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25 dager siden

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Massive news in the football world today as plans have been released to create a breakaway "European Super League" involving 6 Premier League teams, 3 La Liga teams and 3 Serie A teams.
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Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 24 dager siden
Short version:
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son 24 dager siden
What an utter disgrace, Football is Dead because of Greedy owners with their Americanized style Super League ,..They will pull out because of the Backlash and try re-negotiate their cut on d TV rights from Sky & BT TRUST DAT 💯
Aiden Plays
Aiden Plays 24 dager siden
Stay strong and have a good day or evening.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 dager siden
I'm a man utd fan- stunned. We all have to stand against this- even the proposal of it, whether its goes ahead or not- is disgusting
minisla 20 dager siden
Football died decades ago
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 21 dag siden
shite league” falls through. Disgusting...sad day not only for football but humanity as a whole... thanks for you’re words Craig ❤️👊🏼
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 dager siden
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 22 dager siden
The day liverpool said "walk there on your own" to the smaller teams. I'll see you at prenton Park from now on.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 dager siden
Biggest united fan going but we shud all unite against this super league
Valkir 23 dager siden
Absolutely legendary rant mate. 100% agree
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 18 dager siden
Craig0 Weston
Craig0 Weston 23 dager siden
It this is actualized I will NEVER watch another game of the Club I love. I'm depressed
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 18 dager siden
Biggest united fan going but we shud all unite against this super league
Gray Patrick
Gray Patrick 23 dager siden
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 23 dager siden
Football is coming home it is coming home were it belongs with the football fans not for sale
darren2900 23 dager siden
Greedy yank bastards is all they are, sell the club to someone who actually cares about football and not just about money, fan owned clubs should become a thing like they are in Germany
The Hairy Snot
The Hairy Snot 23 dager siden
It's been on the agenda for a while, first they try to ram women's football down our necks now this, they want to destroy everything men hold dearest, this is all leftist agenda
Nr 11
Nr 11 23 dager siden
Covid was an exit scam
Martin Montilus
Martin Montilus 23 dager siden
spread the word!!! Unfollow or un-platform any footballer, coach, even advertisements of teams who plan to play in the super league! Save Football!!
Anton Kirk
Anton Kirk 23 dager siden
We are fans united we will never be defeated Let’s hope it doesn’t happen we will miss you if it happens from a Leeds fans
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce 23 dager siden
If those games from yesterday years have been taken away then so have all Liverpool League titles bare one. Because the same thing happened when the Premiership was created. Look at the lower league clubs dying, disappearing. This has already been done to us ALL! The only difference is Sky Sports are not in charge of this monstrosity. But make no mistake... the monster has already been resurrected and right now is just having a...... “Facelift!” 👌🏾or a boob reduction and SKY SPORTS LIKE BIG BOOBS! Metaphor. We have always been in the back seat of this car on this ride.let’s not get it twisted. Think back to old division one 🤔
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce 23 dager siden
All football is working class or was.
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce 23 dager siden
Top teams are sick of UEFA, FA & Sky Sports taking the lion share and they know that UCL is Fuck all without them. So our teams are taking back ownership rather than at beck an call of the media for funds jump through hoops. Give it a chance.. we gave the Premiership a chance. Fuck UEFA Fuck Sky Sports. They’re not bothered if you go or not.. they’ll still make more money. I’m not fighting for super league BUT.. I AM FIGHT AGAINST SKY SPORTS AND UEFA & FA. YOUVE BEEN WATCHING CAPITALISM AT ITS BEAT AINCE PREM CAME INTO FRUITION.
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce 23 dager siden
Listen I hear all of you.. my second family. BUT... maybe we were too young but we all sold out already when division one became the Premiership. Lucrative media rights... destroyed football.. yo! A lot of one t children can’t even watch certain matches until the next day because it’s bedtime. Matches starting at 20:00 is ridiculous and definitely ALL ABOUT MEDIA RIGHTS THAN THE GROUD ROOTS OF FOOTBALL. They know kids go bed but it’s about media rights Arsenal in Europa cup Final in Baku. Nothing to do with fans MONEY. FOOTBALL SOLD OUT A LONG TIME AGO. It’s Sky Sports who are really pissed off and we shouldn’t be carry water for Sky Sports (Running their Agenda) VAR... this started when Prem started. FUCK SKY SPORTS!
