Asmongold Finally Streams The Game He's Been Secretly Playing For Years: Path of Exile

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24 dager siden

Asmongold plays Path of Exile for the first time ever on stream, the game he has been always addicted to besides WoW during all these years! Asmongold is joined by Mcconnell in the newest PoE Ultimatum expansion and new league...
Now that Asmon finally streamed PoE for the first time, will we see the literal god dominate in the upcoming Path of Exile 2 game and Diablo 4 too? Time will tell...
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Alistair Lomas
Alistair Lomas 3 timer siden
Rep New Zealand made game
Lennard Buys
Lennard Buys 3 timer siden
7k like lol
Hree 7 timer siden
hu is dis guy shwoing up in my recommended? brad#3??
pokeminus -
pokeminus - 16 timer siden
8:09 hey im doing that too
zockfrosch Dag siden
not even reached the endgame.. you can't say that build is a good one
Dominik Pokos
Dominik Pokos Dag siden
Ali Larhdiri
Ali Larhdiri Dag siden
He forgot to tell chat that you need at least a 2-3k dollars computer to play normally
toxic death
toxic death Dag siden
ggg doesnt refuze to nerf summoners, they nerfed golems in both of the last two leagues
Its Freddie
Its Freddie 2 dager siden
8:36 - Can I expose you? *NO* Proceeds to expose regardless What a Legend xD
ceko stoqnov
ceko stoqnov 2 dager siden
40 min walking without fast travel skill 🤣🤣🤣🤏
TGiantsbane 3 dager siden
Path of Exile didn't come out until 23 October 2013.
alfred suerte
alfred suerte 3 dager siden
What Build is this? does he have any video showcasing this?
Alqant D.
Alqant D. 3 dager siden
U know he copied this build cuz he would never play a caster class in a game, let alone a female.
Bihela Wanasekara
Bihela Wanasekara 3 dager siden
Hi i am new to the game can someone say what class is for the minions spawn
Joeyfield0 3 dager siden
2:08 Chat has new frogs.
Live the moment like it's your last
Live the moment like it's your last 4 dager siden
Hearing these 2 argue is like hearing a elderly couple who have been married for over 100 years
Ördögh Krisztian
Ördögh Krisztian 4 dager siden
Imagine if WoW would have this kind of talent tree
Big Deezy
Big Deezy 4 dager siden
Im sure he got a fat ass check to play this game "He's secretly been playing" ....
Pinarron 5 dager siden
>getting carried by a bunch of zombies This build fits Asmongold perfectly.
SiccNote 5 dager siden
hahaha blade fall does not suck high dps and fast clear, kills bosses easy
Seriously Whatever
Seriously Whatever 5 dager siden
Its funny that Mcconnel is being all like "Worse then Jeff Bezos" when his fucking strategy was exactly the opposite. Spend as much as possible to expand the brand.
Matt FB
Matt FB 6 dager siden
"The Asmongold Experience" Love it, going to be my build too if I play that game. :D
DeaHamlet 6 dager siden
You ARE a pussy! LOL
Andrew Atienza
Andrew Atienza 6 dager siden
sadly zombies build are super dead now
granitecrab1 7 dager siden
wonder if he knows about bloodmagic on carnage chieftain's/host chieftain's. lets them just spam there charge gen war cry.
OG_KILLA_TTV 7 dager siden
wow the dude ya playing with is toxic
Amphroxia 7 dager siden
this game is really fun, I started after this video got posted and I am now a level 82 arc Elementalist Witch, with pretty much all of the best items. (maybe i got lucky with drops) the talent tree looks very intimidating and punishes you really hard for choosing the wrong talent and makes you spend a (semi-rare) consumable item for every talent point to want to switch, you can imagine with 100+ talent points invested at a high level, this is a crap feeling and pretty much forces you to re-level a character, which is the only thing i dont like about the game. I also wish there was more group content in the game to be honest, sure you can play with your friends through the entire game + endgame content, but if everyone just one shots everything, its not really a group game, its a competition LULW
Javier Auberson
Javier Auberson 9 dager siden
"rewarding game" until you realise some people accomplish in 2 month wayyyyy more than 90% of playerbase do in years playing
wtfwasthat16 9 dager siden
Look at those flasks! PepeLaugh
Shady Lurker
Shady Lurker 9 dager siden
using two mana flasks kekw
PNUTBTERON BWLZ 10 dager siden
Pshh little do you know righteous fire is the strongest most consistently easy mode build in standard with legacy gear. It becomes the God of poe with an ES guardian with 5-15 million dps and 15-20k energy shield while having insane max res, block, and like 3-5k regen with 10k or higher burst. Thing is busted
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 10 dager siden
gameplay is sloppy and not smooth,i would choose titan quest or diablo 2 rather than this game.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 10 dager siden
actual character design is complex for sure but the gameplay is not that hard or complex
żorż 10 dager siden
8:05 si McConnell is a metaslave?
