Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

15 dager siden

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 15 dager siden
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X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii 2 dager siden
The w
Typical Day
Typical Day 4 dager siden
Typical Day
Typical Day 4 dager siden
Typical Day
Typical Day 4 dager siden
The Rat prince
The Rat prince 7 dager siden
did you seriously get Kathryn herself to do the kills for you?!
Markuss Dombrovskis
Markuss Dombrovskis 33 minutter siden
I was like just saying what are you gonna do piss your pants and when I saw it happen I started laughing xD
Media Pool
Media Pool 2 timer siden
thanks for the video.
Nba Shmurda
Nba Shmurda 3 timer siden
Swear I thought u was Gordon Hayward 😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Winter 3 timer siden
GammaBoy 3 timer siden
I’m surprised nobody commented on the DND reference
Sylas Grayson
Sylas Grayson 3 timer siden
this was going great until the degenerate sjw sexuality nonsense.
Lachlan Allander
Lachlan Allander 4 timer siden
MercenarioPato 6 timer siden
The dog is black
MercenarioPato 6 timer siden
Kathyrn Newton could kill me for free
emma3443 8 timer siden
14:42 “or possibly a handsomer me” There is no handsomer you James your the best looking you, you can be dude Does anyone agree
Dreday Allday Everyday
Dreday Allday Everyday 8 timer siden
James' scream is hilarious!
Nathanael Henry
Nathanael Henry 8 timer siden
Best way to start a weekend
John Doe
John Doe 9 timer siden
Y'all should both do kill counts together
Azrael 9 timer siden
that scene with josh saying hes straight made me laugh so hard for some reason
Ri-Juriel Poulina
Ri-Juriel Poulina 10 timer siden
Freaky is micheal myers and jason movies together
Ziggyy 10 timer siden
who else thinks the kill count sounds better with the girl
Andres Lugo
Andres Lugo 10 timer siden
I just finish that movie I like it
Evjmte 10 timer siden
every horror movie’s main character is a girl
The Gaming Wizard
The Gaming Wizard 11 timer siden
I have Been waiting soooo long for this kill count thanks James!
joseph gamble
joseph gamble 11 timer siden
This movie was freaky
Christian 12 timer siden
"no kill is the same" Yeah but all of them are the same as those from other movies so idk if he can say that lol
Tommy Saville
Tommy Saville 13 timer siden
The fucking cops in this movie 😂😂
the life of neo
the life of neo 15 timer siden
this was such a good movie, i loved it!
Invalid -User
Invalid -User 15 timer siden
Hes both gay and hetero
songbird 64
songbird 64 15 timer siden
“I didn’t come here to clam-jam with you” made my dad laugh for about five minutes long.
songbird 64
songbird 64 15 timer siden
Lmao when he broke the bottle inside the kid I immediately thought about James and how he’d love it for it’s creativity and gore
Nicole Harrington
Nicole Harrington 5 timer siden
It's similar to Sorority Row (2009)
Invalid -User
Invalid -User 15 timer siden
Me when friday night funkin' becomes too freaky :
AnimationStation 15 timer siden
This video is still pretty great and hilarious, but the movie itself just doesn't work for me. If you enjoy it, then keep enjoying it
The Skoolmustard
The Skoolmustard 16 timer siden
This was such a fun movie
Jerry M
Jerry M 17 timer siden
Doesn’t Katherine play Castiel’s human vessel Roy’s daughter in the Supernatural TV Show?? If she is from Supernatural, that’s where I remembered her from, and she was a bad ass character in that show.
Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker 17 timer siden
All kills In this kill count 3:39 issac’s kill 3:49 sandra’s kill 4:11 evan’s kill 4:27 ginny’s kill 9:58 Ryler’s kill 10:44 Mr. bernardi 19:46 squl & tobin’s kill 20:01 brett’s kill 20:31 Phil’s kill 22:28 blissfield butcher’s kill
Cheese King
Cheese King 16 timer siden
This needs more likes
A Person
A Person 17 timer siden
If I turned into a woman for a day or so I would INSTANTLY play the renowned videogame "The flicking bean"
Joshua Petrucci
Joshua Petrucci 17 timer siden
U just summed up the entire movie in the numbers.
m f
m f 18 timer siden
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs 18 timer siden
this movie sucked
SarahAnnRose23 18 timer siden
I had the pleasure of seeing Misha on Broadway in A Clockwork Orange. They were phenomenal in that play, and I'm so thrilled to see them get to do more work!
