Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions...

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Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every ore can be made into a SUPER POTION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was really strange.
#MinecraftBut​​​ #MinecraftChallenge​​ #Minecraft

Wisp 28 dager siden
comment if you saw the little easter egg ;)
powerblazt _32
powerblazt _32 21 dag siden
I didn't
Maya Jusszel
Maya Jusszel 28 dager siden
Riji Khylle Pactol
Riji Khylle Pactol 28 dager siden
@Bethany Cha i dont think they are easter eggs
Jude’s Channel
Jude’s Channel 28 dager siden
I did
SPOKY 28 dager siden
do minecraft but you have infinite reach :)
waffles5734 28 minutter siden
Thumbnail 100% diamonds! ME The thumbnail potion shows its diamond ore not pure diamond! BIG BRAIN!!
funny10guy Time siden
Minecraft but videos: Rule number Scream at the beginning And that's it
1goalie5 Time siden
Love the content but the intros are so old
Welcome WOW
Welcome WOW Time siden
12:02 "Wait that means we don't need diamond armor!" 18:12 goes in the inventory and I see diamond boots 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eymi Eirene
Eymi Eirene Time siden
The defective knickers coincidingly nail because battery epidemiologically welcome anenst a utter july. jolly, observant c-clamp
Lorni 102
Lorni 102 2 timer siden
I see it
MICHAEL RAMOS 2 timer siden
bro i found a nether fortress and it was connected to a bastion
2511tj Gaming
2511tj Gaming 2 timer siden
This is for you wisp idk why you want me to say this but ok. if you saw this little easter egg ;)
feliciajoli 2 timer siden
For a second he almost didn't take the red stone behind the nether lol
Jakob-junior Gilhespie
Jakob-junior Gilhespie 3 timer siden
I like your vids
Jonners Bonners
Jonners Bonners 3 timer siden
Yo you should be able to take an anvil, combine a flint and steel with a sword and have fire aspect
Aatos Savolainen
Aatos Savolainen 3 timer siden
Netherite potion
Anuj Patel
Anuj Patel 4 timer siden
How do you did that in my game it’s not working
la cuisine de bel jiji مطبخي المتنوع
la cuisine de bel jiji مطبخي المتنوع 4 timer siden
I got Minecraft java
Marco Di Fruscia
Marco Di Fruscia 5 timer siden
Wisp: "We just got the hardest ore in the game" Ancient debris: "Am I a joke to you?"
Aleksander Leśniewski
Aleksander Leśniewski 6 timer siden
do ancient debris bro. One time!
Tammieanna Mullins
Tammieanna Mullins 7 timer siden
im a fan aaa
Bianca Charters
Bianca Charters 10 timer siden
I like how just say u suck now ur dead
Jakob-junior Gilhespie
Jakob-junior Gilhespie 11 timer siden
Dopeydonutthe12 13 timer siden
Lets go for 2 likes on this video. *229k likes later*
Laura Müller
Laura Müller 13 timer siden
Your welcome
Laura Müller
Laura Müller 13 timer siden
Need to comment twice because its almost 10k comments
Julian P
Julian P 15 timer siden
Talk about having liquid courage
skid and pump
skid and pump 17 timer siden
Dream good wisp good mr beast BAD
rragoo 18 timer siden
I love the background music when he is fighting the dragon
Gachalife 123hannahx Chiu
Gachalife 123hannahx Chiu 19 timer siden
Sr.PePlayer 1
Sr.PePlayer 1 20 timer siden
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.-Wisp, 2021. Everyone:mah diamond sword! Wisp:AXE.
Viking fails
Viking fails 20 timer siden
100pasent dimand
Ruth Spiers
Ruth Spiers 21 time siden
True Man
True Man 23 timer siden
Wait did i saw your fase ???
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz 23 timer siden
the dimonds were probobly fake
Sahel Abdillahi
Sahel Abdillahi Dag siden
How about netherite
Olivia Jeon
Olivia Jeon Dag siden
Preety Agarwal
Preety Agarwal Dag siden
Bro can I download this mod please I have subscribed you and I have liked you also
Ricky Yogananda Theng
Ricky Yogananda Theng Dag siden
Well if you dig straigh down you will die cause there LAVA but its little usefull btw
meme YT
meme YT Dag siden
mans so op with millions of hearts
Sharif Salleh
Sharif Salleh Dag siden
Travis Amos
Travis Amos Dag siden
You said you needed lapiz and diamonds then you had every ore What about netherite ingot ??
Flareonlxc Dag siden
The way he said boom
Flareonlxc Dag siden
It’s kinda funny and also digging down worked for me I got diamonds
maitryee ghosh81
maitryee ghosh81 Dag siden
Bob the builder
Mariecon Pacuribot
Mariecon Pacuribot Dag siden
What about nether rite
Vansh Singh Bhuiyar
Vansh Singh Bhuiyar Dag siden
PandaZ Dag siden
I mined straight down and died
Just a Tiger
Just a Tiger Dag siden
What does a Netherite potion do?
