Lawyer uses Zoom filter by mistake - 'I'm not a cat' - BBC News

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BBC News

2 måneder siden

A lawyer appearing before a judge at a virtual court case via Zoom appeared on screen as a cat - after not realising a filter was switched on.
Rod Ponton was 'feline' fine as he entered the zoom call held in Texas, but should've 'paws-ed' before switching his camera on.
Rod's child had used the computer before him and left a cat filter on. Fur-real!
Trying to avoid a 'cat-astrophe', Judge Roy Ferguson quickly gave Mr Ponton a heads-up that he had appeared on the chat as a white fluffy kitten.
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HUMAN 3 timer siden
Barbiegirl Tina
Barbiegirl Tina 6 timer siden
So so cute 🥰
Bisoso 19 timer siden
Pretty sus
Christopher smith
Christopher smith Dag siden
I needed a good laugh.
Cathy Greenwood
Cathy Greenwood Dag siden
jnie swartz
jnie swartz Dag siden
His natural voice with that cat filter is what made it great. The judge seemed like he had good sense of humor. I’m still confused how the man at the top had a straight face.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Dag siden
Oh poor cat 🥺
Buttocks biter
Buttocks biter 2 dager siden
lol boomers
고래상어 2 dager siden
What is the filter name
Akshaya Tayade
Akshaya Tayade 3 dager siden
Recording is prohibited?
Fumoᗜ_ᗜ 3 dager siden
Oh god, the cat eyes looks disturbing and creepy
Shamika Vaidya
Shamika Vaidya 3 dager siden
He sounds like a cat!
•Bestie Channel•
•Bestie Channel• 4 dager siden
It's just the voice and the sad cat look for me 👋😂
Elijah Orimolade
Elijah Orimolade 4 dager siden
The real roaring kitty there
Eni Hidayati
Eni Hidayati 5 dager siden
I am watching this every day whenever I have wifi. 😆
Patrick S
Patrick S 7 dager siden
Very Fun 😂😂😂 . I was seaching, for lawyer behind the cute cat filter kkk. Maybe a children used the computer of your grandpa before the session😂😂. Meme pandemic
Mystic Snow
Mystic Snow 8 dager siden
The snotty double psychophysically reject because north korea focally prevent along a yielding dahlia. fascinated, cold territory
Mish Domingo
Mish Domingo 8 dager siden
The other lawyers face when this guy says, "I'm not a cat." 🤣
rohitinc 8 dager siden
“Recording of this hearing is prohibited. *3.8 Milion Views*
ATN TKR 8 dager siden
Man such hard hitting journalism
Detective Lil Sus
Detective Lil Sus 9 dager siden
Detective Lil Sus
Detective Lil Sus 9 dager siden
Im certain he's actually a Cat with a human filter turned on!
Dropout's Production
Dropout's Production 10 dager siden
Guys, I kid you not. He turns Himself into a kitten.
kitttytube 10 dager siden
If I was one of the other ppl in the call I’d try so hard to not laugh with a huge Grin on my face
Zick Johnson
Zick Johnson 11 dager siden
When he is a cat he has such a sad face
Lee Scott Doran
Lee Scott Doran 13 dager siden
This makes me cry with laughter everytime I watch this
Hector Quinones
Hector Quinones 14 dager siden
Hmm, what is lawyer in french? AvoCAT!
Saguelo 14 dager siden
Recording this is not allowed 👀
ZenobbyYT 14 dager siden
Fuck these memes that y’ll make look at that cute face 😭
Cali 15 dager siden
did he win his case?
WWE 39 RKO 15 dager siden
Everybody's a gangsta until a cat shows up in form of lawyer
Rizka Sekar
Rizka Sekar 16 dager siden
the cat has lawyer filter now!
Ubivision 16 dager siden
This guy: deal with it
RommyJoj • 21 years
RommyJoj • 21 years 17 dager siden
At least the pandemic gave us these zoom videos
HQ 18 dager siden
All jokes aside imagine how embarrassing this would have been
Blckbty X aka BBX
Blckbty X aka BBX 19 dager siden
Holly cat $h!t batman! That was the best! Absolute best! Thank you!
Sandeep P
Sandeep P 20 dager siden
If it looks like a cat, rolls eyes like a cat and says it's not a cat, my friends its definitely a cat.
Cecilia Aguirre
Cecilia Aguirre 22 dager siden
Grim reaper appears in the back of the attorney
Cecilia Aguirre
Cecilia Aguirre 22 dager siden
It's all good and fun until you focus on the grim reaper behind the attorney in his interview
Kucing Sehat
Kucing Sehat 23 dager siden
He is a cat
Beyond beauty
Beyond beauty 23 dager siden
This was never not going to be funny
J Sid
J Sid 24 dager siden
Not exactly ‘an internet sensation’ as described or ‘accident.
Glory Shadow
Glory Shadow 26 dager siden
I thought he was faking that desperate voice but he really speaks like that :D
• Sophia •
• Sophia • 27 dager siden
Ngl the cat is adorable-
André Mimoun
André Mimoun 28 dager siden
I think the cat forgot to activate the human filter
André Mimoun
André Mimoun 28 dager siden
At least this very funny moment makes him an international star
Kalyana Karen
Kalyana Karen Måned siden
Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited. Violation may constitute contempt of court and result in a fine of up to $500 and a jail term of up to 180 days. This video :
Shadow Måned siden
Z'Naysa Anthony
Z'Naysa Anthony Måned siden
at least the cat is cute