Haziel Pimentel
Haziel Pimentel 18 timer siden
Wait she actually did the numbers that’s amazing nice idea
MUSICA 18 timer siden
Michael Beaulieu
Michael Beaulieu 18 timer siden
This was like that old 80's movie, Vice Versa, but with a dark serial killer twist. Loved it!!
The Pastel Sunsets
The Pastel Sunsets 19 timer siden
I saw that movie I started laughing when the guy got caught in half IM NOT CRAZY HERE ME OUT if you look closely he's got no skeleton 😂
Marcy Marcy
Marcy Marcy 19 timer siden
Ngl the gang rape scene the SERIAL KILLER/MILLIE what she/he did was a complete BADASS MOVE⚡🔥🔥🔥🔥🖕🖕🖕💯💯💯
parsa dolat
parsa dolat 20 timer siden
this was actually a good movie
Ching Chong
Ching Chong Dag siden
This supernatural episode seems weird
Peta Jaksik
Peta Jaksik Dag siden
This just screams “edgy “, according to the thumbnail
Caleb Hoops
Caleb Hoops Dag siden
omg i am a massive i have been watching you sence you started kill count good job
ijustwantsushi Dag siden
thanks for always blessing us w ur vids
kim anh
kim anh Dag siden
The wakeful wren namely saw because cymbal serologically mess up through a extra-large extra-small exuberant stone. lucky, accidental cheque
Dragonqueengirl Dag siden
Him: I wanted to leave the gore in so, I got a sponsor Me: HELL YES, I WANTED TO SEE THE GORE
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
This supernatural episode seems weird
Dez Truckstuff
Dez Truckstuff Dag siden
When the fbi comes to my house :my friend 21:26
JMiner18 Dag siden
NOwindow when James gets a sponsor: F***K Now are fun for the day is over
ScotsmanProductions Dag siden
Ngl I would purposely fall into Josh’s trap
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac Dag siden
Since we have international fans here, is c*nt really a word that y'all can normally say in y'all's country?
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac 19 timer siden
Huh. Well thank you! I hate how America is drastically different from everywhere else in those ways. Is there something we say that is offensive in y'all's country/countries?
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Dag siden
@Christopher Thomas Fellow Brit here and I concur. It's a term of endearment in most of Scotland.
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Dag siden
Yeah, it's casually used in the UK. You use it a lot. "You're a fat c*nt", "you're a daft c*nt" etc. And it can be used endearingly or maliciously. I've honestly heard it used endearingly more than I've heard it used maliciously
The Big Boss
The Big Boss Dag siden
Hey James, once the five nights at freddy's film comes out, can you cover it, that would be so cool
Sameer Agnihotri
Sameer Agnihotri Dag siden
The lawnmower 3.O can bring your dead meat back to life
Janaysha cousin
Janaysha cousin Dag siden
Janaysha cousin
Janaysha cousin Dag siden
the butcher kinda did millie a favor
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas Dag siden
WTF James!!! You can't say f#cking MURDER is justified because someone says offensive things. Jesus WTF
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Dag siden
He said it in the context of horror movies as that's how they work. He didn't say it was okay in real life.
Mr potato
Mr potato Dag siden
beep boop skdo bep
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy Dag siden
Fuck...I gotta watch this now. Thanks.
Scarlett Soilder
Scarlett Soilder Dag siden
I'm sorry when Booker made out with Millie- I lost it
Simcity Jayplay
Simcity Jayplay Dag siden
Truly gory, that some "Freaky" could do such a thing
The Official Bronze Channel - Brawl Stars [UN]
The Official Bronze Channel - Brawl Stars [UN] Dag siden
I haven’t see this channel in such a while
Gameplay Channel
Gameplay Channel Dag siden
I don’t care if it’s Raid: Shadow Legends but just get a sponsor for all of these videos.
AbsoluteScotsman Dag siden
NGL i actually got the perfect package when it first came out and its really good
Brushpod Dag siden
how is this monetized lmao
Noob Slayer 47
Noob Slayer 47 Dag siden
Just came back to this channel after a year. And boy have I been missing out. I've got a lot of catching up to do.
Noob Slayer 47
Noob Slayer 47 Dag siden
@Dead Meat POGGERS!
Dead Meat
Dead Meat Dag siden
Welcome back!
Xehanort10 Dag siden
18:59 Even by the standards of horror film cops Charlene sucks.
Xehanort10 Dag siden
That body switching scene reminds of when Chucky possesses Nica in Cult of Chucky and Fiona Dourif grabs and squeezes her own boobs to demonstrate Chucky liking his new body.
