Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

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Dylan Ayres

Dylan Ayres

19 dager siden

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RobinH 2 timer siden
5 minutes craft is a lie
it's that one guy
it's that one guy 2 timer siden
Wait for it to dry
Sarah Tidmarsh
Sarah Tidmarsh 3 timer siden
WRONG the glue needs to dry😑
Sarah Tidmarsh
Sarah Tidmarsh 3 timer siden
Hax Bobbo
Hax Bobbo 3 timer siden
It worked on my brothers car, if you wanna see i can send my snapchat name and video of it
Awesome Biking
Awesome Biking 3 timer siden
Did you try a plunger with hot water
Jamie Chase
Jamie Chase 4 timer siden
Nice myth buster, you saved someone a lot of candles and a paint job
Erlangga Y
Erlangga Y 5 timer siden
Wait until the stick dried into car, dont pull it when the glue still wet
Emma Navarro
Emma Navarro 5 timer siden
Yeah let the glue dry than pull it
Shakar Ahmed
Shakar Ahmed 5 timer siden
let it cool down goddamit
MAJA CLAN 6 timer siden
You can try to let it dry on there first if you didn't let it tha first try
bouffboy10 6 timer siden
There is a dent puller you can use
Alexander Tito Aruan _20
Alexander Tito Aruan _20 6 timer siden
This is the type of guy who woke the whole family just to tell them he's going to sleep
TheDragonGame9 7 timer siden
It only worked because they used gorilla glue
Jasmine Sky
Jasmine Sky 7 timer siden
You didn’t let it dry
Sabbir Sabbir
Sabbir Sabbir 7 timer siden
ศักดินา พญาซีพี
ศักดินา พญาซีพี 7 timer siden
Fu...king five minute craft
DeathRay 8 timer siden
It actually does work but u need different kind of glue
Isaac Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz 8 timer siden
Isaac Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz 8 timer siden
You should wait for the glue to actually stick and cool down
MR.TAKUACHE CUHH!! CUHH!! 8 timer siden
Let it dry bruh
Mohammad Idris
Mohammad Idris 8 timer siden
Pull when it cold only
ViperSSniper Games
ViperSSniper Games 8 timer siden
Maybe let it sit there for a minutes or so to cool down
The Tech Dude
The Tech Dude 9 timer siden
Idiot let it dry
Connor 9 timer siden
Why the fuck does this actually make me so mad that he didin't let it cool down like I'm the one who needs to cool down now 😂
Connor 9 timer siden
This guy is the reason we have "do not drink" warnings on chemicals
the young rapper
the young rapper 9 timer siden
Heat up the dents on the car and from the inside push the dents it should help
Sussylcee Tangid
Sussylcee Tangid 9 timer siden
Damn, what's this? Hahahaha!
Karl Jeffrey Kozaily
Karl Jeffrey Kozaily 10 timer siden
you need to wait for like 2 min
italo coronado bernal
italo coronado bernal 10 timer siden
Como eri tan saco wea wn
Haley Jacobsen
Haley Jacobsen 10 timer siden
if u let the glue dry it could have worked
Gangsta023 Ruthless
Gangsta023 Ruthless 10 timer siden
K-Bridge DaPrince
K-Bridge DaPrince 11 timer siden
All cap
TeeDaP 11 timer siden
😂😂 “this is complete cap” & respectfully
ice man
ice man 11 timer siden
5 minute crafts more like 5 minute craps 5-minute crafts is really bad
Super Michiyin
Super Michiyin 11 timer siden
CapriceSkyline_YT 11 timer siden
This is the kind of guy that uses sea water for lemonade to conserve salt
Nrl Jhna
Nrl Jhna 12 timer siden
Jad Daher
Jad Daher 12 timer siden
Dude how is it that all the tiktokers have very punchable faces
Ben A
Ben A 13 timer siden
Yeah I have a tool that is used for pulling out dents the use hot glue to stick it the the dent And funnily enough if you let the glue dry it works
PeggymoeXD 13 timer siden
Is anyone else wondering why tf this idiot is hitting cars. Like shouldn’t you be at college or something
Richard 13 timer siden
When you don't know how hot glue works...
analogaudio rules
analogaudio rules 13 timer siden
It's because those dents are also a bit to deep as well, i could see it maybe working for somewhat minor dents... you also didnt let the glue cool for like 10 mins, dumb video..
Official • L&D Fryi
Official • L&D Fryi 13 timer siden
You didn’t do it right I’ve done this before, since waaaay before the time of tik tok even wit a plunger that shit works I think your jsut chllanged 😐😐
Pumpkin Romanoff
Pumpkin Romanoff 13 timer siden
You have to let them dry more... Idk.
kelvin nueve
kelvin nueve 14 timer siden
Comments 80%: Glue need time to bind 20%: he's the type of guy
Marko Knežević
Marko Knežević 13 timer siden
^This is the type of guy who loves charts :D
christian paulo pascua
christian paulo pascua 14 timer siden
"patience is a virtue" This guy:
Muhammad Raihan
Muhammad Raihan 14 timer siden
U pull it when i become cool enough lol
Valeriano Napoles
Valeriano Napoles 14 timer siden
Busy kid
Šimon Hudák
Šimon Hudák 15 timer siden
Dents made by impact can't be repaired with the pulling technique, only dents caused by compression e.g.: someone sitting on your bonnet
