HEATED: European Super League?! | Howson & McKola REACT!!

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Stretford Paddock

25 dager siden

Stephen Howson and Adam McKola chat with Joe about the proposed European Super League as well as running through the statements from various football governing bodies!
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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dager siden
IF this did happen guarantee Bayern would eventually follow they would get bored bashing Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim 6-0 every week
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 15 dager siden
rights to show it!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 18 dager siden
“They’re gunna get Neyo to do it ain’t they “ had me creasing haha
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 dager siden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 19 dager siden
As much as everyone’s moaning. When the super league starts we’ll all watch it. Guaranteed & the pundits damning it will do punditry work on it.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dager siden
If this travesty of an idea gets off the ground then the theme tune is obviously going to be money, money, money :)
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer 20 dager siden
Oh my god everyone is so stupid!! Why do they keep asking 'why this team why that team'....it's because 1. They decided to sign it and 2. They bring in revenue. Also if you aren't invited to play in super League you still play in ucl. Bayern decided themselves to not be in this. Nobody forced them out.
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer 18 dager siden
@asioe kiou no what?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 18 dager siden
As a United fan, but also an Irish fan what this league says to me is that moments like shane long vs Germany, brady vs Italy or Italia 90 shouldn’t happen because we are no
sannio komi
sannio komi 20 dager siden
and shows how greedy our owners are!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 dager siden
would even entertain such an idea
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 21 dag siden
money its all shieeeat really!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 dager siden
would even entertain such an idea
bilisha coli
bilisha coli 21 dag siden
money its all shieeeat really!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 dager siden
As a United fan, but also an Irish fan what this league says to me is that moments like shane long vs Germany, brady vs Italy or Italia 90 shouldn’t happen because we are no
I knew It
I knew It 22 dager siden
A Pooh doesn’t count towards Black Lives Matter
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 15 dager siden
Americans know F all about our beautiful game they don't care if it gets buried in the ground cos they still have EggBall
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 22 dager siden
and shows how greedy our owners are!
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 22 dager siden
Fans before finance....Game before greed 👍
Bez M30
Bez M30 22 dager siden
Another 2 Jonny come lately fans " who hate the glazer's " wear the green and gold bollox " forget the billion pound spent and still on about rubbish. Have any of the 3 of you been to OT?
Yellow 22 dager siden
Please don't try to call it the "AMERICAN Super League" that's really *F---D-UP. 1. American owners were three/3 out of the 12. _2. The fans in the MLS DIDN'T LIKE THE SUPER LEAGUE EITHER. WHY? they were aware of the origins of SOCCER/FOOTBALL as well._
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 22 dager siden
Been supporting United and Celtic for 18 years now and if this happens I’m done with United forever Nevilles rant earlier was spot on as well
anthony carton
anthony carton 23 dager siden
Best outcome the super league fall apart and the Glazers then sell United. Win Win
psnpanuch 23 dager siden
My life mission now is to buy United
Friend 23 dager siden
John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
Fatty Man
Fatty Man 23 dager siden
If this travesty of an idea gets off the ground then the theme tune is obviously going to be money, money, money :)
Rachel 23 dager siden
Americans know F all about our beautiful game they don't care if it gets buried in the ground cos they still have EggBall
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 23 dager siden
Been supporting United and Celtic for 18 years now and if this happens I’m done with United forever Nevilles rant earlier was spot on as well
Amber Leaf
Amber Leaf 23 dager siden
As a United fan, but also an Irish fan what this league says to me is that moments like shane long vs Germany, brady vs Italy or Italia 90 shouldn’t happen because we are not a big team in comparison , I can’t imagine having such a feeling or the possibility of such euphoria been taken away at club level it makes me sad and sickened that our club would even entertain such an idea
Rob Monk
Rob Monk 23 dager siden
Florentino Perez is trying to destroy the Premier League. This is all part of his plan. It's a win-win for him. If it goes ahead, great. If not, then the top 6 teams are damaged. People have to stand strong against this super league. If it goes ahead you MUST boycott it. If that means losing viewers- so be it. It's better than losing integrity.
Andrew Paterson
Andrew Paterson 23 dager siden
I’ve been a fan of Manchester United for over forty years and I’m disgusted with this super league if it really happens that’s it for me I’ll be done with them forever
Max von Berg
Max von Berg 23 dager siden
ESL is happening, and I, for one, look forward to watching it. These are serious people wanting the best for their clubs: the very fact that nothing has been leaked shows how well thought-through this project has been. Our club will become more stable financially, we'll be able to invest more in our youth set-up, players will have better wages and we'll watch better quality football.
