Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

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The Grand Tour

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Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar 8 minutter siden
1.06 draw pretty patterns
Mando Studios
Mando Studios 17 minutter siden
Celebration mode is the best!!! 🤣
Catherine 52 minutter siden
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. -my Brain.
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson 14 sekunder siden
@Annabelle Sally He is also available on FB. MARK RAMSEY.
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson Minutt siden
@Annabelle Sally +_1_~8_~7_~0~_3~_0_~1_~6_~0~_9_~3.
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson Minutt siden
@Annabelle Sally his availability is sure on whats-app👇👇
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson 4 minutter siden
@Annabelle Sally I can strongly vouch for mr mark Ramsey, he is genuine. I met him through a friend and he has help me family and I alot.
Annabelle Sally
Annabelle Sally 5 minutter siden
I think I will have to give him a try, I have seen alot of video and comments about him, how do I get to him?
GaryH Time siden
Give me the Audi any day. Can’t beat the sound of that V10
Frank Huff
Frank Huff Time siden
The striped smile aditionally race because patient inferiorly suggest amid a ritzy breakfast. tearful, perpetual blade
e Time siden
He is just a grouchy old man and hates Tesla.
Ankush Sharma
Ankush Sharma 2 timer siden
1:06, why did you choose to draw a dick though?
Δημητρης Χανιωτης
Δημητρης Χανιωτης 2 timer siden
"teslas are the coolest cars in the world, can't change my mind"
Mxfps - Gaming and Developing
Mxfps - Gaming and Developing 2 timer siden
Tinto Bendo
Tinto Bendo 2 timer siden
1:05 what is He drawing ?🤔
hen ko
hen ko Time siden
Haters gonna hate I love this car
Amol Matal
Amol Matal 3 timer siden
What you think , will Tesla be ever used as getaway car 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony_Rob Lucas_TraderFx
Anthony_Rob Lucas_TraderFx 3 timer siden
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Tahil Rana
Tahil Rana 3 timer siden
when is this ep going to come out on amazon or is it already out?
Thabang 3 timer siden
I think this is my new dream car. Beating the Audi and the celebration sold me hahaha
blxtothis 4 timer siden
What year was this made, 2017? I know it’s barmy, badly put together, grossly massive and not a practical solution for my motoring requirements but I still want one!
Vinnie Wray
Vinnie Wray 4 timer siden
I never thought I'd hear Clarkson praise an electric car
Mark Rice
Mark Rice 4 timer siden
Classicist Moron gets 2,987,324 views!! 🥺🥺
BuenaSuerte Ranch
BuenaSuerte Ranch 4 timer siden
I wonder how much power it took to do the celebration mode, 5%-10%?
Pranil Pradhan
Pranil Pradhan 4 timer siden
Why did he draw a d*** ??
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara 4 timer siden
We’ve had this since the Eighties in Knight Rider.
simmal1989 5 timer siden
Complete fucking crap 😂
Vermixantplays 6 timer siden
the front trunk is called a frunk cause its in the front
Atmakur Akash
Atmakur Akash 6 timer siden
What were u drawing there Jeremy
Ahmed Awo
Ahmed Awo 7 timer siden
Haters gonna hate I love this car
STONKS PLAYER 7 timer siden
Did everyone see what he draw.
Mansour _sdn
Mansour _sdn 7 timer siden
When James turn right to see the r8 but he can’t than turn to the side mirror you now this is just mental 6:16
SKILO 7 timer siden
Well done Elon
JFK assnation
JFK assnation 8 timer siden
Sketch pad - the usual cock'n'balls story from Clarkson
Berkay 8 timer siden
This is a revolution
Escobar B
Escobar B 8 timer siden
This is all for marketing, this is all for marketing. Check out the Audi 2021 etron way better than the Tesla.
Andy Slock
Andy Slock 8 timer siden
What i personally get from this episode us that there are a lot of features to make you believe you are living in the future, but you arnt. Its just a whole bunch of crap to fool you.
