Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi)

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Frog Leap Studios

15 dager siden

Original by Roxette
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

Dominik Reichwein
Dominik Reichwein 58 sekunder siden
switch it up to 1.25x speed - sounds even better
Paweł Szczepański
Paweł Szczepański 34 minutter siden
Михаил С
Михаил С 3 timer siden
Ребята, это просто ох...енно!
nathan james
nathan james 3 timer siden
There was a Red vs. Blue edit on Beaver Creek that was overlaid on this and it so funny and cool. I dont think it exists anymore
Altairdoom 4 timer siden
Leo u bst!
Artorias The Abysswalker
Artorias The Abysswalker 4 timer siden
this outro is so awesome make an full song from the outro hahahahaha
Don Ren
Don Ren 5 timer siden
yes!!!!!!!!!!! thats what i needed in this gloomy depresive morning.
Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen 6 timer siden
Wow... my boy friend and I both absolutely F*ckin' LOVE your music and listen to it All the time.. Have you thought of coming to the U.S.? If so... when? We'd LOVE to BE THERE!!!!!!
Micky Vile
Micky Vile 8 timer siden
mando weldar
mando weldar 8 timer siden
Fantastic job guys
EqAtOmBe 8 timer siden
amazing work and Violet beautiful voice
Ivan Marinero
Ivan Marinero 10 timer siden
riski permadi
riski permadi 10 timer siden
I from INDONESIA, i LIKE this cover, lovely
Martin Labelle
Martin Labelle 10 timer siden
I think it's one of your best cover! And Violet voice is beautiful and underrated!! Keep going!!!
TV 11 timer siden
_ Legion
_ Legion 12 timer siden
Mega! Einfach genial! RIP Marie! Grüße aus Deutschland!🤘
Grigorii Andreev
Grigorii Andreev 13 timer siden
Great over! Thanks two of you for nice impressions!
Lars Ellerhorst
Lars Ellerhorst 13 timer siden
I really liked the original, but this cover is a bit better, in my opinion.
Shannon Badgett
Shannon Badgett 13 timer siden
Requests: Ten Years After ‘I’d Love To Change The World’.
Shannon Badgett
Shannon Badgett 10 timer siden
I’d love to hear the acoustic guitar ramped up. I can’t hear any music now and not think, has Leo done this.
Jake Carrier
Jake Carrier 11 timer siden
I second that motion! or I bet they could thrash out some Dokken or something.
Shannon Badgett
Shannon Badgett 14 timer siden
Holy sh*t gave me goosebumps!!!
romuald pez
romuald pez 14 timer siden
I like your every song.... Metal for ever🤘🤘
Taizon08 FKS
Taizon08 FKS 14 timer siden
epic epic :)
EVO4 JK 14 timer siden
Nice. You got together with Amy Lee and did a great job on this cover.
Raúl Palomino
Raúl Palomino 14 timer siden
FengShui Jae
FengShui Jae 14 timer siden
You guys rock HARD ~ I LOVE YOu LEAPFROG STUDIOS!!! You help life flow in a most creative, talented, and beautifully hardcore way! Huge fan, man ~ keep up the good work! You’re crushing it, Leo!!! 🤘💚✌️💪✊
Joachim Zet
Joachim Zet 14 timer siden
In my opinion... best love song ever wrote. RiP Marie.
Lotus Haza
Lotus Haza 15 timer siden
please make much more collab....
eskey691 15 timer siden
Holy hell this is great .... time for a rewatch.
Elena Johansson
Elena Johansson 16 timer siden
HELVETE so fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooood
Elena Johansson
Elena Johansson 16 timer siden
O.D. 16 timer siden
Holy shit!!! Leo, dude, this is one of the best covers I've ever heard. The harmonies are amazing. The composition is awesome. Violet is a also beast... a sexy beast. You should smash that.
Ri Naldo
Ri Naldo 16 timer siden
Great! And I also like the Violet Orlandi Song !! 🤘
Freidinger 17 timer siden
Encontro de 2 ninjas !
emmanuelmago 17 timer siden
una versión increible… saludos desde Argentina! 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Crazy Rat Lady
Crazy Rat Lady 18 timer siden
YAAAAAAAAAASSSSS 😍😍😍😍😍 You guys were made for each other 👏👏👏👏
TriHeadDragon 18 timer siden
That heartly voice of her...
Aiman Hakimi
Aiman Hakimi 18 timer siden
Ed19601 18 timer siden
After your co-op with mary spender, this one probably will also get big.
Nave Ben Lulu
Nave Ben Lulu 18 timer siden
one of your best !!!
Nils Osinga
Nils Osinga 19 timer siden
This is amazing, both of you are amazingly talented.
Johann Imbert
Johann Imbert 21 time siden
loved the outro
Robert Allen
Robert Allen 21 time siden
Wicked! < and since i didn't see this for a week, the bell is now on full blast >
сергей сухов
сергей сухов 22 timer siden
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes 22 timer siden
Leo and Violet have teamed up? Well, we may as well call it a day. It doesn't get any better than this!!!
DarkWolf93 22 timer siden
2 of my fave people... singing together... EPIC! This is frickin awesome!
Dynosu Dag siden
Great collaboration here. Thank you. Great work.
BallaratCustoms Gaming
BallaratCustoms Gaming Dag siden
Please do hoist the colours metal version
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin Dag siden
AMAZING !! These artist have true talent 👏
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson Dag siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
One of your absolute best. Keep them coming.
Clifford Robinson
Clifford Robinson Dag siden
