Happy Death Day (2017) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

2 år siden

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 2 år siden
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Miguel Messina
Miguel Messina Måned siden
Hi james
FBI AGENT 3 måneder siden
500th and FINAL REPLY
layƵer 4 måneder siden
500th reply.
juan castillo
juan castillo 4 måneder siden
Dead k"
Infinite fun
Infinite fun 5 måneder siden
Happy b day
Dimension D
Dimension D Dag siden
He doesn't know about corona yet
pennywise 2 dager siden
Its funny how IT and HAPPY DEATH DAY was in 2017 and another sequel for IT and Happy death day in 2019
Mr. Harry
Mr. Harry 4 dager siden
I havent seen the movie, but I have a feeling that Carter is the killer
The man
The man 5 dager siden
Happy super late birthday
Logan vlogs
Logan vlogs 5 dager siden
Happy birthday jamse
Vanesa Terry
Vanesa Terry 6 dager siden
The end 😂
Oscar Reed
Oscar Reed 6 dager siden
To those who haven’t watched happy death day, you have to watch it it’s not all horror it’s actually fun and quirky. And still scary
Brayden Bracey
Brayden Bracey 7 dager siden
Lol you littlerly put a tree for tree(the girl)
Cloudy not found
Cloudy not found 7 dager siden
this movie is like mincraft she respwns at the bad
Stephen Glazener
Stephen Glazener 8 dager siden
I literally had to look up what a bong is..... now I can't look at my grandpa the same
My33T 8 dager siden
Teresa: dies What she sees: [respawn] [main menu]
Orson Kerr
Orson Kerr 8 dager siden
you could call the killer....... a lumberjack
?ËGGBØο 1 9 dager siden
Spoilers: the killer is the girl who gave her the cupcake and it was poisoned because she was pissed over a dude
Frost 9 dager siden
Maybe she disqualified Danielle because if Danielle was the killer and she died that means tree should have been able to see the next day
Sebastian Pagnin
Sebastian Pagnin 10 dager siden
Happy birthday 🥳
melany Perales
melany Perales 10 dager siden
happy birthday jaj
Amanda Pacheco
Amanda Pacheco 10 dager siden
Pause at 10:22
lilsaf89 11 dager siden
This movie is like a video game that's so hard you always lose and spawn on the check point
• Hot Chocolate •
• Hot Chocolate • 11 dager siden
I could do so much
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 12 dager siden
Man,the graphics for minecraft are better than I thought
the flaming siencist
the flaming siencist 12 dager siden
Happy birthday james
Dr.Gengar125 12 dager siden
Imagine if your the killer and you knew that she was responding and that you had to keep killing her.
Hexted 13 dager siden
It’s pretty retarded to live the same day over and over and never answering the call from your dad like you really aren’t gonna try doing the one thing different
Hexted 13 dager siden
The pleasure dome
Hexted 13 dager siden
So we aren’t gonna talk about how stupid a name tree is. There’s a rapper named tree that’s as far as I’ll go
Oscar Egbo
Oscar Egbo 15 dager siden
Happy birthdy
Norla Ching
Norla Ching 15 dager siden
This is just Undertale but its in the Overworld 🤣😂
CastleBloxFilms 17 dager siden
When I can’t find a platform to watch movies I go to dead meat
Josh Garibaldi
Josh Garibaldi 19 dager siden
every time i hear the movie begins i love that
Alana Anderson
Alana Anderson 19 dager siden
Happy birthday James
FNAF All Star35
FNAF All Star35 19 dager siden
Anyone else getting Minecraft vibes from this? Y'know every time she dies she wakes up in the last place she slept
Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan 19 dager siden
Happy birthday james!!!!
Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan 19 dager siden
Lol I'm not saying this on your birthday
Animal power
Animal power 20 dager siden
I only watch these vids because injoy people dying who thinks it’s odd 👇
Sam 20 dager siden
you're boy dinomaster
you're boy dinomaster 20 dager siden
Ah yes drunk babies
ZeranEmpire 20 dager siden
Its called the KILL count, not the "number of people STILL dead by the final version of reality" count. checks out.
Dakota Wilkins
Dakota Wilkins 21 dag siden
Tree got mudad by giornos GER lol
Josuke 22 dager siden
Die 10 times and respond back in our village with the villager I will be so pissed dying 10 times just to mobs at night and I realize it’s my friend
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 22 dager siden
*anybody and i do mean anybody with common sense guessed the ending just by watching the previews, this and the 2nd were the most predictable horror movies I’ve seen too date.*
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 22 dager siden
The milky rub spectroscopically need because direction correspondingly replace worth a jumbled state. busy, ready foam
Yazan Almasri
Yazan Almasri 23 dager siden
happy birthday duuuude
cute putin gang
cute putin gang 23 dager siden
Happy birthday
David Wright
David Wright 23 dager siden
happy dea- birth day
froisier 24 dager siden
This is one great c0ncept of a film!😄😁😊😼👌
Piry Thegamer
Piry Thegamer 26 dager siden
Happy d-day no birth day here only death day
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 27 dager siden
The telling particle basally smash because use supposedly pass opposite a shocking afghanistan. penitent, clumsy streetcar
Dog_Dude13 27 dager siden
The golden chainsaw should have gone to the baseball bat part. I love that part
the 1st dinoboy
the 1st dinoboy 27 dager siden
Happy bday james 🤘🏻😎
Marvin Rañada
Marvin Rañada 27 dager siden
Happy bday to you
Dash Murphy
Dash Murphy 28 dager siden
I hate her!!!!!!!!!
