"It is only commercially thinking" - Louis van Gaal on the European Super League & Champions League

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25 dager siden

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Speaking in 2016, Louis van Gaal hit out at plans at a proposed European Super League. The Manchester United manager also called for the Champions League to revert back to only being open to champions.
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Maskedrocker 10 dager siden
Who waiting Manchester protest on here in 5 years time
Cbdjdj Fnksdk
Cbdjdj Fnksdk 15 dager siden
Just mad dutch leagues are in decay
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 17 dager siden
As a United Fan, I miss Van Gaal. "LOUIS VAN GAALS ARMY!!!" 😂😂😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 17 dager siden
As a United Fan, I miss Van Gaal. "LOUIS VAN GAALS ARMY!!!" 😂😂😂
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 18 dager siden
Sky sports retro u done it again
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 14 dager siden
I always liked big Lou.
Amara Dumbuya
Amara Dumbuya 19 dager siden
he's right if you ain't first you last,2,3 and 4th teams in the top 5 leagues should not be in the champions league,it should only be for champions
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 17 dager siden
I always liked big Lou.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 19 dager siden
Sky sports retro u done it again
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 17 dager siden
Winners Cup and the rest of the clubs in Europa Cup. Lose all the group stages and just play knock out. Then it's interesting. Yes it means the likes of Chelsea, Madrid or Aja
houseof luxury
houseof luxury 20 dager siden
Why is he warring the utd clothes lol have I missed something is he still working there
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 18 dager siden
you have a perfect system.
joe pesci
joe pesci 20 dager siden
What sport is it talking about?Football is business since 40 or 50 years ago, it s not a fair game when a big and rich club can just buy the small teams and than become champion, with money not with capacity and VG has always been with the rich clubs, he looks for high salary like everybody in football, hypocrisy
joe pesci
joe pesci 14 dager siden
@Ailsa Ni where is the story?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 14 dager siden
Ill tell the real story. It starts with J and ends in ews.
C H 20 dager siden
He is spot on. Remember when they changed the rules so Liverpool could play in it. They didn't even finish in the top 4 that year.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 19 dager siden
3ally 20 dager siden
Why nobody in the comments is actually talking about what Van Gaal said? He's bashing the champions league format, and how there's clubs that aren't champions but still play in the champions league... He talked about champions league more than the super league lol.
Elliot Smith
Elliot Smith 20 dager siden
Finally someone actually understood what he said
Thomas shelby
Thomas shelby 20 dager siden
Azer 123
Azer 123 20 dager siden
It's because everybody thinks FIFA/UEFA are some saints, they're the ones implementing these commercial rules, but yet the Superleague is the one "ruining football"
Amine Hn
Amine Hn 20 dager siden
Yes lol, notices how they completely missed his poit
joeolcay 20 dager siden
Rich millionaires tryin tellin us stuff bout commercialization 😂🙄
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 13 dager siden
I always liked big Lou.
Drin 20 dager siden
"Only in sex masochism is this allowed!"
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 13 dager siden
Ill tell the real story. It starts with J and ends in ews.
snakesnake fishfish
snakesnake fishfish 21 dag siden
He is dead right. The only time that we had a champions league was when it was the European Cup, with the odd exception being the winners allowed to defend, even if they didn’t win their league that season.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 dager siden
I always liked big Lou.
TheSadCat 21 dag siden
Jes fotbal is to win, not to be sekond or tird!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 dager siden
Ill tell the real story. It starts with J and ends in ews.
Mukesh Dhimar
Mukesh Dhimar 21 dag siden
He's correct. It's called The Champions League and teams that haven't won the league are entered. Silliness.
Borko Kostic
Borko Kostic 21 dag siden
Bravo for Louis van Gaal . Football is a game for public. For fans. For children. Not for multi billioners.
D L 21 dag siden
False flag attack made by FIFA to save the Qatar World Cup.
Bobstamaco 21 dag siden
Very smart man
Jim Behr
Jim Behr 21 dag siden
Ill tell the real story. It starts with J and ends in ews.
