Monster Hunter - How to Fail at a Monster Movie | Anatomy Of A Failure

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2020's Monster hunter is a new horror action adventure monster movie starring Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil fame, and it's pretty much the same movie as 2020's Love and Monsters starring Dylan O'Brien, which we covered in the video "How to Build the Ultimate Movie Monster | Film Perfection". Or, a loud Hollywood blockbuster spectacle version of it, and not in a good way. Whereas Love and Monsters was a smaller production that made you feel and stayed with you, Monster Hunter is a Michael Bay Transformers version of the same movie that you can watch while stuffing popcorn in your mouth and then immediately forget. So in today's Anatomy of a Failure, let's compare Monster Hunter to Love and Monsters to see how it became a lesser version of the same movie -- how the movie monsters between the two are handled differently the two?
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Monster Hunter (2020)
After Lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her team of elite soldiers go through a portal and get transported to a different dimension, they are faced with a threat they have never encountered before: huge, powerful monsters. In the middle of the chaos, however, they meet The Hunter (Tony Jaa), a mysterious warrior whose impressive skills have allowed him to last in the new, hostile land. Together, they team up to secure their survival and find a way home. Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Black Diablos​ Nerscyclla​ Rathalos​ Gore Magala​
Love and Monsters (2020)
Premiering at Home October 16. Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien), along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick), who is now 80 miles away at watch watch monster hunter full movie online free 4k hd clip everything wrong with monster hunter honest trailer monster hunter dragon scene ending fight scene monster hunter movie clip 4k monster hunter spiders dragon ending explained monster hunter fight scene sand mosnter shadow of the colossus love and monsters full movie online free 4k hd clip everything wrong with love and monsters honest trailer cinemasins love and monsters dylan o brien monster movie a quiet place how to ruin fear in 7 seconds film perfection Gods of Egypt - A Guide to Making the Ultimate Trash Studio Movie | Anatomy Of A Failure love and monsters all monsters dog a quiet place 2 trailer official trailer LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2020) Dylan O'Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie love and monsters crab frog worm giant worm love and monsters worm fight crab fight monster hunter rathalos dragon ending explained monster hunter cat end credits love and monsters ending love and monsters insect monster dog flashback reaction a coastal colony, before i wake monster canker man scene Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way. The fun-filled and action-packed adventure also stars Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt. Featuring: Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker, Ariana Greenblatt.

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Rosemary Kitten
Rosemary Kitten 2 dager siden
For me, the failure of this movie was ... extensive. First, I was disappointed we spent literally half the movie in a dessert seeing no monsters. Second, they flaunted Gore Magala in the trailers and then he showed up in the last 30 seconds and clickbaited a sequel I'm sure we won't get even though they're likely sitting on almost all the footage for it at this point. Third, they didn't even respect the way monsters would move, in regards to how Rathalos landed. Rathalos and Rathian do not land on or walk with their wings. They may use them as stabilizers briefly but they are not weight bearing limps. Also, no claw attacks or signs of poison claws even though it's SUPER easy to do a few of those. Fourth, the fact that hunters actually seemed to... die. Hunters can't die. Fifth, the sheer lack of palicos anywhere except the Meowscular Chef, and then that one gratuitous (and admittedly GORGEOUS) scene of him cooking without any explanation of why he was doing all that or what for, and no scene of a giant feast or anything. Disappointed. Overall, I am just... Disappointed/10.
Tad Dad
Tad Dad 4 dager siden
dude it was doomed from the start honestly wheny they didn't bother working with the monster hunter lore. at all. in mosnter hunter the monstesr are, well, less monsters and more animals. so diablos? would stop chasing them after a while. it acted like it EATS creatures rather than being a pissed off bull and or rhino. narscyllas are also not giant swarming parasitic spiders and are in fact predators of a fair size. this is also NOT the kind ahabitation they would have. Rathalos are not 'guarding' anything and are in fact just a powerful and common species. Now if it was a nelder dragon that would i nfact give credence that it is harder to fight, but nope!
The clones
The clones 11 dager siden
Honestly audio sounds good!
