Functional Heroin Addict interview-Matthew

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Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Matthew, a functional heroin addict from San Francisco.
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Franc Dollar
Franc Dollar Time siden
This guy has a gentle soul. I like him.
Lock Wave
Lock Wave 3 timer siden
Everyone is a functional heroin addict until there's no more heroin left
shanna spencer
shanna spencer 4 timer siden
My bf used to use an eye dropper for his H. He would mix the H in a few drops of water then he would drop it in his nose with the dropper so I thought for sure that this guy was going to say that he puts it in his water. I really thought he was going to say that, that was what was currently in his cup that he was sipping on... Lol
Erin Byrnes
Erin Byrnes 6 timer siden
This guy couldn’t possibly be more of a cliche 😫🙄
Jilly B
Jilly B 7 timer siden
Lol - if he could choose he'd choose Heroin over methadone. 😂😂. Well doh!!
Jaclyn Zen
Jaclyn Zen 7 timer siden
Very intelligent, kind hearted man. As a recovering opiate user myself, Kratom is the only thing that I’ve found to combat the physical withdrawals. There is still ALOT of emotional chaos that you must endure. It takes a helluhva lot of motivation and self accountability, but it’s doable. One thing I’ve noticed is, if someone doesn’t have a solid support system... a loved one that knows about the addiction and is willing to help/somewhat hold you accountable, the likelihood of self recovery being successful long term, is very low. I got to a point where I had to transfer almost my entire paycheck into a loved one’s account so I would have absolutely no way to buy anything. I would only recommend this if you can genuinely trust the person with your life. It’s worked for me so far. I will be making NOwindow videos on my experience when I’ve been clean for a year or so.
Renegade Ace
Renegade Ace 8 timer siden
I didn't know Steve Wozniak was a heroin addict.
never mind
never mind 10 timer siden
Follow up interview for this guy, really hoping he's okay
Spennyman10 10 timer siden
You seem like a really cool dude. Ditch this shit if you can.........
Scherri Ray
Scherri Ray 13 timer siden
He REALLY enjoys hearing himself talk & impose his ideals & that just how its supposed to be. Yeahhhhh
Hobo Hunter Rik
Hobo Hunter Rik 15 timer siden
Functional heroine addict from California. Thanks Gavin Newsom! I really like how he internalizes the racism he faced as a child and still has a low opinion of white people.
Jerome Baker Designs
Jerome Baker Designs 21 time siden
Just be real with me how many peoples balls or vaginas Tingled with just a tiny bit of Joy, even if you're sober when someone says oxy 80s. Scrape off that green time release.
Des Xoxo24
Des Xoxo24 21 time siden
"it makes me happy" :'( i know the feeling all too well. when its the ONLY thing that makes you happy. Only people that have been there would understand how deep these "concepts" are. My heart aches bc I understand all too well. 2 years sober.
Materva 1974
Materva 1974 22 timer siden
Why is he holding his urine sample?
Wendie Morgan
Wendie Morgan Dag siden
I find this really irresponsible. No heroin addiction is “under control.”
Vatos Locos
Vatos Locos Dag siden
Pathetic piece of shit
S. Y.
S. Y. 5 timer siden
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson Dag siden
20:00 She is smoothing it on the bathroom floor because it does not matter where it is done. When I am really hungry, it would not matter if a pizza i get for free is just cheese or if it is pepperoni. It simply does not matter, im hungry now and soon i will be eating pizza. I think everything in life becomes like that for a real addict. it does not matter if you sleep in vomit and lick toilet floors since there will soon come a time that is worth so much more, times a thousand. Issues us ordinary folk have just pales in comparison to their issue of not having drugs in their system.