The Majesty of the Night Sky
The Majesty of the Night Sky 21 dag siden
J.P. Morgan=Rothschild
Jim Behr
Jim Behr 21 dag siden
I always liked big Lou.
kolim jone
kolim jone 21 dag siden
We need more people like him
Elementary 21 dag siden
He is absolutely spot on. This is all UEFA's fault. They should have kept the CHAMPIONS League just for the respective league winners. Then the Cup Winners play in the Cup Winners Cup and the rest of the clubs in Europa Cup. Lose all the group stages and just play knock out. Then it's interesting. Yes it means the likes of Chelsea, Madrid or Ajax could be eliminated in the first robin round. But the Europa League will be of much higher stature with all those 2nd to 6th clubs of the big 5 leagues. Raise the prize money and you have a perfect system.
zajacx12 21 dag siden
lol all this talk about the good of football etc. You guys really don't get it. UEFA, FIFA all those other federations doesn't care about the good of football or the fans. All they care is money and if the status quo is held the corruption and other sh*t will continue. Super league was not perfect but it was a hope for a change...
nymerie 21 dag siden
Our bosses always said they'll never sell the soul of the club and betray their fans for more money. I'm paraphrasing here a bit but those were the words of the legendary Uli Hoeneß!
nikmak 21 dag siden
Champions league reform now. Champs only.
cambridgesyd 22 dager siden
Louis van Gaal in tears in his last farewell from Ajax Amsterdam before he goes to Barcelona. nowindow.info/cloud/video/mK2Udauidq6LZIk.html
Aidil wifiy
Aidil wifiy 22 dager siden
Why he with man utd shirt??
Rafi Haifan
Rafi Haifan 12 dager siden
this was in 2016
opi123 22 dager siden
Victor 22 dager siden
I dont know if hes for or against the idea of an esl
Parvendan V.
Parvendan V. 22 dager siden
"That was sex masochism" - LVG Only the real ones know when he said that..🤣🤣🤣😭
R S 22 dager siden
The champions league should be between the champions of all EU countries it is wierd that the number 5-6 of England can get in but the champion from some countries will never be able to get into the champions league this way the money flow will go into 1 compitition and the others will become more poor and poor over time.
Wolf Pack Pete
Wolf Pack Pete 22 dager siden
While commercially thinking is true - even to the Champions League which already has teams finishing 3rd and 4th domestically, qualifying for the money... it is not only the club owners thinking about money. The players are greedy as well! The Sky pundits are well paid! The money has gone too far. Players at the top clubs getting 200k - 300k per week is now just normal. Key players at top clubs can be earning even more and that's from the club alone, before taking into consideration sponsorship deals and many of them having their own business on the side along with other investments. In England now there's a top 6 clubs, only 4 Champions League places. Players are sulking and upset, wanting to transfer away if they're not in the Champions League - how much that comes down to reduced earnings because they haven't met contract requirements, or whether they genuinely want to be competing for the Champions League title is subject to opinion. The top leagues with 3 or 4 Champions League places have benefited greatly from that! It has filtered money down to the smaller clubs and they can pay for players they couldn't have afforded previously. The top clubs couldn't have attracted as many top players without a near guarantee of Champions League games to offer them. If winning the prem was a requirement to qualify for the CL, all of the top 6 clubs would've missed out on many of the big name players they've signed over the years! This has raised the level of competition for the Premiership no question about it. Young players getting cl experience when they're not in a team that's winning the league, is an extra crucial part of they're experience so they can learn, improve and win it later. Van Gaal is a little too old fashioned in what he said here. But the super league idea is horrible.
rekonizakila milkshake
rekonizakila milkshake 22 dager siden
Where was the outrage handing Qatar a World Cup? Football is dead already.
IV-King Roy-IV
IV-King Roy-IV 22 dager siden
He is right IMO. When the "champions league" is won by a 3rd or 4th place team in their league it makes me go nuts.... Is this the "champions league" or the mid table scramma jamma ?
Pauley 22 dager siden
What was he triying to say haha
Sharon Hibbert
Sharon Hibbert 22 dager siden
This is facts...the champions league should be about champions...wether it be winning the league or the cups that should be the only way of entry...not being 2nd, 3rd or 4th...
