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Welcome to my channel! Here you can listen to team radios that you cannot find elsewhere! During every F1 Grand Prix I upload a lot of team radio videos! So subscribe as soon as possible to get into that f1 seat you've always dreamed of!
This weekend is the 2021 F1 Imola grand prix! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!
This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team
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#MickSchumacher #ValtteriBottas #ImolaGP

Mikey Cassey
Mikey Cassey 20 timer siden
The kid needs a proper car together with Gary and they will beat some big names out there.
Rehan Noor
Rehan Noor Dag siden
is Gary Gannon american?
gianluuka 2 dager siden
He looks like a really cool guy but he's a but repetetive, idk if it is a bit bodering
Solus 5 dager siden
I want him to be my friend...
Daniela Eraso
Daniela Eraso 5 dager siden
I need him to guide my anxiety attacks
Misio Puchatek
Misio Puchatek 6 dager siden
Geeez he’s another level. It is like he evolved one step more than the rest of us 😁
Gary Harte
Gary Harte 7 dager siden
This guy is exactly what anyone needs at a stressful/dangerous job. That calm cool and collected voice letting you know it’s okay buddy everything will be fine just do what you’re doing. Dangerous thought.... if Lewis had this Guy in his last race of rookie season he would have 8 championships now.
Marc Figu
Marc Figu 8 dager siden
It's really good to hear the difference in this engineer with mick, vs for instance max and his engineer... Where mick seems a bit "new" and unsure on his comes. Max is the oposite, and requires a complete different style to talk to, and Raikonen just needs no voice in his ears at all it seems :P
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight 8 dager siden
The Bob Ross of F1 Engineers
Jin Luffy
Jin Luffy 9 dager siden
Gary's voice, clearly ASMR.
Daniel 9 dager siden
Literally asmr😂
Alan Angcao
Alan Angcao 10 dager siden
Mick's radio: I got you son! I will guide you. Mazepin's radio (when no one notices): You fucking donkey!
o_ wittwer
o_ wittwer 10 dager siden
he has such a psychological correct approach to what to say after what happend for mick to feel encouraged🥺
Muhammad Pk
Muhammad Pk 11 dager siden
Race engineer is like ASMR guy. So stress reliever
Jon Chui
Jon Chui 11 dager siden
Each radio message from Gary is like a hug
Billiamiscool 12 dager siden
The most wholesome duo in F1
NAUFAL SAN 12 dager siden
The engineering is very calm and patient
Stephen Brinegar
Stephen Brinegar 16 dager siden
Gary Gannon is how you wish your dad would talk to you
Whoopsy 17 dager siden
why is even mick driving a f 1 car :) is what he must be thinking
Galador 12 dager siden
That is definitely not what he is thinking, with how mick is improving
XKalibr47 17 dager siden
It's okay, Rocky. You go when you feel like it
XxJoelxX 17 dager siden
When your coaching Schumacher's son you better be a kiss ass or you wont be coach for long. Its pretty obvious he is there because of higher powers and how much media love him. He is no where near ready for F1.
Galador 12 dager siden
He won F2. He literally won formula 2. There is no single better qualification to be in Formula 1.
Domo 230
Domo 230 17 dager siden
I want him to tuck me in, tell me a bed time story, and let me know everything's gonna be okay.
Scarlet 18 dager siden
How nice you engineer? Gary Gannon: yes.
Kelvin Loh
Kelvin Loh 18 dager siden
Understand, we are just checking...
Jack Leow
Jack Leow 18 dager siden
Was this the same person who asked Grosjean to shut up one time? 😂
Carlo R.
Carlo R. 19 dager siden
Meanwhile mazepin‘s engineer: Cyka Blyat nahui dawai
Daniel Thorneley
Daniel Thorneley 19 dager siden
Keep talking, keep him listening to a calm voice. Dont let him think about anything other than the next step. A rookie can really take it out on himself even though all these world champions do the same thing. It's all about focus.
La Me
La Me 19 dager siden
Impressive how good the sound quality is. On all the other radio i hear it's such a crap.
