Doctor Sleep (2019) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

3 måneder siden

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 3 måneder siden
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Bobby Gardner
Bobby Gardner 11 dager siden
Hi dead meat
Akasha Iz
Akasha Iz 2 måneder siden
Big wheels always split that front wheel in two
Akasha Iz
Akasha Iz 2 måneder siden
Mangled hands Redo the mangler It's a very crazy flick
Luka Petrović
Luka Petrović 2 måneder siden
Polo 2 Akeredolu
Polo 2 Akeredolu 2 måneder siden
Stranger things 3 please
The Emerald Dragon/TED
The Emerald Dragon/TED Time siden
2:01 you should 100% read The Devil All The Time if you like intersecting characters
Radio Star
Radio Star 4 timer siden
Danny was Obi wan kenobi all along The shining is the force
Doctor Anonymous
Doctor Anonymous 8 timer siden
Its a pretty good movie but whenever Ewan McGregor is on scene i cant help but picture him as the Jedi he is
I’m a Photographer
I’m a Photographer 10 timer siden
Me in rage mode cause Jacob trembly died in this!
Rob K
Rob K 11 timer siden
Alex Essoe doesn’t look exactly like Shelly Duval but she sounds JUST like her
Rob K
Rob K 12 timer siden
Stephen King loves to kill kids in his stories lol
Aldo Cahyo Prayoga
Aldo Cahyo Prayoga 13 timer siden
Stephen king make a great movie
Long Nguyễn Hoàng
Long Nguyễn Hoàng 14 timer siden
Me still wonder what the movie title have to do with the story
Ryan Reagan
Ryan Reagan 16 timer siden
So this NOwindow so-called NOwindow person uses another person's work and artwork you try to make themselves famous in all of you follow it well you're all going to hell you know that right good luck that's what the Ouija board says
_AceyVii _
_AceyVii _ 18 timer siden
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall 20 timer siden
Has he done Gerald’s Game?
Alexander Mathew
Alexander Mathew 22 timer siden
"The REDRUM! I mean MURDER!!" XD
Failman 5252
Failman 5252 22 timer siden
Alternate title: Obi wan Kenobi uses the force to kick ass as Danny Torrance
Failman 5252
Failman 5252 22 timer siden
Oh yea and lives in the mystery shack attic
Spinel 23 timer siden
I love how you go through the movie and make it feel like I watched it and understand it. I love how you even cover not as well know movies like The Banana Splits Movie. Keep up the amazing work!!❤
Tyla McGilverson
Tyla McGilverson Dag siden
I belive and i may be wrong. But the shine is actually a connection to the Dark Tower and allows us to connect to that realm like a bridge so that we can then go to The dark tower. Or something like that...
I am a Person
I am a Person Dag siden
It feels like this movie is trying to mix It 2017 with The Shining 1980/1997 together. Eating kids for food like Pennywise and then killing people with an axe like Jack Torrance.
al might
al might Dag siden
I think the sequence of Roses death should have been extended into an introduction of each of the ghosts in the scene and then have them say hello danny after like a short chase and brutal fight between rose and the ghosts
Bigman03 Pogg
Bigman03 Pogg Dag siden
Anyone else see the reference to adrenachrome
Logan Mannke
Logan Mannke Dag siden
23:29 oh he pukin hahahahahaha
RuffyPuffyguy Dag siden
Darth Neglak
Darth Neglak Dag siden
Why is obi wan in this movie
TRG Dark
TRG Dark Dag siden
james is like a dad trying to be funny (and doing a good job at it) but he constantly is put down for it as a side joke 💯
Russell Yuri S. Echavez
Russell Yuri S. Echavez Dag siden
its a good sequel
Linuus Dag siden
excuse you for that intro my guy????
BarnOwl 265
BarnOwl 265 Dag siden
RWBY fans were in this movie? Dang I wish I saw this one in theatres.
RandomWriter9110 Dag siden
I had no idea how to feel about this movie. It followed the book practically word for word up until Billy died. Billy didn’t die in the novel, nor did Abra’s father, so the movie just went off the rails and did whatever the heck it wanted after those deaths. I’ve never seen a movie adapted from a book do something like that. Billy was my favorite character and his random death bothered me.
Dashay Williams
Dashay Williams 2 dager siden
The RWBY posters!!!!
Ara ara sayonara
Ara ara sayonara 2 dager siden
Ara ara sayonara
Ara ara sayonara 2 dager siden
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 2 dager siden
Aw man I was hopin' James would make a "I have the high ground" reference when Dan was at the top of the stairs with the axe 😅😅
rems kobbervig
rems kobbervig 2 dager siden
did not notice that possible rwby reference till you pointed it out.