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill 23 dager siden
Biggest united fan going but we shud all unite against this super league
Aezaz Sheikh C1 Blue
Aezaz Sheikh C1 Blue 23 dager siden
I'm a city fan but we are rivals on the pitch. Let's save the game we love
Rootical 23 dager siden
Rootical 23 dager siden
Get rid of the yanks. Never have a yank in charge. Dont go against the fans. This is a BIG NO
mikefranliv 23 dager siden
Save football
Stickii 23 dager siden
I love this club and i remember the first time that i knew football was more than just a game. I was 7 years old and i happened to watch live on tv, Michael Thomas scoring THAT last grasp goal to win the league for Arsenal over us. I cried for days like id lost a loved one! It was then i knew what this beautiful game meant! Its in our blood! We are loyal to our clubs, we are attached to our clubs like family! I never ever thought id see the day where my loyalty to the club i love, be potentially compromised! I have in my heart the feeling that if these clubs including my beloved Liverpool go to the ESL i will walk away from the game and the club i love. The greed that is going on is totally unacceptable and the comment that i heard from a board member of one of these clubs that said, the wider good of the game is a secondary concern. This comment made my blood boil and i will boycott my club if they enter this league. I will not support these billionaires that think they can do what the hell they want and think that we will just follow them like ducklings and give them our hard earned money! They can FUCK right off! Football is dying and im so sad about it!
AvengeTheTECH 23 dager siden
when FSG tried to raise ticket prices by £10 to help the club raise funds for transfers, etc, we LFC fans rebuked it, they spend millions on new training facility, players, regenerations of the stadium. all in the aid of trying to improve our beloved club and we cannot or will not contribute £10 to help them. Yes, they have money, and they took the club out of debt. They earned their money and choose to fund LFC. If I asked you to put your own money of millions into a club with no guarantee of success of ROI and to plough millions into an institution based on its history. We follow our club wherever they go home and away up and down the country and all over Europe nothing will change. to be honest, I'd rather see LFC vs Real and Barca, LFC vs ATM, LFC vs Milan, etc week in week out. Football is monitored by the FA, UEFA, Owners, etc we are pawns in the middle and our passion lines their pocket. How many FA members get rich out of football, how many members of the football hierarchy get rich off this game? whether the Super league or the premier league or any other league the rich always get rich. how much is Pogba demanding, how many players are on 150,000 a week, 180,000 a week, 200,000 a week, 300,000 a week, A WEEK and you think the super league is corrupt? MAN C found guilty of breaking FFP however it was overturned, and they fined a billionaire, W-T-F is that. FFP doesn't work, relegation is always the lower clubs never the top teams, the Spanish league is a 2-horse race, etc. how many leagues do you think have more than 5 clubs competing to win it? Spain? Italy? Germany? etc NO. it's been corrupted for years, and we just been blinded to this fact. FIFA and the FA are corrupt to the core. how many teams have won the champions league in the last 10 years other than Braca, Real, Liverpool,???? how many teams times have Real and Braca won it between them? it is ridiculous. PSG turned it down no1 club in France owned by billionaires, Dortmund number 2 club in Germany, the list goes on. I'm not for or against it whatever my clubs do I back it and move on with it. '#LFC for life, bonded or misguided this is my club for life.
Fred Adams
Fred Adams 23 dager siden
Get the yanks and politics out of our sport
Fred Adams
Fred Adams 23 dager siden
Derek Warland
Derek Warland 23 dager siden
Has a villain fan I find the idea disgusting the Aston Villa was started by the working man and this will just be football for the rich I,am glad that my club Aston vilia is not part off It I remember when the fans bought shares to save Aston villa
Matt Yourownbusiness
Matt Yourownbusiness 23 dager siden
I'm a United fan. I'm not here to banter but to see exactly how the other fans of other clubs are feeling about this Super League. From what I can see for one of the few times in our history we are all together in our disgust of what is going on. Absolutely gutted that this is where our owners are taking us. United fans saw this coming back when the Glazers bought our team on nothing more than debt. They only were interested in one thing , their profits. It's a model that was no doubt planned dreamed up 16 years ago and bit by bit the billionaires have purchased key teams and now all the pieces are in place to screw us all over! I'm gutted for all supporters of teams throughout the leagues. I personally will walk away if this goes ahead. Fuck them all
Faauuga Brayne
Faauuga Brayne 24 dager siden
Craig if this goes onn I’m burning every man United thing I have . I don’t even care who wins the europa now
imun 56
imun 56 24 dager siden
People who love football Stand togheter ! greetings from Germany.
