Making liquid air

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Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
Nile talks about lab safety:​

Ninjacat 23 minutter siden
wow I did not know that air can be changed into liquid!
xSoCaL-_-BeAsTx 26 minutter siden
Forbidden air
john leslie
john leslie Time siden
O’Hare Air: Sweats nervously
The Amazing Spider Fan
The Amazing Spider Fan Time siden
If you drink it youll turn into sub zero😏
Tyrex200kjunior 2 timer siden
Can you drink this
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 2 timer siden
Anyone else wanna... breathe it?
Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter 2 timer siden
Speak Life
Speak Life 2 timer siden
Why does it boil?
Cama 2 timer siden
What do you mean liquid air? What is it actually?
NotSoLustig 3 timer siden
Bro he (kinda) spilled it. Is it going to dry like really fast or ? And how does it taste / could u drink it ?
Mayank Dumbhare
Mayank Dumbhare 4 timer siden
Can we drink it. It is safe or ?
Marin Bressel
Marin Bressel 4 timer siden
Am i the only one wondering how this might taste? I mean it would hurt like hell because its so cold but i think it would be woth it xD
Xivlex 5 timer siden
What happens if you put your nose to that... and inhale?
Gui_98 5 timer siden
How kewl
Regie_ thecomie
Regie_ thecomie 6 timer siden
When you pour some soda but it's all fizz
Based 6 timer siden
Can you drink it?
Максим Пузиков
Максим Пузиков 6 timer siden
No fucking way thats so cool omg
Naif Shaikh
Naif Shaikh 6 timer siden
Not everything that boils is hot
James Smith
James Smith 7 timer siden
Drink it. Now
Zapper Fox
Zapper Fox 7 timer siden
OMG it o hare
Jack Soda
Jack Soda 7 timer siden
Taken 7 timer siden
World thirst gone
Donovan S
Donovan S 8 timer siden
What’s 100…
Donovan S
Donovan S 8 timer siden
Everybody gangsta until u freeze the air so much it melts
miguel lazaga
miguel lazaga 8 timer siden
All Genshin Impact fans be like: Weeew cryo cooler
kwopp onesse
kwopp onesse 8 timer siden
Isn’t this just liquid nitrogen
MunchiesGaming 8 timer siden
Can you drink it?
Siya Tlou
Siya Tlou 9 timer siden
This is a dum question but can u breathe liquid air
kourosh zakipour
kourosh zakipour 9 timer siden
drink it
Vansh Bharadwaj
Vansh Bharadwaj 9 timer siden
If we swim in it do we still need to stop breathing or can we swim like fish in it without any problem?
MEGA_ M8 9 timer siden
The forbidden liquid
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle 10 timer siden
So do you drink the air or breath the water?
Kamo 10 timer siden
Imagine spilling it onto your arm. It would not be pleasant
HeavenlyNews 10 timer siden
all that for it to be useless
Twortle2 10 timer siden
But i want to drink it
Cameron Lowery
Cameron Lowery 11 timer siden
Burn it
Văn Khang Trần
Văn Khang Trần 11 timer siden
I think that iswater bc in air have oxi and oxi is H2O so that is water
YeetTheHeat 7 timer siden
That's not how it works
pumpkin 11 timer siden
Yeet it to max and watch what happens pls
Iron CYR
Iron CYR 11 timer siden
i feel like drinking liquid air for some reason
yana_ louise
yana_ louise 12 timer siden
Imagine showing this to that one frend that bealives in everything then starts to not bealive everything😵😂😂
Logan Ferris
Logan Ferris 12 timer siden
Replenish water infinite
Juan Carrero
Juan Carrero 12 timer siden
Can it be used as fuel and or explosives?.
phonvoli ormogwey
phonvoli ormogwey 12 timer siden
*What happens when he turns the dial all the way to 100?*
Sanyam Chheda
Sanyam Chheda 12 timer siden
Me thinking what will happen of the dial is at 100 0_O
psychopathic gaming
psychopathic gaming 12 timer siden
Liquid air...........anything can happen nowadays
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark 12 timer siden
Bruh what happens if you crank that dial all the way????
Buddy Kk
Buddy Kk 13 timer siden
Tommy'sTenToneHammers 13 timer siden
Breathe it.
Zombeebear 13 timer siden
But is it air if it’s a liquid?
Demetrius DeMarcus
Demetrius DeMarcus 13 timer siden
Now O'hare dont look that stupid anymore huh
Audrey Schmitt
Audrey Schmitt 14 timer siden
So it's like 70% liquid nitrogen plus a bunch of other stuff?
