Claudia Conway Sings Adele Song And Shocks The World To Earn A Golden Ticket - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

16 dager siden

It’s Claudia Conway’s time to shine! Claudia performs Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain” and Adele’s “When We Were Young” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan during her American Idol audition, while an emotional George Conway listens from outside the audition doors. Lionel believes that this is Claudia stepping forward and announcing who she is. Will Claudia take Katy’s advice going into Hollywood Week and block out the noise that surrounds her?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Mike Time siden
Love Always
Love Always Time siden
I love her bravery during Her mom working with the devil and she can sang.
Marta Laboy
Marta Laboy Time siden
Xoxo xoxo
gary volkmann
gary volkmann 2 timer siden
Banana 3 timer siden
She dug in to much on certain words, if your gonna sing an Adele song in my opinion it needs to be belted, her voice is nice but I miss the days of Simon, he would have been honest instead of focusing on her story he would have critiqued her singing, the first song I was also wishing for some belting from her because those two songs I just feel need to be sung in a loud type of way like that, idk if I am making any sense to some people but that is my views on it
T migr
T migr 4 timer siden
Expected a powerful vocal... nah jus easy no for me
Ashley Star
Ashley Star 5 timer siden Nel loro impegno per migliorare la qualità della vita, dimenticano che l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica contribuisce alla preparazione e all'implementazione di un sistema di formazione del personale che soddisfi bisogni urgenti. Come parte del quadro generale, i diagrammi di collegamento vengono verificati in modo tempestivo. Il punto di vista opposto implica che le conclusioni tratte dall'analisi di Internet siano distribuite in modo associativo tra i settori. L'alto livello di coinvolgimento dei rappresentanti del pubblico di riferimento è una chiara dimostrazione di un semplice fatto: la solidarietà del team di professionisti predetermina l'elevata domanda per i compiti fissati dalla società.🤩 一方、省資源技術の本質を理解することは、優先要件の形成に幅広い(専門家)の参加を提供します。これらの問題の重要性は非常に明白であるため、市民の意識のレベルを上げることで、大衆参加のシステムを開発する上で重要なタスクを完了することができます。私たちの立場の明確さは明らかです。位置調査の質の高さは、適切な活性化条件の重要性を大きく左右します。成功率を考慮して、ポジショニングの日常業務を開始することは、新しい提案の準備と実施に貢献します。
Peterson George
Peterson George 7 timer siden
Canway is very bad,if nursery let she sing in them school for old people can not hear it's good😆😅😁
K Dizzle
K Dizzle 10 timer siden
American Idol (as they usually do with people) exploited Claudia, her parents, and their seemingly broken parent/child relationship, for ratings. Scripted and forced. Katy Perry, who I used to be a fan of before she joined, fell into the exploitation trap. She implicated emotions and childhood experiences for Claudia, and then passed her through for attention and ratings (to undoubtedly please producers). Now that Katy is a mother, maybe she can reflect on that at some point. I am glad one of the judges didn’t fall into that trap and pass her through just because of her publicized family conflict. Of course, that could have been scripted too (looks more balanced).
前橋みき 10 timer siden
Awful 😞-so many better kids!
KeyZ Fishing
KeyZ Fishing 11 timer siden
Leave politics out of this!!! Trump should not be a part of this he has done nothing but benefit this country.... song and don’t include politics... don’t use it to sway people for ur voice... my goodness
Greg T
Greg T 12 timer siden
of course she has to disagree with her Trump voting parents because Trump is bad orange man
adamtki 13 timer siden
She’s trying too hard. Too much gimmick with the arms and reaching for emotions that’s not there.
ElenaYepez 14 timer siden
No !! I do not approve!! She has no talent
Aa AaA
Aa AaA 14 timer siden
Her personality are fake
Aa AaA
Aa AaA 14 timer siden
No for me, ew
Rick Mellish
Rick Mellish 15 timer siden
She didn’t win a ticket
piggy piggy
piggy piggy 15 timer siden
They really focused on her personal and social life more than her singing. It's actually crazy because, although she didn't sound the best, she definitely has potential if she created her own style of singing.