K 33
K 33 24 dager siden
Playing against the tops clubs is great but who wants to do it every week?
UH WHA? 24 dager siden
Can't wait for my Lawnmower 3.0
gobsmack gamer
gobsmack gamer 24 dager siden
Couldn't agree more with everything craig said
Foo kin Wan ka
Foo kin Wan ka 24 dager siden
As you know Craig, I have been FSG out for a while now. Some fans have been saying No1.......they’ve expanded our stadium......that increased the revenue they made from ticket sales. No2 We have a new training/academy suite........They hope to save millions by increasing the chances of promoting home grown talent up to our first team, Everyone sucks off ,Edwards for shopping at ‘Home Bargains’ but we’re a big club and we don’t act like it. For example we spend 1.6 in this winter window on Davies Kabak three months on and we still haven’t seen Davies obviously Klopp didn’t want him. From what I’ve seen we’ve broken the 50 Million transfer fee on Naby, Vandjik and Alison. I thought we had learnt a lesson with American owners after Hicks and Gillete but we jumped straight into another American matter what happens, if they pull out of the super league, they were under the mind set of it so I will be FSG OUT, and also no clue should have American owner because this is what they do
Lukesters 24 dager siden
Never worry about making your views clear Craig when they are so obviously right. This isn’t ranting this is expressing very articulately what the real football fans feel. Everything I’ve ever loved about my club has been tainted by this....but I have to remember that the likes of Shankly, Dalglish, St John, Yates, Heighway, Fairclough, Rush, Paisley, Fagin, Gerard, Rafa, Rodgers, Mo, Milner, Bobby and Klopp....they made our club what is today....not fucking FSG or John Henry....and that’s just in my lifetime...All the men and women who came for decades before that which brought us to the club we are which inspired so much passion...”We are Liverpool...This means more”.....never did this mean more
basdfgwe 24 dager siden
All six clubs need to sanctioned and relegated.
jonny mill
jonny mill 24 dager siden
Wonder whowho backed fsg up for years certain channels and certain fans 🤔 how's Jack gill doing is he dining with Mr Henry this evening ??
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 24 dager siden
We always should have pushed for fans being majority owners. Unfettered capitalism will ruin this game.
UH WHA? 24 dager siden
Thank you for clearing up where the money is coming from. I've heard Redmen and Kopish - they neglected to mention the JP Morgan detail One comment: not American model, it's the Zionist model of business Bankers. Every time. THEY are ruining ourworld.
CC 24 dager siden
Honestly I'm not even shocked anymore, every major sector is turning into a corporatistic mess controlled by the mega banks, they slowly but surely bring their globalism over every aspect of life.
CC 24 dager siden
Oh, but that's a "conspiracy" 🥴
Ian Mccartney
Ian Mccartney 24 dager siden
So would you rather we were left behind
Mark Shingler
Mark Shingler 24 dager siden
The day liverpool said "walk there on your own" to the smaller teams. I'll see you at prenton Park from now on.
PRANAV HINDUJA 24 dager siden
PRANAV HINDUJA 24 dager siden
I support united. Ole has no clue aboout this. Save the teams. What is football without these teams??? Nothing but a piece of junk. #SayNoToTheLeague
DEVILS REJECT 24 dager siden
I support Utd however in times like these fans have to get together and send the scumbag owners a very blunt and rapid response
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen 24 dager siden
Thats it I cant support this even tho its just our owners I cant support Liverpool Football Club as i have for 15 years since i was 5 years old. My dad loved Liverpool and had a shirt with 7 Keegan. YNWA and Bill Shankly isnt part of Liverpool anymore just greed and money. RIP Liverpool FC 1892-2021.
ShAdOw 24 dager siden
European Money League
willzy75 Rivero Ranger
willzy75 Rivero Ranger 24 dager siden
lets hope the players strike, it`s risking their international careers. and that is the pinnacle for them..