Wowo Mah
Wowo Mah 10 dager siden
Path of Exile is what old games used to feel like but made in modern times with way better graphics etc. I mean, I guess technically, it's the spiritual successor to Diablo 2 since the creators of PoE were die hard Diablo 2 fans. I think that's why PoE is so awesome...because it was made by fans who knew why the formula was magical. Path of Exile is why I love's not trying to treat you like a moron, it's not a cheap cash grab game that's trying to follow trends (like how everyone had to make an Overwatch clone or a PubG battle royale), it's just a game made totally out of love for the style and genre with no strings attached. So great and hopefully Path of Exile 2 really pushes the game to new levels of awesomeness
Overshare 10 dager siden
That moment u see the loot filter lol
Andrew Bako
Andrew Bako 10 dager siden
Shows tree and chat loses it lol
Malazan 11 dager siden
Ofcourse chat slowly started hating on it. They don't want Asmon to play anything other than wow even if he's bored to death of shallowlands.
Joeyfield0 11 dager siden
This is withered army training
DjZephy 11 dager siden
unethical build lol
Sitkid 12 dager siden
A fantastic game and a fantastic streamer
rizn 12 dager siden
"and what'd you do? you spent 6 hours of todays stream playing FUCKING WOW!" I nearly spit my drank out lmaooooo
MackofejFTW 12 dager siden
Funniest thing is how my friends tried to convince me that this game is good. It is exactly like Diablo and almost equally boring xD
chad ntm
chad ntm 12 dager siden
oh god.. everything in your build is wrong... that staff is for animate gardians ...not your main char lmao you're supposed to get the femur
Chris Chatziantoniou
Chris Chatziantoniou 12 dager siden
is the other guy Seth Rogen?
Todd Hall
Todd Hall 12 dager siden
Ur such a chicken
Nobodyimportant 13 dager siden
OoGie BooGie
OoGie BooGie 13 dager siden
who the fuck is that salty dude on the side? xD how desperate are you to feature them?
Juan Sek
Juan Sek 13 dager siden
2:16 It's always fun to see people's reaction to the talent tree for the first time.
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 8 dager siden
Show it to your math teacher or your colleague doctor
madskofod 14 dager siden
"litteral God" you Are entertaining!
Sh3ik Mustafa
Sh3ik Mustafa 14 dager siden
ArnoldsK 14 dager siden
Finally something that I can watch.
Crescenn 14 dager siden
No way dude, you can't say the game is the least new player friendly just becouse of the huge skill tree which by the way it's not like each class has it's own huge tree. All classes have that same tree, only difference is you begin from a different path in the middle of the tree, which I think is pretty stupid anyways. Since, I mean yeah, you could go as an archer to the mage area but on the way you would have to sacrifice points on bs you will never use, hense ruining the character for end game content. Still a very good game (Not hating on the game). It's pretty self explanatory. And I am very happy for you that you found a game that has a class that can do the job for you enough to be able to keep giving us your usual content.
Bart Nowakowski
Bart Nowakowski 14 dager siden
yeah I dont know why Kitawa awakens ether and I play PoE since Open Beta.
chipotlespice 14 dager siden
He has been playing Path of Exile for a while and doesn't know why his spectres got insta deleted.. alright
Defiled 14 dager siden
What are you doing trying to give advice on a game your pretending to not be a total noob at? Stay in your lane dude, you make this game worse by spreading the wrong information. Also tell your boyfriend asking for shit on POE is begging, they're the same thing and he's a shameless junkie for doing so.
xutfw 15 dager siden
The bladefall guy was so annoying. Just arguing about bullshit and not even detonating his blades...
BuildRBlock 15 dager siden
Kripp got me hooked as well. 2012, i have played for WAY too long
Vaulted Death
Vaulted Death 15 dager siden
He's dying cause he's a bitch mage
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 15 dager siden
OgreNull 15 dager siden
poe one of the best
old school diablo
old school diablo 15 dager siden
ffs its clear by how hes playing and his gems that are socketed, this is not a game he plays very often. hell hes making noob choices. fucking bladefall with a spectra build WTF dude. his build is all over the place. GFL on maps bro. LMAO. pffffff cmon. LMAO says hes a good player ya right. bought the game. I bought the game holy fuck really its FUCKING FREE bro. his main game is WoW, and you can get to max lvl in WoW in a hr. jesus chrst. as hardcore player myself. i can clearly tell he does not play this as a main game. WOW he thinks that katava killed him in act 5. yes for story katava did. sin brings you back. my god. but dude run this in command in chat (/deaths) it will be FUCKING ZERO. ffs dude stop acting like you have played a game for yrs, its clear you baraly play the damn thing.
Aljon Marc Sampang
Aljon Marc Sampang 15 dager siden
dude just literally made an NPC Total War emulator ingame
Bryan 17 dager siden
The literal trash plays a summoner and takes a week to get to maps
Artem Molodtsov
Artem Molodtsov 17 dager siden
Yo what specific build is he playing? Is there a chance someone could please tell me the name of it on the website. Cause there are like heaps of different summoner builds.