TretheoneFTW 2 dager siden
Hello There! :)
Zaylin Voshall
Zaylin Voshall 2 dager siden
doctor peep he peeps into teen girls bathrooms
crabcrunch 2 dager siden
haha nurse nap
GRIFFIN SEITZ 2 dager siden
My moms name is Abra
haha dude epic Xd
haha dude epic Xd 2 dager siden
I loved the Jack Torrance scene in this, it makes me think that when Jack back in the original movie when he saw Lloyd in the bar was the pervious owner
Jahmal H
Jahmal H 2 dager siden
I don't normally do this but I had to stop watching this video because I realize how good and interesting this movie is and that I want to fully watch it myself before watching the kill count so I will be back 😇
Rose Smith
Rose Smith 3 dager siden
No mention of the measles carried by the baseball kid, shame. Kinda thought it was a good lesson of Be Careful Who You Eat 🤯🤯
bigchungus333 3 dager siden
God I hate that scene with deenie and her baby just kinda sad how that little teeny baby starved and rotted to death the worst way to go
LT. Simon Riley
LT. Simon Riley 3 dager siden
Azrael the cat was one of the best part about the film, change my mind
Massive Cow Breakout 755
Massive Cow Breakout 755 3 dager siden
I wish they could’ve gotten Jack Nicholson back.
JPP 3 dager siden
Abdul Hameed
Abdul Hameed 3 dager siden
dude you praised every single actor except Ewan Mcgregor LOL
Gar Saxon
Gar Saxon 3 dager siden
30:38 Hello there
Dominic Brandt Outdoors
Dominic Brandt Outdoors 3 dager siden
Wait so the dead chick and baby was Because she overdosed with him and the baby ended up starving?
Azahel Saenz
Azahel Saenz 4 dager siden
ahhhhhh i have i baby brother and i just died when he left them he looked so damn cute ahhhhhh then I died even more when I saw the dead baby
Ethan Beldowski
Ethan Beldowski 4 dager siden
2:52 Hes a what?? bourgeoisie?
Tommy6therockstar hogan
Tommy6therockstar hogan 4 dager siden
Just Some Guy with a Goatee
Just Some Guy with a Goatee 4 dager siden
13:50 shame the series became dog shit other wise...
Cory Schulze
Cory Schulze 4 dager siden
I hate how she was in the car and tried to get into Danny's mind, like what the hell abra.
Yuki Rabbit
Yuki Rabbit 4 dager siden
I watched this movie while on a flight back to the US. Movie was good, but that scene with the baseball kid getting brutally murdered traumatized me. I could never watch it again
the mangled wither
the mangled wither 4 dager siden
Am I the only one who saw the true knot as gypsy's? It makes sense to me for how they look and the fact that gypsy's came from Romania former home of vlad the impaler prince of transylvania and the original count Dracula
Shivon Nevius
Shivon Nevius 5 dager siden
I thought this movie was corny but hey to each their own.
Tim Fuller
Tim Fuller 5 dager siden
Bro I almost cried when dani died it was sad
Hexted 5 dager siden
I can’t imagine anyone who’s a huge shining fan actually loving this and thinking it’s a good sequel I can’t believe you think it’s amazing everyone in the theater was falling asleep when I saw it it’s a terrible sequel, and fucking Stephen king hated the original so why would you even think it’s supposed to carry on the original? Bc they stole a bunch of iconic shit? Wow how amazing
Tommy6therockstar hogan
Tommy6therockstar hogan 4 dager siden
I hope this was a joke
Hexted 5 dager siden
I absolutely despised this movie
Kazuhiro Uchiha
Kazuhiro Uchiha 5 dager siden
Honestly was utterly petrified at the scene with Bradley Taylor that I walked out of the cinema and I’m not ashamed to admit I started crying my girlfriend was next to me looking completely catatonic from it. It honestly seemed so real. Later when it came out I honestly felt like I was having a heart attack seeing it on the shelf in the store
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 5 dager siden
this the 2nd movie make me genuinely scared after i watched it. the first movie to do it was the OG thing from another world.
cryo genic
cryo genic 5 dager siden
I just watched this movie and I genuinely love it :)
Aetr0 5 dager siden
damn they really killed the kid from wonder
Harrison Graffin
Harrison Graffin 5 dager siden
Didnt know obi wan kenobi was in this
Flubby Flooble
Flubby Flooble 5 dager siden
I love how they recreated the overlook hotel! I wish I was in colorado so I could visit the real place! I think it's real name is like, the stanley hotel or something right?
