losing control : Dancing with the Devil

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Demi Lovato

28 dager siden

“I crossed a line I’d never crossed in addiction.”
In part I of this fearless documentary series, Demi Lovato and her family and friends candidly open up for the first time about what led to her near-fatal overdose.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) helpline
1-800-931-2237 (they also offer click-to-chat messaging)

SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

If you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

Pre-order Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’ DemiLovato.lnk.to/DWTDTAOSOID

Kelli Workman-Reavis
Kelli Workman-Reavis 9 minutter siden
So brave to share her truth. It’s not easy
Maggie Meyers
Maggie Meyers Time siden
I never payed much attention to her and her career. Maybe even didn’t like her a time or two. But this is so beautiful and she’s so strong and amazing. Love you Demi💙💙
Ami Stenson
Ami Stenson Time siden
Scary that she still isn’t in the clear from developing schizophrenia as well. I hope she’s had this honest conversation with a therapist before she did this documentary. A psychiatrist would have let her know about the common onset ages schizophrenia occurs. It’s common from ages 14 to 60!! 46 years of uncertainty! 💔 I hope she has been able to compare her and her father’s genetics to see what common markers they share. Knowing if they share multiple markers can help her prepare mentally and to be able to be self aware for if symptoms start. Although schizophrenia isn’t able to be detected in genetic testing yet, hopefully one day soon it will be! 🙏
cerejinha Time siden
acho que ela fazer um documentário falando a verdade, mostrando o que realmente acontecia só mostra o quanto ela é forte, eu tenho mto orgulho do que ela é, de como ela chegou até aqui, e de poder estar na mesma época que ela, de verdade.
YFS Time siden
Played up / contrived, sorry
Random ReRe
Random ReRe Time siden
Well I’m questioning her sobriety after that frozen yogurt drama. Either she’s on drugs again or she just an entitled b. Either way I can longer support her she’s a grown woman she needs to do better
Pnuema M
Pnuema M 24 minutter siden
Both. Drugs and entitled and privileged and a bully.
Gaby Lobato
Gaby Lobato Time siden
Lucius Rockwell
Lucius Rockwell 2 timer siden
talk about the uneducated trying to educate... KAREN LOVATO!!!!!!!!
Shelby F
Shelby F 3 timer siden
Her best friend said at 12:45, "I think if your life is set up to be focused on how you're not well, then you're not gonna feel well." I can speak from experience, this is absolutely true. I was struggling in the last year from things that have been happening in my personal life, and at a certain point, it was like everyone around me was only focused on "well you're struggling and having a hard time and you've been through so much. Its been so difficult for you." And sometimes you just need to have people stop talking about your problems and your struggles, and simply encourage you to get better and to be better and to live free of self-judgement. People will feel small if you tell them they've been living it so hard. They will rise and stand tall if you tell them that they are ready for new things.
Jason B
Jason B 3 timer siden
Thats because the devil owns you. Devil = Hollywood / Music Industry
pAuLiNhA DW 4 timer siden
Hei girl... stay strong! EVER!
Phillip Ferrell
Phillip Ferrell 5 timer siden
Oxycodone? Yuck!!!
Britani R
Britani R 9 timer siden
I’m a big baby cause she so incredibly talented and I feel so sorry that she’s going through it. But she definitely is a testimony. She’s so strong. Prayers to her. 😢💓🙏🏽
Nicole Jacobson covers
Nicole Jacobson covers 9 timer siden
Guys, bi polar runs in her family so she probably inherited that as well. Look up BI POLAR before you say something mean. That is a terrible thing to live with let alone when your famous and have millions of eyes on you. I know because one of my cousins have it and it's a constant battle everyday. I don't know demi but she must be really TOUGH to be able to get on that stage everytime
Pnuema M
Pnuema M 10 timer siden
#canceldemilovato she is a privileged bully.
Pnuema M
Pnuema M 8 timer siden
@apricot after you.
apricot 9 timer siden
Britt Joy
Britt Joy 10 timer siden
My father is just like this :( this year was my 21st birthday my golden birthday my mom told him he just laughed at her and ignored I exist.
paige xoxo
paige xoxo 11 timer siden
I feel like she should keep things private in future and that will help her a lot.