Andrea Camarena
Andrea Camarena 16 timer siden
So I think you all need to go listen to love on brain sing by Yoli Mayor. This isn’t “her” rendition of the song it’s yoli’s who by the way is an AMAZING singer and worth your while to go listen to her.
Kim Kincaid
Kim Kincaid 16 timer siden
Bullshit she wants get “get out of the political”. Literally, first rattle out of the damned scripted mom worked for the president I disagree with....also,, my dads here with me. He worked against the president. Well, it’s a bye bye from me little twit. Grow up and pay taxes so we can have a convo.
absolute52347 17 timer siden
She makes some weird faces....kind of distracting.
Kathryn Parker
Kathryn Parker 17 timer siden
Love Katy Perry!!! Dont mess up my friends song... sing something You can sang!!!
Kathryn Parker
Kathryn Parker 17 timer siden
Thankfully she said Her own rendition... cause she did not hit any of the notes
Patricia Verreault
Patricia Verreault 17 timer siden
Please ev1 stop with the headache ugly Arianna grande hairstyle. It's soo painful looking and ugly
The Hoop
The Hoop 18 timer siden
Well at least she could win with all the Biden voters both dead and alive. She's not that good
AnnaaDaniellee 18 timer siden
I’m so confused one day her mom is posting her nudes and the girl is saying she wants her mom in jail and the other they’re all hugging and her mom is wishing her good luck saying she loves her? Wtf is this
Matthew Sadler
Matthew Sadler 18 timer siden
uniqme2000 19 timer siden
So so much respect for her. The bravery to manifest her parent's real reputation during her audition is a true testament of her amazing personality. Im not blown away by her singing but her character speaks volume for a 16yo. Kudos to you gal!
blake86303 20 timer siden
She wasn't that good.
Ugo Uchendu
Ugo Uchendu 21 time siden
Marc Grecco
Marc Grecco 22 timer siden
Of Course left wing Hollywood plays out its agenda.
Kris 23 timer siden
Not talented but famous, of course she gets the nod. Schlock TV.
Robert Casanova
Robert Casanova Dag siden
She went public on the fact that AMRICAN IDOL produces called her to come in and audition due to her Tik Tok followers over 1 million. And dug into her personal life she is not a fan of American Idol and I believe that is downright despicable of American Idol and their producers she is underage and being exploited for her political views
Lora Seaunier
Lora Seaunier Dag siden
Claudia Conway your voice is amazing I love you I hope you go a long way. Don't give up and your beautiful!
lorin Dag siden
Katy was so mean
Connie miller
Connie miller Dag siden
She is good but not yet to her potential my opinion
TinaMfam Dag siden
Hmm 🤔 not so much a fan of it all personally
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper Dag siden
I bet if her mom would of came , they would have said she was not good enough.
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper Dag siden
Her face when she sings has got me like nooooooooooooooooooookkk
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper Dag siden
Garbage, does your mom still huge you. In today’s garbage America if you believe in God and truth your considered hateful. What the hell.
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper Dag siden
Kyla Creel
Kyla Creel Dag siden
She definitely can do Adele.
Katie Music
Katie Music Dag siden
Even though it’s scripted she still did it. She auditioned as she wants to sing. Don’t hate because it’s the production people who make it look silly. They probably told her to make sure to say everything etc
Vee Ann
Vee Ann Dag siden
Don't got much to say about her.. but I actually love her voice.
Darin Campbell
Darin Campbell Dag siden
Katy and Lionel must have smoked a blunt before they made that decision. This girl was horrible! She might as well be singing under water because that’s what she sounded like! I am not taking into account of her parents. Her father spoke truth in past times and, her mother, is just a lying, con woman, who lied as much as Trump did! This was a bad performance! Period. Maybe her niche’ in life is politics! I don’t know! All that I do know is that it ISN’T singing! Peace.
Merlin Zuni
Merlin Zuni Dag siden
uhhhh, can't I just enjoy mindless entertainment without. Kelly Ann Conway, she is the worst
bjm Dag siden
She has talent, but she’s not ready yet.
JO MANGEEE Dag siden
trailer trash
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag siden
She has a good voice she's singing the wrong songs. She has a soft INDIE voice.