Kking 24 dager siden
Over 30 years supporting them Il be swapping my Liverpool jersey for a Shamrock Rovers one... look at our national team ffs... great opportunity to support the teams at home
george manson
george manson 24 dager siden
Not in my name!!!!! Totally against this new Super League.
ierbutza21 24 dager siden
Yes wash away everything we stand for,all the history,the pedigree, the memories to just abandon us ,this cannot continue and i hope the efl will punish us and the other 5 for this ,this is a low point for us who loved the club .
CarltonWhitfieldbrantleyfoster 24 dager siden
Yikes! Nobody does pissed off more than a angry paddy . Well said mate
CarltonWhitfieldbrantleyfoster 24 dager siden
Though, capitalist structure? This is globalism. Straight out of the EU choob songbook
Caitlin Bloody Mary
Caitlin Bloody Mary 24 dager siden
I've supported Everton for 33 years. I never thought I'd be here hitting that like button and agreeing with every word a Liverpool fan channel was saying, but here I am. I'm gutted for Liverpool FC, I'm gutted for Everton, I'm gutted for FOOTBALL. I'm an Australian subscription holder of Optus Sports and will never pay for the Super League. I hope we can all find a way out of this.
Frank H
Frank H 24 dager siden
This is Bullshit
Jabberwocky 06
Jabberwocky 06 24 dager siden
I remember watching aguero score against qpr . Jesus Christ . I hate football . Boycott .
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen 24 dager siden
Hahaha, he said city fans 😅✌️.. Okay is no time for jokes, I get it.. No top 6 club have any fans at the moment I think 😔 I'm a blue, but I'm so disappointed and ashamed with my club! We are all together in this as football fans! Is not gonna happen - I'll rather supporting Westham than watching this plastic super league! Fuck them!
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 24 dager siden
Class video Craig. You are the goat my man. 😎👌🙌
phil mchutcheon
phil mchutcheon 24 dager siden
Been a supporter for 38 years . Today my heart fi ally broke because of this club . It's not the players it's not klopp . It's all on the owners . They just don't understand that everyday people live a bleed this club every single day . Without them I'm nothing .
Gary Broad
Gary Broad 24 dager siden
Footy is fkin's already a sanitised, wokey version of what it used to be and I for one have had enough, this is the final nail...
T SB 24 dager siden
Time to go. Time to go. Time to go, time to go, time to go. Time to go. Time to go-o. Time to go-o-o-o-o, FUCK OFF! Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur.
alan coghlan
alan coghlan 24 dager siden
I honestly believe project big picture is in full swing. They want to be banned and kicked out there leagues so they can start a new domestic season Europe wide.
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions 24 dager siden
As a Manchester United fan if a Super League Happens then I will be done supporting my club
Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally 24 dager siden
Everton need Liverpool in the EPL. Without the rivalry between fans the game is nothing. Yes, the banter between both fans can be near the knuckle at times, but this is what makes the game what it is. Over a century of Merseyside derbies about to be thrown in the bin. The fans of all clubs have been betrayed.
Chileshe Nondo
Chileshe Nondo 24 dager siden
As a United fan..rivals on the pitch but we're united against these evil leeches sucking the life out of the game we love..I can't stand this
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 24 dager siden
uefa mafia is clear
Björn Rosengren
Björn Rosengren 24 dager siden
As a Dortmund supporter I hope this rubbish get's thrown out. Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Sevilla and Napoli need to stand together now more than ever. This is not a joke this is our freaking lives and our ancestors football experiences you're spitting on by being a part of this.
P N 24 dager siden
I'm supporting Leeds tomorrow. From a Liverpool fan
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 dager siden
I'm a Chelsea supporter and I'm disgusted at this proposals and thank you Anfield Agenda for this post
William Coolidge
William Coolidge 24 dager siden
A bunch of traitors here. You need to support your FC.
Ian Tonka
Ian Tonka 24 dager siden
The fans don't want a super league simple, if these greedy bastards carry on with this super league ,it will be the end of our club as we know it.It's our national sport and needs to be protected ,not abused by these American billionaires , the yanks fuck every thing up , look at the mess the counties on .The fans need to stick together not 're new season tickets , protest outside every game and don't watch it on tv, money speaks louder than anything to these greedy bastards.
