Mayhem (2017) KILL COUNT

  Ganger 3,435,508

Dead Meat

4 måneder siden

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Deborah Wood
Deborah Wood 6 timer siden
This movie is absolutely bonkers! But that's why I love it so much!
cash johnson
cash johnson 6 timer siden
The ending is amazing
TOXICDEFULTYT 12 timer siden
18:37 are u on cocaine
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 15 timer siden
2:11 I have that EXACT headset model and they are fantastic
RONNIN 16 timer siden
after glenn died in the walking dead he did this and boom quit acting
H4mm3rz Dag siden
14:21 you mean a tech guy named dellor lol.
Urmi Mukherjee
Urmi Mukherjee Dag siden
Torment Disney
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson Dag siden
Remember kids your only liable if you get caught
Maya Hennessy
Maya Hennessy 2 dager siden
The end just looks like jaimes having an aggressive Meltdown
Bhster 2 dager siden
7:00 very sus eye rub
Maoz Ohana
Maoz Ohana 2 dager siden
Is James wiping his eye as a reference to the ID-7 bloody eye thing?
Dorian Levesque
Dorian Levesque 2 dager siden
Crazie Pablo
Crazie Pablo 2 dager siden
I like how James is constantly rubbing his eye
Little Potato Man
Little Potato Man 2 dager siden
Im wearing the glasses that sponsored lol
Champion Goldfish The first
Champion Goldfish The first 3 dager siden
These grown-ups any days
Kris The chap
Kris The chap 3 dager siden
7:15 sounds like a drunk frat boy in a fight
Lil Cheech
Lil Cheech 3 dager siden
The best part about this is that James kept wiping his eyes throughout the video
demon blue
demon blue 3 dager siden
if i was in this i would be missing a arm fighting someone
It's Pinky's Girls
It's Pinky's Girls 3 dager siden
10:27 I love how Jame always says that's nice it's hilarious haha:))
Dimitrios Tsoukalas
Dimitrios Tsoukalas 3 dager siden
Dang it, I saw the belko Experiment. now I can't see MAYHEM , fuck
Ejaz Yusuff
Ejaz Yusuff 3 dager siden
17:10 epic
kaiffu ain't my waifu
kaiffu ain't my waifu 3 dager siden
I hated it when Ewan died, he seemed like a really nice guy
kaiffu ain't my waifu
kaiffu ain't my waifu 3 dager siden
True business!
Soccerboyeee 3 dager siden
did enyone get during wen he would talk he would rub his eye like he has it.
Nelson Plays
Nelson Plays 3 dager siden
Poor milton
coco still
coco still 3 dager siden
Mine boy glen
that Marvel Fanboy and DC
that Marvel Fanboy and DC 3 dager siden
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 3 dager siden
I love u dead meat
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 3 dager siden
I kinda wish he was my dad ngl
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 3 dager siden
He is the best
Quixsand 4 dager siden
steven yeun would be perfext as a live action ken kaneki
A S T R O W O R L D 4 dager siden
This is probably my favorite kill count
Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan 4 dager siden
Melanie baby sitter?????🤔
Clinton Ahonsi
Clinton Ahonsi 4 dager siden
Funny my eyes are itching while watching this
Uggly Pug
Uggly Pug 4 dager siden
Easter egg He kept scratching his eye
Durpy_noob _06
Durpy_noob _06 5 dager siden
I love it how the voice actor sasuke, spider-man And god damn Ben 10 is an infected in this movie lmao
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 5 dager siden
ayo glenn
Scott Harper
Scott Harper 5 dager siden
at 12:36 you can see 2 more bodies than James counted up against the wall on the right side
John Garza
John Garza 5 dager siden
140k likes but 3.3 million views!?
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 6 dager siden
Dope concept.
TheRealPlacard 6 dager siden
why am i realizing only because of the kill count of this movie, that it seems like towers literally utilizing all pockets for cocaine LMAO
wrath jred
wrath jred 6 dager siden
you should buy an editor james
meme man 1
meme man 1 6 dager siden
This movie is my favorite movie
Degenerate weeb
Degenerate weeb 6 dager siden
I swear to god, when james dies he is going to be the grim reapers personal kill counting assistant
The Weird Ones D&D
The Weird Ones D&D 6 dager siden
ME: *Sees James wipe his eye nonchalantly and realizing that he's gonna be infected by the virus too* "Insert Leo Pointing Meme"
Moist Towelette
Moist Towelette 7 dager siden
11:46 I literally told myself DMB wasn't gonna be mentioned lol (They're my favorite band)
Squickyu 7 dager siden
7:00 he rubt his eye :O
Winston the great white
Winston the great white 7 dager siden
10:25 Sibling's be like
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 8 dager siden
Dope “die motherfucker die” would’ve been a great song to use for this movie Lol.
Just Who I Am
Just Who I Am 8 dager siden
I panicked a little bit when you scratch your eye
Griffin Nolte
Griffin Nolte 8 dager siden
Bethany Prahst
Bethany Prahst 9 dager siden
You can get caution tape at a hardware store If need be
Fillbert 9 dager siden
"POCKET COKE!" was such a damn good reference
Mumin Miya
Mumin Miya 10 dager siden
Everyone is kaneki Lol😂😂😂
Kelly Bean
Kelly Bean 10 dager siden
I don’t know if this was on purpose but a small detail at 6:59 shows James rubbing his eye and squinting possibly re-enacting how people in Mayhem run there eye which made their contact with the virus
Gregory Pendarvis Jr
Gregory Pendarvis Jr 10 dager siden