Poncho barr
Poncho barr Dag siden
Give her a chance she's got more, they should have skipped the circus around her, We all ready know her background and who she is, It look like her family was auditioning and not her. She can sing, but their is to much talent this year, good luck to all.
Marla Cole
Marla Cole Dag siden
She looks like a young Madonna. Her voice is pretty just not loud enough. Good though and I feel she is teachable! Get it girl!
A M Dag siden
I don't understand whyyyyy they even had to mention who her parents were. You can see the judges reactions the second she does. Not ready for AI just yet.
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag siden
She sings soooo baddd! They only let her through because her mom is kelly Ann Conway and they know they’ll get sued by Kelly if she doesn’t go through
Angel Delossantos
Angel Delossantos Dag siden
Most of y’all hating because other people are are. She’s not to bad. Like how do y’all know her parents paid the show & or that it was scripted like what 😂
vid30sify Dag siden
She won't win. She's okay, she can hit some notes. But it's not a powerful enough voice. She needs to practice her singing movements.
Ellery Gee
Ellery Gee Dag siden
the fact that her shirt wasn't centered bothered me
Hope Roth
Hope Roth Dag siden
You guys. She’s a young girl who loves to sing, and wanted to share that. I agree, she needs some more lessons then she’ll be amazing, but just let her be. Just let her have fun and be young without all the hate and judgement. She clearly goes through enough as it is.
Bella The Puppy
Bella The Puppy Dag siden
The fact no one wpuldve asked who her parents were if she didnt say
Living Travel HD
Living Travel HD Dag siden
She loves music and she can sing, I hope that she will pick the best songs to reveal all of her talent. All the best!
Ginger Steele
Ginger Steele Dag siden
Disgusted with the Double hypocrites standard
jm _
jm _ Dag siden
Why did the dad come in?! Let her have her moment
ariannamichelle2 Dag siden
Scripted or not she has a story like everyone and she can sing. I am with Katy Perry she has a fight in her and she is coachable which can take her to the top. I am rooting for her!!!
Kenneth Kerr
Kenneth Kerr Dag siden
This show is complete shit...
Kenneth Kerr
Kenneth Kerr Dag siden
She can’t sing...
Angelica Schuyler
Angelica Schuyler Dag siden
Claudia is literally being abused by her mother and it's been documented on her Tiktok (everything was removed but there are youtube videos about it and she said she was taking a break after previously saying she would never willingly leave). This is clearly an attempt by her parents to cover it up. Someone help her.
chriis napolion
chriis napolion Dag siden
Hey if she can keep her family life private
chriis napolion
chriis napolion Dag siden
I’m Poppy
I’m Poppy Dag siden
She sings soooo baddd! They only let her through because her mom is kelly Ann Conway and they know they’ll get sued by Kelly if she doesn’t go through
gmazz Dag siden
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Dwayne Stephens
Dwayne Stephens Dag siden
Spoiled little brat
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
mikemacdt1 Dag siden
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
The Source Networker 3 6 9
The Source Networker 3 6 9 Dag siden
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Drake Juke
Drake Juke 2 dager siden
She is not good. I'm sorry. She has no chance of winning. The only reason they put her thru is for the ratings and drama.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Yuliya Kanashevskaya
Yuliya Kanashevskaya 2 dager siden
God Bless President Donald Trump 💯🇺🇸✝️🔯🕎💯🇮🇱🙏🙏🙏
alex canedo
alex canedo 2 dager siden
Let’s be honest if this was anyone else they would’ve gotten a no
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z 2 dager siden
This makes everything going on so muddy. It makes the audition feel fake. The words she and parents speak to eachother seems forced, and, well fake. But, It makes the drama feel fake. It seems particularly possible to be a story sold in the all press is good press. Unfortunately, her parents being Trump supporters is worse then just being Trump supporters. Trump is on every cover, usually negative.... yet proves his name is in everyone's mouth and mind. Why wouldn't someone else use the same clickbait idea? ...... I am NOT saying that either is true or not. But the muddy waters makes both much less...clear. To be honest. I do hope that the horror and drama is fake because no one deserves that. But I also have to be honest in the doubt. Ya know?