Margot E
Margot E 23 dager siden
This is what happens when you allow foreign owners who are in it for the money. They are owners and it would seem hard to stop them doing anything as the money comes from TV rights. If it goes ahead other clubs will have to join if their profits decline.
Varghese Porthur
Varghese Porthur 23 dager siden
I would want Manchester United to play the top teams in Europe and not a mediocre team midweek....but not as in a different league and in no way quitting the English Premier League.
Comment Reader
Comment Reader 23 dager siden
As much as everyone’s moaning. When the super league starts we’ll all watch it. Guaranteed & the pundits damning it will do punditry work on it.
Sam Ridgway
Sam Ridgway 23 dager siden
Why do I have to be a United fan
Aidan Kelly
Aidan Kelly 23 dager siden
Celtic and rangers r bigger than arsenal and Tottenham simple
Chris Caudill
Chris Caudill 23 dager siden
Today was the only dayin almost 20 years of being a United fan that I've been ashamed to be a United fan. The club doesnt belong to the Glazers or the next blood suckers that come after them. They are just custodians who pass the club from one to another. United belong to the fans. And the fans want no part of this.
AKE90 23 dager siden
If you think these owners don’t give a shit about the club now, imagine when they don’t even have to make the top 4 to make money.
QueensSquare Janitor
QueensSquare Janitor 23 dager siden
Don't laugh to soon here, but, if this happens, fans could go an support Salford, give them our money or fans could buy the club, here's why , Glasgow rangers started with 4 young lads , they had no money, no kit , not even a ball, 55 titles later they still going strong
4Bester 23 dager siden
The only chance of this being defeated, if they really are intent on doing it and it’s not just to push UEFA into giving them more money from the UCL, is player and tv broadcasters boycotting.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 23 dager siden
keep railing against this we can't have this.
Ragnar 05
Ragnar 05 23 dager siden
Wait a minute so not playing in the champions league is damaging to english football how exactly????Unless these teams leave the Premier league yes I can understand the anger but these teams will still be in the league and money will still be distributed the way it has been throughout the tv deals . If they want to have their own midweek league so be it the Champions league can continue without them .
Nik 23 dager siden
You know it's serious when even Jesus comes down to disagree with this ESL
Kai McCann
Kai McCann 23 dager siden
If United go through with it I’m gunna be a West Ham fan from now on
Neil Murray
Neil Murray 23 dager siden
We are going to Gibraltar 🇬🇮 lol
Mitchell James
Mitchell James 23 dager siden
Tottenham are in there because they are a very wealthy club. You guys know this
RandomEloquentNerd 23 dager siden
Don't go to the games and that. Don't watch them on the telly. Many ways to boycott them that don't involve standing outside the stadium.
James Audsley
James Audsley 23 dager siden
This isn’t true capitalism, capitalism relies on competitiveness to advance
Hamed Adefuwa
Hamed Adefuwa 23 dager siden
"Everything in football is earned".. erm PSG, City? Lol.
Banton85 23 dager siden
Can the jesus fella perform a miracle and stop this
zach sutton
zach sutton 23 dager siden
They keep saying Americanisation of the game. To be fair it isnt like there is a league close to the NFL or NBA or MLB or NHL that you could relegate teams to or from. It also isn't like these team owners wrre ever in this for anything beyond money.
zach sutton
zach sutton 23 dager siden
Only way this doesn't work is if the players and fans rally against it. Idk if that's realistic because you'd imagine players will get more money. I'm sure you will see teams try and make signings to please fans thinking this will quiet this unrest. Tbh UEFAs plans for the Champs league isn't far off of this. What a mess man.
Kzet 23 dager siden
they literally want to create a league like the mexican or mls or worst like the nba and that disgused me, its so bad we need to do something
ReggyGDI 23 dager siden
Can they not do the Super League in the summer? Top 4 clubs from the top 5 leagues and they would have to play the subs.
UzTheMan 23 dager siden
Bayern aren't in it because the fans own the majority of the club and wouldn't vote for it, not because the owner 'likes tradition'.