When you scratch your eye then the main person scratched his eye and then I scratched my eye
evanbock4 ismyig
evanbock4 ismyig 10 dager siden
I love that dead meat is the only channel I'm happy to see a ad
loli_ cvnt
loli_ cvnt 10 dager siden
17:41 I'm like 82% sure the dude getting beaten in the back is dead
Kings legacy
Kings legacy 10 dager siden
Look at this fancy man
William Cook
William Cook 10 dager siden
I saw you rubbing dem eyes
Ethan Romaine
Ethan Romaine 10 dager siden
Ah yes, the most realistic depiction of class warfare since 1917.
Mana Flataker
Mana Flataker 11 dager siden
I get so excited when I see actors from TWD on other works.
JarreBearX 11 dager siden
Didnt she play nix in guns akimbo?
Anna Phan
Anna Phan 11 dager siden
Why did dead eat wipe his eyes solo many times!!?! Kinda concerned for him
Lucas C.
Lucas C. 11 dager siden
Am I the only one getting belko experiment vibes?
Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott 11 dager siden
Slight correction: in the climax, Derek uses the handle of his coffee mug to turn around the fight, not the Bull's brass knuckles. His mug being stolen by the Siren is the ignition of his anger in the film, and using it as a weapon felt like the ultimate catharsis. Still, love this freaking movie!
Angel The AHiT smug lord
Angel The AHiT smug lord 12 dager siden
So, If mayhem=insanity and chaos, Then mayhem= 2020
TheBendalorianBricks 12 dager siden
I like that they choose to make a new creative virus.
Doctor Purple
Doctor Purple 12 dager siden
fancy suit there, James.
Kobayashi Yazidi
Kobayashi Yazidi 13 dager siden
Wait this is not normal I may have to talk to my family bout "normal" when eating. It's a "Joke" 🤫
Razey Hazey
Razey Hazey 13 dager siden
I love his videos a lot and have watched nearly every single one of them now but his get to the numbers are always sooo cringe
Kanon Collins
Kanon Collins 13 dager siden
Yo James lookin hella fresh
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta 13 dager siden
That pepper spray move obviously wouldn’t happen in real life lol he sprayed it directly into his mouth not his eyes. But in that scenario I could totally see that happening legitimately because if I got it in my mouth like that I’d spit it straight back in my mans face
Matt Barhead
Matt Barhead 13 dager siden
Advanced covid
moon rat
moon rat 13 dager siden
istg, ur like, the best. you make everything better! :D
Niko 13 dager siden
the office on steroids
Robin Russell
Robin Russell 14 dager siden
Sign it and I'll count the kills
Meow Meoe
Meow Meoe 14 dager siden
17:16 is that a king of the hill reference
Meow Meoe
Meow Meoe 14 dager siden
6:58 HAH another joke i see
Meow Meoe
Meow Meoe 14 dager siden
11:54 another one
Meow Meoe
Meow Meoe 14 dager siden
3:01 HAH i get it
Bazookabam 850
Bazookabam 850 15 dager siden
Matias looks like the dude from the music video from rude by magic 4:23
Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett 15 dager siden
I like how jamie keeps rubbing his eye
luisdavid nino
luisdavid nino 15 dager siden
james:mmmmm bonsai
Bruv Legion
Bruv Legion 15 dager siden
7:00 *it’s going down*
nick strahan
nick strahan 16 dager siden
I could watch hours of James doing infomercial smiles and thumbs up. It gets me every time. It just exudes snark in the best possible way.
Bub8les 16 dager siden
Normal people: yo that’s Steven Walking dead people: hey Glenn
One Drop Mtg
One Drop Mtg 16 dager siden
I love how the only good wrong turn can be distilled down “the Henry Rollins one”.😂
John Burd
John Burd 16 dager siden
This movie was genuinely so good, I highly recommend watching it in it’s entirety.
Rouri Sawyer
Rouri Sawyer 17 dager siden
18:21 did he acagalee bete him solf up
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier 17 dager siden
In my dream I was known as the death beast and killed reaper bull tower siren and this new hired guy as the replacement of reaper who died by me tears him in half the guy was already alies as the doomslayer and died by makuta ikerwas the sirens boyfriend WHAT THE FUCK when he teleported and crushed his head in a photocopier and he helped said that I brought him back from the dead and I am going to help you brother and yes he’s my brother now
Taffy Tuck
Taffy Tuck 18 dager siden
i'm not sure if the eye rub at 7:01 was intentional or not but if it was fucking genius
vanessa ong
vanessa ong 18 dager siden
People who smells toast out of nowhere is somebody thats gonna have a stroke
Drew Wiseman music
Drew Wiseman music 19 dager siden
Is anyone else getting COVID-19 vibes from watching this?
Dylan Hager
Dylan Hager 19 dager siden
anyone realize how james keeps rubbing his eye?
Jay Carpenter
Jay Carpenter 19 dager siden
I like how he keeps touching his eye every time it goes back to him
Humphrey Burns
Humphrey Burns 19 dager siden
Anyone else notice that in this video and the Belko Experiment James uses the same tie?
Crown ed
Crown ed 20 dager siden
LMAO y did I think the male main character was one of the Sprouse twins from the back
Angel 20 dager siden
Love this movie
- MattIsAwkward
- MattIsAwkward 20 dager siden
Wait...John lynch is the guy that records for polo g
Sam K
Sam K 20 dager siden
would you kindly
Oi 21 dag siden
Dalton Brady
Dalton Brady 21 dag siden
I like that he kept wiping his eye like the virus
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