How I tricked my opponent into giving me a FREE WIN in Rocket League | SSL 1v1 Ep. 34

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In today's Rocket League video, I record episode 34 of Supersonic Legend ranked 1v1's. I didn't play my best during the video, but in game 3, something very funny happens that got me a free goal which resulted in a win. The goal of this series is to help you guys improve in Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can apply some of that information from a supersonic legend 1v1 player to your own game and rank up. Enjoy!

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7 vs 1 against the Sidemen:
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Esteban Aguilar
Esteban Aguilar 3 dager siden
Bro shyvays playstyle is annoying af idk why lol
CobyTron 4 dager siden
14:10 “What a save!” Lmao XD
EyesellSCOUT 4 dager siden
Streamer: Yells Musty: Seems like a chill dude
Jamarcus 4 dager siden
19:50 i can smell the mustard
Eternal Zen
Eternal Zen 4 dager siden
Musty more like Rusty (lol)
Abdellatif B
Abdellatif B 6 dager siden
KJ Corn
KJ Corn 6 dager siden
musty is the best
KJ Corn
KJ Corn 6 dager siden
arsenic. 10 dager siden
What is mmr?
BallisticBombYT 11 dager siden
NRG on top
NoahsNoah Child
NoahsNoah Child 14 dager siden
21:34 musty is actually a cow?????!!!!!
Connor mac1210
Connor mac1210 16 dager siden
musty in this video : its gonna be all over the newspaper if i get mustard on Also musty in previous vides : *gets musty flicked*
Yahya Ali
Yahya Ali 16 dager siden
Musty i feel like challenging you, even though your too strong i wanna see your youtube video that includes me! will you?
Jacob Coutts
Jacob Coutts 16 dager siden
You are so op musty
FarGuy26 16 dager siden
People: trying to sweat and rank up in the highest rank of a competitive game. Musty: “But if you close your eyes”
Tyler Zakala
Tyler Zakala 22 dager siden
"let him shoot"
LovrouX 23 dager siden
What's Musty's camera settings?
Akshit Makkar
Akshit Makkar 23 dager siden
Memes 24 dager siden
SZDnoah 25 dager siden
what is the name of the banner that the 2nd oponnent used
Golden eagle Pineapple
Golden eagle Pineapple 25 dager siden
Brody Hirst
Brody Hirst 25 dager siden
you should challenge abitfast thats not me i promise
crystal thom
crystal thom 26 dager siden
Hi amustycow your vids are the best and thank you for making these vids amustycow 1v1 me I dear your 😈😈 I best hacker ever 😂 just joking around but......... 1v1 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Emery
Tyler Emery 26 dager siden
Did he switch to kbm or something?? What's up with the clicks
Shaurya Khimji
Shaurya Khimji 26 dager siden
Your the best
Mr Cozy_Kyle
Mr Cozy_Kyle 27 dager siden
May I just say that the frame rate is amazing great work keep it up 👍
Timothy Garcia
Timothy Garcia 27 dager siden
It was nice to see his first opponents ego get destroyed lmao
Abdalla Bassyouni
Abdalla Bassyouni 27 dager siden
Don’t say negative words about yourself fr it’ll only put u down stay strong 💪
Charlie chops 1234
Charlie chops 1234 28 dager siden
Great vid
Nerf Gang
Nerf Gang 28 dager siden
Pin this
Kosikan Subash
Kosikan Subash 29 dager siden
what boost is musty using?
Ingo Disco
Ingo Disco 29 dager siden
Bro he can type im streaming with his eyes closed
chiefsthebeast 9
chiefsthebeast 9 29 dager siden
His worst =my best
Ceyon Scott
Ceyon Scott 29 dager siden
musty how are you so good at rocket league
Gerelt Od
Gerelt Od 29 dager siden
Musty you are dare Good
Gerelt Od
Gerelt Od 29 dager siden
I'm 9 is old now
Gerelt Od
Gerelt Od 29 dager siden
Musty I'm your biggest fan Amustycow
Gerelt Od
Gerelt Od 29 dager siden
Are you der
Gerelt Od
Gerelt Od 29 dager siden
Musty hello
Stacie Moses
Stacie Moses Måned siden
How do you get the yellow in the nrg decal
Денис Шило (lean12390)
Денис Шило (lean12390) Måned siden
But if you close your eyes....
Priqz Måned siden
How did he get that Goal animation?