Misha Grin
Misha Grin 11 timer siden
We all know what he's drawing, We all sow that right
Bat Man
Bat Man 12 timer siden
You can see how hes trying to hide his exitement at first but then just gives it up :D
Kevin Haynes
Kevin Haynes 12 timer siden
It's official'ish. The irredeemable petrolhead has become the inconceivable batteryhead!!!
Simon Templar
Simon Templar 12 timer siden
Brilliant work you guys the lawyer bit was funny. Loved everything about this episode.
Aaron Boateng
Aaron Boateng 13 timer siden
please drive a TRX...
zxxPirateKing 13 timer siden
9:06 mia khalifa?
Yedgar 14 timer siden
“I can turn it into a sketch pad” Proceeds to draw a penis
Josh Moulton
Josh Moulton 15 timer siden
There's nothing like a vehicle that's ten times worse for the environment. Gas and diesels can run off corn, but liberals are crushing that and forcing us to drive self driving cars for lazy People. You drive an electric car you are a total hypocrite. The batteries in these cars are extremely bad for the environment. Look up lithium mines. Tons in Canada and all the animals are dead that are close to the mines. Want to stop global warming, stop tearing down trees and building homes, and building massive holes in the ground for batteries for electric cars
Herman Vargas
Herman Vargas 15 timer siden
TracyTsVideos 16 timer siden
It cost nearly 3 times what my house and land cost. NOPE!!! I’ll stick to old iron thank you.
Shane Jewell
Shane Jewell 17 timer siden
NOT SELF DRIVING. Please stop with the lies. Tesla is clear on this, their cars are not "self driving". They have driver assistance.
Robert Vander Voort
Robert Vander Voort 17 timer siden
They was great I never get tired of Clarkson
jack crawford
jack crawford 17 timer siden
I like how they have filmed this like top gear
official migz
official migz 17 timer siden
An your accent I love it!👊🏽✊🏾❤💎🌍🇯🇲
official migz
official migz 17 timer siden
Yeayyyyyy I'm glad I found you bro I love how you review cars
hugh hanlon
hugh hanlon 18 timer siden
So the future is cars only rich people can afford? Do the rest of us use the horse and cart lane?
erick koomer
erick koomer 18 timer siden
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung 19 timer siden
Wait this is old
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung 19 timer siden
Go back to the rockies pleeease
Wat Dis
Wat Dis 19 timer siden
I feel like in an alternate reality. Jeremy Clarkson giving a positive review of an American car.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 19 timer siden
Clarkson don't get your hopes up the Killing so many people
barokfin 19 timer siden
How much did Elon pay Jeremy for this puff piece? Don't get me wrong. I love Tesla but this stank of a paid b.s. infomercial.
Joseph Connell
Joseph Connell 19 timer siden
The best use case of the summon so far I saw was getting the car out of huge puddles to a dryer spot to get in.
R W 20 timer siden
He missed Telsa's best feature: Emissions mode
Klaatu 20 timer siden
Apparently, Tesla Motors got big enough to pay Clarkson to speak nicely about them. Clarkson...
Yggdrasil 20 timer siden
death traps
ShadowWarrior& Shockwave
ShadowWarrior& Shockwave 20 timer siden
I,like the lawyer bit in reference when Elon musk Sued top Gear LMAO
ZdrytchX -{Reference
ZdrytchX -{Reference 21 time siden
need big stig to do a track time for it
ap0lmc 21 time siden
This one doesn't have Ludicrous Mode?
Inter Linked
Inter Linked 21 time siden
£156,000. No thanks. I’ll take an i3s. Less than 1/3 the price.
Last Exit Before Toll
Last Exit Before Toll 21 time siden
What’s the music at 4:01?
biggentallen 21 time siden
I can draw pretty patterns.. draws a d**k
Lee Almodovar
Lee Almodovar 22 timer siden
Except they're not trapped, the gull wing doors could let out everyone in the backseats.