Romaine Soobramoney
Romaine Soobramoney 22 dager siden
Big James Cousins
Big James Cousins 22 dager siden
Thank god the Super League didn’t happen but it’s also been a bit of a blessing in disguise for our great club with Ed the 🤡 resigning and Glazers looking to sell.
interceptor 80
interceptor 80 22 dager siden
He is 100% right
نواف الجهني
نواف الجهني 22 dager siden
He’s right about the ucl it’s should be between champions
Paulo M
Paulo M 22 dager siden
100% right for what he said about champions league
Mason Turner
Mason Turner 22 dager siden
Sky sports retro forever keeping up with the trolling 😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 22 dager siden
We need more people like him
Pakchiq Jam's
Pakchiq Jam's 22 dager siden
Yeah I'm sure, this idea coming from the guys who r playing FIF4 E4 Sp0rts n also Winnin11 or P3S 😂 Custom League🤣
MrHabib 22 dager siden
VAR: Van gaals nose is onside
Reid Pattis
Reid Pattis 22 dager siden
I think the organizers are pretty out of touch with the fans.
Sam M
Sam M 22 dager siden
So this is why they got rid of Mourinho and Van Gaal and yet give Ole more opportunities and time than even they had. It makes sense. All those trips in preseason to other countries on tight schedule to play those stupid competitions against the teams who are funny enough part of this coupe. They have been planning this for years and saw an opportunity and needed the right people in and they have their man.
J0 Fiz
J0 Fiz 22 dager siden
.. Or 4th in arsenals case.
Joop Bonnet
Joop Bonnet 22 dager siden
Sirs and the fors team
David 22 dager siden
activate the reactor.....free mars
River Styx
River Styx 22 dager siden
I agree with LVG. But not only champions. League Champs and Runner-ups should be eligible. Only these two teams from every league. Not 4-5 teams from one league. Only champs and runner-ups...
River Styx
River Styx 22 dager siden
@D Gray yep, I'm agree with u bro.
D Gray
D Gray 22 dager siden
The problem is the difference between countries leagues. It means that the winner of the CL would probably only be a team from big nations like England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Say bye-bye to the rest. And the already existing monetary difference is massive. Clubs from the PL make significantly more money already. Same for La Liga and Serie A. There is no fair level. And the nr 1-4 from the PL can beat pretty much any club from smaller countries. It has become a business already on the largest scale. The idea of sportsmanship has long been gone.
misfit 22 dager siden
Don’t see it happening
Domen 22 dager siden
its only the teams with billionaire owners and teams who put financial interests first that are behind this! they should restructure football and have at least 40% of the club owned by the fans!
G G 22 dager siden
Hes got a point but im against the esl
Monte Raid
Monte Raid 22 dager siden
Commercially thinking! Football is commercial these days, everyone in the comments given me the impression that Fifa and Uefa are the good guys here! The only difference is changing the money from their pockets to clubs pockets, poor people won't benefit in both situations so how about we let them outside of this conversations and admit it's about greed from both sides but at least the one who do the actual job can keep the money this time.
DinosaurDemon5 Mst
DinosaurDemon5 Mst 22 dager siden
ESLeave it, go away and never come back
Hilltycoon 23 dager siden
Bored in Quarantine
Bored in Quarantine 23 dager siden
Who’s here after the European super league is in the mud? 👏
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva 23 dager siden
Totally agree!! Super league is garbage in many ways.. only looking at the money, greedy scumbags!!
Miles Davis
Miles Davis 23 dager siden
To be fair uefa and fifa aren't opposed to this because of the good of the game or the fans lol it's because they're on the outside, believe me as soon as they work out how to get in on the deal they will
MegaSquelch 23 dager siden
Published by the subscription tv channel Sky Sports. Jokers.
Gabriel 23 dager siden
Funny how this one turns up now...
Phillip Emery
Phillip Emery 23 dager siden
LvG was onto something here. Why teams finishing 2nd and 3rd get automatic slots is ridiculous. There should be a more expansive qualifying stage for the group stage, where everyone has to qualify in some respect. If you are a champion, maybe you only have one round of qualifying in order to qualify. But, if you finished 2nd or 3rd, even in a big league, you should have to win some games to prove you belong. Make it one leg, high seed hosts, with replays. What a great opportunity for the smaller clubs in Europe to travel to or host a big club, and think of the drama of Man City having to go and grind out a replay win at Partizan Belgrade to make the group stage. Would make for absolutely riveting television.
