I'm actually the worst Mini Golf player of all time (Golf It Funny Moments)

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Anime Fan
Anime Fan Dag siden
6:52 me when im in a haunted house
AlexIsScared 2 dager siden
he really said Link From Smash....
Nnenna Ezeugwu
Nnenna Ezeugwu 2 dager siden
4:08 Favorite part of the video right here
ur mom
ur mom 2 dager siden
is it just me or does SMii7Y sound like King Julien at 6:00
Fefe the Pug
Fefe the Pug 2 dager siden
Me the when a was
Peter JT Diaz
Peter JT Diaz 3 dager siden
Did anyone else see he did the trick shot with eleven strokes on the eleventh 🕳
Buddyboltgaming 5 dager siden
I wanna see you guys do the wormz level in golf with friends
bleamp is sad
bleamp is sad 5 dager siden
waple dibbo fonkis bouk
PancakeBroWithTie 5 dager siden
Well Well Well
Brody Ross
Brody Ross 5 dager siden
4:56 hes 81 years old damn
Grayson White
Grayson White 7 dager siden
that was probably the cleanness accidental trickshot of all time
Mikey Games
Mikey Games 7 dager siden
Pinocchio is 81
XAmitchXX 8 dager siden
0:57 DJ'S be like
Malaki Morris
Malaki Morris 8 dager siden
You ever just run out of new smitty vids and have to go back to the old ones?
Hai KaaaLL_
Hai KaaaLL_ 11 dager siden
I can't breathe
eye34 14 dager siden
Link from smash
Brody Frick-Benetti
Brody Frick-Benetti 15 dager siden
What's your discord Smii7y?
Vegas Humphreys
Vegas Humphreys 15 dager siden
you guys crack me the fuck up, intro was priceless
Yu Jin
Yu Jin 16 dager siden
Gave up, too many ''trickshot'' attempts. Literally just watching a ball fly into nowhere for half the video.
Weston Maria
Weston Maria 16 dager siden
0:37 yessah same person
Kris BD
Kris BD 16 dager siden
The guy who created this map: Am I a joke to you?
Captain Cheese
Captain Cheese 17 dager siden
"Next time, we're doing a hundred holes!" Me and the boys.
Forg 18 dager siden
The amount of sound effects in his videos are crazy
game on
game on 19 dager siden
SMii7Y says he is a bag of milk but what we couldn't know is he could probably be a bag of sunscreen.
Rocco Caves
Rocco Caves 23 dager siden
I’m taking a dump watching your videos
VZNation 23 dager siden
Ahh the reason i found Mr Milkbag
Soomayya Omar
Soomayya Omar 25 dager siden
Englas 100
Zukan 27 dager siden
I can never tell if you’re a Milk carton or a pillow
Express Raider
Express Raider 27 dager siden
Literally pulled out the chips half way "ooo, I'm about to get it!" *eats chip* just be waiting for a trick shot
Akash K Biju
Akash K Biju 27 dager siden
4:11 that was a dream minecraft manhunt 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT'
Koitoly 28 dager siden
insanity level: insane ≈ fine
Poppy Pully
Poppy Pully 28 dager siden
Lol I got a golf advert
Twonsleberry Crunch
Twonsleberry Crunch 29 dager siden
At 12:45 he made it in the 11th hole on his 11th stroke.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Måned siden
That first minute kills me everytime lol
Gamma Måned siden
day 1 of asking for damn its windy merch
Elgordau Måned siden
Guys research about AMC stock if you want to make money.
Ari wahyu
Ari wahyu Måned siden
Trick shot of 360 4:08
Ari wahyu
Ari wahyu Måned siden
Playing Golf It but more Leanguage 0:41
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Måned siden
Bruh if someone called me a fucking flarbeedoogen I’d punch them
Davis McNeill
Davis McNeill Måned siden
smii7y the title of the video dont make sense you full sent it hit off a tree and made it in what you talking about.
Project “Project_Asylum2”
Project “Project_Asylum2” Måned siden
Me.beast is gonna cancel lmao
Cheese n' crackers
Cheese n' crackers Måned siden
I couldn't breathe while watching this vid I'm not kidding
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Måned siden
4:08 The most amazing trick shot I’ve ever seen!
Renegade Media Group
Renegade Media Group Måned siden
Give this man a ribbon for his attempts to entertain us. Not A Trophy, he isn't Kryoz after all. But a ribbon none the less.
Redox Måned siden
4:07 *excuse me*
Rootii Måned siden
Bring back Rainbow 6 Siege Funny Moments!! SAY IT WITH ME!!!
Battery Life
Battery Life Måned siden
BTW Pinocchio is 7 years old
Orange Vanilla
Orange Vanilla Måned siden
When are we gonna get proximity vc with golf??? as in proximity to the golf balls that'd be so fucking good-
Lewis mansbridge
Lewis mansbridge Måned siden
I've just had a breakup with someone for 8 months. Your videos helps a lot. Thank you
SfMinter Måned siden
Smii7y: how old is Pinocchio What I found out: "He reveals that he is the seven-year-old boy who found the infant Emma."