Matthew Andrew Drake
Matthew Andrew Drake 2 timer siden
That’s a horrible analogy. The heroin equivalent to your analogy would be I don’t mind if I get powder, tar or pills. Or even a closer analogy would’ve been wouldn’t care whether I smoke snort or shoot...but you wouldn’t eat pizza off the bathroom floor right? Lol she was a wack job trust me
annie munson
annie munson Dag siden
He’s walking a fine line...literally playing Russian roulette. This isn’t rare...millions of Americans..are “functioning addicts”.....He is just out of the closet. I don’t know which would be better....a stay at home mom who also takes care of her sick mom and has access to her fentanyl patches and pain pills but NOBODY knows or him who feels comfortable enough to tell millions of people he smokes the heroin because he sees what shooting up can do. He needs to see his worth, handle his daddy issues so he can help pull other functioning addicts out of the pit.
cypher. Dag siden
Definately delusional✋🏻. So functioning yet still gonna od.
Travis Lucas
Travis Lucas Dag siden
Good luck Matthew. You seem like a cool kid. I hope you can get clean one day.
Penny Royalty
Penny Royalty Dag siden
I love how he clarifies that blink 182 isn’t punk. I like this guy.
Hose Igetem
Hose Igetem 5 timer siden
@Dillon Hicks he literally said 10 seconds later he got called a poser a year later lol
Dillon Hicks
Dillon Hicks 11 timer siden
Lol I bet you he's probably been called a poser for liking blink which is why he said that
ash mcdoyle
ash mcdoyle Dag siden
wish his gf was on here with him
The Anonymous Morph
The Anonymous Morph Dag siden
I relate to this guy. The pills hit me and I'm cleaning and happy and energetic. Best of luck to this man. He deserves to be clean.
dannyU2g Dag siden
If the interviewer would stfu it would be a much more pleasant watch, some things he says are straight up rude
Edward Durgan
Edward Durgan Dag siden
As soon as he starts talking about heroin and "roxys" he sounds like he is head over heels in love, or talking about a child that he is proud of. Not uncommon. I have heard people talk about hard drugs as their "one true love" for which they will do anything.
TGD FPV Dag siden
I’m struggling to find the “functioning” part. This guy seems completely broken.
Axel the Frank
Axel the Frank Dag siden
I understand that this video wasn't made to glamourise heroin use in any way but judging by some of the comments i fear it has minimised the impact of heroin use to some viewers . Don't be fooled by the likeness of Matthew (super chilled dude , i have to say ) heroin will either kill you or completely destroy your life .The title is very misleading (oxymoron ) as there is no such thing as a "Functional Heroin Addict" . I am now 51 years old and dabbled with drug use . ALL the people/friends that i knew of that did heroin are all dead or might as well be . Heroin is fucking evil
Axel the Frank
Axel the Frank Dag siden
Do a follow up . Let's see where is at in 10 years time ?
Jarid Ethier
Jarid Ethier Dag siden
i just wanna know why he thinks he is getting real heroin, i’ll make a bet he thinks he doing heroin but he doing fetnal, no way he testing it an no fetnal coming up, an bro why would you be drunk an decided to do some strong shit after knowing dude give u junk, well i’m guessing it was the booze making u not think but drinking an heroin just asking to od, an ur dealer sucks balls he didn’t warn you not to do much after he told u he had fetnal, funny thing is that’s the heroin u think ur getting from him he just gave u an uncut line but def a d bag letting u do big line specially knowing ur typically a smoker
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller Dag siden
Fucking 30s..
Christine Weeden
Christine Weeden Dag siden
My prayers are with him ,so much potential.God bless all the sick and suffering addicts. ❤💪🙏Your stronger than you think abd everyone is different dont let them scare you with their stories. Anyone can get clean.
Sean Cunn
Sean Cunn Dag siden
I worked with a guy like this he was productive at work and he confided in me on one occasionabout his addiction. I never would have guessed he had zero signs. A year later our boss called us all in one morning for a speech which he did periodically through the year but this time I got a different vibe right away the boss announced this guy passed away in his "sleep". RIP M
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Dag siden
Dude OD, almost died and said he was proud of being clean for a week. Look how far that went.
