Jose Mourinho sacked by Tottenham Hotspur

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24 dager siden

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Jose Mourinho has been sacked as head coach of Tottenham.
The club are yet to confirm the decision, but it is understood Mourinho has left less than a week ahead of Sunday's Carabao Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday, live on Sky Sports Football.
Mourinho had been in charge at Spurs since November 2019, replacing Mauricio Pochettino, signing a deal until the end of the 2023 season.
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Ragini Venkat
Ragini Venkat Dag siden
Specialist in getting sacked
Siyabonga Mohlala
Siyabonga Mohlala 5 dager siden
Spurs without Kane and Son are as good as Newcastle 🤞
Xursand Abduraximov
Xursand Abduraximov 9 dager siden
Жоузе Love ❤❤💯💯💪💪💪👍👍👍
Kelvin Bloomfield
Kelvin Bloomfield 20 dager siden
he inherits good teams. plus he blames his players for bad results . when its actually down to him. once you loose the respect of your players .you have nothing same thing happened a chelsea .
Mouse Potato
Mouse Potato 20 dager siden
Jose Mourinho is the only martyr in the USL Please Donate ETH- 0x58F76C0447C0a09fEDD2397E06b8A18A71292e17 BTC- bc1qmyqdm7rqkk2ec8w0hlysn5vz5nnxcvdmcvflew DOGE- D5viDRPQQKQvBay4cNVKpP8YPQgPui2GLQ TRX- TQB2vpSeGVbQv1q8V53cvHpEFcd4ZKnVH5 BNB- bnb14mq7lxxyxdptrka2str09wlzxq82nq3fhyqmtm
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 20 dager siden
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria 21 dag siden
I'm so sorry for Mourinho and his staff, he actually wants the Spurs ahead however, people don't have patience anymore to wait.
Mahogany Marco
Mahogany Marco 21 dag siden
@evo seni, neymar🤣🤣 I'm actually 45 and football is been ruined way before he was born.
refugee segrocentre
refugee segrocentre 21 dag siden
his goai keeper let him down, the keeper is very bad as the one he had in Manchester UNITED, Good luck mourinho
doliio volay
doliio volay 21 dag siden
Looking forward to seeing Mourinho as a football expert on tv again. He is very knowledgeable and full of character, highly entertaining.
Abdool Wahed Wahed
Abdool Wahed Wahed 21 dag siden
Good riddance
NM PK 21 dag siden
Poor Mourinho and his ego. All the media talking about the failed ESL for the last two days instead of him.
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam 22 dager siden
A slap in the face But why ?
Ayatollahofrocknrollah 22 dager siden
In retrospect it’s not a surprise that notoriously cheap Levy hiring chequebook manager Mourinho, a defensive minded person, to run an offensively minded club didn’t work out
muh ashevliw
muh ashevliw 22 dager siden
Wherever Mourinho goes , the smile leaves. I am certain the smile is back knocking at Spurs doors today.
Joao Silva
Joao Silva 22 dager siden
Mourinho more millions instantly on the pocket. What a sacke !
michael mather
michael mather 22 dager siden
I think he walked
dolita windo
dolita windo 22 dager siden
If he moved away because of the ESL huge respect man❤️🙏🙏
Soccerdiva 7
Soccerdiva 7 22 dager siden
But Mourinho is my all time favorite coach!.🥺🥺💔😭😞
Paulo Antunes
Paulo Antunes 22 dager siden
The man has accumulated a colossal fortune by repeatedly getting sacked, he is indeed a special one!!!
Omar Maani
Omar Maani 22 dager siden
Sorry, not a headliner
REVELATION CHAPTER 18 22 dager siden
Nobody will miss him,over hyped emptiness
Ron Bonora
Ron Bonora 22 dager siden
Bye Bye Super League! LOL....did not even last a week!
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 22 dager siden
This is what happens after watching football on NOwindow for 4 hours, it brings you a woman as a pundit, that's the turning point where you wake up and turn off.
Kongo Emata
Kongo Emata 22 dager siden
He should have been sacked since last September. He destroyed everything That team work hard for
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 23 dager siden
Most miserable manager in the league
Ian Homewood
Ian Homewood 23 dager siden
We don;t need yet another new manager, we need new owners. Anyone that gets the job is probably planning a two year stint before moving on to something else. Get rid of Levy and allow a manager to run the football side of the club, how can a so called chairman decide what players come in & out
TheSamstergangster 23 dager siden
jesus wat at a panel
jon780249 23 dager siden
Four points off the Champions League places, a cup final in a few days, the ideal Tottenham moment to sack their manager. Maybe the problem for Tottenham is Levy not their managers?
Christopher Osborne
Christopher Osborne 23 dager siden
This should only last 3seconds she is hopeless.
david awad
david awad 23 dager siden
Hahaha love his face. Bye bye
MNX STUDIOZ 23 dager siden
Mourinho Badass moment by standing against ESL..... Finally a Manager is protesting uniquely
Red Mist
Red Mist 23 dager siden
Someone has to take a stand
David Baber
David Baber 23 dager siden
Maybe Chelsea ladies is next....😬
abou hafs
abou hafs 23 dager siden
Arteta we are coming for you......!!!