Minchos 12 timer siden
she is a junkie
Veronica Arroyo
Veronica Arroyo 15 timer siden
Saw her interview with Joe Rogan but honestly I feel like she's still so unhappy and stuck. She needs to leave Hollywood for her OWN mental well being. I've seen 2 documentaries of her saying the same thing and doing the same thing. "I showed everyone what I wanted them to see" so what makes it different now? We are seeing EXACTLY what she wants us to see.
Billie Billington
Billie Billington 15 timer siden
No one can help you unless YOU want to get better Acceptance is the first stage and all that
Ashley 19 timer siden
Just goes to show you that money can't buy happiness. I can relate to her alot.
Tiff Brog.
Tiff Brog. 21 time siden
Kenton Gonzales
Kenton Gonzales 21 time siden
Sad to say, but we been here before. Sorry!
Maria Romano
Maria Romano 23 timer siden
Cherie B
Cherie B 23 timer siden
She's a massive narcissist surrounded by enablers and coddlers.
Edits by Fish
Edits by Fish Dag siden
Saying “is this the real time” or “is this just another ungenuine documentary” is not really positive guys. Recovery is sooo up and down it not just up. The idea of someone making one decision at once that turns their whole life around isn’t realistic. THATS the stories people want to hear. I’ve had very personal experience with family in recovery and people that struggle with this is that the person recovering and their loved ones have to accept that it is something they will ALWAYS struggle with. It’s never completely wiped away.
Wiod Dag siden
"Sobriety has to be your choice and no one else's. If it is someone else's choice for you, then it wont last"
Kaylyn Mew
Kaylyn Mew Dag siden
i had a drinking eating problem in high school. i would eat when i wanted to i learn the last year with her dont trust people. she was in a nursing home but 10 years i still dont trust people i like to be a onle i haved a cu problem but 10 years still fighting not to but my feelings. is hard not to but i meds i have bad anxiety
Ariana AlcaLa
Ariana AlcaLa Dag siden
🤷🏻‍♀️ porque tanto odio al padre si ella resultó igual de adicta y mentirosa????. Al padre básicamente no le tendieron la mano y lo abandonaron; no es acaso injusto? Se me hace muy doble moralista
Philipp Martin
Philipp Martin Dag siden
Love her - great piece of work - we as addicts need strong voices like her to break the stigma! But please make it your way without extra pressure babygirl ;) ;*
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi Dag siden
This is why I don't let my kids listen to pop music. This is not a role model.
Thank you for telling your truth. Much love and respect from Trinidad and Tobago
ALIX Dag siden
its getting so visible for the public that her team is pushing her recovery.. i really hope she gets better but unfortunately this "warrior" image doesn't do it anymore, there is something fake behind all of this
ALIX Dag siden
i dont follow her all the time bc im not a fan but the only image of her the public like me has is a woman fighting her addiction and constantly working towards being better which is amazing but it really feels like her team is exploiting her to keep this image and get views??
Maverick torres
Maverick torres Dag siden
Fuerza demi tu puedes..... y si tu puedes yo también.....
Sara Razor
Sara Razor Dag siden
Her body is absolutely perfect. I like that she’s not a super skinny woman. She is a realistic weight for a actual woman. 💗
Kimora Vernon
Kimora Vernon Dag siden
I love demi so much she needs to take a break from Hollywood
Neine Naiane Miranda Rocha
Neine Naiane Miranda Rocha Dag siden
Obrigada pela legenda em português 🇧🇷❤
March August
March August Dag siden
like that
Nizziana Qayla
Nizziana Qayla Dag siden
proud of you demi❤️
Norman Drongowski
Norman Drongowski Dag siden
You can cut your dad off but you still have his DNA.If you don't know history you can not learn from it.If we pay attention and learn from his mistakes we can find healthy outlets for our anxiety.We can learn our triggers and tools to help us get through or to admit we need someone to talk to.I think your struggle will help many thanks for sharing you struggle.I know it's hard keep fighting I'm proud of you and praying for you !
Jessica Kim Johnson
Jessica Kim Johnson Dag siden
Ive been a fan since I can remember! I got her first album for christmas and Ive wanted to be her! But hearing her truth hits hard! So proud of her! Still a fan and love her even more!
Cat M
Cat M Dag siden
we do not need a role model. we need what is real and raw. I am truly grateful for any part of her life that she is willing to share