G M 23 dager siden
100% right champions only.
Abbati III
Abbati III 23 dager siden
This video is 4 years ago hw does he kniw all that 🧐🧐🧐🧐
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 23 dager siden
If this guy played better football I’d have loved him to stay at Utd
Willem Hoftijzer
Willem Hoftijzer 23 dager siden
Absolute legend
S Rebergen
S Rebergen 23 dager siden
Dey no eat the cookie and buy it also. Everyone wants cookie. But we have to flap wings and see the stars in the skies. It is not fair if we have to dongle with the sheepdogs and they don't! 0_0 so all I'm saying is don't leave a mountain close to a river if the river wants to be not near a mountain! Give it a a a a a a mountain less environment. Nobody likes mountains. Except some people. But most not. XD
Bård 23 dager siden
I'm all for the Champions League being only for champions, but it is just not feasible. One team only from Italy, Germany, Spain, France and England respectively? Millions of viewers lost, billions of pounds. But this Super League is something else entirely. You have to be a great team to play in the CL - champion or not. That won't be the case with this “Super League”. Everyone should boycott it.
Kewan Ali
Kewan Ali 23 dager siden
Fans of football/ super league....stop ......crying, youl get used to it, and you'l pay to watch it, and youl enjoy it. Cry me a river whilst youre at it. Just like all the pundits will do the punditry and wont step down once sky televise it. Your lives will continue, this will pass. #superleague 🤓
luisvega666 23 dager siden
Whats the big deal. Is just one league. Champions league will still b played etc
Bharath R
Bharath R 23 dager siden
LVG knew Man Utd was not a football club but a business
Brilliance Sigma
Brilliance Sigma 23 dager siden
I’m a Burnley fan and despite the fierce rivalry with Man Utd, I have to say I appreciate LVG
bayram efe
bayram efe 23 dager siden
Let Barca and Real play matches every week.American wrestling uuuuuhahahahaaaaaaaa
sayan roy
sayan roy 23 dager siden
I have heard Juventus fan channels like @UCeBaWotOodzfZ8UZlZO_7Ew ( nowindow.info/cloud/video/eZWmlYKblHCHrGQ.html ) supporting it just because they want to upgrade themselves and watch more entertaining matches. It shouldn't even be a debate that ESL is a bad idea. If you're supporting it you're either against the ethics of sports or you have actually not contemplated enough on the cons of it.
Vikinger 23 dager siden
Created by the poor, stolen by the rich.
Titán 13
Titán 13 22 dager siden
You still can see poor people playing football. They wont steal all the balls in the world.
ItzaMe 23 dager siden
Tbh, I think a superleague would be a good idea, but it shouldn't be with the same clubs. For example, every club in Europe who plays well, so maybe like the top 5/6 in England, but like only the first 2 in The Netherlands and Portugal, but at least 1 club from every league in Europe, will play qualifying matches against each other. The 20 teams which will come out on top, will join the superleague. So basically, it will be promotion from the national leagues. And every year, all 20 teams of the league will be reset, and will also have to play the qualifying matches against the champions of the national leagues, to determine the 20 teams for next year. I feel like that would improve overall quality of football, and it will give the top teams a real reason to fight for championships, because they have a chance to join the superleague
Onno Bosch
Onno Bosch 22 dager siden
Thiraphat Thitasuta
Thiraphat Thitasuta 23 dager siden
I ask you sth. You watch football because of team or league? In my opinion, I support European super league. The culture thinking or The history of the club doesn't make money. It wasn't doing enough to help pay for the players' wages and the team's fee #SupportEuropeanSuperLeague
Vladimir Shinkarev
Vladimir Shinkarev 23 dager siden