William Coolidge
William Coolidge 24 dager siden
This Super League is going to be awesome!
Sean Speed
Sean Speed 23 dager siden
Your on your own mate
Vito Digregorio
Vito Digregorio 24 dager siden
IMO european football, especially the champions league is already boring. always the same teams, the same countries dominating that competition. is it a coincidence that real madrid have won 7 champions cups in the past quarter century, but only 6 in the previous 40 years before that, with 5 coming in the 1950s when the competition was just starting? same with barca, always the rich clubs winning or in final stages of the competition. will we ever see a panathinaikos or a steaua bucarest, or red star belgrade in the final again? under the current formula, nearly impossible. the super league idea is just the natural evolution of what has been going on in european soccer for at least 2 decades.
Keshran Chetty
Keshran Chetty 24 dager siden
Those who have made these decisions feel we will all still continue to watch despite what happens. We will still buy season tickets, merchandise etc. We need to make a stand. If you support one of the 12 clubs, boycott the games. Don't watch, unfollow the club pages and sponsors however leave players and managers out of it. I doubt they had a say! We need to unite 🙏
The cure
The cure 24 dager siden
Craig, as a Villa fan I grew up supporting all British clubs in Europe, thats just the way it was, it was all about the top team going head to head with Europes best. This is the end of football, strip every club who want to breakaway of all history and chuck them out the prem now! All us fans have, for the love of Football have to make a stand be united and Never Walk Alone! UTV
Lee Enfield
Lee Enfield 24 dager siden
The end of the FA sending in referees and VAR to throw games?? 😂
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer 24 dager siden
Football will just be ruined it's all about money 💰. Shameful what about grass roots as well.Does klopp really want it .💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 24 dager siden
Class as always Craig, they are ripping the heart and soul out of football. How much money do they need?
Henderson Galbreath
Henderson Galbreath 24 dager siden
Absolutely disgusted and saddened by this, although admittedly not surprised. I have supported this club through everything for the past thirty years of my life, but I will not go along with this. Though I know that the owners do not care a lick for what I think, but I will not support this club any longer if this happens.
Dennis Liu
Dennis Liu 24 dager siden
We're all behind Klopp if he wants to leave
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son 24 dager siden
What an utter disgrace, Football is Dead because of Greedy owners with their Americanized style Super League ,..They will pull out because of the Backlash and try re-negotiate their cut on d TV rights from Sky & BT TRUST DAT 💯 Keep up d great work m8 🖤
Rohan Joshi
Rohan Joshi 24 dager siden
Disgusting that money counts more than the emotion and passion of the fans
Joel Tarnabene
Joel Tarnabene 24 dager siden
Big money destroying things we love, again and again. Sociopathic investment bankers without any passion for anything but their bottom line. Man United fan here. Love your passion, subscribed!
rohit kumar
rohit kumar 24 dager siden
Time to forget our rivalries and join hands now... Our clubs are being killed right infront of us.
Dennis Liu
Dennis Liu 24 dager siden
I'm supporting Leeds after this goes through
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 24 dager siden
I cannot believe this... I am a united fan and I always didn't like what the fucking glazers did for the club they should hang their heads in shame because they are greedy bastards who want to make billions of money by joining the super league! No you don't spoil our favourite sport by signing up for the super league it's an absolute joke!
Hunter san
Hunter san 24 dager siden
This is incredibly sad because the reality of its creation and success will suffer in the short term but the sheer number of viewers and supporters will in the end make the SL stay. Just as the world economy will bounce back , people travelling from emerging economies and future powerhouses such as India, China, Brazil will fuel the money going into the clubs. No one in their right mind would boycott watching the best and highest paid footballers forever , quitting football altogether (no matter how loyal, sometimes loyalty is a generational thing). I really do think FIFA as corrupted as it is will fold and allow players in their events, the SL clubs aint concerned with domestic clubs , their success will be getting the other big clubs from Scotland, Netherlands etc into their league.
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon 24 dager siden
Disgusted Arsenal fan here. Like Liverpool we are supposed to be about history and tradition, well all thats gone out the window. Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Matt Busby, Herbert Chapman must be turning in their graves. Relegate them all, fucking disgusted with them.
