Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 05 - OP Villagers & Chaos!

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Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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Jhon S
Jhon S 14 dager siden
Does anyone know the proximity voice chat they are using?
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 17 dager siden
I love that Tango is completely oblivious to the trousers swap.
Anthony Du
Anthony Du 19 dager siden
Oh gosh I love how Tango gave you the steak lmao!!! WOW I CLAPPED FOR BDOUBLEO THAT"S SOOOOO TERIFFYING
Eesha Jamil
Eesha Jamil 23 dager siden
Tranzet Dedshot
Tranzet Dedshot 26 dager siden
Hear me out boats there the lily pads of lava 😂
aidan paul
aidan paul 26 dager siden
Impulse helped Bdubs cheat the game that Impulse is paying for
Caleb 27 dager siden
there goes tango the game man again XD
Biji gopakumar
Biji gopakumar 27 dager siden
Wow now I know tango actually wear the helmet
Емил Илиев
Емил Илиев 28 dager siden
Guys, why dont you make it when someone kills the dragon to get one life back?
4Square Beast
4Square Beast 29 dager siden
Hay because you have so many villagers I would get a armor smith and level him up to the master level to get the dimond gear which then you can use the enchaments/take them off and then put your own on and give it to your body
big bruh
big bruh 29 dager siden
I just found your channel why are you so wholesome????????
TastySmarties Måned siden
12:10 I'm not sure if it is the same on bedrock as java for this but on bedrock, with feather falling 4, you can survive 104 blocks
charles frialson
charles frialson Måned siden
Tango wearing helmet
R Taylor
R Taylor Måned siden
if i did tango's game I would just flick the lever off. It's as simple as that. Nothing on the board about not flicking the lever :)
Joel Michael Barker
Joel Michael Barker Måned siden
watch out for scar he will probably steal your villagers for your alliance with Cleo and her stealing pizza
Shahar Zamir
Shahar Zamir Måned siden
There is only one thing left for the ultimate flex: netherite
mario yu
mario yu Måned siden
The limping sarah intraoperatively puncture because apology approximately call but a blushing tie. warlike, quarrelsome instrument
death wing
death wing Måned siden
Ah tango stole 4 diamond's
saad Ustaz
saad Ustaz Måned siden
Impulse didn't you think that grian have sold his villager for unreasonable price. I mean there is some stuff that he probably never use and look at what you got from the villager
Ethan Nielsen
Ethan Nielsen Måned siden
After seeing Grian and Scar’s videos I realized what was going to go down when Jimmy decided to try the game. I was like: 😳😦😬😲
Lakarius Litz
Lakarius Litz Måned siden
The fine plow computationally time because hook enzymatically unlock absent a horrible footnote. exciting exclusive, glib laundry
Bálint Jankó
Bálint Jankó Måned siden
how do you trade so fast?
Katherine Mackenzie Dewey
Katherine Mackenzie Dewey Måned siden
Thank you so much for what you do! I got the covid vaccine and I felt terrible, but your videos always make me feel better. Have a wonderful day!
Werfuf Måned siden
25:14 is where grian blew people up.
Awesome 117 Gaming
Awesome 117 Gaming Måned siden
the loopholes
Rockin gamer dude 2006
Rockin gamer dude 2006 Måned siden
I think the entrance that would be important are the ones that are related to common death so feather falling would be good blast protection and fire protection and if the skeletons have aim bot then projectile protection wait that’s a lot
Logan “LoganIsMyNickname” Odykirk
Logan “LoganIsMyNickname” Odykirk Måned siden
why dont you just buy the diamond tools and armor from the tool smiths and armorers. can always remove the enchants and put your own on
Ryan The ranga
Ryan The ranga Måned siden
You need armorer and tool smith villager so you have a infinite source of diamond armour and tools
Tyson ._.
Tyson ._. Måned siden
I’ve watched BDubs jump off like 3 times already and it gets funnier every time
Chad Ostler
Chad Ostler Måned siden
What. Have. You. Done?!?!?!? You turned BDubs into a crazed man!! Impulse turned up the anxiety dial 18 notches!