PMT_ Red
PMT_ Red Måned siden
If he does a simlish video I would insta like and wouldn’t be surprised
That Thing
That Thing Måned siden
If it were only smii7y+
Yoda Måned siden
Garbone moment
Seita Måned siden
God dammit Smitty, play the game... it doesn’t always have to be “EPIC TRICK SHOT” hour...
Hi :3
Hi :3 Måned siden
Smitty: “that’s it” Golf it: “you son of a bitch, I’m in”
Proffeserapple Gaming
Proffeserapple Gaming Måned siden
🎶go your own waaaayyy🎶”the all new Isuzu dmax starting from 33,990 drive away”
Maronmikhail Soriano
Maronmikhail Soriano Måned siden
The silly cathedral remarkably bolt because toe notably flow since a past lemonade. orange, bizarre stick
Nilla Gamer
Nilla Gamer Måned siden
4:09 is literally worth like 8 BILLION views on its own
Inou'rcing Disk
Inou'rcing Disk Måned siden
What was it? Like the definition of crazy or something is repeating the action over and over again or smth? It's what I see here.
Tucker French
Tucker French Måned siden
I'm the 1000 comment
Unknown Måned siden
Wan townsenth coment !
RYAN RUSSO Måned siden
Smii7y: *about to do the most epic trickshot ever* Also Smii7y: * resets * *Not good enough*
Isaac Jeremiah
Isaac Jeremiah Måned siden
Can’t get over this 😂😂 4:09
Right Left
Right Left Måned siden
4:08 my favorite clip by far
FrenchFry Måned siden
Smitty plus, Smitty minus, Smitty Divide, and Smitty Multiple
Jonathan Måned siden
Cold_pizzarolls Lol
Cold_pizzarolls Lol Måned siden
I love how there trash talking/raging over golf never been interested in golf but this is gold
AquaticBlack Måned siden
History seems to repeat itself. In Smii7y's case I guess he'll never learn.
Michael Davinci
Michael Davinci Måned siden
Where tear down
Tommy Lister
Tommy Lister Måned siden
Have one Dean and Tay new update happen on tear down and it it new map on tail down do you want to play again
Esgarpen Måned siden
Smii7y can probably sit in any pre-game lobby with 2-3 other people and make an entertaining 30 minute video, without problems
TheEvilEgo Måned siden
4:07 bruh
TDU Toasted
TDU Toasted Måned siden
i made u a dicord server btw lol
Cmupet Måned siden
petition for smii7y to do a 'glory holes' golf it map
Slatsky August
Slatsky August Måned siden
Is your beanie attached to your skull?
Person Someone
Person Someone Måned siden
How to piss smitty off. Add invisible walls to force him to follow the track
Dwight Barnett
Dwight Barnett Måned siden
Smity play devour
tea gang
tea gang Måned siden
I just wanna know what the back of SMii7Y’s head looks like
Carson Måned siden
need a video with them playing golf it while drunk asf
Just Goose
Just Goose Måned siden
As Byze once said “oknahbaillsayhe”
The Advocate
The Advocate Måned siden
Will you make another Purge SMP video or is the server over?
bitchy mitchy
bitchy mitchy Måned siden
0:06 the more I listen to it. the more it sounds like a foreign language
AJ Serafin
AJ Serafin Måned siden
I just found your Chanel and I’ve already sub to all your Chanel’s and watched like 5 videos
YTW Måned siden
4:08 you cant do that again even if you tried.
Riley Gravel
Riley Gravel Måned siden
0:39 "Flarbanom" "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" "Rabashinoo"
Nxbody Måned siden
"You just sound like Link" Me: :) *"FROM SMASH"* Me: :(
Forrest Rimar
Forrest Rimar Måned siden
i will not stand for deforestation. No it isnt becsuse of my name
Boyfriend Wannabe
Boyfriend Wannabe Måned siden
Where is Smii7y's prediction?? Did he lost his power?? Did he break the rules for losing his prediction ability?
Anxious Owl
Anxious Owl Måned siden
Oh don't mind me 11:30
ΞFRUIT GUYΞ Måned siden
Funk-A-Dillie Jungle
Funk-A-Dillie Jungle Måned siden
Never thought I'd see the day when youtube recommends me a pillow raging over golf at 1 AM
Thean Kotze
Thean Kotze Måned siden
I loved it when you guys talked simlish fluently!
SuperMRain1 Måned siden
omg i love the simlish part! highlight for me
Ismael Alvarado
Ismael Alvarado Måned siden
9:07 hella sus 😬👴🏿👍🏿😈
Zak McGill
Zak McGill Måned siden
I'm not even a minute in and I'm already fucking dying, the fucking sims language 😭
Geometric Måned siden
smii7y at 12:00 made me laugh so hard, i sounded like him
Groomie Måned siden
frogge Måned siden
trickshot level over 9000
Austiin Måned siden
wow i love link from smash
mcboss297 Måned siden
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