Anna Kendrick’s Hilarious British Impression | The Graham Norton Show

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Anna Kendrick on her love for the British accent.

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Boris Sheen
Boris Sheen Dag siden
girls aren't funny tho.
Shane Glyn
Shane Glyn 2 dager siden
Did Graham just say "We", referring to himself as British?!?!?!?
strongman trolerus
strongman trolerus 2 dager siden
Not close
Ayla Calumpang-Katima
Ayla Calumpang-Katima 2 dager siden
Reminds me of that time my Japanese boss told me that "in order to make the project work you need to fuckus." Only after I started stripping I realised he meant FOCUS
Niklas Hedström
Niklas Hedström 2 dager siden
I mean its the same with americans. 95 % of em soounds like complete tools and everyone makes fun of em, until they go there and realise they actually sound like that.
plutoburn 2 dager siden
Who is the makeup artist that decided to glitterbomb her face? It's so distracting.
Andrew 3 dager siden
Ice man
Ice man 3 dager siden
yeah, the necklace story showed up Anna's by far
Shrodinger's Cat
Shrodinger's Cat 4 dager siden
I never got Anna Kendrick.. not a fan
Corner Back
Corner Back 4 dager siden
Graham Norton just called himself British.....
tejsoneji 4 dager siden
The thing is, She had already told this story to Alan Carr on his show Chatty Man. Weird coincidence that he heard the same story twice and didn't realise...
tejsoneji 13 timer siden
@koshua Fair enough, but I get the impression that he didn't remember. If you listen to his reaction both times, he's very shocked each time (yes he may be playing it up to be fair)
koshua 22 timer siden
It would've been rude to show it. One professional doesn't undermine another.
Bree Nguyen
Bree Nguyen 4 dager siden
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oscar wilde
oscar wilde Dag siden
Bree Nguyen ... I just thought you should know that, my five senses, in reading this - "... cytopathologically ... miscreant quill ... secretive viscose ... et al... " - I just inhaled the content of my own bowel as vomit ... 🤗 ...
Armando Morale s
Armando Morale s 4 dager siden
Question......... what is SO HILARIOUS about this?????
JoyfulBlooms 5 dager siden
she is the best !
Eitan González
Eitan González 5 dager siden
let's talk about the thumbnail....
Michael Georgopoulos
Michael Georgopoulos 5 dager siden
She looks a lot like Danica Patrick
Shilo 5 dager siden
Out of curiosity: What is the relationship behind the man on the right talking about the necklace story, and the lady to the left of him? They seem very close or have good chemistry. Genuine laughing together, holding hands and getting very close to her face. I don't want to make assumptions about their sexuality or relationship.
L.C 123
L.C 123 2 timer siden
I think they just really hit it off when on the show that night! I don’t think they knew each other before hand 🤷🏼‍♀️
Angel Hope
Angel Hope 5 dager siden
easy mistake
John Bar
John Bar 5 dager siden
There’s American anecdote level, then there’s British’s. Teenage to adult in 30 secs
The Once and Future King!
The Once and Future King! 6 dager siden
Thumbnail is Anna Kendrick's O face.
Vos Li
Vos Li 6 dager siden
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Marco Speaks Nadsat
Marco Speaks Nadsat 7 dager siden
There's always one American not knowing what the hell is going on. This time it's Timberlake.
Lonny Strickland
Lonny Strickland 7 dager siden
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Michele Vitacca
Michele Vitacca 7 dager siden
Actually by coincidence I saw this video and I was impressed and admired by the entire group interviewed and their anegdotes starting with the two ladies, what a wonderful meeting full of sympathy and humor, grace and joy. I can't stop watching this video, every time I watch it I enjoy it completely. What wonderful people.
Freedom Prayer
Freedom Prayer 8 dager siden
1:51 - 1:57 Anna kend- STUCK
Abbey Maher
Abbey Maher 8 dager siden
That English old man on Gogglebox is always saying to Mary oh controll your emotions Mary
billie the kid
billie the kid 8 dager siden
apparently she's like super rude in real life...
FFM0594 9 dager siden
Anna Kendrick = Wife material.
Robert Liguori
Robert Liguori 9 dager siden
Edward Severinsen
Edward Severinsen 9 dager siden
Ugh... celebrities
The Bonesaw ..