I Hate Communism
I Hate Communism 22 dager siden
My biggest issue with the movie was the pacing. Everything just kept zipping by, lightning fast. You didn't have a chance to learn about any of the characters, let alone give them a meaningful arc. The beginning of the movie really killed it. The problem with brining her entire team, is that they had to kill off her entire team in order for her to be alone. In order to do that, they had to have a "big bad" and a bunch crazy monster fights, before we ever get to the meaningful part of the movie. That took over half of the movie..pacing slaughtered it, man. All of the over-the-top action was kinda ridiculous. I wanted to learn way more about the world itself, but they completely failed in that regard. On top of that, I can't remember the name of a single character. Things would happen in the movie and just leave me so confused. It felt like large chunks were cut from the movie or something..I had many more issues with it, but those are the biggest issues that I have with the movie. All of that being said, it could've been worse and I did enjoy watching some of those "over-the-top action scenes". Some of it was cool, fun and cheesy, but that's about it. I also enjoyed some of cool monsters and I liked the guy character(can't remember his name) from the beginning. Hey, at least they let her get the sh#t kicked out of her at times. She was a little bit overpowered, but they didn't go the full "Mary-Sue"
scott chegg
scott chegg 23 dager siden
I agree that her motivation to get back home was artificial but I disagree that the monsters hold no emotional weight, she watched people she had known for years die to these creatures, if you view these characters as fodder then you completely miss the emotion impact that losing her men has on her. I also agree the final act could have been better.
Logan Hagen
Logan Hagen 16 minutter siden
The reason she can beat a native is hunters arent trained to fight other humans. While they are strong and good at physical contests, theres not much evidence of human versus human encounters in the lore. When your fighting things like a Dalamandr or Zorah Magdaros, I dont think learning to punch a human helps at all.
Seishiro Amane
Seishiro Amane Time siden
I'll say it. If you're looking for dumb action fantasy movie, this is kind of satisfying. Although, it won't be hurt if they focusing on the storyline... Like how focused they are on the visual.
BrenGamer 3 timer siden
I think Monster Hunter 2020 (I heard some people refer to it as that) has is that it crutches on intertextuality. You only care about seeing the Rathalos, or any other monster for that matter, if you play Monster Hunter. For anyone else, it's a random CGI dragon. There's no reason to care other than it's a CGI monster, as Filmento said. Also, the creators probably saw gameplay of whacking dragons with big swords and assumed that was the only thing that mattered. When you're PLAYING Monster Hunter, whacking monsters with big swords is good enough because it's fun. But when we're watching someone else do it, we need that story to care. I reckon that's where a lot of game adaptations go wrong. If all you do is re-create gameplay 1 for 1, it's rather boring. Why do you think gameplay videos almost always have a human being talking and providing commentary or memes? Because watching a video game that you're not controlling is boring AF.
David Morales
David Morales 4 timer siden
The final section of the video reminded me alot about the plot for last of us part 2
jordannew thomas
jordannew thomas 4 timer siden
The movie did my baby nerscylla dirty I mean come on they aren't afraid of light, I vividly remember my first fight she came swinging at me in broad daylight.
Muhamad Syahmi
Muhamad Syahmi 8 timer siden
To be truth, monster hunter movie is lack everything, only vfx is on the spot. The storyline lack conversation and any other information that needs to be delivered in order to ensure that the audience understand what is this movie based on. Hoping that the sequel have better script. This movie could be improved in many ways, it does have many potential.
Trooper 9 timer siden
The spiders are Nestcrystla, and their stinger puts people to sleep.
Trooper 9 timer siden
You can’t deal effective damage to a Diablos with a bow at that range.
Amateur Hour
Amateur Hour 9 timer siden
pros: Mila Jovovich spectacular visuals Mila Jovovich Cons: Everything else 7.5/10
Risen Bow
Risen Bow 9 timer siden
You could also have shown that the diabolos ( the monster with horns) that was already weak from the final monastery (preferably the one we didn't get in the movie because that is one of the coolest type of monster, an elder dragon) that way you could at least see development in her skill.