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns Dag siden
In regards to that "outkast" thing, I grew up in the UK, I have red hair and never felt part of any ethnic group. If you have red hair you are abused in a racist way from childhood and it continues in society as you get older. I also suffered actual racism (anti-white) a couple of times from indian kids. I remember "kick a red head day" at school, being kicked by a girl two years below and feeling completely powerless. Red heads are in a weird position in terms of the discrimination they face as it comes from all sides and is considered acceptable. I remember growing up feeling ugly because of it, becoming very shy at High School, and even thinking there were certain jobs I could never do because of my ethnicity (couldnt be a red headed teacher, couldnt be red headed politician etc. because of all the abuse you would get) and I thought I didnt want to have kids because who would want kids with my hair colour? From my early teens I felt no place in society and knew I needed to leave. Basically I felt an outkast my whole life until I reached 25 and emigrated. Now I am happy ✌✌✌ (28 now).
S. Y.
S. Y. 5 timer siden
Where have you moved?
Dustin Horne
Dustin Horne Dag siden
"Atleast I'm not doing ass to ass for money." I guess that's a win...
Freddy Headbite
Freddy Headbite Dag siden
It's not the opioids. It's the dopamine. You can't buy dopamine in small bags on the street. You have to like "force your brain to produce it" using other drugs.
ash mcdoyle
ash mcdoyle Dag siden
i really like this guy iwould like to see him sober and see how things are for him then
Nick Avila
Nick Avila 2 dager siden
Nice film work! What did you use to take that amazing still shot??
hvac pro
hvac pro 2 dager siden
no one cares
Ruggid .Raw
Ruggid .Raw 2 dager siden
Is his hair made of wood?
Dan Diesel
Dan Diesel 2 dager siden
Ending was a bit awkward between Matthew and the interviewer but this was a great insight. Cheers guys.
Bobby West
Bobby West 2 dager siden
Dude when does he get to the heroin part?
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ 2 dager siden
around 23:25 i did the same fucking thing, took two fat ass foil hits of fentanyl and fuckin OD'd. thankfully i was with a good friend (smoking in his car) so he raced to his house and got his narcan and shot it in my nose and saved my fucking life. this was 2-3 months ago..... i had just quit methadone cold turkey but you know opiates, i wanted some. he didnt have any h and passed me the foil with fent, and yep with a very low tolerance i took fat hits and that shit happened . i havent touched opiates now for about a month. quit cold turkey went thru the withdrawals. that scared the FUCK out of me. i'm cool.
settledsea 2 dager siden
Watching this reminds me of my boyfriend who just passed away in his sleep on March 18th. We don’t know the exact cause yet but he was a “functional” prescription pill user / recreational drug enthusiast and it probably didn’t help that he was into stuff because I’m sure with prolonged use anything could happen at any time, plus he didn’t eat the best and just didn’t take care of himself super well. I was worried but I could see he was trying to get better while we were dating and was always honest about what he was doing. He texted me days before before he died saying he loved me more. I knew he had the be the one to stop, I was just there to love him. He also felt like his xans made him “better” and like he just could handle life. I just wish we had more time. He was the most amazing and caring soul to me and also loved Blink. Don’t think I’ll ever love someone like that again. I hope this guy makes it.
George Jetson
George Jetson 2 dager siden
This guy looks like the nerdy computer genius that saves the day in every action movie ever
Drewg351 2 dager siden
It's too bad. This guy would probably be able to live a decent life, hold a job, if he could just get stable. Buprenorphine / Suboxone would probably work well for this individual. I've been on Suboxone 20 year's now. I have a two daughters, stay at home wife, beautiful house in the suburbs, and a great paying job. I haven't done any other drugs in 20 years. It's been a life saver.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 2 dager siden
Whites moved from Oakland to Hayward , Hayward to Castro valley. The forever gypsy running from diversity, seeking homogeneous safe communities.
YungTony B
YungTony B 2 dager siden
I was never a functioning addict. Always felt as though I was affected by the withdrawals & cravings so much more than the ppl around me. Heroin is hell. 3+ years sober. Never thought I’d get here & it feels fantastic.
