Jake Paul vs Ben Askren [LIVE] PPV Preview

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Jake Paul

26 dager siden

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I Made You Triggered
I Made You Triggered 56 minutter siden
ᑭ ᑌ 𝖲 𝗌 𝚈
k brg
k brg 2 timer siden
Where the right with Jake Paul at?
Brett K
Brett K 3 timer siden
Jake Paul is a J.O.K.E!
Adam James Grasso
Adam James Grasso 7 timer siden
So sick
Wallace Haggins
Wallace Haggins 18 timer siden
I guess if he wanna make a name go fight Tyson @jakepaul you talk a lot but your bite is small mane
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 19 timer siden
Your whole channel is CRINGE!
Da One
Da One 20 timer siden
Gotcha hat
Kayson Gary
Kayson Gary Dag siden
Only liking for Pete and snoop 💘
Jayelah AmaiA
Jayelah AmaiA Dag siden
And thats why you got beat up by maywhether
Patric JL
Patric JL Dag siden
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Luke Bird
Luke Bird Dag siden
Well do Jake love you
Super Scorpio
Super Scorpio 2 dager siden
Spy ninjas forever
SMOKEY 2 dager siden
the fight was so sad no body was cheering
jk pop
jk pop 2 dager siden
Weres your hat 😂😂😂🖕
Ili Legisi
Ili Legisi 3 dager siden
36:32 that's when it starts
『 』 Shika『 』
『 』 Shika『 』 Dag siden
people who do this are true heroes. Truly need more recognition
Chunky Chunk
Chunky Chunk 3 dager siden
watching the timer on this video is better then everything
flamey4 3 dager siden
I know u want watchtime but .. really 30 minutes one screen u can cut it out u know..
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 3 dager siden
Jakempaul is the type of guy to climb a glass wall to see whats on the other side
عرفان غریب دوست
عرفان غریب دوست 3 dager siden
Bruh yo sus
Attractive ASMR
Attractive ASMR 3 dager siden
camstash 3 dager siden
Jake u behave so annoying anyway Ben Askham is suck dump person anway u dump bomb jake
Desirae Evilsizer
Desirae Evilsizer 3 dager siden
Desirae Evilsizer
Desirae Evilsizer 3 dager siden
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg 4 dager siden
NOwindow fastest knockout in ufc and you’ll see the dude who got knocked out is the guy who faught jake paul
Cole the hunger
Cole the hunger 5 dager siden
commentators disrespecting fighters when they cant do what they do.... so how are they gonna run their mouths.... i didnt even watch i skimmed through and thought what a joke.. and a slap to the face to real boxer's!
Ahmad Firmansyah
Ahmad Firmansyah 5 dager siden
childs play.. funny
Rinnesharingan 5 dager siden
Jake's mind: Toxic. Toxi C 😎 /.I.\. 🥉🥉 /\ Toxic toxic toxic toxic
Kade Robson
Kade Robson 5 dager siden
Hi Jake
Angelika Orłowska
Angelika Orłowska 5 dager siden
ThAgRiNcH 5 dager siden
Jackie paula reported me on Instagram cause her eye looks like this 💜🧿
Sleepymushroomii sleepy.mushroomy
Sleepymushroomii sleepy.mushroomy 5 dager siden
POV: you came from TikTok
Makayla 5 dager siden
I will save you 1:37:38
EvanDonnie JonesEckman
EvanDonnie JonesEckman 5 dager siden
Normal boxer after loosing: 😮 Ben Askren after loosing: 😮 Ben Askren after loosing to Jake Paul: 💵😃💵
Dominique Arcilla
Dominique Arcilla 5 dager siden
jake paul
Hector Gutierrez
Hector Gutierrez 5 dager siden
Your vids suck
Carter Lycans
Carter Lycans 5 dager siden
Do you even tried to fight Conor McGregor you would get bodied
Keiko Roy
Keiko Roy 5 dager siden
Khloe Rabnta
Khloe Rabnta 5 dager siden
This isn’t jake Paul tf
lazy panda
lazy panda 5 dager siden
Does anybody play Madden mobile
young walmart
young walmart 5 dager siden
You think you all that couldn't even get away with George Mayweather,s hat
StuffLAND YT 5 dager siden
We all know jake Paul would last a second with real boxers
Drew John
Drew John 6 dager siden
Daddy beat your ass. Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather
Drew John
Drew John 6 dager siden
Floyd Mayweather
Drew John
Drew John 6 dager siden
Floyd Mayweather
Chibuike Games YT
Chibuike Games YT 6 dager siden
Mr GREENZZ 6 dager siden
You just think your the best boxer but u only beat underrated boxers boi😂 u really trying to challenge kings at boxing 😂your funeral
KONO DIO DA 7 dager siden
Wow my guy felt so pressed he had to fight a retired man with his arm in surgery
Sinister Aura
Sinister Aura 3 dager siden
And hip replacement
El Gato Con Saxophon
El Gato Con Saxophon 7 dager siden
1:37:39 is my favorite part
Asia Khatun
Asia Khatun 3 dager siden
Loo th en
ItsZeno 6 dager siden
Hari Chau
Hari Chau 7 dager siden
Nobody : GTA SA homies when they see you : 36:50
TheCrimson Fucker
TheCrimson Fucker 6 dager siden
EBK RIVAL 7 dager siden
Nbs that chick is nice with spitting bars
Scary Guns
Scary Guns 7 dager siden
Why is the preview longer than the fight?
koolkidrew 7 dager siden
We need jake paul vs the undefeated charlie zelenoff
Prostě Netolda
Prostě Netolda 7 dager siden
xHardstylz 8 dager siden
Next up: Deontay Wilder
Luap Amj
Luap Amj 8 dager siden
Ben literally fought for the money like a journey man -_-
Znarfster 8 dager siden
wtf was that the intro was longer than that boring ass fight.. total disrespect to the sport.
Edith Moreno
Edith Moreno 8 dager siden
Amaru Lovett
Amaru Lovett 9 dager siden
Bruhhhhh just stop go back to dysney
John Ray
John Ray 9 dager siden
Jakes still that little cat from Disney channel💯
The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros 9 dager siden
Bless YouTrust God
SK plays