I can't understand all these Super League naysayers. All they are talking about is how bad it is and how it'll kill the football spirit. What the heck is the football spirit anyway? They use fancy Robin-Hood-like communist slogans: "Created by the poor, stolen by the rich". Was it stolen though? I tend to think that it was refined, developed, and brought to a new level. What football would look like without great managers like Perez? I doubt that we would have all these nice big stadiums. It has suddenly become bad to be rich. Although, the only thing that differs between the rich and the poor is that the latter are too lazy to work as hard as the first. Perez was able to attract previously unimaginable investments for the creation of the Super League. Undoubtedly, this will only benefit the development of the game. People for some mysterious reason desperately support UEFA. But what have they done for the development of football? All they seem to do is to fail big clubs. Hence, the CEOs had to act to save their businesses. And be not mistaken, a football club first and foremost is a company. Thus, its main role is generating income. And there's nothing bad about it. Put yourself in Perez's shoes. What would you do in his situation? How would you act? Imagine the US government telling Tim Cook to cut down the production of iPhones because America needs more Motorolas. Hilarious, right? UEFA has shown its real face of greedy bureaucrats, dictators, and usurpers in this situation. People who threat to ban anything are not good. But even their threats would benefit the Super League. They don't favor letting players leaving for national matches anyway. And why do people fight so much for national leagues and competitions? Do they promote patriotism? Isn't it just another word for racism? It would explain why there are so many so-called 'fans', who are ultras, in reality, supporting UEFA. If you still don't understand why the Super League is a good idea and why UEFA is a harmful organization, I would highly recommend you read some of Ayn Rand's books. Anyway, I would like to appreciate Florentino Perez and his partners for this bold move and to wish to overcome all the challenges in the nearest future. In the dark times, we live indeed.
sports fan
sports fan 23 dager siden
we want super league
Somchai Majin
Somchai Majin 23 dager siden
Patrick Crilly
Patrick Crilly 23 dager siden
Do Queen’s park raisins qualify for super league ?
Kira & Maxie
Kira & Maxie 23 dager siden
Yes, that one you can stick in your pocket!
A A 23 dager siden
12 teams decides to leave, "It's the death of football"... guys, come on!
Kumail Zaidi
Kumail Zaidi 23 dager siden
Van gaal dito sounds like cristiano eyes closed 😐
René van der Gijp
René van der Gijp 23 dager siden
We shouldnt just be mad at super league, uefa and fifa are also money greedy bastards. Tbf city psg and the qatar world cup are prime examples of that. The only reason uefa and fifa are mad is because they have no share in super league.
Ta Pelé
Ta Pelé 23 dager siden
When Trump changes his wig! 🤣🤣🤣
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera 23 dager siden
When I first started watching football I actually thought that was what the Champions League was, competition amongst each Champion lol silly me.
M Fuller
M Fuller 23 dager siden
Louis who ? 😁😁😁😁😁
GOAT 23 dager siden
You must be new to football
maximillion. 7
maximillion. 7 23 dager siden
Van gaal said it correct. This guy desserves respect .🎩
Herbert Daniel
Herbert Daniel 23 dager siden
I'm sorry. "When its a competition, it is only fod champions" MANCHESTER UNITED WERENT EVEN IN THE UCL LAST YEAR WTF
GOAT 23 dager siden
This is when utd were somewhat good
Jeffer Thomason
Jeffer Thomason 23 dager siden
Time to kick the scavengers out of the game and follow the German model. Have fans help steer football's future otherwise the soul of the game will be sold for overpriced merch and tickets like American franchise garbage
Harsha Krishna
Harsha Krishna 23 dager siden
Ep!dEm 23 dager siden
It's only GREED
أفلاك الأفكار
أفلاك الأفكار 23 dager siden
He's right. Champions League for the Champions only
Giant Squid
Giant Squid 23 dager siden
I am a Spurs fan and would love this man to me be out manager. He plays the beautiful game as it should be played.
R L 23 dager siden
True like a cow
Zeke Elliott
Zeke Elliott 23 dager siden
England must bow to the Super League NFL, MLB, NBA Are these athletes playing for 2nd? Really? Just another mindless, over confident European. Just another person North America will have to bailout or save.
aesir1 ases
aesir1 ases 23 dager siden
legend!! wise words from a wise man!
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