Travis F
Travis F 2 dager siden
If he continues he will die. He's nowhere near done. It seems he still thinks he has a little power over it. He still thinks he can leave it or take it. I had to be locked up in jail, or rehab just to get dry and then day. Have had probably 30-40 people i've known die just from H. Been in a program since 1988 and have put together 10 years sober and clean.
Alison Walton
Alison Walton 2 dager siden
This guy's one of my all time faves
Nick C
Nick C 2 dager siden
I did it for a long time, never ends well
irish-medi-weed-grower 2 dager siden
A real spoilt brat ,who still thinks its ok to behave like he does .
Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez 2 dager siden
removing all that hair would make him feel so much cleaner and tidier
The Alkhemist1111
The Alkhemist1111 2 dager siden
There is no such thing as a functioning heroin user ... I’m sorry ., no matter how much I thought I had it under control , in reality it controlled me .. Never again !!!!!!
Old Timer
Old Timer 2 dager siden
I think we need a follow up on this guy!
Hispanic Titanic
Hispanic Titanic 2 dager siden
Damn thats crazy he mentioned the thing about his hand getting numb. Ive been experiencing the same thing and had the same thought he did.
HeadNtheClouds 2 dager siden
He is on a heroin ramble,,,, ramble ramble ramble, jizz in my pants, then nod off for four hours, then wake up & have to get more heroin, then talk some poor chumps ear off. This is definitely a heroin induced speech. I can’t listen to it anymore! STFU YOU DRUGGY
west coast graffiti and tags
west coast graffiti and tags 2 dager siden
Pshhhh smokes h pussy
No FuckShit
No FuckShit 2 dager siden
Hayward California baby Lets Go
iamsureiwillforgrt 2 dager siden
My first thought was that he sounds exactly like me when I haven’t taken my Adderall. I am so blessed that I never got into drugs.
Is this a joke? There is almost no difference between adderall and meth. Hate to break it to you but you're into drugs. If your comment was a joke then sorry for the explanation.
Erik Silva
Erik Silva 3 dager siden
No such thing as a functioning heroin addict
Helicopter Rides For Communists
Helicopter Rides For Communists 3 dager siden
Suboxone man. Go to a sub doc.
Lynda Pierson
Lynda Pierson 3 dager siden
alcohol will inevitably lead to shit
The Lonely Lady bug
The Lonely Lady bug 3 dager siden
this dude is fucking rambling on
Shaepayy 3 dager siden
why is stuff laced with fentanyl?? is fentanyl cheaper?
S. Y.
S. Y. 5 timer siden
Cheaper, Made in China!
Steven Criscione
Steven Criscione 3 dager siden
I have been looking hard and long for you my guy, I love you!
James Skehan
James Skehan 3 dager siden
Jfc, this guy is "functioning", but like obviously very not okay. This is such a deep kind of depression with the facade of okayness
CAPTAIN MONEY 3 dager siden
He has a vice and a problem but he’s a good man. Hope you get better son and try your best. You can get help but it’s up to you mate. If you die, you’ll go to heaven. Your honesty is pure.
Tim Seltenright
Tim Seltenright 2 dager siden
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no one cometh unto the father, but by me john14:6
John Smith
John Smith 3 dager siden
Well that explains it, he’s from 1980 living in the future.
Despair& Depression
Despair& Depression 3 dager siden
“sounds like a normal childhood” gets a knife pulled on him at 9 his cousins friend gets murdered ???
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 3 dager siden
Would help if you cut your hair and shaved
Jemma Talcott
Jemma Talcott 3 dager siden
You can function but only for so long😩
Decapitate State
Decapitate State 3 dager siden
I was a functioning heroin addict, until I wasn't. Eventually the functioning ends. It took a lot to get to that point but we all get there eventually.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 3 dager siden
DO NOT take from this video that you could maybe try heroin and be like this can’t and I’m telling you you can’t, my mother been a heroin addict my whole life and I seen first hand what this drug really far the worst of the worst drug ive ever seen...please kids and even adults that are watching this...NEVER TRY HEROIN
Bria Pulliam
Bria Pulliam 3 dager siden
He looks like a guy out of that 70s Show 😊
Aubrey Snyder
Aubrey Snyder 3 dager siden
You're feelings and experiences Are valid. The mind can be our master or our best friend. But we decide by our daily actions. Much love
Janax x
Janax x 3 dager siden
Rodney 3 dager siden
As also a heroin addict, I can co sign to everything he says
Larry Calvert
Larry Calvert 3 dager siden
Piece of shit
Monstrells F-W
Monstrells F-W 3 dager siden
No such thing
c cee
c cee 3 dager siden
That's what every job I've ever had has been like. Me and a few others carrying the company with multiple workloads.