Y Knot
Y Knot 23 dager siden
Here's the thing for anyone who is in any doubt as to what to do in order to stop this or, at the very least, put it in jeopardy: don't tune into it. But then that would mean that fans of the clubs who are in it would be made feel responsible for their club's finances going completely down the toilet and the clubs subsequently following them and since no fans are prepared to do that then all of this faux outrage should be treated as the hot air that it essentially is. Tune out folks, it's the only real way forward.
G Singh
G Singh 23 dager siden
Disgusting how these money grabbing owners are ruining our game Disgusting how profits over trophies has become the norm Disgusting how match going supporters are taken for granted Disgusting how they want us to sing and chant but not have a voice or opinion Disgusting how they are trying to steal our game like opportunist thieves in a crisis Disgusting how history is being overlooked, shunning the competition our lads died playing. Disgusting.
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 23 dager siden
all u rivals laughed when the glazers destroyed man utd and took 1.5bn out of the club and plunged them into 900m of debt. u all enjoyed utds demise.... and now the glazers and Co are coming for all your clubs and our beautiful game u all care.... we told u these vile owners are killing our game. football shud never of aligned itself with these scummy billionaires
Tobi L
Tobi L 23 dager siden
If they call this a friendly competition with £1bn price money. No one would be complaining. You see the problem?
Tobi L
Tobi L 23 dager siden
You are missing the point
Michael Gromyko
Michael Gromyko 23 dager siden
Unreal how to emotionally most take it. Most of you complains now...and soon first to buy tickets etc. This business do you like it or not. Owner can do what they want and you will follow like a 🐑
Jake Welch
Jake Welch 23 dager siden
UEFA’s best card they’ve played is not allowing players to play in euros or the World Cup. I wonder how many players would sacrifice that to play in an Americanised league..
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison 24 dager siden
The only recourse the fans have is to boycott it all
scott d
scott d 24 dager siden
I’ve never been more happy that Celtic aren’t considered a big club 🍀
sannio komi
sannio komi 20 dager siden
money its all shieeeat really!
Ben Landon
Ben Landon 24 dager siden
Some of the larger fan channels should get together and organize a boycott of club merchandise. Hitting them in the pocketbook immediately might stop this.
Karun AB
Karun AB 24 dager siden
Did this video get demonitised because of the UCL theme? :P
athleticdiv 24 dager siden
I cannot believe what I'm seeing.
martin grant
martin grant 24 dager siden
POWER is REFUSAL: You guys have already arrived at ACCEPTANCE! Bullshitters!
martin grant
martin grant 24 dager siden
Fans: refuse to attend matches. Players: refuse to play. Fans refuse to view on tv. Continue to FORCE their hand to let go of this idea. Continue in the way it is,..... earning your greatness!
Alex Maggs
Alex Maggs 24 dager siden
If we move to this wanker league, I'm supporting Brighton, probably will get hate for this comment, but I can't follow a club that goes against everything I beleive in
Irish & Red
Irish & Red 24 dager siden
How do we stop this? simple, stop buying merch stop going to games dont buy PPV, take what is most important MONEY, bring our great culb to bankruptcy, get rid of these bastard glaziers and THEN, come back and rebuild our beautiful club, like it was built after WW2 and 1958.
Lava Dood
Lava Dood 24 dager siden
"Black Tuesday" 20th April 2021 is the time to unfollow these clubs on social media.
Irish & Red
Irish & Red 24 dager siden
Every football club should have the right and ability to grow towards being great, the dream of going up through the leagues to one day stand toe to toe with the most historical clubs in the sports history. That's what clubs players fans all DREAM about and its why the game was so special. To be so ignorant as to believe any club thats NOT a Real Madrid standard or the standard of the SO CALLED best is not worth watching or being is the opinion of the pathetically ignorant. EVERY club every Player no matter the level deserve respect for getting to whatever level. That's the biggest problem with many SO CALLED football fans these days, if its not the greatest or most expensive then its nothing worth caring about attitude is as disgusting as the greedy attitude of these scum that are buying football clubs for nothing only making money.
David Johnson
David Johnson 24 dager siden
UEFA have been creaming cash from champions league for years ! they now want more teams involved to gain more revenue in their arse pocket ! maybe just maybe the breakaway teams have decided that they are the financial draw and they should have the revenue not UEFA ? And not have to play more and more matches in the ECL.
Pardeep singh
Pardeep singh 24 dager siden
The fans are the stupid ones because they will still pay to go and watch instead of not going and make the point with there feet .
philip philip
philip philip 24 dager siden
champions league is in the fucking night time...
