Guess the Price, I'll Buy It For You Challenge

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FaZe Rug

25 dager siden

I went up to random strangers and asked if they can guess the price of the shoe, I'll buy them anything!
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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 25 dager siden
i'm really close to 19 million subscribers if you wanna help out & subscribe :)
Manjot Singh
Manjot Singh 2 timer siden
Loves your content always love for you You’re an inspiration for me
2878 Romit Sharma
2878 Romit Sharma 24 dager siden
I hope you will hit 20 million 😀😀😀😇😇😇
Swigzable 24 dager siden
@Wilnaldo 7 no fuck faze rug
Velocityy 24 dager siden
i've been here for so long it's unbelievable
Wilnaldo 7
Wilnaldo 7 24 dager siden
ali a11x
ali a11x 11 timer siden
7:49 is that forever 21
Delgado Liam
Delgado Liam 15 timer siden
Lol you found Dominic
Xo zynn
Xo zynn Dag siden
My cousin Is in this vid 🤣
chinky khanna
chinky khanna Dag siden
Just love your videos ❤️
Angelica Pacheco
Angelica Pacheco Dag siden
F rug for meeting domink
Evelyn Zavala
Evelyn Zavala 2 dager siden
Brianna Wilson
Brianna Wilson 2 dager siden
Jesus loves you he died for us and god loves us and he wants is to serve him he created us and we should serve are father and also I encourage you to pray and talk to god like he you friend and also try to go to church read a devotional and go to church and enjoy it bye hope you will serve god ✝️🛐💖✨⚡️
-ArdA_sArı- 2 dager siden
Sheeesh he has a 8k mirror.
SHIBRA KHAN 2 dager siden
Hello brother I'm from India and as I saw your videos I instantly subscribed your channel . I wish you come in my country some day and make our day special.
Claude Denver Sarguet
Claude Denver Sarguet 2 dager siden
I love watching your vlogs
Baller_ 4871
Baller_ 4871 2 dager siden
ayy, my man, up the clippers, 15:11,
Liam Maidens
Liam Maidens 2 dager siden
Oh my God I love Dynamic Mysterio
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 3 dager siden
Very cool video 👍👍
Eli's WWE Gaming-Station lol lol meow
Eli's WWE Gaming-Station lol lol meow 5 dager siden
10:30: That's epic
Perla Ivon
Perla Ivon 6 dager siden
Love the positive vibes congrats on your videos!🎉✨✅
Heidi Williams
Heidi Williams 6 dager siden
Great video Rug, Keep up your great work!
Big Boi Gravy - Exclusives
Big Boi Gravy - Exclusives 7 dager siden
That one homie wit the full send shirt on was stoned🤣
Aime Esquivel
Aime Esquivel 7 dager siden
Kyro RM
Kyro RM 7 dager siden
Ok I’m gonna
Devin Zerbo
Devin Zerbo 8 dager siden
I need to know where you get your hypebeast shoes from
Johmaro Kouwenhoven
Johmaro Kouwenhoven 8 dager siden
dude i am a big fan of Rey and Dominick Mysterio 10:38
Deshaun Graham
Deshaun Graham 8 dager siden
im surprised Noah didn't shoot his shot
Not Parsa
Not Parsa 9 dager siden
hey rug i love your content
Laurynas 9 dager siden
Does he respond
Azrel Evan
Azrel Evan 9 dager siden
Who else watched FaZe Rug randomly, but then watched his videos every time he posts videos? I included...
Essa Khan
Essa Khan 9 dager siden
Forever 21?
Sky 10 dager siden
u are the best
Bwxxx Gaming
Bwxxx Gaming 10 dager siden
Daniel Petryuk
Daniel Petryuk 10 dager siden
Jayven Hairston is a savage
Jayven Hairston is a savage 10 dager siden
I finally found the video I was hearing something on BDEs channel about Faze rug meeting him I had to see it for myself
Jayven Hairston is a savage
Jayven Hairston is a savage 9 dager siden
@True Knowledge ik
True Knowledge
True Knowledge 9 dager siden
They Actually Made a Video Together
NATEDOGG 10 dager siden
What up dominic i love you and rey keep it up
MR loafer
MR loafer 10 dager siden
ratings gonna grow after this
Grim aura
Grim aura 11 dager siden
I broke u rich ah helk
Bronagh Hamill
Bronagh Hamill 11 dager siden
I am subscribed
Ndunda Malangwa
Ndunda Malangwa 11 dager siden
10:30 Dominic shows up🔥
N&I Film’s
N&I Film’s 11 dager siden
Bro I’m size 9 and a half and 12
Jesus Arreola
Jesus Arreola 11 dager siden
It’s crazy to see dominik after the traumatic experience with Eddie saying he is his real father
Respect **
Respect ** 10 dager siden
Jajaja nmms
Mayur 11 dager siden
Plz notice me
Fusiion Visual
Fusiion Visual 11 dager siden
How are you? Good, how are you , hi lola
Yael Mendoza
Yael Mendoza 12 dager siden
POV u came in to see domick
Adrian Puga
Adrian Puga 12 dager siden
That Rey Mysterio son
Kreonick 12 dager siden
I love you fazerug let's get him to 20 million subs
DplayzYT3234 Y
DplayzYT3234 Y 12 dager siden
Anyone know what size shoe rug wears?? 😂 his look smaller than mine and I’m 12
Ethan magnus
Ethan magnus 12 dager siden
