CBC reporter interrupted by cat

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CBC News

6 år siden

Watch CBC Montreal reporter Alex Leduc try to get through recording his on-camera promo while at the local SPCA.

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fallingjeff 2 dager siden
He’s allergic to human dander.
Bigtopbinary Illustration
Bigtopbinary Illustration 2 dager siden
He goes from ‘serious news reporter’ to ‘god that cat is an angel’ in a SECOND.
The Stalker
The Stalker 3 dager siden
I love how his first instinct is to tell the cat "bless you."
Erik Aol
Erik Aol 4 dager siden
0:40 aww bless you! so cute!
TikTok Tamizhan
TikTok Tamizhan 4 dager siden
Sleeping cat interrupted by CBC Reporter 😂🤣😂
J 4 dager siden
Awww bless u too mr. Reporter 😊
R. Daniel
R. Daniel 5 dager siden
No tiene sonido 👎🙅
Infinitely ASMR
Infinitely ASMR 5 dager siden
“Poor puppies.” Ded.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 5 dager siden
I hope that cat was adopted soon because of this.
Matt Supertramp
Matt Supertramp 6 dager siden
You should change the title to "Cat in the Background of CBC news report"
DylanDude 6 dager siden
This feels like a quarantine-era video, but it’s from 2015.
iyya m
iyya m 6 dager siden
FREEZE Saint 6 dager siden
God loves you
Psudopod 6 dager siden
Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy
AtharvFN 6 dager siden
i thought my right airpod broke
Saúl Rodríguez
Saúl Rodríguez 6 dager siden
Roma Krelian
Roma Krelian 7 dager siden
That’s what you call a comfort kitty.
Jeff Kellywood
Jeff Kellywood 7 dager siden
hehe... he was so polite to kitty
Ching lan Lie
Ching lan Lie 7 dager siden
Eduardo Hing
Eduardo Hing 8 dager siden
Who interrupts Whom ? The Cat was sleeping, the human interrupted first. Maybe the cat is allergic to journalists.
TT Brito
TT Brito 9 dager siden
Aproveitaram e contrataram o gato?
Juan Manuel Gutiérrez
Juan Manuel Gutiérrez 9 dager siden
My left ear enjoyed this
H120S 9 dager siden
hmmmm makes sense because it's canadian
Cho Koon
Cho Koon 9 dager siden
that cat looks like a resting elder dragon.
Alexander Ren
Alexander Ren 10 dager siden
"Cat allergic to CBC reporter"
Gustavo Sifuentes
Gustavo Sifuentes 11 dager siden
That was boring
Good Golly, Miss Lolly
Good Golly, Miss Lolly 11 dager siden
Gosh, his response to the little sneeze was very sweet. You can tell he’s an animal lover
lowkey2357 11 dager siden
Man was this funny? Maybe in Canada.
Marit 12 dager siden
*00:41** What women really look for in a partner.*
Zoli 14 dager siden
Squish that reporter
FromMyAshes RisenRebornRedeemed
FromMyAshes RisenRebornRedeemed 16 dager siden
Tonight CBC news on 5, 6, 7, 11....feck it....CBC news ALL DAY ! ! ! xD
bella’s random content
bella’s random content 16 dager siden
*CHOO* “o bless u”
Komyeta 16 dager siden
I thought my right headphone's broken
Hannah Manjaly
Hannah Manjaly 17 dager siden
The amount of retakes the reporter did, "At 5 tonight on CBC News Montrea- no wait, At 6 tonight on CBC News Montre- uhhhhh noo, At 11 tonight on CBC News Montreal.
Valeria. 18 dager siden
Cats are just beautiful 🥰
Cairo Alexander
Cairo Alexander 18 dager siden
the cat is the star...reporter not so much
LeviTheEntity 18 dager siden
why is the audio mostly on the left phone size?
Sino 19 dager siden
what breed of cat?
The Meme Borrower
The Meme Borrower 19 dager siden
My left ear liked this video
Robin Goudy
Robin Goudy 19 dager siden
This is news? 🤔
Ford Escape
Ford Escape 18 dager siden
MSX98FMDnB 19 dager siden
i agree
MPTX 20 dager siden
“Montrel” “Montrel” MontreAl” 😂😂
Mella Mel
Mella Mel 20 dager siden
Can anyone tell me the breed of that cat pls
Shan Hussain
Shan Hussain 20 dager siden
Reporter: news news news Reporter's brain: MUST PET KITTY
Aleksa Cvetković
Aleksa Cvetković 21 dag siden
He's kinda handsome :3
Ace Ren Style
Ace Ren Style 22 dager siden
Oh so cute cat , cats are so cute thats why i upload my cats videos :-) Thanks a lot for this .
Mahnoor Fatima
Mahnoor Fatima 22 dager siden
Correct title 'Cats sleep interrupted by CBC reporter'
Turtle Fox
Turtle Fox 22 dager siden
I love this guy. This is the second clip I've seen of him saying 'bless you' to a cat during his report 😂
Lesley Powers
Lesley Powers 22 dager siden
looks like maybe a Maine Coon cat? they are so docile and sweet :)
popular 23 dager siden
Actually reporter interrupted sleeping cat
wldlvndr 23 dager siden
I"m sorry but it looks like he was disturbing the cute boy (the cat.)