The Bonesaw .. 9 dager siden
True story - I'm a barber (that's how you know it's true... no self-respecting man would claim to be that if they weren't)... Anywho... there is a haircut, called a "Caesar", it's really short on top with a longer bit in the front that can be styled (usually flipped upward with gel - think Shoney's Big Boy). One day, a Latina mom, with a very heavy accent, came in to get her son's haircut (he was about 6 or 7). When I asked her what she wanted, she said, "Short on the sides, and just a Caesar on the top" (except, with the really, really thick accent - think the Housekeeper on Family Guy, yes?... "no, no, no"). As I got started, the mom said she was going to use the restroom; so off she went. A few minutes later, she came out, but wasn't really paying attention to me, so she went to sit down on the bench - I must say though, as an aside... I love little Latin kids, they're the absolute best customers, because they sit really still and they never say a word... you can accidentally cut one of them and they won't make a peep (not that I'm recommending that you should do that or anything - *_"That's him officer... That's the one who tried to recruit me into his cult that goes around cutting up little children! I hope they give you the chair, mister! This is Texas, boy... they gonna make you ride the lightning!"_* Where was I? Oh, yeah!.. So, I'm pretty far along into this haircut - almost done actually - when the mom finally looks up. She gasps, jumps up, and starts yelling as she runs towards me! *_"What are chu doing! Are chu CRAZY! His hair! His beautiful hair!"_* _"What's wrong?" I asked, completely confused why this woman is suddenly mad at me._ *_"I deed not tell chu to cut it like thees! Why deed chu do thees!?"_* _"But, but you said... 'short on the sides and a Caesar on top'..."_ *_"No! Chu idiot! Scissors! I said scissors on top!"_*
rabiosas 6 dager siden
Oh my goodness 😅
Basharat Ahmad
Basharat Ahmad 10 dager siden
the lack of diversity is appalling. Someone call the guardian
Alankar Joey
Alankar Joey 10 dager siden
love her makeup
terry short
terry short 11 dager siden
The only talk show in the world that I would wish to be on as a guest. It seems a fun stage to be on.
Gladtobemom 11 dager siden
Funny every time!
nihilistic adventure
nihilistic adventure 12 dager siden
Oh my God I can't believe people actually used to care about s*** like this. Hollywood is toast. Thank God
Ciaran Williams
Ciaran Williams 12 dager siden
Why does Graham say "we"? He's not British...
Chester Road Model Railway
Chester Road Model Railway 12 dager siden
Wow! That guy at the end - how racist is that?!
Craig H.
Craig H. 10 dager siden
Huh? What a snowflake!
Mohammad Bin Atique
Mohammad Bin Atique 13 dager siden
1:50 the same way the Punjabis making fun of Saraikis 🤣
flexiblematthew 13 dager siden
John L
John L 14 dager siden
So your "British" now are you Graham?
Luis Andrade
Luis Andrade 15 dager siden
briantravelman 16 dager siden
One of my professors was telling me, how there was a South African girl in his work once. Apparently in South Africa they call floppy disks "stiffies", so she yelled to a room full of guys, "Does anyone have a stiffy?" Another English girl once told me she asked her male classmate, "Do you have a rubber?", which is "eraser" in the UK. But my FAVORITE is when this Indian girl told me there was a guy in her class, all his friends called him, "Chutiya", which literally means, "Out of the vagina". There was one girl in class who wasn't familiar with Hindi slang, so she thought that was his real name and asked him, "Chutiya, do you have a pencil I might borrow?" And everyone burst out laughing. Another good one was this Hmong girl in Spanish class. The teacher asked her, "Como te llamas?" And she kept replying, "See" until he realized that's actually her name 😂😂😂😂 Ah, funny times
Sharron Rina
Sharron Rina 16 dager siden
Shama Shezadi
Shama Shezadi 16 dager siden
Her laughter was more funny that Alans joke. Absolutely love how she laughs!
Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara 16 dager siden
well she looks Irish anyway
Lucas James
Lucas James 17 dager siden
Anna Kendrick’s is a Foxx
jelly 17 dager siden
I love her eye shadow + dress combo 😍😍
Stefanie Wiltner
Stefanie Wiltner 17 dager siden
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Joel Barker
Joel Barker 17 dager siden
I love her.. one girl in Hollywood that has morals and seems like a good person
Suzanne Rossiter
Suzanne Rossiter 18 dager siden
Steph and Dom would have found that very funny
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon 19 dager siden
Paul, I think we can take that Crate off the track now. It was getting really expensive. F1, 💕 2.
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon 19 dager siden
Grating, isn't it? A regular Leena Martell cameo...
Johnette Hammett
Johnette Hammett 19 dager siden
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Doug Flight
Doug Flight 20 dager siden
She is truly a bizarre looking woman...
Briana sasthap
Briana sasthap 22 dager siden
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Benny Marshall
Benny Marshall 22 dager siden
About 12 people in rural Sussex speak like this.
Sohail Daukar
Sohail Daukar 22 dager siden
Graham : Now Anna Kendrick. Subtitle : Now alligator. 😂😂😂😂
Kaveen Jayasuriya
Kaveen Jayasuriya 22 dager siden
That thumbnail looked really wrong!!lol
RainMan52 22 dager siden
bro... no one's getting me to take my neckless off
Sheila Barfield
Sheila Barfield 23 dager siden
Enjoyably funny!
Evan Saadat
Evan Saadat 23 dager siden
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Rockool52 Glenn
Rockool52 Glenn 21 dag siden
Quite right!