Yoga Bliss Dance
Yoga Bliss Dance Måned siden
OMG this works on so many levels. To me the funniest part is early on when his exasperated catspression with "can you hear me judge?" The eye movements teh little face- and the '"I'M READY TO MOVE FORWARD" are funnier to me than the "I'm not a cat
Iners Draco
Iners Draco Måned siden
Who else are also here from the Ace Attorney animatic?
S D Måned siden
The guy on the lower left box... stone cold. Lol
Azhar Khan
Azhar Khan Måned siden
Ada virus
Ada virus Måned siden
“Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited”
AC's FoodyWorld
AC's FoodyWorld Måned siden
When the guy put his glasses on🤣🤣
Sebastián Rodrigues
Sebastián Rodrigues Måned siden
'I'm not a cat' Sir, you're here to prove that, you're under oath.
Pizza Bubble
Pizza Bubble Måned siden
meanwhile, the notice in the top saying it's illegal to record the meeting
Ntando Mbele
Ntando Mbele Måned siden
The irony.... This video shouldn't exist as recording is prohibited! 😳
ClawsMaster Måned siden
“I’m not a cat” Thats what a cat would totally say
T Wong
T Wong Måned siden
Everyone should use a kitty or doggie filter for their zoom meetings! 😁
de la Concepcion
de la Concepcion Måned siden
It's a cat who identifies as a lawyer
The United States of America
The United States of America Måned siden
“Recording of this hearing or livestream is prohibited” Them: This sign cant stop me because I cant read
Bolos Bogdan
Bolos Bogdan Måned siden
ha ha ha
Lukas Josef
Lukas Josef Måned siden
Yes sure you know he is not a cat
retard Måned siden
BBC straight up posting memes good work lads
Dora Smith
Dora Smith Måned siden
That was SOOOOOOOOOO good! I especially liked the realistic expressions on the face of that cat. Then telling the judge in that glum tone "I am not a cat' ... Rofl.
baroquejen Måned siden
To me, glasses man and the other witness elevate this to the sublime.
Diana G.
Diana G. Måned siden
That judge has an incredible lack of humor, I would've busted out laughing
Merino 33
Merino 33 Måned siden
Ah yes *BBC* news
ari Måned siden
Hephthalites Måned siden
0:28 that “uhhh” was so cute.
benjaminchen1964 Måned siden
I love those videos where the retired FBI agent or non verbal cues expert analyze people in interviews or interrogations & point out what indicators show the person is lying. They left out when the person you are talking to suddenly morphs into a cat, then they are lying.
louie Måned siden
so cuteee HAHHAHA
SilvianRaccoon Gaming
SilvianRaccoon Gaming Måned siden
God bless you, judge! 🤣🤣🤣
Jimimah Abagnbire
Jimimah Abagnbire Måned siden
This is so intresting..
Jamilah Munkayilar
Jamilah Munkayilar Måned siden
Lil Stéphein
Lil Stéphein Måned siden
This was a positive laughing situation
niL Jin
niL Jin Måned siden
That‘s clearly a cat using the human filter.
1 w
1 w Måned siden
The cat is adorable! I laughed so hard. 🤣😂 The guy on the left looks intrigued. But the dude above him, is he sleeping? Lol
rocks and wood
rocks and wood Måned siden
This doesn’t feel like it was a month ago
Bob Whisenhunt
Bob Whisenhunt Måned siden
Was that a mouse?
SimplyGoals Måned siden
It’s the eyes of the cat for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
"Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited" So anyways, I started recording.
Noble & Brave Chief ThunderNut of the SlapAho Tribe
Noble & Brave Chief ThunderNut of the SlapAho Tribe Måned siden
I would have played with that moment a little bit if I were the judge: “Mr. So&So! I can CLEARLY see that you ARE indeed a cat! Are you aware that PURRRRJURY is a punishable offense??” 🤣
SP Mask
SP Mask Måned siden
“I’m not a cat” That’s exactly what a cat pretending to be a person would say
jjelaz cezar
jjelaz cezar Måned siden
He is so cute 😁😊
A Simpson
A Simpson Måned siden
I can’t take it this cracks me up every time
kunda subrahmanyam
kunda subrahmanyam Måned siden
woah bill gates in a meeting cool
Flowerpower Måned siden
He's a lawyer - lying through his teeth. But cute too.
Empowered ADOS BW
Empowered ADOS BW Måned siden
I'm hollering 🤣🤣🤣
99% Gaming
99% Gaming Måned siden
The fact he has to clarify he's not a cat is perfect 😂😂😂
Ksu Måned siden
His voice matches more with the cat's facial expression than his own lol
Cosmic Creepers
Cosmic Creepers Måned siden
You win the case, Kitty 🥰👏
Anthony Gomes
Anthony Gomes Måned siden
By the way....who paid the $500 ???
Waziha Nokshi
Waziha Nokshi Måned siden
This brought tears to my eyes!
Fefek1 Måned siden
Lawyer: Um uh.. I may have gotten stuck inside the body of a cat-Just.. Just pretend nothing wrong okay?
Wellch Måned siden
Who was fined for sharing this.
master Måned siden
NOwindow: Cat lawyer! Everyone loves that! Lets ignore that stupid warning!
Manas Bondale
Manas Bondale Måned siden
I heard that the judge is in the top left box. and he turned off his camera cause he couldn't stop laughing.
Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen Måned siden
Fuck Rod Ponton. Scumbag.
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