shotgun 24 dager siden
How can anyone dislike this video? This is just so wholesome.
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 24 dager siden
I thought the cat was going to cough up and spit a furball straight at the guy.
Nameless Monster
Nameless Monster 24 dager siden
I thought the cat would jump on that reporter...but he's nice cat minding his own business
Parker Hamilton
Parker Hamilton 25 dager siden
My right ear is lonely.
Thexpgamer1795 25 dager siden
Man, my left headphone is gunna like this video
maya summers
maya summers 27 dager siden
The cat is gorgeous.
Marina 29 dager siden
Hmm catboy
Vani Vaid
Vani Vaid Måned siden
*Bless You* :))
zorrento14 Måned siden
I think that reporter is hot AF
Angel 29 dager siden
Julia Puran
Julia Puran Måned siden
Any friend of a cat is a friend of mine can I marry him pls and thx
Mena Hanna
Mena Hanna Måned siden
We are here to see the cat not to listen to the reporter
KevinShinwoo Måned siden
I really wish he could have adopted this cat!!
Mr. Peanutbutter V Predator
Mr. Peanutbutter V Predator Måned siden
Is that the cat filter cat? 😼 🤔
Harr Lena
Harr Lena Måned siden
The ending got me😂😂😂😂😂
Tano Petra
Tano Petra Måned siden
Pawsibilty. I'm sure he said it, at 0:08 or so
Marietta McCoy
Marietta McCoy Måned siden
I wish I could hear it...
Earl Gray
Earl Gray Måned siden
Cat: "Next time I'm going to go to your house and deliver the TV news in your bedroom while YOU try o sleep.
Christine Robinette
Christine Robinette Måned siden
I think the guy interrupted the cat
newfoundjoy yahoo
newfoundjoy yahoo Måned siden
Isn't it more that the reporter is interrupting the cat
Mailina Tuivaiave
Mailina Tuivaiave Måned siden
"Bless you." Indeed.
And that is how they became best buds
Geoff Grace
Geoff Grace Måned siden
I wouldnt mind that interruption. I would say bless u but be trying not to laugh at the same time. I would hope they would use that take
Mullisaukko Måned siden
Interrupted?? You guys went to film this where he slept! YOU interrupted him! XD
Ruple Thaker
Ruple Thaker Måned siden
Other way around more like!
Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire Måned siden
I couldn't be this reporter I would adopt this kitty in a heartbeat.
Sophia Nevermind
Sophia Nevermind Måned siden
Fudggeee, this cat looks actually like my cat who I put down yesterday. Why was this recommended to me?
Eden Atwar
Eden Atwar Måned siden
The universe is telling you he’s okay .. and maybe a media personality in the after life 🤷‍♀️. honestly sorry about you loosing your cat.. 😊. ✌🏻✌🏻
maggPi Prime
maggPi Prime Måned siden
"Awww, bless you!" Anyone who says this to a sneezing kitty is ok in my books!
Annaëlle M.
Annaëlle M. Måned siden
I’m glad I’m not the only one who saying "bless you" to a sneezing cat :3
Atharva Ajagekar
Atharva Ajagekar Måned siden
My left ear listened well
Caitlin H
Caitlin H Måned siden
why does this have over 60,000 views
Alx was here
Alx was here Måned siden
my right ear now deaf
Stephanie Price
Stephanie Price Måned siden
The questions are .... did the SPCA get the money they needed .... and did the reporter adopt Mr. Sneezer?
Shamshiri Måned siden
My left ear enjoyed this.
The Idealist
The Idealist Måned siden
Wrong title.., “It's cat interrupted by BBC reporter.”
Amy Aldridge
Amy Aldridge Måned siden
Its that awww bless you for me
Thought AI
Thought AI Måned siden
That cat is stunningly beautiful! Wow!
Tropical Goddess
Tropical Goddess Måned siden
Cat just wanted to add that,..the amount of money they need is nothing to sneeze at.......
Cheryl Baxter
Cheryl Baxter Måned siden
It doesn't do anything
Nova Måned siden
Zoom: 2015 edition
torchskull 2 måneder siden
so is he single?( I am HardCore cat person😹)
Besto Kobi
Besto Kobi 2 måneder siden
Wrong title. Original title : Sleeping cat interrupted by CBC reporter.
Kartika John
Kartika John 2 måneder siden
The fact that it was uploaded by CBC channel itself 🤣😂🙌🏻
Cheryl Baxter
Cheryl Baxter 2 måneder siden
No big deal a cat sitting there chill
Vyansya 2 måneder siden
I would risk my job just to pet the cat
Darren Z
Darren Z 2 måneder siden
I think I just went deaf in my right ear.
Gabsy 2 måneder siden
starry starry night
starry starry night 2 måneder siden
How sweet is this guy?!!!
marutea. 2 måneder siden
cat casually licked it's sneezes
P-ART 2 måneder siden
Title is wrong, should be "Cat is interrupted by CBC reporter"
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