Canadian CanuckleHead
Canadian CanuckleHead 11 timer siden
The harshest critics of this movie are MH fans obviously, but it feels so odd to see a person dissect this movie not as a fan, but as a movie junkie :P
Zamerus 12 timer siden
Honestly the movie could have been marginally better if even some of the other military members survived and struggled to use some of the weapons like the insect glave, bow(and bow guns), the long sword, hell maybe a funny scene about the greatsword being too heavy for them!
JustTurtl 12 timer siden
All videogame movies are bad
Da fancy boi
Da fancy boi 15 timer siden
Why is nerscylla a non colored light fearing swarm spider now I'm disappointed
Erji K.
Erji K. 20 timer siden
If they really want to incorporate real world into a monster hunter movie, they could've used fatalis or other prominent legendary being. Like for example, white fatalis is so mythical that he comes from a black hole and they can use that to connect the 2 worlds instead of some random stroms.
39 393
39 393 21 time siden
i cried a little when he refferring diablos as "the sand monster"
Ion Macazo
Ion Macazo 21 time siden
This movie would have been just a tad bit better with *Dodogama*
ajpplayz Dag siden
No hate, but that "sand monster" is diablos and that "dragon" is rathalos, theyre wyverns, but I dont see where the spiders are in mhw
Werewolf Mike
Werewolf Mike Dag siden
From this review i'll be watching Love and Monsters (Never heard of this great looking movie) and not Monster Hunter.... and im a HUGE Monster Hunter fan.
Luca Mazzarini
Luca Mazzarini Dag siden
about the part of making her pratically doing the whole thing in solo I think it's referred to the story mode of the game that was always like "we can send tons of hunters to take care of this problem but you *insert name* will go alone and we wont do a thing to hlp you" Also in the game the MC is never someone that is totally new to monsters, but someone who gota guild certification or who just have to go to the guild to get it
DrZulu Gaming
DrZulu Gaming Dag siden
Poor adaptation of a Capcom game? Overpowered Mary Sue of a protagonist? Yup. That's a Paul WS Anderson movie alright.
Cody Connor
Cody Connor Dag siden
Hollywood needs to stay away from games they are completely incapable of actually honoring the source material.
DONCHICHI vagabond
DONCHICHI vagabond Dag siden
Be mad at me cause I liked it. I didn't play the game though looked into it when it launched. There were many crazy parts in this movie but I didn't care. It was wild and crazy enough to get a pass.
Shizu Tanako
Shizu Tanako Dag siden
4:30 lmaoo lotr
Oshean Juneja
Oshean Juneja Dag siden
I haven't played the game but I knew the movie didn't capture what the game's about.
Aiden Wrath
Aiden Wrath 2 dager siden
Movie Rathalos takes half a minute to breathe out fire when usually he can rapid-fire them or blast ya with a fireball if you so much as breathe near him the wrong way
the big one number 1
the big one number 1 2 dager siden
What's weirder is that the rathalos was killed by a bow
Tomato_ Bruv
Tomato_ Bruv 2 dager siden
Oh god they made the hunters cavemen? Is that how they look at the Hunters? The people who wield technologically advanced weapons and the technique to master such weapons? The same people who surround themselves around a literal research team? God, this movie just screams "We know nothing about a game, but we do love America, lets put USA on everything, the people will love it!"
minimal effort name
minimal effort name 2 dager siden
if this was a good adaptation it wouldnt have even been a monster movie it would have been a nature documentary
VEY_ 2 dager siden
Tbh I really love the CGI of the monster and how menacing they look, its more befitting of their tittle. But cmon no pickle? Thats a huge loss on you man... and is there even any elder dragon here? Why make rathalos and gore as the last boss? Yeah their popular but why not make something new so it makes it more mysterious. If there is rathalos it is bound to have rathian man cmonn...
Yilliam Rivera
Yilliam Rivera 2 dager siden
I knew this movie sucked when I saw the trailer
Blue Blast Arts
Blue Blast Arts 2 dager siden
My question is, why tf did they make Rathalos of all things the big bad of the movie? I mean, they literally included a monster that was already a huge threat to all creatures for existing, and it's an end credits cliffhanger fight? Love how they use none of the already established basis on how a world like that works, meanwhile including most of the main cast from World. A few minutes of screen time, all to just be pathetically killed off. Like, Excitable A-lister is good enough to help the player fight a freaking fatalis, and then oh whoops, funny big boi go smacc.