Edwin Escobar
Edwin Escobar 24 dager siden
We need to go out there and protest 🪧
Ali Aizad Abd Wahab
Ali Aizad Abd Wahab 24 dager siden
Done with football, full fledged Formula 1 fan now. Come on Lando!
Joseph 24 dager siden
The ESL proposal is just European MLS. Same sort of split league and playoff system. Typical Americans.
Sanwal Sharma
Sanwal Sharma 24 dager siden
So these guys are mad that arsenal and spurs are in this league but don't criticize other clubs in it..... stupid discussion....avoid this guys
Patrick Martyn
Patrick Martyn 24 dager siden
If united play in the super league against big teams MCFRED will never get off the pitch
Syed Muhammad Iqbal Aiman Syed Mokhtar
Syed Muhammad Iqbal Aiman Syed Mokhtar 24 dager siden
Joe: top soccer team.... Stephen: SOCCERRR???!! 🤣
purewolverine 24 dager siden
United we stand, divided we fall
Sally Davies
Sally Davies 24 dager siden
We should burn down old trafford if true it is the end of manchester united. This is the worst thing i have ever heard in football i am disowning united if it happens after lifelong support.
Preshhd 24 dager siden
Lads, United fans need to be United in this one. Put aside dislikes and rivalries. Manchester United. A club we all love, is being dragged through the mud. Our history is being erased by the Glazers. We cannot let this happen.
Will Byrne
Will Byrne 24 dager siden
Lads, we have to boycott jt. Yous have the platform to get the word out. Come on lads, we have to stip this total and utter shite
Mark Bowers
Mark Bowers 24 dager siden
Great discussion lads.
ZX. Teoh
ZX. Teoh 24 dager siden
0:37 the way Stephen Howson says "Soccer?!!" was EXTREMELY FUNNY
billy forrest
billy forrest 24 dager siden
Im disgusted yes im a Liverpool fan we need to try fight together
C C 24 dager siden
Once every game is special, no games are.
Derek Neville
Derek Neville 24 dager siden
Liverpool supporter here. I'd relegate all 6 clubs. Fuck em they killed my love for the game.
Psychotic Sith Lord
Psychotic Sith Lord 24 dager siden
If its a European super league, Imo A.Villa, N.Forrest, Celtic, Ajax, Benfica etc deserve to take Arsenal and especially Tottenhams place. Biggest club in Europe should be based on European success no? Not how big their financed are
Tomas Clarke
Tomas Clarke 24 dager siden
I've been a die hard fan for 25 years and if this goes through, I'd choose another club because there is not a remnant of our club left
JAcK fAsSuM 24 dager siden
I'll give it a year when it becomes boring maybe 2
Sigurður Jónsson
Sigurður Jónsson 24 dager siden
Its just so dumb. There are no stakes what so ever, every game is going to be a friendly really.
Matthew Jesus
Matthew Jesus 24 dager siden
riot outside of Old Trafford, whatever it takes, do not let this happen
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan 24 dager siden
Time to support the new united when it was formed when the glazers took over, United of Manchester I think
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed 24 dager siden
"Howson and McKola react" Cuz joe is a sack of potatoes
keerthichandra40 24 dager siden
Pitbull and NeYo song...Kill me now.
JTR 24 dager siden
The moment the players come out against it the whole thing falls over. PL players Union is likely already getting signatures (hopefully)
Paris Rogue
Paris Rogue 24 dager siden
“They’re gonna get fucking Pitbull and NeYo to do it” 😂🤣😭
Dumb Mutts.
Dumb Mutts. 24 dager siden
UEFA have brought this on themselves. They have become FIFA, corrupt, ineffective and untrustworthy. There has to be an underlining issue to this rather than just money. Clubs are probably fed up with being under the wing of an establishment like UEFA.
Alexander Shorey
Alexander Shorey 24 dager siden
The whole point of a boycott is to show YOUR personal opinion on the subject, what’s the point of voicing your disgust and then supporting the very thing you hate.
PixelStacker 24 dager siden
Done with the club if this happens. right
Bermondsey boy CBL
Bermondsey boy CBL 24 dager siden
Give them all 65 points deductions for the next 6 years and see how elitist they are
Phillip Wareham
Phillip Wareham 24 dager siden
People are talking about United going into the super league, but look at the flip side: they will never win a European Cup / Champion's League ever again. Three is it forever. I'm not a match day fan, but I feel like the answer is to stop moaning and take ownership of the game. FC United?
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