Fortnite | The Zero Point Story (2018-2021) WATCH BEFORE SEASON 6

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has already given us more lore and story beats that the last 3 years combined. Today we look forward at the history of the zero point over the last 3 years of updates.
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PlayStationGrenade Måned siden
This was fun to make, hope you like it. :D
Isaac Nene
Isaac Nene 7 dager siden
The your mum joke noice
Lawson Shayla
Lawson Shayla Måned siden
Ahy no se q comentar XD 2:28 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 🔥 ପାଇଁ
Chi Doan van
Chi Doan van Måned siden
Insane 0:20 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤
Ysn_Crystal Måned siden
get this to max 500 replys
Martin Hayden
Martin Hayden Måned siden
AAA tak se i Češi našli 2:29 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 🔥 ପାଇଁ
evilrobo 008
evilrobo 008 3 dager siden
I was in a normal game then the rocket hit me
Qeox 3 dager siden
the black hole is where it all went downhill, damn
Qeox 3 dager siden
all seasons list [best to worse] 1• season 4 2• season 2 3• season 3 4• season x 5• season 6 6• season 2 ch2 7• season 5 8• season 7 9• season 9 10• season 8 11• season 1 12• season 4 ch2 13• season 5 ch2 14• season 1 ch2 15• season 3 ch2 16• season 6 ch2
lil dyplo
lil dyplo 3 dager siden
Or your eyes i watched after season 6
Lace It Up
Lace It Up 3 dager siden
WHX-rex 4 dager siden
Now i feel bad that i started playing c2 s5 :(
Qeox 3 dager siden
rip, u missed out on the best time in fortnite
Totally Foundation
Totally Foundation 6 dager siden
Dang orb
P4TTLJR Games 6 dager siden
I love that galctus was so hungry for a little crumb for him lol.
Qeox 3 dager siden
it looks like that but it was more then a crumb, it was the most powerful orb to exist, would've made him more powerful by alot
P4TTLJR Games 6 dager siden
I have a theory maybe the butterfly's are the spirits of the fortnite characters if you look closely the dark bomber had a sad face on maybe the fortnite character all got brang into the fornite world from the "real world" through the zero point and thats why jonesey want to keep everyone away from the zero point I copy and paste this from another story because I was watching that wrote this and then saw this video
Charlew Gamer
Charlew Gamer 6 dager siden
when the zero point was getting destroyed by the metor it was like me vs my bro tryna go to the toilet😂
Dima Shpak
Dima Shpak 9 dager siden
It will be cool,if they told how the island was appeared and who is actuall owner of him
Piotr Czajkowski
Piotr Czajkowski 14 dager siden
Where did assumption that loop is a computer simulation came from?
Charles Drake
Charles Drake 15 dager siden
Charles Drake
Charles Drake 15 dager siden
I mean chapter
Charles Drake
Charles Drake 15 dager siden
What if the loop is back in chapter season 7 next
Charles Drake
Charles Drake 15 dager siden
Wait a minute the og map if chapter 1 and chapter 2
Shawn Nettle
Shawn Nettle 16 dager siden
It's so stupid she's in four Galactus had the 0.1 the agency up from season 2 season 100 had to pick the hell dance
Shawn Nettle
Shawn Nettle 16 dager siden
You're so stupid season 3 had the them the take the elbow
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi 17 dager siden
thanks to the multi verse does that mean that in one multi verse there is a joseph stalen skin?
Jr CASTILLO's 18 dager siden
It shows that galactic is the weakest villain he got beaten by a bunch 9 year olds in buses
Owen York
Owen York 20 dager siden
U sayin my mom was the monster
OPTICAL_BLOX 20 dager siden
You know the cat from the alien movies name is jonesy
Robukid Gaming
Robukid Gaming 22 dager siden
So...Where did Galactus go?
Rocket Bollocks
Rocket Bollocks 22 dager siden
Pov 10 years ahead in chapter 7: Jonesy wakes up on the little boat on loot lake and had dreamt the entire thing
shahar birman
shahar birman 22 dager siden
everyone :whatches this video me(the epic chunges):masterbaiting noises
Theo JP
Theo JP 23 dager siden
Is it just me or is Spider Man Into the Spider Verse just like the loop?!
Samuel Fradgley
Samuel Fradgley 24 dager siden
In season next lesbian short as a picture in season x
Sebastian Allen
Sebastian Allen 24 dager siden
2018:i didn’t even know about FORTNITE
Shade 25 dager siden
I think singularity (the skin) is one of the seven because she hase the EXACT same body as the female one of the seven
Felidae 25 dager siden
What a big mess of a story....
Crypton 25 dager siden
"The cracks in Polar Peak revealed a new enemy; Your mom." LOL
Adamonlinear10 Gaming and Lego productions
Adamonlinear10 Gaming and Lego productions 25 dager siden
There is a picture of jules on midas desk
Adamonlinear10 Gaming and Lego productions
Adamonlinear10 Gaming and Lego productions 25 dager siden
Do you know that statue it was holding the mask that you found in the desk protecting the zero point
kenjionmars 26 dager siden
waiting for jonsey to absorb the zero points power
Collin Thayer
Collin Thayer 26 dager siden
i used code plus i subed and liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaggy the Undying meme
Shaggy the Undying meme 26 dager siden
*I hunger*
Parroty 27 dager siden
Well this is season six
RhysXboxer30 28 dager siden
3:24 *Your mum*
goldy singh
goldy singh 28 dager siden
The kids that join chapter 2 and later never say your an og
The Martins
The Martins 28 dager siden
Ur mom
Rayyan Saud
Rayyan Saud 28 dager siden
season 6 is here!
Coco Bear
Coco Bear 29 dager siden
3:24 did he say "ur mum" Was the enemy?