Rugby Elite13
Rugby Elite13 17 dager siden
Stop doing the NOwindow face in every one of your thumbnails
Vic 17 dager siden
McConnell is like Bubbles from trailer park boys honestly. He is Asmons bubbles
SPAM EMAIL 17 dager siden
i want to see him react to imexile's 1:04:48 A5 speedrun to give you an idea of who imexile is, for those that don't know, there was a Blitz event recently comprising of 20 separate speedrunning races, and imexile won 17 of them. he even skipped the last event because he was so far in the lead that no matter the outcome nobody could pass him on the leaderboard. peepoRun
Ogponline battlefield 1 Yes im better
Ogponline battlefield 1 Yes im better 18 dager siden
McConnell is funny as fuck
manbeerpig_ 18 dager siden
xD wow players trying to comprehend something that contains more than clicking 3 buttons LOL
Streams4Charities 18 dager siden
He has streamed it before
RDKRL 18 dager siden
I play the game now and its sooooo lagy. Really turns me down, cs I wanted to try it however its almost unplayable when its not 3am or something like that.
Liquid Dude
Liquid Dude 19 dager siden
Best stream ever ! He sould play more POE
Dominic Noel
Dominic Noel 19 dager siden
Why does Asmongold's friend sound just like seth rogen? Is McConnell secretly seth rogen???
Lyvione Ithilelen
Lyvione Ithilelen 19 dager siden
Joeyfield0 19 dager siden
According to poe ninja, on April 18 2021, a Tabula Rasa is priced around 20 chaos orbs. Chaos orbs are the universal currency which are usually obtained after completing act 10. Mcconnel is asking for quite an item. (Also 34:48 exalted orbs are around 65-99 chaos orbs.)
Johnny Veng
Johnny Veng 19 dager siden
I love how you talk about big dicking it, yet your zombies and spectres are still dying in the ascent.
darthroflex 20 dager siden
This league is the PoE equivalent of "Just one more drink" and I love it.
Sean Warren
Sean Warren 20 dager siden
Best build. 👌
Mortally Challenged
Mortally Challenged 20 dager siden
PoE2 launch is gonna low-key be such a hype time.
Just A Guy
Just A Guy 20 dager siden
Asmon: Mccool plays blade blast/fall cause its something no one is playing Me: What the hell are you going on about ?
아토미카AT0M1K4 20 dager siden
Finally a different game! I'm watching Asmongold whatever he does!
Stendaal Cartography
Stendaal Cartography 20 dager siden
7:45, well, then, maybe you ought to play a Righteous Fire build lol. Even less work.
artificialbox 20 dager siden
the POE community loves you Asmon, please keep streaming
Michael Pohoreski
Michael Pohoreski 20 dager siden
**Diablo 3:** _Drinking_ man's game **Path of Exile:** _Linking_ man's game **Grim Dawn:** _Thinking_ man's game
darkevilazn 21 dag siden
A mirror and a half on righteous fire and you still couldn't get it to work? Well, they did nerf RF to hell, so... its to be expected.
Federico Gandara
Federico Gandara 21 dag siden
I'm using Solaris Champions spectres and they delete bosses in seconds, this is why I love necro
cwalda cwaldovic
cwalda cwaldovic 21 dag siden
Oh god i LOVED minion bilds, and all the stuff summon necro was allways my favourite. Shame, that in last 2-3 leagues servers performance killed it for me :-(
melvinISmischievous 21 dag siden
9/10 didnt farm for the 6link 6 socket sword that changes the story. I have the same build but I'm also a totem necromancer. Nothing is funnier then placing 3 totems that spawn flaming skulls.
Humble Bee
Humble Bee 21 dag siden
Thanks Asmon for putting this on the stream. It looked like fun, I downloaded POE, and now I have a new game. Fwiw, I watch for you and not for the WOW content. I think lots of us viewers are the same.
Hero4fun 21 dag siden
I feel like they should make poe much more harder. Because it's ez. Still fun tho, but harder is more fun.
Rick Bomhof
Rick Bomhof 21 dag siden
Asmon (talking about mcconnel) he doesnt want to play what everyone else is playing LITERALLY EVERYONE IS PLAYING BLADE FALL BLADE BLAST its the n1 build for 2 leagues now
GhostAeonWolf 21 dag siden
:D Everybody plays BB BF this league :D "my build suck" Plays literally build that oneshots bosses through the game. :D
MrBazz420 21 dag siden
blade blast bladefall is a very common league starter lol
34125867 21 dag siden
lol those frogs in the chat going "BOUGHT?" and not knowing that poe was b2p in 2012 lmao
Fr3shi 21 dag siden
anarhic metal
anarhic metal 21 dag siden
more POE!
Chris Ghost
Chris Ghost 21 dag siden
reminds me of my necro in diablo 3
Dennis Rue
Dennis Rue 21 dag siden
10:56 "I'm sporadic" fucking love this guy.
Dragnauct Archive
Dragnauct Archive 21 dag siden
Okay this isn’t true at all. He secretly plays Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
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