Francisco Javier Tinajero
Francisco Javier Tinajero 2 dager siden
I hate the film, but you inserted so many cliches on the suggestions, I can't take seriously those, aside that ok review
Keshang _Laow
Keshang _Laow 2 dager siden
The cinematography kinda sucked in the monster hunter movie
Col 2 dager siden
One this they missed with the large monsters is how _fucking speedy_ they can be when they want to
Dawnbridge 2 dager siden
Did anyone actually think this was gonna be good?
Citizen Nappa
Citizen Nappa 2 dager siden
Nah Captain should of been badass in our world but a noob in the Monster Hunter World. Also I feel like it should’ve been more like an Avatar experience for the Captain. Needing to learn their language, and culture, and creatures! All these monsters should be freaking her out!!
Wabbit - Kun
Wabbit - Kun 2 dager siden
ok. i get that this channel is prob just movies. and the dude making these videos is a movie guy. so they prob didnt research the movies origin (the games). the biggest giveaway that they dont know about the game is calling them random monsters that dont mean anything to us. if you know the game the monsters are a "oooh look its diabolos i remember first fighting that! :O " the monster hunter movie is just monster cgi porn. no real story. and shitty editing (fucking worse cuts during a fight than a marvel movie).
icebergthegamer 2 dager siden
Movie certainly wasn’t a proper MH movie. I was still entertained though.
Indie3444 2 dager siden
I accidentally clicked on the love and monsters video thinking it was a review for this movie. So glad I watched that first! The context made this one even more impactful
Andy Tavary
Andy Tavary 3 dager siden
I honestly thought the movie was going to be set in modern times, where the outside world has completely forgotten the New World, and the humans who arrive are the first humans to arrive in centuries. At least, that's what I thought.
Andy Tavary
Andy Tavary 8 timer siden
@FraN_ it seems that an event of Tomato Town Massacre level proportions will be needed to get through their thick skulls.
FraN_ 8 timer siden
But that would've been interesting. And we can't have that in Hollywood.
Sargent Necklace B. Funklestien
Sargent Necklace B. Funklestien 3 dager siden
Disgusting. Perfect film
Hydro Cookie
Hydro Cookie 3 dager siden
The pain when he called Rathalos a dragon :C
Sam Allen
Sam Allen 3 dager siden
This movie is so depressing because monster hunter is awesome. It has so much going for it, but they just isekai’d the world and no one wanted that. Give me an animated tv show of monster hunter, I’d love that.
sergitocastrog 3 dager siden
I Want the "Filmento's cut".
Nion Magala
Nion Magala 3 dager siden
play the games then you will know what is wrong with it
BunnygirlOverlords 3 dager siden
So, tell me If I’m wrong? But isn’t the “captain” like, the directors wife? Being put through power fantasies?
Gimel Xanders
Gimel Xanders 3 dager siden
This actress is literally making a career out of bad movies inspired by video games
Metal_Blake 3 dager siden
I have to say, another major problem with Monster Hunter comes down to the fact that it is a movie adaptation of a long running game series. Yes, the monsters have no emotional connection to the characters, because they were probably going off nostalgia from Monster Hunter players being like, "Hey, that's a Ratholos! I've hunted many of those! A Black Diablos! I always cart to those!" This also lends itself to your point about danger escalation with the encounters, since, well, from what I remember it seems they REGRESS in difficulty between monsters, at least by game standards. Usually from what I have seen, Rathalos and Diablos are seen as being pretty on-par with each other strength-wise. However the Diablos we see in the movie isn't a normal Diablos, it's a Black Diablos, which is a much stronger variant of the Diablos. If they wanted to escalate the encounters, they would have ended on an elder dragon or at least Silver Rathalos, Azure Rathalos at a bare minimum, but then they'd lost out on the nostalgia bait of having the big-bad be one of the most iconic monsters in the series.
Jetwind100 3 dager siden
It saddens me to think that THIS movie will be people first forray into the monster hunter universe. And this is a damn bad impression Edit: this is not supposed to be as grim as Love and Monsters.