Rowan Whittingham
Rowan Whittingham 24 dager siden
I'm an Everton fan... Watching this and agreeing with every single thing. Fair play... Doesn't matter who you support this is bullshit
Vlad the III
Vlad the III 24 dager siden
So now people are going to fight are they now?!? Where was this fight over the last decade??? Football has been corporatised, commercialised and commodified to the point that it has become largely unaffordable for working class people and community and tradition is a second thought for these clubs ... sorry I mean ‘brands’ not clubs... but now the people who let it get to this point are going to fight this??? LOL call me cynical but look at where we are now, complete shit show
ryand3rson 24 dager siden
Fuck the Super League .. Juve fan here from day 1 & im pissed at my teams owner for agreeing to this behind everyones back !
martin Walls 7
martin Walls 7 24 dager siden
A massive well done to #PSG #BAYERN & #DORTMUND 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 for them saying no to this #SuperLeague #WFM #LFCFAMILY
martin Walls 7
martin Walls 7 24 dager siden
I've supported our great club for 47 years. Get fucked @LFC @ManUtd @Arsenal @ChelseaFC @SpursOfficial @ManCity NO TO THE EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE IT'S ABOUT MONEY MONEY MONEY. Grass roots football will loose out fans not thought of again. The premier league is the best in the world & the champions league we already play the best in Europe so fuck this super league off. LIVERPOOL FC I'M EMBARRASSED YOUR EVEN INVOLVED.
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11 24 dager siden
Since when does an American model allow 5 teams to qualify for their league? This isn’t about that. This is about the Premium league having 6 of the richest teams in the world yet only being offered 4 champions league spots.... the same as leagues with only 1 rich team. I’m glad they are taking a stand against the the UCL. I just hope they event settle on 6 spots and go back to normal.
Shiraz Ghafour
Shiraz Ghafour 24 dager siden
The premier league can vote against the teams and if they decide to leave the premier league that’s when this may turn violent and very ugly. Imagine no Utd, LFC in the premier league.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward 24 dager siden
Manskape love it great job lid your gonna go Farr best I've seen in ages
Jeremy Shaffar
Jeremy Shaffar 24 dager siden
As an American sports fan I feel embarrassed. Our model econocmally works and is cute but we basically worship corporations and we understand this. European sports are just so much better people literally feel part of the club, and there’s actually merit. Liked the ad tho that made me smile
Manager Klopp #FSGOUT
Manager Klopp #FSGOUT 24 dager siden
Ethan Manson
Ethan Manson 24 dager siden
Andy Robertson has just won a place in the Euros for Scotland for the first time in 23 years and now this bullshit
claude duffy-iancu
claude duffy-iancu 24 dager siden
All of this is going to punish us the fans, we will get punished and our club we love will be tarnished forever. One groups greed has destroyed our club and we won’t be able to fix it for years. Klopp will walk and so will loads of the players
Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz 24 dager siden
I applaud your sentiment Craig!👏👏 And am unequivocally against the forming of a European Super League! As a City fan, since before the new ownership, and recent success. Why would City's ownership take the time to invest in the community. Invest in the women's team. Do everything they could to elevate Man City to 1 of the big EPL club's. Yet on the verge of potentially winning a Champions League. And getting a seat at the table with the other Titans of European football... Throw it all away by joining this Super League?! Which is nothing more than a money grab by the owners involved. I say owners because they have nothing to do with the traditions, and history of the great Premier League club's! It's an utter disgrace! I hope fans of all the teams linked to this coup, can put aside their differences, and ban together to stop this! Football as we know will cease to exist!
Edmund Power
Edmund Power 24 dager siden
Can't believe that ball trimmer on a serious subject like this DISGUSTING
Jay smith
Jay smith 24 dager siden
Typical we spend 30 years getting our title back and then we risk our Manager Best players Soul Future For this money grabbing move by more scumbag billionaires trying to use covid as an excuse to get richer just like Amazon Top retail Social media companies Media companies All using covid and lockdowns to get what they want and the rest of us working class and middle class are get stepped on.....time we all as one stand up and say no..... No great reset No new super league Let fans back into sports Open all small shops
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