RedFlamez 29 dager siden
Do you guys hear a “shing” at 10:46
preston Life
preston Life 29 dager siden
I want a monster hunter rathalos/rathian skin and a rathalos/rathian glider
jess jenkinsonnn
jess jenkinsonnn Måned siden
Season 9 was my favourite season ngl
Mohammed Paul
Mohammed Paul Måned siden
𝕎𝕙𝕠 𝕪𝕚𝕦 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕟
Ian Griffin
Ian Griffin Måned siden
I thought the gauntlet was batman's
Dennis Lessing
Dennis Lessing Måned siden
This feels like a very wild fanfiction
ZachNotFound Måned siden
Me : jones why do you have a cat with you Jones: I like your cat g
cauli 2170
cauli 2170 29 dager siden
How dare you
The Mortician
The Mortician Måned siden
Isn't the zero point more like singularity?
I don’t know
I don’t know Måned siden
So the map were in now is the old map??
Howard Allen
Howard Allen Måned siden
Edward Slegel
Edward Slegel Måned siden
Diana Feys
Diana Feys Måned siden
Season 6
DragonXMega Måned siden
So nice video
Slap Back
Slap Back Måned siden
3:26 lol 😂
L1v3rp00l • 7 years ago
L1v3rp00l • 7 years ago Måned siden
No way this is how the zero point ende
Xaiden Mindy
Xaiden Mindy Måned siden
Iron Man is right below links in the head statues
I’m mad
I’m mad Måned siden
I joined in season x : )
Ramblast4 Måned siden
I can’t help but think that in chapter one the original people where freed but in chapter two we play as the unlucky people who got trapped in the new loop
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree Måned siden
Best line : a new enemy ur mom
BKS CASHOUT Cash Måned siden
So are they using the zero point to take us back to the old map ?
Terminuke Måned siden
update: zero point is a flower the other ball thing is a seed
Giorno Brando
Giorno Brando Måned siden
I have lost my charger so I can’t play (for my controller)
bashy61988 Måned siden
i was in the season 4 live event but i got killed by a valor
Trey Holmon
Trey Holmon Måned siden
The liver event in fortnite with mech vrs monster was atually on my birthday so I couldn’t wait so I had to play it
Adrian Faudoa
Adrian Faudoa Måned siden
Monster: Karen’s Robot:masks
Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith Måned siden
Yo crazy idea what if the zero point is really the core of the earth
Yeet Forever
Yeet Forever Måned siden
The Rage
The Rage Måned siden
No you’re not overthinking it I actually kind of thought that it was manufactured zero points from the very start or a decoy for galactose
little demon
little demon Måned siden
3:25 my feelings just got tard appart
Morag Gardinor
Morag Gardinor Måned siden
season 1
BLKSHP Måned siden
"Your Mum" and the little chuckle had me in literal tears from laughing to hard 😂
"we have a new enemy" Me; yea that po- "your mum' *writes name in death note"
Just Luna
Just Luna Måned siden
Galactus: “I hunger...” Me: “Yes, yes good job. Now say DaDa.”
Brian King-hayot
Brian King-hayot Måned siden
Well now we know that the zero point is somewhat stable, but one of the seven and Jones is trapped in it.
Chicken gaming Boy
Chicken gaming Boy Måned siden
KawaiiTheGamer YT
KawaiiTheGamer YT Måned siden
I remember The Season 4 Event i love that season every time I listen to the default music I cry and when I think about the season 😖😭
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Måned siden
Just as a point of correction: if Galactus had eaten zero point, ALL realities would have been destroyed.
Sheep Last Name
Sheep Last Name Måned siden
That's Batman from the Dark Knight movie's gauntlet.
TBD Rayzor
TBD Rayzor Måned siden
i cant be the only one who realized 9:01, those are IO guards!!
Yesmill Acosta
Yesmill Acosta Måned siden
The event was the best.
JerryGaryGerald Måned siden
Chapter 2 season 3 is also part of the story tier 100 skin has a lot of rift stuff and zero point also just saying
Laugh Måned siden
To think that all of this happened because of a meteor
Alfie Collumbell
Alfie Collumbell Måned siden
dude it’s been years and ur still making these videos, love them as always but i got out of fortnite ages ago. good to know you’re still keeping up the great work
Evan Leferve
Evan Leferve Måned siden
On The thirteenth of June 2018 I was celebrating my birthday
The Paragon
The Paragon Måned siden
This all started cause elon musk wanted to test out his new rocket
Dulce Gonzalez
Dulce Gonzalez Måned siden
5:46 Zero Point: Bo- Ad: USAA
Runeka Dawson
Runeka Dawson Måned siden
Juicy Måned siden
Did anyone notice that a picture of jewels in Midas room
Titanus Doug
Titanus Doug Måned siden
I remember Kevin rip Kevin My account:season 5-chapter 2 season 4
David Brewer
David Brewer Måned siden
The first live event of fortnite I had no idea what the heck was going on. I was just playing the game normally and had zero idea what the heck was happening
The RICH duo 67
The RICH duo 67 Måned siden
The first "live event: was the comets that random dropped on the map
Koblac Måned siden
Is Fortnite canon in the MCU?
Koblac Måned siden
theory: the zero point was a neutron star
tawanna bell
tawanna bell Måned siden
Ski Jr
Ski Jr Måned siden
can we talk about how there’s only 3 visitors and not 7.
YRGxFNG 4EVR Måned siden
There was only 3 but now we know 4 we still have to figure out who the other 3 are
Coy2x Gaming
Coy2x Gaming Måned siden
Emagine if minecraft was summond 😂😂
Jake8 Gaming
Jake8 Gaming Måned siden
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