Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

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24 dager siden

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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Joebiden Izzapedo
Joebiden Izzapedo 42 minutter siden
China says no thanks
Landon Muscle
Landon Muscle Time siden
Looks lame.
akash nikam
akash nikam Time siden
Which date movie is going to launch
KALIN the ALIAS Time siden
0:52 that's me
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 2 timer siden
Looks like the soft power grab of purchasing Hollywood studios is working. It will be interesting to see if this influence will produce viable content.
ᄋᄋ 2 timer siden
This is a bunch of orientalism
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell 2 timer siden
I once played basketball with the main guy in this and fouled him repeatedly because I didn't know the rules. It was in Sydney last year. He got pretty angry.
The Abyssal Art
The Abyssal Art 2 timer siden
Marvel has hundreds of well known characters and who do you pick to make a movie?
Mona Sunuwar
Mona Sunuwar 2 timer siden
is this jackson's voice??
Ahsan Safeer
Ahsan Safeer 3 timer siden
Am i the only one who heard NF?
Attili Pattabhi
Attili Pattabhi 4 timer siden
Eagarly wait for fight scens first and I want stan lee sir cameo in any way
Brandon Simoncini
Brandon Simoncini 4 timer siden
“How do we make Shang Chi more known and hip? I know! Let’s get Awkwafina!”
ame bld
ame bld 4 timer siden
Disgusting Orientalism propaganda Disgusting racist propaganda
Kim wizard
Kim wizard 5 timer siden
The7Guy 5 timer siden
Awkwafina honestly is very recognizable
coco 6 timer siden
finally the asian representation we need
M 7 timer siden
It looks not interesting.
Your Father
Your Father 8 timer siden
I Love Tony Leung, he’s so COOOOOOL
i Punisher
i Punisher 8 timer siden
Kiaa 8 timer siden
Basically he is the "black panther" from the east...
T K 9 timer siden
Me: *watches the trailer.* (-_-) Me, watch the trailer at 0:37: Is that Tony Leung? 0_0
switchin 5 timer siden
yes, he’s playing the mandarin
Gabriel Montoya
Gabriel Montoya 9 timer siden
Imagine Shang-Chi was made in the 90s Jackie Chan could’ve cast the movie.
spiicy 9 timer siden
I love the actor they used to play Shang-Chi
spiicy 9 timer siden
I’m most interested in the scene 1:03 and 1:19 it looks very cool! I think it’s gonna be kind of a history lesson scene:)
Crimson Emperor
Crimson Emperor 10 timer siden
The most badass trailer of the year.
Ultimate Slinger
Ultimate Slinger 3 timer siden
Godzilla vs Kong trailer was pretty hyped too
J ???
J ??? 10 timer siden
Another d.load from ☠ pirate.bay
J ???
J ??? 10 timer siden
Yeah another "meh" movie.. thats all we need..😒
Rohan UK
Rohan UK 11 timer siden
This proves..!! TheAGE OF DC has just begun
switchin 5 timer siden
what ru talking about this is marvel
hom lee
hom lee 12 timer siden
Tony Leung , like
Rod Mayberry
Rod Mayberry 12 timer siden
Looks like fast and the furious had a child with forbidden kingdom. You people live trash as long as it has marvel on it.
All In One 2M
All In One 2M 12 timer siden
Random people who is liking this comment may their parents live for 100 years ❤️
Predyz 13 timer siden
Oh yeah! The real mandarin is gonna show up! Finally Iron Man will have his true villain and... oh wait...
Surendra Naidu
Surendra Naidu 13 timer siden
wuhan hero
Henzu. 13 timer siden
bruh i saw in california where they filmed the bus ramming into a bunch of different cars AND the bmw, that is no cgi thats fully handmade, nice
big shlong
big shlong 13 timer siden
Lancebear 13 timer siden
Let's just pretend this is the live action Mulan movie and that guy is just a woman in disguise.
hassan Khan
hassan Khan 13 timer siden
Heard this movie is gonna be banned in China. More reason to watch lol
TheGaming Zeus
TheGaming Zeus 14 timer siden
To be honest i thought that is Qpark
Viet Le
Viet Le 14 timer siden
white people have been trying to make asian movies for years and each one sucked
BEST Scenes
BEST Scenes 14 timer siden
love marvel
Geekfreak 14 timer siden
Iron Fist and Daredevil should cross over there. That's my dream
cat hooman
cat hooman 15 timer siden
I don't care and will see this movie
Jonny Bhai
Jonny Bhai 15 timer siden
👎👎👎 marvel is not the same now😞
Barun pait
Barun pait 16 timer siden
The giant lion
Alazul Gaming
Alazul Gaming 17 timer siden
where's the Chinese rap representation
Maniac Komplex
Maniac Komplex 17 timer siden
Marvel bout to take over China
James Morcilla
James Morcilla 20 timer siden
Jung Kim!
Apurv 21 time siden
Finally a movie trailer which was beyond my expectations. Can't wait to watch.
sabeeha banu
sabeeha banu 21 time siden
Oh that's so relatable being an Asian
_Nuray_ Amirova_
_Nuray_ Amirova_ 21 time siden
OMG i heard Jackson Wang aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Letícia Host
Letícia Host 22 timer siden
I don't know if it's my impression, but it seems that whoever is singing in the background of this trailer is Jackson Wang!
the şeyda
the şeyda 22 timer siden
Jackson Wang (╥﹏╥)
RepeatedAxe Gaming
RepeatedAxe Gaming 23 timer siden
I'm already kinda starting to see a similarity between this and Invincible
Mahesh Mandapalli
Mahesh Mandapalli Dag siden
awesome background score though
DIV DIV Assassin
DIV DIV Assassin Dag siden
I showed this trailer to a baby panda, now it's the dragon warrior.