tracy hernandez
tracy hernandez 3 dager siden
"I liked basketball but wasn't good enough to get on the team". ... Why did my heart instantly melt for his inner child. 😫
marcus holtzheimer
marcus holtzheimer 3 dager siden
“In 2012 I was dabbling in black tar heroin”
Chris Simonson
Chris Simonson 3 dager siden
this guy is dilusionall(sp) this guy isn't functioning he's lying to himself and everyone. This poor guy just hasn't seen the worst of it yet its coming though poor guy
Allegra Salazar
Allegra Salazar 3 dager siden
Chris W
Chris W 3 dager siden
I had the same numb left hand , I would try to ignore the pains i got as well ,Ended up being a brachial plexus tumor that was growing larger and larger each day. My advice to you don't ignore symptoms. It could be something bigger.
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin 3 dager siden
This is what Walter Sobchak was doing in his youth....after he returned from Vietnam with PTSD before he met Jeffrey Lebowski and went on to be his best friend, aside from Donnie.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 3 dager siden
everyon has their own poison an it is the mindset you use the drug with that gives it the properties you allow it to give..
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 3 dager siden
hes blasted off da oxy rn
Joel 3 dager siden
Matthew my guy, you are worth it.
Matthew Masters
Matthew Masters 3 dager siden
I'm going through withdraws now on my 3rd day it sucks but u gotta do it before your gone cuz it will happen eventually I'm from a really small town in ohio and the stuff surely ain't as good as there I bet but still ppl always od around here like every week
Airstation 32
Airstation 32 4 dager siden
Mark!!! Your channel BLEW UP!!!! congratulations bro!!!
Ainsley 4 dager siden
can the people in this comment section stop talking like you know the guy or anything about his personal life
Garrett Straffon
Garrett Straffon 4 dager siden
See this is dumb because he is young. If he keeps doing it thinking that he is functioning. Watch what happens
edward starling
edward starling 4 dager siden
I tried going with no drugs. I cant. Had too much bad thins happen
Mandy 4 dager siden
Aww, I hope he can make his way back to the clinic. What a well spoken, kind hearted man. ❤. Prayers that he gets the help he deserves.
Jacob Shokrian
Jacob Shokrian Dag siden
@Melissa Pietrzak yeah I would love too a matter of a fact like I had a question I'm on 120mg methadone a day my counselor and doctor have mentioned the option of suboxone and iv been considering it but like how's the transition like because I know subs are opiate blockers will I get sick during the transition of them finding my correct dosage
Melissa Pietrzak
Melissa Pietrzak Dag siden
@Jacob Shokrian I feel you I hated methodone I’m on suboxon 1 month clean today!!!! Good luck on your recovery!!!! Reach out if u ever need to talk
Jacob Shokrian
Jacob Shokrian Dag siden
I'm on methadone I hate it.
Kate Nichol
Kate Nichol 4 dager siden
If Garett watts did heroin
muntasir tuhin
muntasir tuhin 4 dager siden
I really hope you are gonna make it. Best of luck.
Micah Bellis
Micah Bellis 4 dager siden
It's funny, but if you dont find your purpose, you stay bored, you give in to the feel good pleasures. Then you become a victim. The biggest problem in America is boredom and waste. Want to succeed: find a purpose, build a community, do better. One day, all this shit won't even exist anymore. You won't even be a memory. Take care of yourself while you are here, you only live once.
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