Alfred Justin Dumalagan
Alfred Justin Dumalagan 19 dager siden
imagine being this guy's son.
Adam Hoult
Adam Hoult 19 dager siden
Is it just me or does mick sound a bit like Alex albon
Sebi Gordan
Sebi Gordan 19 dager siden
There's no rush...in F1
Tejas Naik
Tejas Naik 20 dager siden
Mick's Engineer- hand-holding him to get box safely. Kimi's Engineer- Nothing to tell. He told me to "Leave me alone, I know what I am doing."
Nikolas Pavlidis
Nikolas Pavlidis 20 dager siden
Armin Gleißner
Armin Gleißner 20 dager siden
Compare that with Strolls engineer... 🤦‍♂️
Spika Rooni
Spika Rooni 20 dager siden
DashOfOliveOil 20 dager siden
Just to think that a couple years back HAAS was up there racing for 3rd or 4th in championships, only to be plagued by pit problems, car failures, driver rivalry that didnt benefit the team.
Daniil Oxyuk
Daniil Oxyuk 20 dager siden
This audio is how 911 calls should be recorded
Leo Wangsanegara
Leo Wangsanegara 20 dager siden
lowkey this guy is actually using a psychological method when a professional is trying to relieve shocka that happened to someone by changing the topic. this method is also often used by the 911 operator for kids calling
Bamboozled Dog
Bamboozled Dog 20 dager siden
Was Kmag’s engineer too, love this guy
Kermisreporter 20 dager siden
What a awesome man!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 20 dager siden
and the haas car is pretty crap not a good idea to join that team!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 20 dager siden
i have to say mick schu and marzepan have been v disappointing!
Mlon Eusk
Mlon Eusk 20 dager siden
Grosjean's engineer: Shut Up
AndyJ77 21 dag siden
And the price goes to... Gary Gannon!!! Love this guy, even I calmed down after the crash. Btw. in my opinion Mick could pit after the crash. At least that's what says article 28.14 Sporting regulations.
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 21 dag siden
That's how u guide a rookie be gentle on him... just like guiding/teaching a toddler on how to walk properly.
Gab 21 dag siden
Thanks Dad
murderball 21 dag siden
Aaron Larin
Aaron Larin 21 dag siden
I wish this guy was my teacher
alihaggis78 21 dag siden
I need this guy as my sat nav voice.
Raz S.
Raz S. 21 dag siden
I think he will get a new Wing and tires
Alonzo Medina
Alonzo Medina 21 dag siden
No one: Micks engineer: we got a cute little wing for you along with some soft shiny tires 🥰🥰🥰
Max77 21 dag siden
Send these rookies home
bruh moment
bruh moment 21 dag siden
I would just cry if I was in mick's place xdddd
BANKAIIIIII 21 dag siden
This is literally the exact opposite temperament of Lance strolls engineer Brad...who is the biggest wanker
Joshua Lloyd
Joshua Lloyd 21 dag siden
I think this dude could make even me confident in an F1 car!! Every race engineer needs to be this calm and collected!! What a dude!!
Felipe Brito
Felipe Brito 21 dag siden
Love how he talks trying to make Mick calm.
JTS 21 dag siden
World Champion 2026
Saïtri10 21 dag siden
If i dont have time to make myself a nice warm hot chocolate to make me feel warm, i'll just listen to this.
Chispi 21 dag siden
No se inglés :(
Риле80 21 dag siden
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 22 dager siden
Aaron DG
Aaron DG 22 dager siden
“We haven’t lost much only a few track positions” mate loosing track positions is everything it shows how shit haas are
Alex Berg
Alex Berg 22 dager siden
Batuhan 22 dager siden
I wish my father was like this.
Justin 22 dager siden
His dads name got him here
LaikaTV 22 dager siden
need this engineer to lull me to sleep at night
Armands 22 dager siden
"Shh... SHUT UP! Ok, dude, so we'll box, we'll retire the car, retire the car. So we'll box now, box. It's the last lap anyway, man, but just bring it in easy - sorry."