Lominoth Productions
Lominoth Productions 3 dager siden
You can clearly tell the reviewer here has never played a monster hunter game. You can also clearly tell the people who made this movie have never played a monster hunter game, nor appreciate the games lore, story, or plot style. The only one on the team I think who has even touched it is mila jovovich but that's because she does her due diligence when getting a movie role
4RCH 3 dager siden
They just straight up destroyed the rich-cultured and balanced world of mh both literally (in the movie) and not. Capcom really put the effort in the monster, and it is apparent. Problem is monsters are an important figure in the story, not just hallow enemies there to be an obstacle.
Kuya Ken
Kuya Ken 3 dager siden
I'm like super disappointed on this movie. I was so excited when they announced the movie, because MHW is my favorite game.
Tea Dropped
Tea Dropped 3 dager siden
He sounds stupid the goal of the monster hunters movies was for the captain to get her crew back home safely for that was her responsibility smh don’t over look shit dumbasd
Ronald Chow
Ronald Chow 4 dager siden
I spent a lot of time playing Monster Hunter on my PSP. And I was like ooooh a Monster Hunter movie! But just seeing the premise and trailer completely turned me off. They did right for the large monsters visually, but I don't think I'd ever watch it just because the heart and soul of MH isn't there...and Monster Hunter the name is enough to sell itself, don't need some big wig in the movie messing it all up. Just stay to the core of the game, maybe build it up with someone learning how to fight the monsters, crafting and advancing, defending the village from a huge threat or something.
victorkronos oficial
victorkronos oficial 4 dager siden
the film main intention:KILL THEM ALL SURVIVE cinema channels:bro this film trash there no motives to the hero to survive me:bro the motive of the hero is to survive cuz death not good death sucks
Angelo 4 dager siden
its Godzilla all over again, allowing America adapt something from japan is a terrible idea
AngryShark 4 dager siden
What are those spiders supposed to be? Nerscyllas? Are they something from world?
Zack Nemtsev
Zack Nemtsev 4 dager siden
Imo best video game franchise ever, movie...not so much
Sukacita Yeremia
Sukacita Yeremia 4 dager siden
If only they did it more like Narnia...
Sky Prior
Sky Prior 4 dager siden
I like the game while not entirely faithful, I like the first part of the movie too because of how the hunter and "Captain" play off each other and I felt what the character felt and the spiders and the first part monsters wee awesome was fun, But when I see the others I go OMG Why you had something good only thing that makes me happy about it was the palico fighting. Seriously the other characters should have been found dead and I would be happy.
Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward 4 dager siden
Lol people crying "she's skilled she's op blah blah" you mean the clear army ranger with years of training has some skill? Oh my bad... oh wait an rpg is stronger then an arrow??? Oh my bad.. Oh you mean the movies story needs more meaning then just going home because she got sucked into another world she doesn't belong in and wants to get back where there are not monsters wanting to kill her and a more.... oh my bad. Sorry this was a terrible review and I haven't even seen the movie just the reasoning for it being bad were absolutely terrible lol...
Zeitakuna 4 dager siden
Where is the Monster Hunter Culture
Alejandra 4 dager siden
It had a lot of potential, even in the games you can see a further connection of the hunters and the monster around them
xy 81
xy 81 4 dager siden
First Avatar: The Last Airbender and now that crap...
Miryam 4 dager siden
Yeah, i was very disappointed with this movie, it felt so empty and i am a very fan of the game monster hunter, there was so many stuf they could use to do something cool, instead was so much splatter and nothing more (it reminded me a lot like the resident evil movies...)
Gavin Nord
Gavin Nord 4 dager siden
I remember when i watched this in theaters and thought after, the first half or so was just so bland while the second half was good because of the variation of monsters
GizmoYT 4 dager siden
Does the hunter ever sharpen his sword? Bone weapons are a pain to keep even decently sharp.
It's Ya Boi Guzma
It's Ya Boi Guzma 4 dager siden
This movie brings monster hunter fans nothing but physical and emotional pain.
Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya 4 dager siden
I watched like half of it and had to shut it down. As a MH player and movie enthusiast, it really hurts my brain how terrible the plot and casting is. Dont ever let Paul Anderson direct a movie anymore.
Shay [PGF]
Shay [PGF] 4 dager siden
This is just a Movie for Monster Hunter Fans or for those who wanna watch a no brainer...Therefore there are no random CG Monsters... It is Diablos and Rathalos...Awesome. BUT there was never the Intention to make more than that I would think... Noone at Capcom wants to create a Hollywood Monster Hunter Film Series... It's just an advertisement for the game so xD
Axis 4 dager siden
They really turned a property like Monster Hunter into a bad Isekai
34T3R 4 dager siden
"dumb fun" As long as you aren't a monster hunter fan
Joii 5 dager siden
Rathalos looks cool though...
Alex Hess
Alex Hess 5 dager siden
you bring up great points and all, but what wouldve been better is if they just kept it all inside of MH lore, since that game series has great lore
Nevin Whitlock
Nevin Whitlock 5 dager siden
You know how to fix the monster hunter movie. 1.Don't make it an Isekai. 2. make it about hunting monsters, not running from them. 3. actually kill one of the monsters.
Endy Rose
Endy Rose 5 dager siden
10:59 that literally not how bullets work at all wtf
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE 5 dager siden
8:43 damn that was heartwarming
Yuval 5 dager siden
Honestly monhun taking itself seriously is last thing I want
Artemis 5 dager siden
a yes. my favorite weapon in monster hunter: Battle Helicopter
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 5 dager siden
Hey guys, if you want somebody to be mad at for Monster Hunter/Resident Evil, don't send your hate to Paul W.S. Anderson. We know what his movies are: power fantasies with his wife, who's the most badass angel in the world and dammit, he wants us to know it too. Send your complaints to Capcom, the same company that keeps selling their movie rights to him. They clearly don't care about the quality of their adaptations. He makes his wife fetish films relatively cheap and they make pocket change profit. You know what would make a lot more profit? An actual Resident Evil film that satisfies the millions of fans that you know will pay for that shit. But Paul W.S. Anderson is not the problem. Capcom is the problem. Hell, Resident Evil 3 Remake might as well have been starring Milla Jovovich and been written by the man.
Draco Warrior
Draco Warrior 5 dager siden
... so they made Nerscylla, my favorite monster in the series, a parasitic breeder like Kehzu... where do I start unpacking this
SonicSuper1992 5 dager siden
Probably the largest issue with the film is how they completely changed the aspects of the original material - the game franchise - and altered it into a more generic, excitement-focused monster survival movie. In the franchise's normal universe, these monsters are as much a normal part of nature as any other creature, albeit with their own clearly destructive abilities. A large amount of the time monsters are actually actively hunted is due to necessity of materials, either for resources, accomodations or buildings, or even to improve a hunter's arsenal, as well as when a monster becomes a relative risk of endangering the local populace of a village, group of people, or settlement. In the movie, however, they are treated as generic blockbuster monsters, with your standard body horror/venomous creepy crawlies (Nerscylla), and generic badass dragon (Rathalos). On top of that, a number of monster ecological and biological structures were completely reworked, with a fairly lackluster level of faithfulness to the source material. The Nerscylla in that movie? Yeah, they don't live in deserts, they live in more jungle/forest-like or naturally subterranean locales. Their desert-dwelling subspecies, though, have a PARALYTIC venom, not a narcoleptic variety, creating a conflict with source material. The Rathalos was reworked to have the clear and simple weakness of "shoot the open gas line when it inhales", despite NEVER having such a weakness in the franchise's history. The story concept was a mess, too, with a number of good points in this video. We don't grow to care about the main character because she never truly faces increasing hardships, the greatest difficulty was during the Nerscylla nest. A whole plot and movie rework would've done wonders, such as changing the story to that of a normal hunter's life, both at home, and in the field. We saw emotional attachment and signs of motivations from the accompanying hunter through the movie, appointed toward family and/or friends he lost. On top of that, there were only really four settings that were used, with the empty, dusty desert occupying most of the movie's time with over-the-top and mostly needless action, droning, grating music, and a number of pointless, panning shots of the environment while the character(s) usually just walk in a certain direction. A number of things in the movie are also left unexplained, leaving the viewers to scratch their heads if they had no previous MH experience. This fault mostly goes toward events like the Dual Blades catching fire when crossed overhead. That's Demon Mode, a state where the hunter focuses and enhances their strength and agility, at the cost of draining their stamina, and usually activates in a similar manner as in the movie, albeit with the blades glowing an ominous red instead of catching fire. That was never explained in the movie, and I saw multiple people in the theater with confused looks when I went to see it. The movie failed on multiple fronts, from trying to invest the viewer on the world and characters, as well as being faithful to the source material, making it both a one-time watch popcorn monster flick, and yet another terrible movie adaptation of a videogame franchise. It was loud, obnoxious, and had pacing all over the place, with unnecessary levels of action made specifically to just keep your attention, and nothing else.