Jj Smith
Jj Smith Dag siden
She's a trust fund little puke don't fall for this fokin bs
Courtney Henley
Courtney Henley 2 dager siden
She is ok not bad. Those facial movements.. LOL But I could have done without the parents. Plus, to insinuate that living a wealthy life is some kind of challenge when so many young people live through homelessness and poverty and more was RIDICULOUS! And this was clearly a ratings grab. Her parents could BUY her a recording career, FFS
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Joe Originales
Joe Originales 2 dager siden
She really can't sign. She doesn't know proper breathing techniques, she doesn't have range, tone isn't there. I guess for ratings she will be kept an episode or two but will be quickly eliminated. This is karaoke ok.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Lululemonade 2 dager siden
Ugh politics invading an entertainment show. First Dancing With the Stars now this. It’s shameful and aggravating.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
meshelle castillo
meshelle castillo 2 dager siden
Why are people talking bad about this girl? Just because she is the daughter of high profile political people? I think she has a really nice voice. She just needs to practice more.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Byron Martin
Byron Martin 2 dager siden
No thanks little privileged girl who says she only tries to spread love but speaks Hate from the other side of her mouth. #DemocratZombie
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Supreme Kai 210
Supreme Kai 210 2 dager siden
Figure it out yes or no? 😂😂😂
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 2 dager siden
George is the most understanding husband and father in the world. Imagine being stuck in the middle between these two.
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 2 dager siden
Yes the shoes made all the difference. Stick a bit of auto tune on there we got the next big thing.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
nursyaherah koply
nursyaherah koply 2 dager siden
2:41 awkward?
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
dya 2 dager siden
Well it's really an average performance 🤷‍♀️
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Sly Fox
Sly Fox 2 dager siden
Very mediocre. If she was anyone else she'd not go through
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Aj 2 dager siden
Her voice is extremely mediocre this hurts
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Aj 2 dager siden
This looks and sounds like it was filmed at completely different times out of context. The judge part was definitely filmed first, like pre recorded reactions which makes it so much more awkward
lantrill lan
lantrill lan 2 dager siden
Claudia listen to your mother if you don't you will wish you had.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😘) .
Jacob Hinojosa
Jacob Hinojosa 2 dager siden
She called it her take on the song when she took someone else's exact version note for note
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😍) .
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 2 dager siden
She wouldn't have turned a chair on the voice, if judging on the voice.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😍) .
Rocka7 2 dager siden
This show is pathetic now. Ridiculous and embarrassing
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Dag siden
🙏🏻😍) .
Jacob McDonald
Jacob McDonald 2 dager siden
i actually think Claudia did good, love her voice just not the song choices for her voice.
Catriona Anne
Catriona Anne 2 dager siden
😒 Well that was a whole pile of puke. Her voice is utterly weak and pathetic. Hopefully it was three “no’s,” but I can’t watch this annoying crap long enough to find out. 🥊 👂 🤮
Catriona Anne
Catriona Anne Dag siden
Charming nowhere to hide that’s not singing. That the sound of a scalded cat.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 2 dager siden
She can sing
Barbara Dorsey
Barbara Dorsey 2 dager siden
She is only there because of the notoriety... she isn't a singer...
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions 2 dager siden
Total rubbish ,she thinks she knows too much,talks too much ,when it got to singing she flopped ,these millennials are all bound to fail .,she is so unlearned ,go to school and show some respect to your elders ,you are totally talentless and too noisy over nothing ..
Heather Coe
Heather Coe 2 dager siden
all i see is people hating on her so like what’s the deal? shes not that bad tho her voice is unique for a 16 year old girl
chubby Chic
chubby Chic 2 dager siden
Girl, you are so much loved by your parents who gave up their careers to spend more time with you. If It doesn't work out with Idol, some other doors would open. Good luck!
Steph Bailey
Steph Bailey 2 dager siden
Per Dominion voting machines, she just got a 2 am spike, aka Golden Ticket.
Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez 2 dager siden
This made me unsuscribe because 1. She said she didn't like her mom assuming it was cuz of Trump. 2. Katy said does your mom still hug you. 3. It seems so ducking staged for views. Ps. I will still watch show just unsuscribed lol
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