Heng Mike Liu
Heng Mike Liu Dag siden
This trailer is insanely well made. It gives me goosebumps.
Adrian Estrada Bernal
Adrian Estrada Bernal Dag siden
is it the girl who plays in Jumanji the next level?
DragonDez07 9 timer siden
Yes, that is Awkwafina.
I am Kartik
I am Kartik Dag siden
When will we see indian superhero in marvel or an Indian superhero based movie like this by marvel
Hakim Jikra
Hakim Jikra Dag siden
who are you?? im jackie chan watahhh
B M Aryaveer Gowda
B M Aryaveer Gowda Dag siden
Dude the BGM is sick!
Out Standing
Out Standing Dag siden
Well, I am late, but I'm finally here : N times better than Mortal Kombat, which they ruined it, mainly with that humorous Kano.
Beauty Arandhara
Beauty Arandhara Dag siden
OP DIVINE Dag siden
What's the release date??
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 timer siden
September 3, 2021 (9/3/21).
Fh Yuyu
Fh Yuyu Dag siden
How I wish my father was the infamous legendary Fu Manchu 👲🏻
Jansi. A
Jansi. A Dag siden
Let the action begin dude...
Nasaba Bora
Nasaba Bora Dag siden
Between Bucky and Shang Chi who would win in a knife fight? Like for Bucky & comment for Shang Chi.
나는아빠다 Dag siden
이건.. 중국용 작품? 유감이다. 지금 중국과 미국의 관계가 그리 좋지 못해서..
Vedant Sreenivasan
Vedant Sreenivasan Dag siden
Someone tell me the name of this soundtrack
Mayon Go
Mayon Go Dag siden
Plot twist She's a dragon....... Get it?
ie2 adm
ie2 adm Dag siden
Oh boy this one sucks.
Kathan Prajapati
Kathan Prajapati Dag siden
Marvel never disappoints 😄♥️
Bañdána Bonèß
Bañdána Bonèß Dag siden
I was honestly waiting for him to say ' I'm batman'
priyatham yalla
priyatham yalla Dag siden
chinese movie😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abu sayed Sumon
Abu sayed Sumon Dag siden
Luca Cortese
Luca Cortese Dag siden
I remember when this guy was in Kim's Convenience
無版權音樂視頻素材庫 Dag siden
精選無版權視頻和音樂素材,長期提供免費下載 ,並持續上傳更新中。Selected non copyright video and music materials, long-term free download, and continue to upload updates.
Dude Perfectly
Dude Perfectly Dag siden
Asians should learn the fighting arts to protect themselves in Dem controlled cities/states.
Dude Perfectly
Dude Perfectly 22 timer siden
@Jennifer Green I guess you could put out some 'Asian attack-free zone' signs
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Dag siden
Or maybe people shouldn't be attacking Asian people in the first place? You're victim blaming, essentially instead of blaming the attackers.
KpopNoodle Dag siden
Anyone know the name of the soundtrack?
Potato SIR MEOW Dag siden
*this is how my Asian grandparents told how they walked to school*
Jay Waghela
Jay Waghela Dag siden
Asain speaks very nice English than English itself
Thakniki Advice
Thakniki Advice Dag siden
Where are the rings???
Dag siden
He is a anti-hero.
herbras _comments
herbras _comments Dag siden
i hope janet in there..
GameBlock Dag siden
That pose looks similar to Goku.
Amissah Adwobiah
Amissah Adwobiah Dag siden
Marvel na baba
Rog Gamer
Rog Gamer Dag siden
Anyone remember the makluan rings from ironman the same rings made by aliens maybe that has to do with the ten rings in the title
Hrishabh Joshi
Hrishabh Joshi Dag siden
You woke up the dragon Inspired from Bruce Lee
cat hooman
cat hooman Dag siden
Marvel can you add this man a super powers
Xyndeff Sonn Taneo
Xyndeff Sonn Taneo Dag siden
James Arlington
James Arlington Dag siden
1:52 I like that old white lady holding on to shang for dear life lol
King Edward The second
King Edward The second Dag siden
Marvels mortal kombat
Salamalikom Dag siden
Marvel and mortal kombat they got a kid together, and grew up with karate kid.
Fabian Cruz
Fabian Cruz Dag siden
Is that movie gonna be on Disney+?
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Dag siden
@Fabian Cruz Obviously not. It would take a long time for that to happen, if it ever can happen. The US and Canada are having a tough time of trying to control the virus.
Fabian Cruz
Fabian Cruz Dag siden
Like you mean the virus will be gone?
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Dag siden
It probably will be depending on how the virus situation goes and how many movie theaters are open.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Dag siden
If I'm not mistaken, only MARVEL Studios' Black Widow will be released on movie theaters & Disney+ (with Premier Access). That said, expect MS' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to be released only in theaters.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Dag siden
Who don't know wat it the legends of ten ring ( if you remember in iron man part 1 the terrorist who kidnap Tony stark there gang name is ten ring)
Razul Edza
Razul Edza 2 dager siden
This Might Be Spiderman Partner In The MCU.
em 2 dager siden
LILY YT 2 dager siden
Phase 4 Begin
Rohan Rathor
Rohan Rathor 2 dager siden
Corona - Chinese
Oliver JACKSON Dag siden
@Rohan Rathor what does that even mean
Rohan Rathor
Rohan Rathor Dag siden
@Oliver JACKSON You are not corona yet, that's why you are saying like this
Oliver JACKSON Dag siden
you - racist
yab snow
yab snow 2 dager siden
Jung after being kicked out from the convenience store definitely looks different
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