Veon Noire
Veon Noire 5 dager siden
Yo i didnt know their is a MH Movie,and the sad part is critics says that this is a Bad movie...
alexxxlopez94 5 dager siden
I felt bad when they shot diablos in the eye... like why?
Vi 5 dager siden
I know this is from a game that got "movie adaptation" but there's too much "adaptation" here that this movie doesn't even like the original game series
Seirra Moon
Seirra Moon 6 dager siden
This entire movie was based off the "crossover" section metal gear peacewalker had with monster hunter. I knew the movie was gonna be terrible, it was supposed to be out YEARS ago but was pushed back to 2020.
Juno 6 dager siden
They should have made a fun, stylish, and more light hearted movie to really embody the feeling of playing Monster Hunter. Equal parts badass monsters with incredible designs and music, equal parts concussing said monster with a cello made out of insect parts while your tiny cat battle buddy screams cat puns the whole time.
Otto Rüdiger
Otto Rüdiger 6 dager siden
Nice review, but, please, play Monster Hunter.
club eevee
club eevee 6 dager siden
Shut up its just a movie
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba 4 dager siden
A movie that got banned from China over a racist comment in the movie 💀
Slappy 422
Slappy 422 6 dager siden
Honestly i just hate it cause everyone is a jerk. Monster hunter was always fun and everyone was having a good time
Wiz Gi
Wiz Gi 6 dager siden
Why isnt black diablos the final boss of the movie Black diablos is way stronger a fucoing rathalos
l0kk0 6 dager siden
It all could be resolved without changing the protagonist if the focus was on a better supporting cast, like if the natives had a particular story with this monster, like if this particular diablos had done something in the past, and about the Rathalos, it was a obvious plot point to add a Rathian, the female counterpart of the species and as iconic to the games as Rathalos, to show that the monsters had their own inteligence just like our world's animals.
Trevor Weisberg
Trevor Weisberg 6 dager siden
Has there ever been a good movie where the main character is referred to by their title rather than their name?
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba 4 dager siden
Star Wars Revenge of the sith.
Azerian 6 dager siden
What pissed me off alot (other than the entire movie) was the fact they had a Diablos eat a person
Marc Gonzalez
Marc Gonzalez 6 dager siden
No fucking way are you serious? I know this guy doesnt play the games he bases his films off of but did he not even ask what these creatures do for food?
lootizin 6 dager siden
I mean u are not wrong objectively but you are comparing sticks to stones here. Monster hunter is not just another Monster movie and while the movie sucks especially considering how good the games are, its not another Monster survival movie.
meikahidenori 6 dager siden
It's annoying how Nercyilla, a very cool spider like monster with a brilliant lore and very interesting design is just turned into a generic spider just...ergh....the one cool creature that's not JUST ANOTHER GIANT SPIDER is just treated like utter crap.
fractured eyes
fractured eyes 6 dager siden
Monster hunter movie would've been a massive advertisement towards their game but somehow they fuck it up.
Mad Jukes Meg
Mad Jukes Meg 6 dager siden
Monster hunter had a culture very unlike what was portrayed here. They completely missed the soul of the franchise when they ignored the fact that hunters are essentially like pro athletes to these people. It would have had more success taking the formula from a sports movie than monster one.
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