Zainab Alhasni
Zainab Alhasni 23 dager siden
honestly right now cant we put our rivalries aside and stand together to protest this super league. we should be able to respect each other, put our rivalries aside, and stop this super league from ever happening but instead were fighting with other clubs' supporters and adding more madness. cant we all as premier league fans unite dont you guys think we would make such a difference. right now we're not being heard and having a go at other clubs is not getting us anywhere as a spurs fan i condemn this ESL and am pretty all EPL fans do too including 'the big six'
Lullin Kuiskaus
Lullin Kuiskaus 23 dager siden
Mourinho should have gone back to Portugal many years ago. There he might have a chance to be good again. Btw he will always be a narc.
Lullin Kuiskaus
Lullin Kuiskaus 23 dager siden
Moorthi Rajoo
Moorthi Rajoo 23 dager siden
Big respect if he was sacked due to voicing out aginst this super league
Happy Funster
Happy Funster 23 dager siden
It’s all part of the great reset......they don’t want the liabilities of packed stadiums .....they want the fans to stay home and watch pay to view buying off the major funders of the comp.....Because of their lack of understanding of what it means to the community of the gathering and celebrations of supporting your local English football club they cant see why we can give lifelong support to a team that is not one of the mega million dollar trophy winning sides.There is a lot more to football than winning or backing a winning team.....
hi 1
hi 1 23 dager siden
The only top 6 team managers that's happy is chealsea
Smith Jones
Smith Jones 23 dager siden
Danny Rose will take over
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy 23 dager siden
Fcuk the esl players need to strike then leave these clubs.
End Flow
End Flow 23 dager siden
I have mad respect for Mourinho
The GamingNacho
The GamingNacho 23 dager siden
Why did Tottenham get rid of Pochettino in the first place?
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 23 dager siden
Finally. What a clown.
Nanduri Bharrath
Nanduri Bharrath 23 dager siden
As a Mourinista, I’m happy with him leaving Spurs, cuss I don’t need to watch these bottlers no more 🙏
Danny M
Danny M 23 dager siden
I don't think the ESL would have made any difference in Levy's decision. The club was all going to pot under Mourinho's management and we could all see this would happen.
Sofri Rahman
Sofri Rahman 23 dager siden
Spurs should give him more time. Look at what ManU did on Ole
Alex Groccio
Alex Groccio 23 dager siden
The sacked one...
Thomas aaron Thomas
Thomas aaron Thomas 23 dager siden
Spurs got to the champions League final and the board automatically changed attitude like they were always a top 4 side when they haven't consistently been in the top 4 they can only compete if the club is willing to spend and that's what mourinho had to work with so not all mourinho's fault how can you get better if you can't buy bale's only there to get fit for the qualifiers then he goes back to Madrid same thing with cavani pointless additions to a team if you hardly play them in my eye
Thomas aaron Thomas
Thomas aaron Thomas 23 dager siden
Eyes lmao
Khairul Azmin
Khairul Azmin 23 dager siden
Levy out!!!
Jayatron 23 dager siden
This fuckers from sky and daily mail don't like Mourinho but now u can talk about something else.
1PSNF 27
1PSNF 27 23 dager siden
What does it mean that he was sacked
Philip Jones
Philip Jones 23 dager siden
Mourinho must surely be finished in managing in the Premiership now.Always looks so miserable and has the completely wrong attitude . Can fully understand why it doesn't take long for unrest amongst players to emerge wherever he is.
Mr A
Mr A 23 dager siden
Mourinho’s tactics were awful but why was he sacked now when Tottenham is about to play in the Super League.
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 23 dager siden
the players must have hated him
Tobi L
Tobi L 23 dager siden
Someone is having a payday again! Jose know how to play the system to get severance pay
Tobias Fünke
Tobias Fünke 23 dager siden
Spurs snuck this in at the perfect time it looks
Tara Glazzard
Tara Glazzard 23 dager siden
Why would Daniel levy sack mourihno why just before a cup final and let a no is take over what an idiot
Archer 88
Archer 88 23 dager siden
No where to go now other than the Portugal job for José
Richie Rifle
Richie Rifle 23 dager siden
These fools aren't opening on why he got sacked, which was that he refused to train the players after Tottenham had joined the European Super League.
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette 23 dager siden
Sell Kane and Son. Fire everyone else.
Marc Dennler
Marc Dennler 23 dager siden
Jose for Germany Job.
Pham Minh Duc
Pham Minh Duc 24 dager siden
What a brilliant tactic from Mourinho. This way he can mask his incompetence as a manager and blame it on Superleague. Well play Jose.
Arjun Kashyap
Arjun Kashyap 24 dager siden
This is quite similar to the Indian Premier League (Cricket) where there are 8 franchises. However, it is hell lot of entertaining. This might turn out to be like that. Change is always hard to adapt to.