BrendanDoesGamez 5 dager siden
It's odd to think that Jacob tremblay, the same kid who played auggie in wonder, a wholesome, i aspiring movie, dies very brutally and convincingly in this movie
Sea pickle rick
Sea pickle rick 5 dager siden
I don't mean to should rude however I feel like james should have also put in rob zombie in that we should be grateful to live in a world where they produce movies
Darth Nibbious
Darth Nibbious 6 dager siden
I just watched the shining kill count
LilHgaming 1
LilHgaming 1 6 dager siden
The little black girl in the movie plays in sulpher springs
Soren Shaffer
Soren Shaffer 6 dager siden
Abra has a really pretty voice
Ismael Perez
Ismael Perez 6 dager siden
im scared for life the baby sounds juuuuuuust like my baby sis
INSPECTAH moist 6 dager siden
For some reason i thought this guy was gonna just do a kill count but i'm 11:40 in and maybe 1 or 2 deaths way more explanations it's more of a movie summary tbh
Sabs Fazbear
Sabs Fazbear 6 dager siden
I liked the ending I only wish they had Jack be the one to bring down the hat
K pods pros
K pods pros 6 dager siden
in this movie Danny looks like obi wan kenobi lol
Vicent Buido
Vicent Buido 6 dager siden
4:17 "but first, some good news!" "TITLE CAR-" *ad* ._.
Michael-Dillon Hayes
Michael-Dillon Hayes 6 dager siden
The luxuriant fiberglass quantitatively snatch because loaf philly signal unlike a far-flung client. husky, rainy iran
William Young
William Young 7 dager siden
My guess is that the shine is like the Force
Catcarcar Carter
Catcarcar Carter 7 dager siden
You should kill count the green mile
That kid on Modern Warfare 2
That kid on Modern Warfare 2 7 dager siden
I know everyone's talking about the baseball kid but the FUCKING BABY affected me the most. Like cmon, Brad can act amazingly, but the lady and her kid dying correctly shows the reprocussions of the main characters actions. Also, infant murder, anybody dies below the age of 5 and I can't watch the movie anymore. It took a lot to get me to continue watching
Sistik123 7 dager siden
1st time watcher of this channel, the subjects put me off as just literal kill counts, only to find out they are also reviews, so far i'm loving it keep up the good work.
Sistik123 7 dager siden
last part of the film is my favorite part lol
Ensign Cthulhu
Ensign Cthulhu 7 dager siden
IMHO natural deaths don't count. You are at liberty to differ, but in the context of horror movies with murder comprising most of the fatalities, I think there's justification for excluding them.
Fresher ZzZ
Fresher ZzZ 7 dager siden
37:15 I have that exact same shirt Stephen King is wearing
b3ans4eva 7 dager siden
I didn’t know Cliff Curtis was in this.
RoseaBee 7 dager siden
You know you did a good job with your acting if you manage to unnerve a bunch of seasoned adult actors to the point they have to leave set for a bit while filming your murder scene. NGL, I would have to as well (after making sure that yes the kid was 100% okay and was not experiencing any real terror) cause damn was that amazing acting.
Bread Man
Bread Man 8 dager siden
The baseball kid is max in good boys
Rick Fannin
Rick Fannin 8 dager siden
Crap was dumb as hell . The chick with the hat 🤔so Hollywood and trendy Embarrassing was so weak in every way a overall joke and a Big disappointment
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 6 dager siden
Except the movie is very accurate to the book while also making it very well connected to the universe of the Kubrick movie and standing on its own as well as a good character driven supernatural thriller.
Ameur Hamdane
Ameur Hamdane 8 dager siden
Bad one
IOAN.ER. 8 dager siden
14:58 Hmmm! You know that's how the adenocrom is collected! If you dont know what adenocrom is search it up and you will be shocked what and how is used for
dudly 8 dager siden
when the steam vampires die its like dying in minecracft
Orion 8 dager siden
Michael Trinta
Michael Trinta 8 dager siden
The scene of the knot torturing the kid and then killing him is always really uncomfortable to watch imo
rawr woof woof saionji is queen
rawr woof woof saionji is queen 6 dager siden
I find any kid dying disturbing in films
Atlantasveryown King T’Challa
Atlantasveryown King T’Challa 9 dager siden
This movie gave me nightmares
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 9 dager siden
19:20 "Astral Projects herself" i get that D&D reference
CastleBloxFilms 9 dager siden
When Danny called in the Overlook Ghosts I felt nostalgic on so many levels
Stingah Bling Bling
Stingah Bling Bling 9 dager siden
CLOCKING playz 9 dager siden
man pls change intro
Happy Link
Happy Link 9 dager siden
36:53 nice pink floyd reference
Nick Mine
Nick Mine 9 dager siden
The used dryer crucially wait because blinker conventionally bump in a rightful pink. descriptive, boring spoon
Brevin Lamey
Brevin Lamey 10 dager siden
Mmmmmmmm steam
Ricky Ratte
Ricky Ratte 10 dager siden
In the book, the baseball boy has a much bigger significance. He is sick, and when the true knot kills him and consumes his steam, they get the sickness too. Because of that, they need Abra's steam at all cost to survive the sickness, giving them much higher stakes
Tutter-Brawls 10 dager siden
Welcome to the kill count Autogenerated subtitles:......... what do you men he said count, he clearly said cow
ThatFishGuy 10 dager siden
Kinda mad they never gave Jack Torrance the redemption he got in the book.
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