this guy has a great voice whenm hes not screaming i wish he went with it more , i like screaming but he goes over the top. hed be way more popular if he did some normal voice more often. thats me tho some people like consant screaming. i do like his voice tho, hes got serious potential
Rudolf Scholtz
Rudolf Scholtz Dag siden
Fucking. Awesome.
Bane D
Bane D Dag siden
Shit man you should def make this a song "VIOLET ORLANDI"! Epic!!!
Lycan_Jedi Dag siden
I'm like 1 line in and I already love this cover!
Joe Moore
Joe Moore Dag siden
4:33 was awesome
Jason Angstadt
Jason Angstadt Dag siden
my two fave youtube artists. do more
Jason Angstadt
Jason Angstadt Dag siden
and more puppets
Susy Luz
Susy Luz Dag siden
Tim Matheson
Tim Matheson Dag siden
Ben Weston
Ben Weston Dag siden
Amazing as always with your covers. But, my goodness she is STUNNING.
MauricioGO! TM
MauricioGO! TM Dag siden
Violet canta bem hein!!
XgrimmyX Dag siden
Effing amazing! There’s so much talent on your channel I may pass out lol
Alexsandro Leite
Alexsandro Leite Dag siden
emujayrock Dag siden
Holy shit!...❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brian Maxey
Brian Maxey Dag siden
One of your absolute best. Keep them coming.
Tim Mckean
Tim Mckean Dag siden
Nice job, now do the never ending story theme song.
LadySerenaKitty Dag siden
harlanz Dag siden
harlanz Dag siden
Best thing I've seen out of you dude👍
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall Dag siden
Two of my favorite artists on you tube together. You two sound amazing together!
David Kay
David Kay Dag siden
perfect tribute to Roxette keep it up
l0n3 w0lf
l0n3 w0lf Dag siden
Holly shit, first time listening to this and holly shit
Shifty Ifrit
Shifty Ifrit Dag siden
3:51 dat look 😁
MiltonY2K Dag siden
Leo plus of the best combos ever. So awesome.
Chiki Bomboni
Chiki Bomboni Dag siden
That moment when you find a cool new artist, and you listened to him before he became mainstream)
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Dag siden
Listening to my metal heart.
Tuncer Yıldız
Tuncer Yıldız Dag siden
With my full respect to Marie (Rip) - I really loved her singing and bare foots - I have to admit Violet has much better voice color that fits this song. This should be myt 4th time i am getting drunk with same song since 20th of Feb. Violets singing and sound color deserves absolulet praises; I really cannot get enough of this performance. - Editing after-listening again / end of bottle - Violet has a voice that applies much more desire emotion, which is power of this song. This is a a natural thing, it is like Messi playing football better than me.
Brett Kessel
Brett Kessel Dag siden
I will not pretend I have vocals anywhere near you, but you should do more melody. Love what you do and Violet kicks some fn a!
Daniele Merli
Daniele Merli Dag siden
Awesome! There's nothing else to say...
Martin Björses
Martin Björses Dag siden
I liked the arrangement and the vocals. Did not like the bloody heart prop. However: Igor presnyakov - see his interpretation on tube - He catch the "feeling" somehow better. Perhaps I am biased as Swede and the associated film. But great work as usual. Thanks!
a Marharépa Buki
a Marharépa Buki Dag siden
now that is rocksette!!!
Gaetan Delorme
Gaetan Delorme Dag siden
😁merci trop trop o top
ElBoyoLoco Dag siden
Wow, what a fresh take on this awesome song 🤘😎🤘
Nicholas Chopp
Nicholas Chopp Dag siden
Love it! How about "Holding Out for a Hero"?
Daniel Dag siden
on Polish radio this song is played almost every day, I am asking why not in this version?
Viktor Vybiral
Viktor Vybiral Dag siden
René Werner
René Werner Dag siden
Overnice :D
Brianna Sortomme
Brianna Sortomme Dag siden
This song has been waiting for a metal upgrade with this specific collab. 👌 On point, phenomenal.
NI EL Dag siden
Solid talaga breakdown sarap paulit ulitin pakinggan
Jon Torres
Jon Torres Dag siden
bom pra caralho
Владимир Таюрский
Владимир Таюрский Dag siden
I dínen lúg - der leise Drache
I dínen lúg - der leise Drache Dag siden
now _that's_ an awesome Alto voice!
MEDIA ANARCHY - Captain O' Dag siden asked us for idea's over a month ago and many people provided some really kick ass tunes for you to cover and then you go and do this shit unbelievable......HAHAHAH just bustin yur ballz i hate shitty cover tunes !
Puttichart Wanichtat
Puttichart Wanichtat 2 dager siden
Awesome !!! Maybe "Agatha All Along" metal cover next.
Silversicer 2 dager siden
This is awesome !
Stefan7020 2 dager siden
That Song is a Classic , that was the best Version off it, i have ever heard
Steffen Kristoph Wosnitza
Steffen Kristoph Wosnitza 2 dager siden
Best moment at 3:51 ... I love it, that is so cool
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dager siden
Wait a minute, u lost me back there. I'm supposed to listen or rip off the heart?
Lycan_Jedi Dag siden
First you rip it out then you listen to it.
Lamar Wilson
Lamar Wilson 2 dager siden
Love it. Love Leo's work.
Ramms 2 dager siden
Super 👍 Hmmm...”Only you” Yazoo? 😁 mission impossible 😁
Inine 2 dager siden
I really liked the sections where they *rearranged/ made the song their own*--THAT was exactly what I was hoping to find, and it was done so well! I wish they'd done that for the whole song.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dager siden
Amazing cover
Frh 309%
Frh 309% 2 dager siden
im in love
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