SK plays 9 dager siden
Jake Paul used to be very popular and cool also amazing, etc. But now he is really going down 📉 hill
SK plays
SK plays 5 dager siden
@The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market yes cause it was funny
The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market
The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market 5 dager siden
3 days later: You were saying?
Charles Dale
Charles Dale 9 dager siden
You should box the strongest person in the world
SilverRoblox 9 dager siden
There is no fucking way this is an actual fight
stop it Get some help
stop it Get some help 10 dager siden
Jake maybe fight someone who isn’t retired and didn’t get a hip replacement prior to the fight.
Coach_Suave Rico Valentin
Coach_Suave Rico Valentin 10 dager siden
Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️
Daniel Sorrells
Daniel Sorrells 11 dager siden
I literally saw the whole thing for free right here. Absolutely nobody needed to pay.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 11 dager siden
Charlie Zoloft can out-box you Jake Paul you're a Disney star
Redmen Padstacker
Redmen Padstacker 11 dager siden
where is jakes fight? i cant find it.
Alex Znas
Alex Znas 11 dager siden
THERE IS NO JAKE PAUL FIGHT WHERE DOES HE FIGHT in the whole video I never seen Jake Paul
BƏN BƏN 10 dager siden
@Rock girl lol he didnt even fight a single boxer you dumb
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 dager siden
Jake is the king of boxing
Julian Castillo
Julian Castillo 11 dager siden
this is a fucking disgrace 2 humanity, and my dad left me when i was four and never came back
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 dager siden
Silvrs Pokémon Cards
Silvrs Pokémon Cards 11 dager siden
Where is Jake?
Kaitland Goodwin
Kaitland Goodwin 11 dager siden
Please stop SAing girls. Can you do a video on how you got to this place?
Hentai Haavard
Hentai Haavard 11 dager siden
when did jake eve fight? watched entire thing jake aint even fighting
qwazy0 11 dager siden
so jake you gonna fight an actual boxer? because your brother seems to be doing that. Your over here fighting wack people.
Rock girl
Rock girl 11 dager siden
dammmmmmmmmmmmmm sheeeeeeeh
Amalie Schejbalova
Amalie Schejbalova 11 dager siden
Kdo je tu od Jona Mariánka???
Jakub Čech
Jakub Čech 9 dager siden
Rock girl
Rock girl 11 dager siden
jake , cmon , u fight with old grappler , with old wrestlers , what u expect from him , cmon man , try going inside octagon with DC maybe , if u man enough i mean
Johnn Dinnh
Johnn Dinnh 11 dager siden
I would knock out jack paul
Jose Orozco
Jose Orozco 12 dager siden
I'll fight you jake paul tucson Arizona
BlitzarVR 12 dager siden
(sigh), how many fights does this kid need to have 🙄
Gamingwithyeet yeti
Gamingwithyeet yeti 12 dager siden
Karen’s when they see the people at the fight and how many be like Im calling your manager!
Rubina Jameerbocus
Rubina Jameerbocus 13 dager siden
epic gamer
epic gamer 13 dager siden
Who won the fight jake paul or ben ??
Ashiqq dparadise
Ashiqq dparadise 13 dager siden
Amelia Topor
Amelia Topor 13 dager siden
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 13 dager siden
Jake is the king of boxing
jahlil younger
jahlil younger 14 dager siden
jake is ganna win
Marisol Garcia
Marisol Garcia 14 dager siden
I remember when Jake Paul surprised us in summer camp 🏕 it was so cool because he was the first celebrity that I ever met he was so sweet 🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺 love u Jake
StarWillowmaria Ye ye
StarWillowmaria Ye ye 14 dager siden
To Jake Paul: hi Jake congratulations on everything mostly u are the best I wish I could be there but I couldn’t and also good job Jake and well I’ll be nice good job Ben is well
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 13 dager siden
Jake you are the best!
anugrah assyahri
anugrah assyahri 14 dager siden
jake , cmon , u fight with old grappler , with old wrestlers , what u expect from him , cmon man , try going inside octagon with DC maybe , if u man enough i mean
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 13 dager siden
They're fabulous.
its your boy freedom simon
its your boy freedom simon 14 dager siden
dammmmmmmmmmmmmm sheeeeeeeh
Radovei virus
Radovei virus 14 dager siden
I can beat u in street fight
Radovei virus
Radovei virus 14 dager siden
Faak Jake fighting with Ben the easiest mma fighter
Idiot Innit_
Idiot Innit_ 14 dager siden
I would subscribe to Jake paul if he beated manny but I doubt it
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 14 dager siden
Wtf , i woke up early for this?
Scotty. S
Scotty. S 14 dager siden
I Fk with OG Snoop but the fight was weak n the commentators.
Dragon city fan
Dragon city fan 14 dager siden
Stop Dunkin itsma6ic
VictorGaming 14 dager siden
Nice fight k JP that was a nice KO
Devon 14 dager siden
Snoop Dogg is the best narrator
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 14 dager siden
James photographers way better than the actual stream lol
Finn 14 dager siden
I knew jake paul will win 👏👏
Trincs 14 dager siden
Jake Paul you’re a poser
Wikus Bezuidenhout
Wikus Bezuidenhout 15 dager siden
Jake fight an actual fighter man you keep fighting people that have no experience with boxing and you act as if you are the best when you beat them
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