video. I'm glad you're ok and God bless on a speedy recovery . 🙏
remy5405 2 timer siden
Soooo..... ummmmm.... did you hit the target that shot?
Exploring The World
Exploring The World 2 timer siden
i can only watch this video in five minute intervals because hearing this scares the shift out of me
Chan Impresario
Chan Impresario 2 timer siden
Under larry
Under larry 2 timer siden
luckiest man alive
Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy 2 timer siden
I'm wondering where you in contact with the person that showed you those counterfeit rounds I would definitely be talking to him
John Doe
John Doe 2 timer siden
Holy sh*t....! GOD BLESS YOU BRUH.. ❤️
Tristan Oh
Tristan Oh 2 timer siden
How? R u still here?
Jonathan nunez
Jonathan nunez 2 timer siden
Damn crazy
Nazir Germain
Nazir Germain 3 timer siden
Bro all praise to god, you should not be here today. You are a real warrior man a real warrior I’m so glad you’re still here today
Spudd07 3 timer siden
Scott survived an incident that basically everyone else would not have lived through Be like Scott
Stephen Boyle
Stephen Boyle 3 timer siden
It got you the footfall on NOwindow! Congrats
Carlos Daniel Herrera Martínez
Carlos Daniel Herrera Martínez 3 timer siden
I knew it, Scott is the real Ironman 😎💪👍
Matt D.
Matt D. 3 timer siden
A perfect lesson in always wearing safety glasses!
Renalda Bruziene
Renalda Bruziene 3 timer siden
My man lost some brain cells
Tracey Culbertson
Tracey Culbertson 3 timer siden
Yikes! I'm glad you were repairable. You are absolutely a walking miracle.
jyotirmoy sen
jyotirmoy sen 3 timer siden
Take care of yourself brother. Love from India ❤️
Dead_ Killer_4201
Dead_ Killer_4201 3 timer siden
Scott I'm glad ur still here
Kaleab Demissie
Kaleab Demissie 3 timer siden
GOD is good
DE Fiverr
DE Fiverr 3 timer siden
For God's sake, play with some body protection. Instead of shooting at BP vests, wear them, and don't be a Tom Cruise (love love the man but he's nuts). Safety safety safety. YT money isn't worth the danger and body harm. With all the rounds in your channel,, there is always metal fatigue and failure. Retire the guns after a set of rounds. It's not worth dying on camera for subs and ads!
soulsilver 2135
soulsilver 2135 3 timer siden
David Rozell
David Rozell 3 timer siden
I'm glad that you're going to be alright thank God your dad was there to get you to the hospital
DE Fiverr
DE Fiverr 3 timer siden
Time for a lawyer and pay day larger than the YT ad payout!
Clint Beastwood231
Clint Beastwood231 3 timer siden
Completely SPEECHLESS!!!! You're a damn BEAST!!! Glad you made it and are still with us and on a speedy recovery!!!
Minhduc Nguyen
Minhduc Nguyen 3 timer siden
_ The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed _ Dude, who did you fought? _ A 50 cal.
brandon hickey
brandon hickey 3 timer siden
Please be safe! Happy you are still with us
lirmily 3 timer siden
Oh, it's dangerous.
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 3 timer siden
ok now we'd all love to know a link to your glasses, bro
geo death
geo death 3 timer siden
Could you not sue the people who sold you the round?
Anything And Everything Outdoors
Anything And Everything Outdoors 3 timer siden
God is good! Glad your okay brother, praying you’ll have a speedy recovery
Bladee 4 timer siden
4:22 thank me later
GRIM 4 timer siden
Good thing you're alive
Vi S
Vi S 4 timer siden
Glad it's not more serious than this. Speedy recovery brother!
Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan 4 timer siden
Thank God you made it 🙏
Anshuman - Birju patel
Anshuman - Birju patel 4 timer siden
Brave Man,
Kumail Qazilbash
Kumail Qazilbash 4 timer siden
watch this video if you wanna be tough
Pierson Ellis
Pierson Ellis 4 timer siden
Wow, i am glad youre here to tell the story. Scary scary stuff
Half Measure
Half Measure 4 timer siden
That was a miracle get well soon
Gideon Cv2
Gideon Cv2 4 timer siden
Damn man
Alexander Mcgregor
Alexander Mcgregor 4 timer siden
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