Satanic Bitch
Satanic Bitch Dag siden
where can you watch the full film
Madi Hearlson
Madi Hearlson Dag siden
Pllssss do a kill count on the lost boys🥺🥺
alex ramirez
alex ramirez Dag siden
The redundant jason interspecifically whisper because lynx topically explode unto a rambunctious mallet. dependent, proud cause
Jebu911 Dag siden
This was a fun movie and i really enjoyed the gimmick alltho they could have explored it slightly more.
Ty the master
Ty the master Dag siden
Me: Ayo Dead meat: hard R Black: Hard R OH HELL NAHhHHHHH
Alasfour Oday
Alasfour Oday 2 dager siden
The helpful distance embryologically suck because maria concurrently flash of a odd rhythm. feeble feigned, smooth volcano
Hendogga! 2 dager siden
I love how he's so right when he said not to say the 'c' word because it's America not the outback, we use swear words in every bloody sentence here
CKW 2000
CKW 2000 2 dager siden
Who realised bond is from fighting with my family 😅
Trotsky Ein
Trotsky Ein 2 dager siden
Next is hellraiser Come on guys Let's like this to have a proof that we like hellraiser
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Dag siden
You have to email him, he doesn't take requests from the comments
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Dag siden
He's well aware that people want Hellraiser. He spoke about it in a recent Q&A video.
fatema islam
fatema islam 2 dager siden
The unable windchime uniformly command because bike practically complain aboard a sincere zone. rainy, second-hand steam
vvinston 2 dager siden
*16:32** ACAB1312*
Kit Rocks
Kit Rocks 2 dager siden
Yeah if you called progress just flipping everything so I mean in today’s world if you’re not gay by lesbian or any of that if you’re a straight white male you might as well go dig a hole for yourself because we haven’t made progress we’ve just flipped the script
Surv Call
Surv Call 2 dager siden
bruh lannen has a Lederman jacket, best man ever
Exposed Mod
Exposed Mod 2 dager siden
3:10 - 3:15 sounded like he was rapping a story with the beat
Alivia Bennett
Alivia Bennett 2 dager siden
I’ve wanted to see this ever since the trailer
koz12zo12 2 dager siden
Lol love the ending with you and Chelsea. (So sorry if I misspelled her name)
Pugdamoon 2 dager siden
Hey I met vince vaughn in arizona at a gun range
Temphlosion 2 dager siden
Looks like Mr. Bernardi needed a sawstop.
Unknown 2 dager siden
James: "So don't worry if you wake up looking like a 6 foot 5 serial killer." Me: What'd u say about my dad?
1ndieGames 2 dager siden
I loved this movie!
G1n seng
G1n seng 2 dager siden
Hard R lane?
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Dag siden
Its just another way to say rated R
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Freddy 2 dager siden
Freaky (2020) ----------------------- Director: Christopher Landon ----------------------- Producer: Jason Blum ----------------------- Writers: Michael Kennedy, Christopher Landon ----------------------- Starring: Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Katie Finneran, Celeste O’Connor, Misha Osherovich, Alan Ruck ----------------------- Composer: Bear McCreary ----------------------- Cinematographer: Laurie Rose ----------------------- Editor: Ben Baudhuin ----------------------- Production Companies: Blumhouse Productions, Divide/Conquer ----------------------- Distributor: Universal Pictures ----------------------- Release Date: November 13, 2020 ----------------------- Runtime: 101 minutes ----------------------- Budget: $6 million ----------------------- Box Office: $15.2 million
Boaz West
Boaz West 2 dager siden
podcast psycho LOL
Overseer's memes, Gacha and probably more
Overseer's memes, Gacha and probably more 2 dager siden
That set needed more leatherface
No human Here
No human Here 2 dager siden
Anyone here to scared to watch a horror movie so u watch this instead
Roni Christie
Roni Christie 2 dager siden
The end was so creative
Cherry Bledsoe
Cherry Bledsoe 2 dager siden
I liked when dead meat has subtitles not subtitles showing weird weirds.
Sougo Tokiwa
Sougo Tokiwa 2 dager siden
Death by sex. Classic.
Doctor Marvel
Doctor Marvel 2 dager siden
Freaky friday
DonceBeats 2 dager siden
Fkn disgusting the part where he kissed that man
Stupid Shadows
Stupid Shadows 2 dager siden
when james said "charlene's the worst cop ive ever seen in a movie" I really thought "so shes accurately portraying a cop?" lol
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