I an a NOwindow star my self
Gio 12 dager siden
Anyone know the names of the airforce that last guy got
I’m Jay
I’m Jay 12 dager siden
That is Dominick
Thegoat4life 18
Thegoat4life 18 12 dager siden
Anthony Madison
Anthony Madison 12 dager siden
Ochoa Garcia Abraham
Ochoa Garcia Abraham 12 dager siden
i am size 7 and i am just 10
The LassKicker
The LassKicker 12 dager siden
My favorite right there 10:31 that's Dominick mysterio from wwe
Bentley Miley
Bentley Miley 12 dager siden
It’s Dominic
RCLVisuals 12 dager siden
Abdullah Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed 13 dager siden
I am actually feeling proud of my elder 14 Yo brother a Giant who has a size of 12 at this age and he is 5 foot 8 inch
Noni Tairi
Noni Tairi 13 dager siden
It's funny when every youtuber does these contest and go I'm with my guy or my man and y'all don't even know there name
Noni Tairi
Noni Tairi 13 dager siden
You should of shown the shoes that the winners got
Kaden Garlough
Kaden Garlough 13 dager siden
Nicholas Karoutsos
Nicholas Karoutsos 13 dager siden
Emman 13 dager siden
Do more of this!!
Britney 13 dager siden
Stop filming!😂😂
Andy Lertwasna
Andy Lertwasna 13 dager siden
No matter how much subs he has he loves all his fan, ✊🏻 respect
Connor Hudson
Connor Hudson 13 dager siden
As a WWE Fan it made my day seeing rug and Dominik meeting randomly in public.
LUKE THE DONKEY 10 dager siden
Jacob Haney
Jacob Haney 11 dager siden
So cute
Janelle I.D.
Janelle I.D. 13 dager siden
brian and kaelyn do not act like they're dating lol. idk just their interactions are like so awkward and casual
yakzy sarahí hola a todos
yakzy sarahí hola a todos 13 dager siden
Lockey im your fan a suer i absoluly love your videos you oyes make my day😊😊😊😁
yakzy sarahí hola a todos
yakzy sarahí hola a todos 13 dager siden
I love your videos 😊😊😊😊😊
Jg 7
Jg 7 14 dager siden
12:50 drop them females snaps😍
Zxzzled 14 dager siden
Down bad + ratio
Jg 7
Jg 7 14 dager siden
Hizam Adeel
Hizam Adeel 14 dager siden
I am subscribe to you and following on insta bid fan
MigEca Vlogs
MigEca Vlogs 14 dager siden
*buy any shoe* my man chose converse huhu
Eee Zee
Eee Zee 14 dager siden
New subscriber great content i can washhh done watched everything else 😀
Skull Killer
Skull Killer 14 dager siden
My guy wearing logic Merch 🔥
Efrain Soriano
Efrain Soriano 14 dager siden
Can you give me the ban and jerry shoes 🥺🥺🥺🥺
shelly 14 dager siden
Pls give me that 20 mil giveaway
Aiden Deok
Aiden Deok 14 dager siden
Omg Dominik
JoRgE OrTeGa
JoRgE OrTeGa 14 dager siden
Who else just started watching him and now it’s an everyday thing
Op Leader 2000 x
Op Leader 2000 x 14 dager siden
Me waiting for That FaZe Rug and Dominik collab
Dino TUBE 14 dager siden
hes name is joey? JOey Biden
Wassim Hamsa
Wassim Hamsa 14 dager siden
I'm so jealous I'm such a big fan ab REY and Domenik mestirio
dcgilroy 14 dager siden
Man shut up those aren’t Travis
Famous _stream
Famous _stream 14 dager siden
You gotta do a video with your family
Lesedi Ganetsang
Lesedi Ganetsang 14 dager siden
Kaelyn! 😆❤️ I love seeing her!!
Andy Godoy
Andy Godoy 14 dager siden
😂u have over 100 pairs of shoes and i rock 2 pairs everyday😂bigg difference,but money dont matter,what matters is the kind of person u r💙much luv rug
Lincoln Flowers
Lincoln Flowers 14 dager siden
Faze rug I just wanted to say your the best and you help me a lot! I’m subbed and let’s hit 20 MIL
Debesiukas 14 dager siden
Plz video woth dominic
Amee Janice Rivera
Amee Janice Rivera 14 dager siden
ahmed salah
ahmed salah 15 dager siden
I was not expecting to see a wwe superstar
Hussain Muhammed
Hussain Muhammed 15 dager siden
Saffron 15 dager siden
no need to flex man
Dominik Farkas
Dominik Farkas 15 dager siden
Bro my name is dominik
Fazejohn 2010
Fazejohn 2010 15 dager siden
omg you hit 19m congralution faze rug and continue your video
Ivan 15 dager siden
Joey high af
Ivan 15 dager siden
Stacy a baddie
Hasib Momand
Hasib Momand 15 dager siden
I love The Chug Rug Energy
AnthonyFit Oficial
AnthonyFit Oficial 15 dager siden
Nobody going to talk about the trick at the beginning
John Moylan
John Moylan 15 dager siden
Mizo gaming
Mizo gaming 15 dager siden
I love ur vids bro ur the best
Royal Larson
Royal Larson 15 dager siden
Hahahahaha my mom has those Air Force hollagraphics
JGK FUNGOUS 15 dager siden
Please stay safe and healthy❤️!
BKB BKB 16 dager siden
I wood like to see a vid with Dominick
Mens and Womens Revolution and The Flash on Roblox
Mens and Womens Revolution and The Flash on Roblox 16 dager siden
Faze I would love to see you & Rey do a video together!!!
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