MaikyTV 15 timer siden
You stupid - let the glue dry
OspreyBravo18 16 timer siden
Yeah definitely do not do this...
Object4 16 timer siden
I think u need to wait for it to cool down and dry first then pull. But hot water and a plunger always works
Joel R
Joel R 16 timer siden
It would work but you didn't let the glue cool guess idiots will be idiots even with life hacks
Alfian El Gamma
Alfian El Gamma 16 timer siden
Stupid af
Dey H
Dey H 16 timer siden
This is the type of guy who throws a blanket on a homeless guy and calls him homefull.
Amber Railey Cobarrubias
Amber Railey Cobarrubias 16 timer siden
kevin iwan
kevin iwan 17 timer siden
If you ever feel useless in life, don't worry this guy exist
Danielle Jacobsen
Danielle Jacobsen 17 timer siden
Try using hot water and a plunger-
dark world
dark world 18 timer siden
Make it dry first dude
Adna Kadic
Adna Kadic 18 timer siden
This is the kid who crys one time and says he has depression
[Eternity_ Hufflepuff]
[Eternity_ Hufflepuff] 18 timer siden
I think he could have put like boiled water on the dent and then used a plunge but idk.
Eddie Shaw
Eddie Shaw 18 timer siden
Exactly give it time
Robin Paderna
Robin Paderna 18 timer siden
kelvin nueve
kelvin nueve 14 timer siden
Hahaha true
zetA Gundam
zetA Gundam 18 timer siden
Dont make vedio lol. you need cooldown before pull.
Ron Napoleon
Ron Napoleon 18 timer siden
carl johnson
carl johnson 18 timer siden
How much your IQ
Princess Pickle
Princess Pickle 18 timer siden
ngl i feel like a plunger would do good, not like those brown plungers tho like the rubbermaid ones that are blue
MR SWAG REX 18 timer siden
You didn’t let the glue cool
TurboLight 19 timer siden
Hot water and plunger Also you have to wait a bit for the glue to cool so it actually sticks
ЧИТАК 19 timer siden
Gaybook - 👎👎🤮
Kanetsu Black
Kanetsu Black 19 timer siden
use plunger
Lorenzo kristof Cañete
Lorenzo kristof Cañete 19 timer siden
Pull harder and fast
༺ʜ ɪ ᴢ ᴋ ɪ ᴀ༻
༺ʜ ɪ ᴢ ᴋ ɪ ᴀ༻ 20 timer siden
You should wait for the glue to harden before you pull it out, you bobo
Doc 20 timer siden
This guy the reason why there is instructions on shampoo and conditioner
lilsmile01 20 timer siden
Maybe you had to let it dry longer
Escobar Edgar
Escobar Edgar 20 timer siden
Pobres tontos
#1 S1d1ous
#1 S1d1ous 20 timer siden
Use a plunger 🪠 it works
Buggiboi13 21 time siden
I don’t think he’s that smart and don’t know that much about physics. He didn’t even let the glue melt let along hold it together simultaneously rather than having the glue stick spread out in his hand. Looks like he failed this on purpose
Ultrasuper60 21 time siden
I have that hoodie bro
Deer High
Deer High 21 time siden
You didn't wait for him to freeze.
Dzikra Athaullah
Dzikra Athaullah 21 time siden
Actually someone on the inside of the car is hammering XD
Kauravya Dewantara Bachtiar
Kauravya Dewantara Bachtiar 21 time siden
Sabar dikit ajg , itu nunggu kering
Cj’s Art&More
Cj’s Art&More 21 time siden
Never trust 5-minute crafts
boardonfire4 21 time siden
I think if you get them hot enough to melt a huge puddle and do it with fresh sticks so they morph into one then it will actually work
Lennie Smith
Lennie Smith 22 timer siden
Use a plunger
Akera Wilson
Akera Wilson 22 timer siden
You gotta let it dry
SFterps 23 timer siden
It’s not cap you’re just bad at it
- RoseFaith -
- RoseFaith - 23 timer siden
noo wait for it to harden onto the car!
rafael C
rafael C 23 timer siden
Let the clue dry before pulling
Elephant_guy215 23 timer siden
This is the type of guy who fills his gas tank with a hose
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Dag siden
You have to use the right glue I'm a body man for 20years + and I've done it a lot.
Noud Kolster
Noud Kolster Dag siden
You pull to fast you need to wait thill it dry up
Ripped Rick
Ripped Rick Dag siden
Let the glue cool down
Rafael Vargas
Rafael Vargas Dag siden
Might have worked if he heated up the actual material of the car. Still stupid why use glue sticks. My dad and I just used a plunger and a blow dryer.
Joseph B
Joseph B Dag siden
Should’ve let the glue fuckn settle wtf.
Jason W
Jason W Dag siden
Honestly just do it the old fashioned way and grab a plunger and go at it
M4nu _KZ
M4nu _KZ Dag siden
You can do it with the toilet thing
Anto Noza
Anto Noza Dag siden
thats a lot of damage... try flexglue, ot even works under water
Natalie MacAulay
Natalie MacAulay Dag siden
Bro let the glue dry you dingbat
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz Dag siden
Looks like u didnt make it hot enough nor didnu leave it on long enougj to dry all the way. But the main vid looked like a huge melted slob that was connected and yura were falling apart. Lol
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