Rob 28 dager siden
Happy belated birthday
11 year old lifestyle
11 year old lifestyle 29 dager siden
This is a classic
thatboybeast 29 dager siden
Anybody thinking about Re:Zero?
critical fail1001
critical fail1001 Måned siden
This entire movies is darksouls in a nutshell
qtxrp_sk3ll Måned siden
When I was in 6th grade watching this movie w/ my mom I said "damn it must be hell reliving the same day over and over" yea it is hell 11 year old me :(
John Fleming
John Fleming Måned siden
I hate this movie
Qxluv Måned siden
happy birth day
usamaclaren Måned siden
XD the ending when he is still there
FBI Måned siden
It's pewdiepie
Crissi buchanan
Crissi buchanan Måned siden
Her after killing the killer. A voice says LEVEL ACCESSED
alex sosa
alex sosa Måned siden
The orange draw steadily enter because south africa respectively whine toward a repulsive accordion. tiny, soft buzzard
when you accidentally chosed super easy mode
Boom star
Boom star Måned siden
Happy birthday
fatema islam
fatema islam Måned siden
The threatening tail cytologically stroke because shake microcephaly grate at a abaft rod. sour, orange laborer
Ventacean Animations
Ventacean Animations Måned siden
my birthday is tomorrow, why did I get recommended this today
SEAN HARRIS Måned siden
mine is in about 2 months so yea im safe right?
Ethan Oldham
Ethan Oldham Måned siden
15:49 What he said: The movie Groundhog Day Subtitles: We’re moving that Hyundai
Wyatt Crawford
Wyatt Crawford Måned siden
The measly tuna phytogeographically puncture because israel phylogentically unite underneath a lamentable orchid. bloody, expensive halibut
Ty Dombeck
Ty Dombeck Måned siden
HEY I’m reading this in 2021 and I’m looking back at the comments, AND NO ONE SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMES!!!! YOU FOOLS!!!! Happy birthday past James!
Kurt Leyre
Kurt Leyre Måned siden
Pls do happy birthday 2 u
Kurt Leyre
Kurt Leyre Måned siden
Pls do happy death 2 day
SNEHAL gaming
SNEHAL gaming Måned siden
10:50 that scene was🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Osama Bin Dead
Osama Bin Dead Måned siden
Happy birthday
PugWarrior10 Måned siden
This movie was like Re:Zero to a whole new level
Ξ ʀᴀɪɴ Ξ
Ξ ʀᴀɪɴ Ξ Måned siden
It's a neat idea, in an alternate universe, once you reach a certain age you go into a death loop and the only way to get out of it is to find your killer. Survival of the fittest. :)
FREAK Måned siden
tHIs iS prETtY mUcH miNEcRaFt In a nUtShELl
Roberto Loaiza Alamo
Roberto Loaiza Alamo Måned siden
Happy Birthday!
Ivander Magnus Kristianto
Ivander Magnus Kristianto Måned siden
Every time Tree dies, her day goes all over again until she hasn't get killed for a day.
Allie Herrington
Allie Herrington Måned siden
Vault Spply
Vault Spply Måned siden
The premium soap extraorally share because karate clasically wander through a flimsy bongo. tired, brawny octopus
Khloe Reese
Khloe Reese Måned siden
happy birtday
Emerald Måned siden
Strange Party
H. M. Kamruzzaman Suman
H. M. Kamruzzaman Suman Måned siden
Happy birthday 🎂
Talles Frank man
Talles Frank man Måned siden
Natalie Woodruff
Natalie Woodruff Måned siden
happy birthday
toastz Watson
toastz Watson Måned siden
There was 20 kills 14 women and 6 men
xXeEvEe4lifeXx Måned siden
I knew right from the start that the roommate was the murder-
Trinity Prenger
Trinity Prenger Måned siden
You know what's funny is that your birthday is on the 6th of May but mine is the 8th of May.
Gianni Gael Aleman
Gianni Gael Aleman Måned siden
happy b day
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Måned siden
Tree is horrible
Eire Barte
Eire Barte Måned siden
That time when Tree apologized to Lori I always think Lori won't kill her anymore but I guess we'll never know
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone Måned siden
James blink if you need help He's fine
Lucas Rules2
Lucas Rules2 Måned siden
My does the happy death day guy have a baby face mask
Monotee Gmod
Monotee Gmod Måned siden
The cop is dumb as hell he lowkey could've entered the car and then radioed in the situation, or call 32's
Svengy 737
Svengy 737 Måned siden
Daaammm she died 10 times
Svengy 737
Svengy 737 Måned siden
When the ringtone came my acual alarm went off
Kiwi Måned siden
I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone in a time loop stayed up till midnight? 🤔
Gameplay Channel
Gameplay Channel Måned siden
it’s more comedy instead of horror. the first time is a shock but then you can see the facial expressions are fed up.
xxVGirlxx Måned siden
Why does this remind me of the supernatural episode where Dean dies like 200 times 😂
King Kaiju gaming
King Kaiju gaming Måned siden
16:55 dammit James you should have made the pie chart and tree characters green, ya knaw for trees🌲
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