Benjamin Landis
Benjamin Landis 24 dager siden
no chance he got the sack because he said he wouldn't play in the ESL. Jose was built for the ESL.
Benjamin Landis
Benjamin Landis 24 dager siden
Just not w/ Spurs because they are the worst or second worst in that league.
Ahmed Tahmid
Ahmed Tahmid 24 dager siden
We Stand with Jose Morinho Absolute legend
Mr. Samuel Aidoo
Mr. Samuel Aidoo 24 dager siden
Jose mourinho wins again. Instead of talking about how shitty he was at Spurs, people are showing him respect and applauding him for apparently being sacked for standing up to the ESL.
Barter Hordes
Barter Hordes 24 dager siden
Mourinho's top skill is getting hired, followed closely by alienating everyone, and walking away or getting sacked within three years. Let's see him actually build a club up. Far more respect for what Bielsa is doing with Leeds.
Shani Ace
Shani Ace 24 dager siden
While I agree that Mourinho maybe had to go, I don't understand why Levy didn't wait until the end of the season? Surely that would've been more graceful, and introducing an interim manager with just a few matches left won't help anybody.
I drags I
I drags I 24 dager siden
So they won't win there 1st trophy in ages
Aaron V
Aaron V 24 dager siden
I did think Spurs sacked Jose just on performance I think it to hide the super league
jahivah 24 dager siden
People try to make Mourinho a villian, but he is not. He was never going to survive in today's game of pampered players, greedy owners, useless and empowered directors, and the corruption. Mourinho is a relic because the game has been hijacked by lazy, immature players and corrupt leadership. This proposed Super League is just the next step in the attempts to completely commercialize football. The players should stand up against this, but I suspect that they will capitulate to more money and less games. In the end, its always the fans who lose.
Noir FIFA 24 dager siden
Jose Mourinho is a legend. No amount of sackings will change that fact
Mourning Ireland
Mourning Ireland 24 dager siden
What a freak show this cast of characters is. Jesus.
albert 24 dager siden
Well that helps to distract from the dumb ass super league.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 24 dager siden
I hope he left because he doesn't agree with the European league
William Fence
William Fence 24 dager siden
He's clever. Kane's on his way out and he can't get the best out of the players left when he criticizes them in the media but he's the manager. ESL landed lovely for him to get out without losing face.
tell it like it is
tell it like it is 24 dager siden
Someone’s been tangoed
ץค 24 dager siden
Spurs have to get Berbatov as their care taker manager, he got some talent in managing
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 24 dager siden
At least he has more time to feed his kids now....
Cole world
Cole world 24 dager siden
Jose deserves better Jose has bought respect to SPURS Jose walked out of spurs if he was sacked due to the results then why wait till u announce about ESL
Igor Bogdanoff
Igor Bogdanoff 24 dager siden
That Gordan Ramsey fella at the 1:00 mark knows what he's talking about
Mr Toxic Bot
Mr Toxic Bot 24 dager siden
Phil Whitehead
Phil Whitehead 24 dager siden
I have new respect for Mourinho today!
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 24 dager siden
Hes no longer the special one let's be real. People using his sacking for not with the new league. Is a lie. He has been trash for months.
gilo ferreira
gilo ferreira 24 dager siden
They want him to win trophies but looking to the history,what did Tottenham win, they want miracles but comparing with other top teams in pl like city Liverpool and chelsea, No way, Tottenham is unbalanced team and no way near quality players.
Mario 24 dager siden
I wonder if all this ESL is just to show that teams joined have enough of UEFA mob. We all know that football organizations are corrupted as well as politicians.
Sea Now
Sea Now 24 dager siden
At least he can win the new champions league after the big boys leave. 😂😂😂😂
Lee Millwall
Lee Millwall 24 dager siden
Respect, told them he didn't want anything to do with the superleague
ight ight
ight ight 24 dager siden
"I'm not joking your stupehd leagueh"
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks 24 dager siden
Is Daniel levy senile
ight ight
ight ight 24 dager siden
North America going to take everyone if Europe keep fken up
MD ISLAM 24 dager siden
Mourinho and his management has become a scammer lately! It’s like every club he goes he starts beef with the player in order to get sacked and make free money!!
Mark Power
Mark Power 24 dager siden
if Spurs win the Cup , it will show , they weren't playing for him and HE WANTED TO GET SACKED===FOOTBALL IS A JOKE AND DONT BLAME c19
Edzitu Dharma
Edzitu Dharma 24 dager siden
dammit I'm overwhelmed by the craziness in football lately
Kc C
Kc C 24 dager siden
Its a joke . Typical levy pressing the panic button
ADDICTED TO YOUTUBE 24 dager siden
Least likeable manager
Sloop - John B
Sloop - John B 24 dager siden
Keeps laughing all the way to the bank Bet he doesn’t apply for Sheffield united job
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