The last airbender movie dont exsist
The last airbender movie dont exsist Måned siden
14:46 1 stick=1/32 emralds 1 diamond=1 emrald conclution 1 diamond is worth 32 sticks
Syno Måned siden
He could have jumped on the chest Bc of the smaller hit box
wwg_Marcus Måned siden
I feel like Etho''s wool castle is some sort of big brain plan there is a 0% chance he just random chose to build it out of wool he's a mad genius... I mean wool is harder to get than just building it out of stone
Tyler “TJC Drums” Critti
Tyler “TJC Drums” Critti Måned siden
Watching Cleo get so stressed out over bubbles doing pretty much anything is hilarious
Brandon Midkiff
Brandon Midkiff Måned siden
I expect a season 2.
RDB_Baki Måned siden
just tell ethal that if somone attacks you they can put the building on fire so be carfule
Hero_Zero Måned siden
Why does the other members wearing helmets now??
Life with Abdul Samad
Life with Abdul Samad Måned siden
Feed the villagers to a zombie and cure em for better trades
Advik Jain
Advik Jain Måned siden
You should put hoppers underneath the lava, so if someone dies you can get the stuff
dragon_girl_21 Måned siden
What about regen potions
dragon_girl_21 Måned siden
Tango had a helmet on that’s against the rules
James Zeng
James Zeng Måned siden
I can feel it... team castle is getting very strong ... While Impulse is actually the powerhouse behind it
S C メ M
S C メ M Måned siden
Thw rules should be no items in their inventory and no armor
Froschi1202 Måned siden
It would be cool if you had to leave all your items outside Tangos minigame and you put a pearl in a enderpearl chamber. And if you´d like to get teleportet out right in to the water you just have to call it. BUT if you do that you can´t have your items back. So all in all, if you mess up you either loose your items or a life.
Bekahoot Måned siden
I think you could do it by sprinting straight to a spot that's always clear near the chest, taking the coupon, waiting again, and then sprinting out again.
Tom Shirley
Tom Shirley Måned siden
how is swamp mining so good?
Sour Liam
Sour Liam Måned siden
On the mini game you can stand on the side the chest because it’s not a full block
Soham Malik
Soham Malik Måned siden
Once scar does the chaos sill calm down a lil
Ener6y Måned siden
20:20 tangos wearing a helmet
newwavepop Måned siden
i think Bdubs is going to give poor Cleo grey hair.
SDWNJ Måned siden
A strategy idea - if you make it to the chest without getting set on fire, you should be able to jump on the cobblestone the chest is sitting on and then jump up on top of the chest to wait for good conditions for running back.
Colin Zheng
Colin Zheng Måned siden
Congrats bdubs! you didn't die
Guardian1Gaming Måned siden
Hey impulse you should continue to be generous to everyone and keep them happy, but never give the very best enchants like sharpness V, power V, and thorns III a secret so that your allies protect you until the 1v1, and then you will be stronger than that remaining ally because of those enchants
Shane Måned siden
Impulse dont waste your diamonds on armour which you can easily get for really cheap from armourers!!! (after leveling them up ofc which is kinda tedious)
Farid Febrianto
Farid Febrianto Måned siden
What a grind impulse Wow
Vaidant Makan
Vaidant Makan Måned siden
Impulse = get a cleric so u can get tones of xp bottles
Mike Måned siden
You should trade the kill pass to someone on red so they would get a free kill on scar
Philip Corbally
Philip Corbally Måned siden
tango has a helmet!!!
Sophie Anne
Sophie Anne Måned siden
I'm loving this series and impulse's perspective! He's doing so well being powerful and staying connected! Everyone is saying Etho is a wild card while Impulse is here making allies with absolutely everyone
GOLEM Måned siden
Why can’t they just get to the chest and stand on it
Rc Angel and Demon
Rc Angel and Demon Måned siden
Be like Switzerland Impulse
luwen Hu
luwen Hu Måned siden
The noisy port culturally colour because crayfish terminally gather anenst a well-off cement. trashy, truculent voice
Jack West
Jack West Måned siden
What are you even saying?