Obryanba28 23 dager siden
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PsykoTroniK 24 dager siden
God only knows where that came from, because here in South Africa we do NOT say it like that. The odd tards might. lol.
jose pena
jose pena 26 dager siden
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Elton Yescas
Elton Yescas 26 dager siden
Graham Norton is Conan O'Brien. Both Norton and O'Brien have a kind of megalomaniac personality. It's too bad that both men haven't thought of wanting to join forces and create an amalgamation of both their shows where they both act like megalomaniacs.
defective pikachu
defective pikachu 28 dager siden
oh that thumbnail
BigJon Johnson
BigJon Johnson Måned siden
She sounded just like Mr. and Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island
kishor kumar
kishor kumar Måned siden
0:00 did he say Anakin?😯😅
Alex Citovsky
Alex Citovsky Måned siden
Anna Kendrick suddenly remembered that she too forget her "necklace"
shure46 Måned siden
great , if I ever go to S Africa I'm going to tell all the girls "can you take your necklace off ??"
love love
love love Måned siden
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Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel Måned siden
"We"....? You're Irish.
Anthony Rock
Anthony Rock Måned siden
Christine Stam
Christine Stam Måned siden
I miss the direct interaction of people sitting on the red sofa in this show...
Zelepookins817 Måned siden
I know the focus is on Anna, but I keep coming back to see Oti Mabuse and Alan Carr! They are pure joy together.
오혜란 Måned siden
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Kevin Mohamed
Kevin Mohamed Måned siden
Yeah I'd look for a new translating service if I were you
ᜁᜎᜌ᜔ᜇᜒᜌ ᜎᜒ
ᜁᜎᜌ᜔ᜇᜒᜌ ᜎᜒ Måned siden
Putang inang mukha yan sa thumbnail
Adrian A
Adrian A Måned siden
God help us...
pete M3rlin
pete M3rlin Måned siden
The title should be " Alan Carr took is underwear due to an accent misunderstand " . Cause it is the high point of the show.
Khasab Måned siden
took his underwear what? Also it wasn't him it was a friend of his, a woman AND it's not underwear it's knickers which is a funny word oh and it would be misunderstanding
TA L. Måned siden
Loveeee Anna Kendrick! She is soooo talented.
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Måned siden
This is probably the best chat show on UK TV. He actually lets the guests talk and interact with each other. This is very refreshing, to often hosts try to keep making it about them and making themselves the stars.
BUDDHA Smiling
BUDDHA Smiling Måned siden
Not only on UK TV But whole world
Dane Måned siden
*Put the "O face" as the thumbnail*..... works every time
roz doreman
roz doreman Måned siden
Was the question even addressed to her?
Kenneth Kinneen
Kenneth Kinneen Måned siden
00:05 "WE", Graham your not British
JOhn doe
JOhn doe Måned siden
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matt waldman
matt waldman Måned siden
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Lexie Issaquah
Lexie Issaquah Måned siden
from now on ....When i tell a joke i want people to laugh like that
Project Relax & Meditate
Project Relax & Meditate Måned siden
I've seen this maybe a hundred times, always have to click when I see that thumbnail and title , love her😄😄 Well done Graham Norton Show channel
Joe Leong
Joe Leong Måned siden
To my surprise, she was standing right behind me on a queue at Heathrow Airport (Summer 2019). Very energetic lady. Enjoyed the 5 minutes chat with her
Joe Leong
Joe Leong Måned siden
@Project Relax & Meditate I can meditate anywhere and with music. I learnt this technique in India. Lots of breathing. Ultimately, whichever form one does, it's good anyway
Project Relax & Meditate
Project Relax & Meditate Måned siden
@Joe Leong interesting good or bad? 😁 I chose a captivating channel name hopefully. It’s less meditation more relaxing with sounds and video. I suppose some people can meditate to nature sounds! There’s some ambient music in there as well
Joe Leong
Joe Leong Måned siden
​@Project Relax & Meditate I was flying from Malaysia to London to Dallas TX for a wedding shoot. I have seen Anna on the Graham Norton Show a few times. By the way you have a interesting site. I have been meditating for a few years - spiritual meditation
Project Relax & Meditate
Project Relax & Meditate Måned siden
@Joe Leong where were you flying to? That’s awesome hope I get that chance one day
Joe Leong
Joe Leong Måned siden
I thought she was just another person standing behind - on a slow queue to the customs. Then I realised who she was. She isn't tall as one would imagine films stars to be, but Anna was talkative and funny. A very nice young woman.
Annette Ganss
Annette Ganss Måned siden
raining tacos
Kukainis Måned siden
it's all fun and games watching these people until you remember that they're all degenerate democrats hellbent on destroying their own country
colin sparks
colin sparks Måned siden
Alan make me crack up!!!
Baklang Pato
Baklang Pato Måned siden
the thumbnail says it all hahahha!
Rising Tech
Rising Tech Måned siden
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9megir Måned siden
timberlake looks like he didnt sleep the last 10 years
Rav Singh
Rav Singh Måned siden
What an enormously magnificent accent from Anna 👌✨🎉🇬🇧
Pia Justynn
Pia Justynn Måned siden
OMG with the knickers and necklace 😂😂 cant stop laughing 😂😂😂
Nitro 187
Nitro 187 Måned siden
I'm sorry - but the other guys joke was WAYYYY funnier than Anna Kendricks imitation. Both funny - his was funnier... so it should be the title... but you know... clicks...views... I get it.
ANDY KERI Måned siden
She has got a terrible American accent and a nasal voice ,should stay with the English put on accent.
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