GlamxEden Dag siden
Hmm... mite find that eaSter egg
Rehana Ashraf
Rehana Ashraf Dag siden
Hey Wisp! Try this idea! Minecraft but you can tame any mob...
tina jordan
tina jordan Dag siden
you forgot the netherite potion
GodOfGames178 2 dager siden
10:56 His wood just turned into gravel lol
Komal Gupta
Komal Gupta 2 dager siden
He forgot about quartz
Ellis Oosterhuis
Ellis Oosterhuis 2 dager siden
Wisp: this is why you dig down Me: falls into lava
Olivia Cullen
Olivia Cullen 2 dager siden
Me digs down dies Wisp DIG DOWN IT GOOD
Planet 2 dager siden
Where’s the link to this mod?
war tijah
war tijah 2 dager siden
hi,I'm from a indonesia
Agentrubberduck 2 dager siden
so wisp requested a potion, that, if you twerk, you heal sounds about right
Ace of Spades gaming
Ace of Spades gaming 2 dager siden
He should’ve had drank a lapis lazuli potion when he is wearing diamond armor
Vs Tk
Vs Tk 2 dager siden
Lukepar3 Gaming
Lukepar3 Gaming 2 dager siden
Everybody gangsta till wisp starts doing potion drugs
B Cosmetics
B Cosmetics 2 dager siden
I. Like. You
B Cosmetics
B Cosmetics 2 dager siden
I. SkiBe. To. You
Carter Cilluffo
Carter Cilluffo 2 dager siden
Isn’t the same way to craft a bottle the same way to craft a bucket “glass bucket mod?”
Carter Cilluffo
Carter Cilluffo 2 dager siden
👀 netherite potion👀
Mickyolol 2 dager siden
You should’ve went to bastion for netherite
Diego da Silva
Diego da Silva 2 dager siden
today i dig dow in MC and i found diamonds
•Ace Gemini•
•Ace Gemini• 2 dager siden
Me: always dig straight down! My sister: digs straight down- dies- me: finds diamonds-
Jorja Jones
Jorja Jones 2 dager siden
Also u know wat defines the rules of MC? THE DRAGON CONNECTING TO THE CRYSTALS! IT CIRCLE! that is why u look at the comments for info!
Jorja Jones
Jorja Jones 2 dager siden
Do a vid in what I missed then we know what u didn't do because once I saw "I love how u forgot ancient debris" I wanted it straight away please do it
Jorja Jones
Jorja Jones 2 dager siden
Your vids are always perfect, I wish I could be on a server with u but. I'm on bedrock and ur on Java... 😭
Elijiah Mireles
Elijiah Mireles 3 dager siden
So no one is going to talk about diamonds getting burn on 14:49
Muffin_Original 3 dager siden
who wants this to be a mod?
Riley Lawlor
Riley Lawlor 3 dager siden
Wisp: can we get 2 likes Us: gets more Wisp: nooooo so close
Arpana Basu
Arpana Basu 3 dager siden
You are copying Barhi
Selin Gokgoz
Selin Gokgoz 3 dager siden
Yes, you should always dig straight down :)
MarshmelloSoft 3 dager siden
He didnt make netherite and i almost ragequitted this video.
Mandeep singh
Mandeep singh 3 dager siden
Wisp is the best youtuber
Bionicbananas22 3 dager siden
I've almost seen all the mod videos ;-;
Mega Bear
Mega Bear 3 dager siden
No one cares about ancient debris
Layla Hearts gacha
Layla Hearts gacha 3 dager siden
wisp: 2 everyone: 226k
Saira Andleeb
Saira Andleeb 3 dager siden
He said yellow instead of hello
Kaeson Weiner
Kaeson Weiner 3 dager siden
Netherite potion
Kaeson Weiner
Kaeson Weiner 3 dager siden
Ntherite potion
BBoy_bram 3 dager siden
netherite ingot?
Rudy Alfred Gayafranca
Rudy Alfred Gayafranca 3 dager siden
Wisp if you drink gold potion you have INFITE GOLD you can trade on piglins
Radek Palinker
Radek Palinker 3 dager siden
Netherite potion?
nino masxulia
nino masxulia 3 dager siden
i have good no its super idea evry mob and ore give you the food😁😁🤞🤞🎂🎂🤓🤓🥗🧀
Artinist 3 dager siden
diamonds in minecraft are 100% carbon...
bryant nguyen
bryant nguyen 3 dager siden
let’s thank the like goal
Lance Kristoff C. Lantin
Lance Kristoff C. Lantin 3 dager siden
netheright ingot dude'
Mehreen Mussadaq
Mehreen Mussadaq 3 dager siden
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 3 dager siden
I love your channels
Addison Teichman
Addison Teichman 3 dager siden
Dude it's pronounced Bah-shgon!
Riley Whittaker
Riley Whittaker 3 dager siden
I love ur vids wisp
Ileana Armenta
Ileana Armenta 3 dager siden
Did not you see that he said coal to diamonda
Buzzsaw Boss
Buzzsaw Boss 3 dager siden
Yes wisp. I always dig straight down and nothing bad ever happens to me. I have actually mined straight down at least 250 times and never once fell in lava 😂
Shadow UwU
Shadow UwU Dag siden
BBRUUUUUUUUUH i chose to once did down in my LIFE and I died :C
gdrut300 3 dager siden
You forgot netherite!
Wisp: "Let's go for 2 likes" *225k likes*
Leighton's ASMR Gaming
Leighton's ASMR Gaming 4 dager siden
Can we please have the download for the mod :(
Desert Eagle Gaming
Desert Eagle Gaming 4 dager siden
Dragon will be wondering from where he got elytra
Hudson Rossi
Hudson Rossi 4 dager siden
Imagine drinking food...
Gaming CZ
Gaming CZ 4 dager siden
congrat you to 3 mil subs
Blackshiny 4 dager siden
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