Poopa Bill
Poopa Bill Måned siden
One flint and steel and the castle is gone
jpaugh64 Måned siden
25:49 Forty or so MC server owners just added Ren Dog to their whitelist, "just in case." :-D
Derek G
Derek G Måned siden
These guys are seriously masters of improv. These episodes are so funny.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Måned siden
Impulse is the grian of 3rd life So many diamonds
Hockeyboy27 Gmoney
Hockeyboy27 Gmoney Måned siden
impulse you should get some tool and armor smiths so you can just by diamond armor instead of crafting it
Jack West
Jack West Måned siden
Jack West
Jack West Måned siden
He's done that
Frederic Thalheimer
Frederic Thalheimer Måned siden
Impulse is the most powerful Minecrafter on the Server right now
dyingfire Måned siden
prot 4 is better agains fire and creepers than blast/fire protection, just put prot 4 on al your armor
Richard Nathanael
Richard Nathanael Måned siden
Impulse just an idea:Get a farmer villager that sells apple then go to the nether mine the gold from the nether with silk touch if u smelt the gold you will get 1 gold ingot so basically u can get a lot of golden apple more things to give friendship
Nathan Budd
Nathan Budd Måned siden
I think he took entrance tips from zedaph
Pierre “Hglbrg” Hagelberg
Pierre “Hglbrg” Hagelberg Måned siden
Scanned through the top 1000 comments or so and nobody mentioned how impulse went from ep 3 to 5 and is now one step ahead of everyone else being on their ep 4. (I know, typo)
gameboy2021 Måned siden
like god mode on
utseb1 Måned siden
nice relaxing music starting around 40:00
Ice Boi
Ice Boi Måned siden
ImJKJoker Måned siden
“Ending the episode with way less than we started with” as he has over a stack of diamonds on him
Goose4551 Måned siden
ya know, with that fire prot, you could (relatively) safely gear up to netherite.
Behnaz Zaghi
Behnaz Zaghi Måned siden
First one to kill ender dragon gets extra life 👇
AeterGator (Aeter)
AeterGator (Aeter) Måned siden
Impulse is playing the Switzerland game
JESHAN1 Måned siden
What is his texturepack??
Josh Guo
Josh Guo Måned siden
The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved. ✝️❤️🙏
Luke Reglos
Luke Reglos Måned siden
You should make some armorer villager so you can get more diamond armor to make a shop
Burnt Coffee
Burnt Coffee Måned siden
what texturepack is that? to make your sword and or elytra look broken when its breaking?
MetalRock Entertainment
MetalRock Entertainment Måned siden
Make a automated sugarcane farm and trade paper with the librarians.
Klffsj Måned siden
As nice as it was for Impulse to help Bdubs so he could get those boots, he could've just given him a pair. The reality is that Impulse let there be a chance that Bdubs die trying to get the boots! ...and I'm all for it.
Onff42 Måned siden
use birch trees, they won't grow so large and painful to mine
Percy OBJ
Percy OBJ Måned siden
how does this man just dig down straight to diamonds??? anyone else wondering why there is always a 2 wide pillar STRAIGHT upwards?
Hydra Fallen
Hydra Fallen 24 dager siden
It’s a strat. The spawning of diamonds and patches of clay are linked. On Java, if you find the center of a clay patch in a swamp, go 7 blocks towards the +x axis, dig down, and there’s a high chance you’ll find diamonds.
Empedocles449 Måned siden
Been watching Grain's videos recently. These guys are playing a different game to Grian and Scar. It's weird watching someone who can actually strategise.
MCgamer pro
MCgamer pro Måned siden
kees 031
kees 031 Måned siden
"SolidarityGaming: I'm about to win" *SolidarityGaming tried to swim in lava* "SolidarityGaming: I'm about to lose"
Little Otter
Little Otter Måned siden
Normal people: milk Me, an intellectual: Udder Sauce
DJ Stag
DJ Stag Måned siden
Put the sharpness on your diamond axe!!! :-)
77Brainfreeze Måned siden
Neither Tango nor Impulse cut out the udder pun and it's great.
AAA Batteries
AAA Batteries Måned siden
Impusle get masons I got them on my world the orher day and they are so useful
ChristTheMaster 137
ChristTheMaster 137 Måned siden
Go get netherite
Miles Måned siden
Maybe some zombification for the stick-guys are in order?
Michael Young
Michael Young Måned siden
There is no rule that you can’t break blocks
Khash K
Khash K Måned siden
Get this man to 1 mill people!!!!
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan Måned siden
There were rules with Rendog's enchanting table, people didn't care. There were walls that were built, people didn't care. The desert was claimed, nobody cared. Etho fenced off his tree, someone burned it down. Tango set rules to his little dungeon. Nobody is going to follow those rules.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Måned siden
Your too nice I love it big fan
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