CletusNifler 22 dager siden
Max chiltons engineer back in the Marussia days
Random Person
Random Person 22 dager siden
Gary and Pierre. Best race engineers.
nazart 22 dager siden
Meanwhile mazes🅱️in engineer: radio silence.
uoselo3280 22 dager siden
Not even in any F1 game the engineer is so kind
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie 22 dager siden
Get yourself an engineer like Mick's He's almost as good as Massa's
149-AR 22 dager siden
You know when you got someone talk about problem to you like Mick engineer talks to Mick, you are so lucky to have that kind of person. Its like a treasure.
149-AR 22 dager siden
Even with some crash, he also going to pit for changing front wing, Mick still able to race a minute ahead of Mazepin, he also race 2 laps without wing. How is that possible? for such a rookie driver he is impressive.
PropStrike RC
PropStrike RC 22 dager siden
I love this guy, heard it love and thought what an amazing way to speak to him.
skotish23 22 dager siden
the most wholesome man in motor sport
2002RM 22 dager siden
Interesting stuff. But I can't help to compare with Michael and, even accounting for the fact that he is still young and inexperienced at this level, I do wonder about the mentality and speculate (purely speculation from very little information) that perhaps he's lacking the benefit of his father's experience were he able to relay it at this stage. Michael's awareness of everything around him, ability to analyse the race situation and make calls or decisions under pressure were huge parts of what made him such a dominant driver. Does Mick have that same innate awareness and killer mentality? I know time will tell. But you could almost feel the engineer's clam, measured re-assurances were necessary to get Mick's head back in the race. We will see if he has it or not in the next few years I suppose.
Jim Robins
Jim Robins 22 dager siden
Wow, that was impressive!
Captured By Smartphones
Captured By Smartphones 22 dager siden
2021 will be a big tutorial for Mick.
nnikkem 22 dager siden
I bet the main message about the fresh tires and front wing did pass. 😂
RazBaybee 22 dager siden
talking to Mick: "take your time, its alright" talking to Mazepin: "YOU FKING DONKEYYYYYY!!!"
tatzki seno
tatzki seno 22 dager siden
Nenad Dimitrijevikj
Nenad Dimitrijevikj 22 dager siden
So calming, great guiding
Will Goodsell
Will Goodsell 22 dager siden
To no ones surprise, Gary Gannon was a former employee of the "National Suicide Prevention Hotline"..
JohnDaWhale3 22 dager siden
LOL !!! Why he talk like Dr. Fauci?
Tassy 22 dager siden
Mick is such a sweetheart and he deserves a nice calm engineer like Gary. I hope when he moves to another team he's able to take Gary with him.
SROWOT GAMING 22 dager siden
This very good for Rookies, don't give them pressure when make mistake.
Aleena Ahmed
Aleena Ahmed 22 dager siden
Wholesome 🥰
Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper 22 dager siden
What a nice guy
TeeJation 22 dager siden
Why did you have to yell the title tho
Juan V.
Juan V. 22 dager siden
We need a podcast of this guy. Really motivational!
llaith2 22 dager siden
What a great guy to have coaching someone under stress!
David Tan
David Tan 22 dager siden
He's investing to become Mick's preferred engineer throughout his racing career... smart guy.
digs 2000
digs 2000 22 dager siden
How’s his dad? Legit don’t know
harley 22 dager siden
What an absolute treasure Gary cannon is
Matei Dumitrascu
Matei Dumitrascu 22 dager siden
fantastic guy
Tony Y.
Tony Y. 22 dager siden
My respect for HAAS increased
Mike 123
Mike 123 22 dager siden
It is getting confusing now a German driving a American car with a Russian flag and is instructed by a English engineer 😂
interstate366 13 dager siden
The engineer is American, but he almost sounds Canadian the way he pronounces certain things
julia 22 dager siden
i would like gary as my therapist please
Ulli 22 dager siden
Can this guy please coach me through life.
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