yi yi
yi yi Dag siden
Ngl at 12:15 I was skeptical but then I realize in the beginning of the documentary I was thinking wow she’s not that skinny
The Eerie Faerie
The Eerie Faerie Dag siden
I hate seeing all the masks.... this world sucks now.
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez Dag siden
Wow but I cannot understand her weakness,coming from addiction she and many people don’t wanna be sober and face the truth,and deal with everything 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jade F
Jade F 18 timer siden
people deal with addiction differently. the way u cope, is not always the same as any other addict.
Less is Best
Less is Best 2 dager siden
You don't choose heroin if you care if you want to live. That is really depressed. Sounds like suicidal to me. Coke not so much either. Meth never. Molly I have no idea. Fentanyl never. AND you never know when you are going to get it.
YFS Time siden
We can all thank the US government for Most of the unintentional drug overdoses, you know by pushing the manufacturers to have no quality control (made overseas)
Rafael Cavalcante
Rafael Cavalcante 2 dager siden
"dancing with what?" how can anyone watch this?
J M 2 dager siden
I was sign underground
Pollux 2 dager siden
Dude Demi did u watch agents of shield recently? Cuz this is literally the plot of season 3... 😬
Yong Yea
Yong Yea 2 dager siden
Who cares!?!?!
karl wilson
karl wilson 2 dager siden
Surely the coroners could tell them when her dad died? If for nothing else for closure for demi
Charece yokofich
Charece yokofich 2 dager siden
Thank u for this! As a former heroin addict myself who also had an overdose and survived I know firsthand the pain that addiction brings. I’m so proud of you Demi and your an amazing singer and strong woman who is very inspiring to me. ❤️🤗
patrick adamik
patrick adamik 2 dager siden
if you need someone to hold your hand for that baby inside you when you have it i d be glad to take you to the hospital fame can really suck
Mercy Lea
Mercy Lea 2 dager siden
Do you see Dani shaking her head no to the bartender 😭
emma dodel
emma dodel 2 dager siden
shes so strong
Olivia Donoghue
Olivia Donoghue 2 dager siden
I’m so sorry Demi
Alexandra Rae
Alexandra Rae 2 dager siden
Oh wow, I'm actually in tears. It breaks my heart so much to know that she thought because she had been so open about her struggles that she needed to be perfect. No one should have ever expected her to be perfect because that's unrealistic.
Rat_ Queen
Rat_ Queen 2 dager siden
my b-days on the 22 of july
swaff865 2 dager siden
i hope all of you wake up
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 dager siden
Here we go again.... using the world as her crutch. She’s so problematic. At this point it’s more profitable for her to have an addiction than being a music artist. She uses every situation that doesn’t go her way or that’s self-inflicted as reason to feel sorry for herself and as an excuse for her drug use. It took her this long to help clear some of her friends names???? While in the mean time she was writing songs about this and profiting, and her friends losing their careers of her decisions???? WTF is wrong with this terrible woman. Stop giving her attention! Let her go in peace already it’s her decision as an adult.
BJ_MC30 2 dager siden
Irena Kavrakova
Irena Kavrakova 2 dager siden
12:47 Very well said and many therapists focus on that and just increase the disorder.
LOVE Lee Libra
LOVE Lee Libra 2 dager siden
Demi Your Voice Heals The World💯 Share your story more to help/educate others. With Speeches in rehabs across the country. We Love You!!🥰🙏🙌
Andrew Burson
Andrew Burson 2 dager siden
I love how full of herself she is lol...when dmx died she made a statement trying to put the spotlight back on her by saying DMX died of an overdose and it could of been me. I love how people feed into her drama all because she wrote that shitty song like ten years ago and yet most of you are the same people who could care less about the people in your own town suffering from addiction and you look down on them because they aren't as beautiful and they didn't write something for you to dance to. Get real!
Bernice Tapia
Bernice Tapia 2 dager siden
LOVE Lee Libra
LOVE Lee Libra 2 dager siden
Prayers & Healing... And Love & Light Sendt to Demi💯🙌🙌🙌
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 2 dager siden
I love you Demi 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎 você é incrível 💖💖🇧🇷🇧🇷💎
Daryl Tom
Daryl Tom 2 dager siden
she needs to come back to NM!