SekC Blaze Gladwin
SekC Blaze Gladwin 14 timer siden
62 nintysix
62 nintysix 14 timer siden
Lol heard about this machine in 9 grade saw it for the first time 😅
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 14 timer siden
Hmmmm cloud
Telephone_Jr 15 timer siden
Isn’t that just water???
Cameron Feusi
Cameron Feusi 15 timer siden
Isn’t this essentially liquid nitrogen since like 70% of our air is nitrogen?
mang garok
mang garok 15 timer siden
This is suitable for you who can't breathe properly like having asthma or other respiratory disease
Jitendra Tamang
Jitendra Tamang 15 timer siden
Is that liquid oxygen?
Collon4ya 15 timer siden
Me: liquid air cool My brain: 👁👄👁
안 토 니팍
안 토 니팍 15 timer siden
it looks like liquid nitrogen
Richard H M Best
Richard H M Best 16 timer siden
What percentage oxygen would that be?
no body
no body 16 timer siden
Touch it
Wolf 16 timer siden
BROOOOOOOO that’s frickin fire
Mikorin 16 timer siden
Forbidden soda... 👁👄👁
Kevin Pascua
Kevin Pascua 16 timer siden
Is liquid air the same as liquid oxygen?
YeetTheHeat 7 timer siden
There's not much oxygen in it. It's 70 percent nitrogen and around 29 percent oxygen
Dominicandante 16 timer siden
Forbidden Mcdonalds Sprite
Important Plays
Important Plays 16 timer siden
This made my ear ring for some reason
Kota *cat emoji*
Kota *cat emoji* 16 timer siden
So this is how they make McDonald’s sprite
ThatOneNoob 16 timer siden
What happens if you turn it up more tho…
hapi champagne
hapi champagne 16 timer siden
I love you watching this guy do stuff
Benjamin Gearig
Benjamin Gearig 17 timer siden
This is the kind of content the NOwindow Shorts feature was made for.
adrianna miller
adrianna miller 17 timer siden
What happens when you put it on 100
Dominick Frakes
Dominick Frakes 17 timer siden
So is it just water at the end?
LG 17 timer siden
If it wouldn't freeze your lungs, could you theoretically breath a liquid?
ragingramsey _yt
ragingramsey _yt 17 timer siden
Safe to drink?
Filip laskovski
Filip laskovski 17 timer siden
Liquid air =Liquid nitrogen/oxygen/argon Science bitch
Jervisawyong roblox
Jervisawyong roblox 18 timer siden
Now we can breath under water
Enrique Habla
Enrique Habla 18 timer siden
This is safe to drink??
Barely Awake
Barely Awake 18 timer siden
I wanna drink it
Weeb 18 timer siden
It's like the air from the lorax
Colten Winch
Colten Winch 18 timer siden
Could you breath the liquid air?
Mountain Summiter
Mountain Summiter 19 timer siden
Anyone curious what liquid air tastes like
WILLHD. 19 timer siden
bruh every time i think i know the earth a new update comes out and air can now be a liquid like WHAT
Some dood
Some dood 19 timer siden
Drink it
DatBurn 19 timer siden
can you swim in liquid air
lolislayer823 19 timer siden
what getting the vaccine does
FoxBullet 19 timer siden
Wonder what would happen if he added liquid air to one of the other chemicals he plays with?
Finn Hogan
Finn Hogan 19 timer siden
Pokémon was right about ice being super effective against air (flying types)
Jayden Campbell
Jayden Campbell 19 timer siden
Drink it
Kaslin Govender
Kaslin Govender 19 timer siden
Liquid air looks refreshing to drink 👀
Blaznchikenwings Ofpower
Blaznchikenwings Ofpower 19 timer siden
When air evaporates
Lars DEM
Lars DEM 20 timer siden
Your electricity bill: 📈📈📈📈📈📈
maguilar496 20 timer siden
You can get to -200 and make liquid air and I can't even cool down my rv trailer to 80 😭. Lol
Andre Koen
Andre Koen 20 timer siden
Can u drink it ?
Arc-5597 20 timer siden
What would happen if you drank liquid air?
Ploop Chan プループチャン
Ploop Chan プループチャン 20 timer siden
What happens if you drink liquid air?
Leo Welsh
Leo Welsh 20 timer siden
Drink it
José Andrés Ramírez Ochoa
José Andrés Ramírez Ochoa 20 timer siden
i want one of these
mijanul haque
mijanul haque 20 timer siden
So how does that tastes like???
777Edub 21 time siden
Water turns into ice and then ice turns back into water but now air turns into water? Can air water turn to ice? 😃
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