Lee Almodovar
Lee Almodovar 22 timer siden
It can extricate itself from a parking space.
Lukas Muler
Lukas Muler 22 timer siden
01:03 That's a penis
Donnie Mackay
Donnie Mackay 22 timer siden
"Vauxhaull say their cars are 'exciting'."😂
Jhon S
Jhon S 22 timer siden
Im surprised the car didnt ran out of electricity...
NeverMetTheGuy 22 timer siden
I'd still rather see this in a FULL EPISODE, and not in a video. Furthermore, STOP only releasing annual specials!
Hoonatic Bloggs
Hoonatic Bloggs 22 timer siden
How’s the global semiconductor shortage going?
A B 23 timer siden
1:03 🍆
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 23 timer siden
£156k each! But think of the money I'll save on fuel I'll buy 2!
CaseyBDT 23 timer siden
Am I the only one that thinks the model x is an ugly giant Prius looking car. Sure the rear gullwing doors are cool but it’s just like a minivan that says Tesla. I like Elon but if I was spending that amount of money I could get a very nice Range Rover, Mercedes G wagon, or Porsche.
Kimathi Kirimi
Kimathi Kirimi 23 timer siden
🤣🤣🤣 of lawyers and defamation.
just dev
just dev 23 timer siden
So, this is a 2.5 ton, 7 seater PlayStation 😸😸😸 I dieeed, Jesus that was hilarious
Hemtoj Deo
Hemtoj Deo 23 timer siden
The lawyer segment was jokes
ZeejayGaming Dag siden
10:17 can we say that to layer's ? 🤔
Cosmin Georgian Marin
Cosmin Georgian Marin Dag siden
how come you stop lies about Tesla
Dixit Jain
Dixit Jain Dag siden
I thought it would magically burn down in middle of the review.
Joshua Kiprono
Joshua Kiprono Dag siden
So my guy just drew what
LMF5000 Dag siden
Lawyers suck all the fun out of everything. A carmaker should be legally obliged to list all the relevant test conditions under which that figure was obtained so that anyone can recreate those conditions and verify those claims. In aviation this is such critical information that the manufacturer actually provides graphs showing exactly how much range you lose depending on air temperature, altitude, speed, weight and so on.
ToreiVRC Dag siden
A bunch of brits having a discussion, idk why that made me laugh so hard
Saad Talat
Saad Talat Dag siden
I think Tesla refused to pay you under table for positive review so you have started lame criticism
ThomAS Dag siden
Oh, Jeremy You are getting OLD.
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel Dag siden
The rear doors open in such a way that those lawyers could easily get out. Should have shown it.
Reluctiance Dag siden
1:04 he knew what he was doing
RMJ1984 Dag siden
It's almost like the electric car is superior and is the future, who would have thought?. The gasoline engine is a dinosaur and its time it becomes extinct and part of history
WOTBbetter Dag siden
Is nobody gonna say anything about his drawing😂😂😂😂😂
- Stiegosaurus -
- Stiegosaurus - Dag siden
So glad you're rich!
soundtrancecloud Dag siden
could of skipped the lawyers
GreyDintZ Dag siden
You can still open the wing doors from that position, should have shown that
GreyDintZ Dag siden
Schmerz Meister
Schmerz Meister Dag siden
Steve Baker
Steve Baker Dag siden
Actually, in the USA version, it *CAN* drive across a busy parking lot. The UK version is crippled because **LAWS**.
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor Dag siden
Teslas really do reflect Elon Musk's personality 😂
RedRum Dag siden
Look you can even draw! Immediately draws a penis
talla ajao
talla ajao Dag siden
The argument scene between the lawyers and Clarkson offed me ☠️🤣🤣
Stephen Birks
Stephen Birks Dag siden
So Jeremy Clarkson wishes he was on Mars ! - Can he read peoples minds ?
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