JC CHAD Måned siden
7:48 mans said he’s bad for losing to musty the disrespect , this dude is a actual Pro at the game and a ssl
Tyler Langlois
Tyler Langlois Måned siden
You said you were going to make people close there eyes :(
Adil Aledresse
Adil Aledresse Måned siden
musty you got better. I remember a year ago ur not that good how did you get better
Cristian Troiani
Cristian Troiani Måned siden
musty helps me so much while doing my hw with his good vibes
Nicolò Legrottaglie
Nicolò Legrottaglie Måned siden
What's the game of this explosion
Synx Måned siden
I hate those people on tiktok that are like champ 1 and say they're good but also say that musty is trash. Like bro, he got a higher rank than them. Of course he isn't the best player but that doesn't mean that he's bad
when is the next episode for 1's until i lose
Farzad Jamshidi
Farzad Jamshidi Måned siden
19:50 ayy yoooo
Riptide Ross
Riptide Ross Måned siden
thats so funny he actually did that lol
like living stones
like living stones Måned siden
4:32 Nobody: Musty: boossss
No Real Comp
No Real Comp Måned siden
Title: “How i tricked my opponent into getting me a free win” Him: “My dad died” Opponent: *Forfeits*
Gavin Kuzelka
Gavin Kuzelka Måned siden
Show him who’s alpha
Gavin Kuzelka
Gavin Kuzelka Måned siden
My guy is so white
Kenlie Emerson
Kenlie Emerson Måned siden
I love the content keep it up bro
Xia Ji
Xia Ji Måned siden
Hi Musty big fan bro
wavzey_fn Måned siden
gg bro that was fun 6-5 close
LightningLuuk _
LightningLuuk _ Måned siden
Hi wyatt have a good day😔
Peter and Julia
Peter and Julia Måned siden
My teammates are holding me back. im gold in 2v2 and 1v1 and in 3v3 im silver when I got the ball in position and my teammates do a own goal. I think I should be in plat 1. My teammates keep passing it it to the other team and they score. When I'm not there they always miss easy shots
Belinda Whineray
Belinda Whineray Måned siden
you have to not jump
Island Rocket League
Island Rocket League Måned siden
You tried to musty flick the mustard man...
laura paap
laura paap Måned siden
I'm level 26and i get one time no bounds and fly into the goal
Liinty Måned siden
could anyone tell me musty's camera settings cause i cant find a vid of his settings and i canr use discord
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Måned siden
This is how many times Musty said perhaps 👇
nevo ben zaken
nevo ben zaken Måned siden
If this is the thought process that an ssl goes through I’d rather stay stuck in diamond
AliSoniQ Måned siden
Clickbait :/
Death Hanny
Death Hanny Måned siden
21:34 😳😳😳
pico✔ Måned siden
What ur rocket League boost
Sneider• Måned siden
Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος
Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος Måned siden
Κανένας ελλινασ
Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος
Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος Måned siden
The best youtuber and rocket league player =musty
Shayaz Attari
Shayaz Attari Måned siden
Musty created the musty flick and Arsenal does it better than musty 🤩 WOW like if u agree
Ahmed Berkane
Ahmed Berkane Måned siden
Musty:Ibrahimovic Me:does musty mean Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
Huntshyper21 Måned siden
Its lets him say wtf when he type but when i type wtf it never appears on chat it beeps it out? Weird. Great reaction there towards the end 3rd game
Bruceleevo Måned siden
love the vid
crxsz blxdez
crxsz blxdez Måned siden
Musty is saying things that I can’t even understand
Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Måned siden
i very much liked this video i hope he does something like this again
ClapZ Måned siden
Musty made a vid my new car still uses hes old car
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson Måned siden
Is it just me or does musty look kinda fire in the vid?
roy marchant
roy marchant Måned siden
You should make a air control tutorial
roy marchant
roy marchant Måned siden
Im not very good at rocket league
MichaelOvFx (Echo MichaelOv)
MichaelOvFx (Echo MichaelOv) Måned siden
Fortnite Pro
Fortnite Pro Måned siden
10:45 the grind triple tap
PRV 090
PRV 090 Måned siden
U broke the rule one my guy
Sleezy Gaming
Sleezy Gaming Måned siden
Hey musty can u talk to ur manager I haven’t got my merch that I bought
Kayla Haas
Kayla Haas Måned siden
Hey musty I have a friend and ever since I told him about air dribbles he's been practicing non stop and now he's always air dribbling and I need help maybe u can teach me
Luja Mohamed
Luja Mohamed Måned siden
Can u play with me for one vid I'm also 8 if u want to play with add clxrify-Aue🤔
RazerBond Måned siden
Just tell people they will be in a video if they let you win and ull win every game
OloBooster Måned siden
Maybe close ur eyes then rule 1 ;)
cayden Tomlinson
cayden Tomlinson Måned siden
Musty get on your Xbox again
Terrence Jones Jr.
Terrence Jones Jr. Måned siden
Lol musty the opponent was probably raging if we heard his audio it would have been so funny
David Delgadillo
David Delgadillo Måned siden
musty should make a video of just playing a random persons tournament
lozivies Måned siden
Day 25 of asking musty if I can be in a video
Pulse Matrix
Pulse Matrix Måned siden
Hey musty! I just stopped by to give you a vid idea. So here it is you play a game of horse with Pulse evample
Assasin_on_YT Måned siden
How do I get a chance to be in one of your videos,what is the discord and where do I submit video suggestions???
SPIRALZZZ Måned siden
Ryan Al Khayat
Ryan Al Khayat Måned siden
17:10 this is what you've been looking for
AK_Gamer 360
AK_Gamer 360 Måned siden
Hey musty, im a plat so i dont know if its possible, but im subscribed and i follow u on tiktok i Am a ps4 player but i really want to play with u. I dont need to be in a vid or anything, but my name is AK_Gamer360 i Am a big fan i would be happy if u saw this. Im 12 so sorry for bad writing.
rails Måned siden
I love how the first guy was making fun of musty saying that he is ass bc he lost to musty and musty is just complimenting him 😂
11 Alexander Peter Benedict Lomibao
11 Alexander Peter Benedict Lomibao Måned siden
pls play net its basically just scoring with no bounce(use the boost pads as the markers) maybe a net tournament for lower ranked players If u have done this and Idk pls don’t hate on me
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