collateral Devin
collateral Devin 2 dager siden
she's ruining her life by drinking smoking
Skyler Howell
Skyler Howell 2 dager siden
Taita Gonçalves
Taita Gonçalves 2 dager siden
Tá repreendido
Taita Gonçalves
Taita Gonçalves 2 dager siden
Tá reprendido
aj yee
aj yee 2 dager siden
Hollywood breeds unhappiness
Lynsie Daniels
Lynsie Daniels 2 dager siden
The way they all just clap and cheer after she finishes singing Sober for them... it turns my stomach. Like did no one listen to the lyrics and think to ask about it???
Mel Jaz
Mel Jaz 2 dager siden
Demi we love youu
Chicago-98-DZ 3 dager siden
We Always loving you Demi
Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera 3 dager siden
Addiction sells too. she acts like the only addict...there's a whole bunch of us who should be dead out here, but we aren't makin money off our addictions!
Bruna R
Bruna R 3 dager siden
Natalia Catalán
Natalia Catalán 3 dager siden
You are my childhood I love you!!!
Paula Marchiante
Paula Marchiante 3 dager siden
Alyssa Gardner
Alyssa Gardner 3 dager siden
You are amazing Demi
Jamie Womack
Jamie Womack 3 dager siden
Girl we Love you ♥️ be your self we don’t care what you do or look like you still the same person to use
Makaziwe C
Makaziwe C 3 dager siden
...when I watch things like things it just reminds that us as human beings aren't designed to be praised or to be looked at for too long...it becomes toxic for the person praising and for the person being praised aka "the fan" and "the celebrity"...this also goes show how us as human beings were designed to glorify or praise, sadly we just choose the wrong things to worship such as food, social media, clothes, fitness, dreams and other people...
GcIna Nene
GcIna Nene 3 dager siden
It was too late for DMX 😥
Sara Cristovao
Sara Cristovao 3 dager siden
But there is nothing going on with this girl life besides drugs and sadness and depression so many documentary’s about the same bullshit I know more of her life than my own at this point 🥱
Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies 3 dager siden
She's very fortunate to be able to get the help she needed unlike sooo many people out there. Can't help but wonder if her mum had a part to play in this..did she push her on to the stage too young, did she even want this? I don't know, never been a demi fan.
Abegail Gonzaga
Abegail Gonzaga 3 dager siden
She's been my the only artist i look up to since i was 14 now im 25. I love u DD
Madeline Owens
Madeline Owens 3 dager siden
Is this my 3rd time watching this seires? Yes, yes it is. Have I been a fan since she was on Disney? Yes I have.
Kari Webb
Kari Webb 3 dager siden
I love you Demi ❤️
Mitch Purdy
Mitch Purdy 3 dager siden
Just wear what you want to wear..
Karen Rodríguez
Karen Rodríguez 3 dager siden
Dónde puedo ver el documental completo en español!!!!
Elizabeth Orwig
Elizabeth Orwig 3 dager siden
This Breaks my Heart, the pain in her eyes is so emotional for me cuz I have felt that pain before and often but the fact that she's being so honest and forthcoming with what's happened to her and what she's going through makes me so proud of her and makes me a really big fan!!!
Ashley 19 timer siden
Same here I never felt like I belonged anywhere so I used to party alot.
Jacira Guedes
Jacira Guedes 3 dager siden
No, but like, they know her body type. Why draw clothes that she might wear on a "model" like that? you could at least make her body type. Unless those were made for runaway models to wear straight away...
Andrea Rueda
Andrea Rueda 3 dager siden
i love demi so much ❤️❤️❤️
Yang King
Yang King 3 dager siden
You are my inspiration to continue studying medicine and drug abuse issues~~ Mental illness plus addiction are the worst combination. Hope you could have found a strong family medicine doctor.
Jaime Muñoz Martinez
Jaime Muñoz Martinez 3 dager siden
Why I don’t like her mom?
arisboca 3 dager siden
I hope she wanted to share this not forced to sit in front of a camera and talk.
Carine Todmia
Carine Todmia 3 dager siden
i feel like shes around a lot of toxic positivity
Doarda 3 dager siden
essa é minha terceira vez aqui TE AMO ❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Sarah Noemy
Sarah Noemy 2 dager siden
Gaby Aldebaran
Gaby Aldebaran 2 dager siden
Do nada a Doarda aparece aqui kskskskkiiookklk
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 dager siden
i wish they interviewed selena gomez- i really wanna know what happened between them now that we know demi was high most of the time during disney channel
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