*ALL* Fortnite Cinematic Trailers - Seasons 1 - 15! (NEVER SEEN BEFORE TRAILERS)

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Fortnite Cinematic Trailers Seasons 1 - 15 (+ SECRET TRAILERS)
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Today we'll be watching ALL Cinematic Trailers in Fortnite! These trailers will include new item trailers, new season trailers and even SECRET trailers! The cinematic trailers are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So EVERY cinematic trailer ALL of Fortnite!
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Ali-A Måned siden
So many AMAZING trailers! 🙌🏻 Watch to the end to see some secret trailers too! 😱
CharlieGamez Dag siden
@Yo JT earn subs don’t ask
CharlieGamez Dag siden
I did
Alfredo Cortez
Alfredo Cortez 2 dager siden
Yesica Moreno
Yesica Moreno 7 dager siden
I saw galactus in the season X trailer
Drake Fiander
Drake Fiander 9 dager siden
Ali-Ais a bot
Kale Morton-Hinks
Kale Morton-Hinks 3 timer siden
Imagine if everyone in your game was 1 skin except from you.
X2Yasin X2Hammad
X2Yasin X2Hammad 7 timer siden
In the black panthers trailer try and find Jones’s
Taco Waco
Taco Waco 11 timer siden
In the season x trailer I saw street fighters
Ward Al-Husban
Ward Al-Husban 15 timer siden
the johnsy trailer ha a picture of the agency
Coopers gaming Channel
Coopers gaming Channel 15 timer siden
The butterfly was a future update so yeah
Matthew Egan
Matthew Egan 16 timer siden
Thanos you idot
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 17 timer siden
Or a bear
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 17 timer siden
Christopher Higheagle
Christopher Higheagle 21 time siden
Т Хантөгөлдөр
Т Хантөгөлдөр 23 timer siden
*r.i.p Chad wick* aka black panther
Bentley Cherne
Bentley Cherne Dag siden
I saw Galactus
A world of fun
A world of fun Dag siden
Ali-A tell me that’s not Kevin the cube power lol I forgot exactly what he said Me Ok then there not using Kevin the cube for that
Braeden Allmond
Braeden Allmond Dag siden
Your my least favorite NOwindowr
A world of fun
A world of fun Dag siden
JA Len
JA Len Dag siden
Season x traayler galactics
Jacob Drewyor
Jacob Drewyor Dag siden
After 30 seconds im annoyed
Gabe Woodavinoo
Gabe Woodavinoo 2 dager siden
But I could beat you up
KCT 1 YT 2 dager siden
In the black panther trailer Midas was there
Eric Swanker
Eric Swanker 2 dager siden
I love your vids
lil dyplo
lil dyplo 3 dager siden
When fortnite died 8:56
ravish bachoe
ravish bachoe 3 dager siden
chaos agent in in backround of slurp traler
Ronin Lee
Ronin Lee 4 dager siden
if Jonesy went into the rift then turning into peeley then doesn't that mean that all the peeleys are also snapshots of Jonesy
Joshua Hugg
Joshua Hugg 4 dager siden
sdfd f
Rydawg V2
Rydawg V2 4 dager siden
Kevin the cube was leaking near the end of his time floating he leaked into loot lake
Rydawg V2
Rydawg V2 4 dager siden
There is an Egyptian sarcophagus which could mean an Egyptian season or skin
Aussies Jupiiter
Aussies Jupiiter 4 dager siden
Jasmine Medina
Jasmine Medina 5 dager siden
You sid
Steven Findlay
Steven Findlay 5 dager siden
In the chapter 2 season 3 trailer u could see a car moving near the end
fuentem1 6 dager siden
Did anyone notice the agent Jonesey right there right next to wolverine what time is 2805
Chris Ninja X karate
Chris Ninja X karate 6 dager siden
I LOVE KREW 6 dager siden
Eater egg there was a cat inside agent joneys box
Ya' Know What?!
Ya' Know What?! 6 dager siden
I can’t subscribe because when I press it it sounds like it doesn’t say subscribe but I
Ya' Know What?!
Ya' Know What?! 6 dager siden
I can’t subscribe because when I press it it says it doesn’t say subscribe but ice I want to say I’m subscribed
Ashley Kelley
Ashley Kelley 7 dager siden
26:39 alia:look at him he just wants to be a canibal in peace
Luca is cool new short films too
Luca is cool new short films too 7 dager siden
I spoted glactis in season x traler
Jayden Benson
Jayden Benson 7 dager siden
Slurp skins trailer has chaos agent in the backround
oscarotvt mations
oscarotvt mations 6 dager siden
Yeah I know
Galaxy Anthony buckeye
Galaxy Anthony buckeye 7 dager siden
Ali a I'm going to say that at the start of the season x trailer u can see an ancient mummy in the gold grave
Michelle Mayko
Michelle Mayko 8 dager siden
Nebby 8 dager siden
I knew all these trailers
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno 8 dager siden
Angela Dillon
Angela Dillon 8 dager siden
Yahyaa Motin
Yahyaa Motin 8 dager siden
Jordan Wilkinson
Jordan Wilkinson 8 dager siden
What if the shark ate most of midas body so he got the robot suit in the laugh bundle
Patrick Stamos
Patrick Stamos 8 dager siden
The butterfly was on the nose with Jonsey
Vikesh shorts
Vikesh shorts 9 dager siden
0:40 what is behind those doors
burtie1981 9 dager siden
i loved the mechs
Finley Dighton
Finley Dighton 9 dager siden
Fire king and ninja
Jawen Zeus Consignado
Jawen Zeus Consignado 10 dager siden
The season X trailer I saw galactus
Heydn Poon
Heydn Poon 10 dager siden
Sulaiman Othman
Sulaiman Othman 10 dager siden
They need to add back double shotgun and combat and batman and mythic fish and they need to add back thanos! I swear
Shilpa Mehta
Shilpa Mehta 10 dager siden
You can see Galactus in the seasons trailer
Sandy Kelso
Sandy Kelso 10 dager siden
The butterfly is in session 6 with the quest in fortnite with agent John's
Jacob DelaRosa
Jacob DelaRosa 10 dager siden
in the bleck penther chrelur ther is jondse
Justin Loper
Justin Loper 10 dager siden
My gamer name is KamtheMan12 no spaces
Anne Lombardi
Anne Lombardi 10 dager siden
My son has the newest fortnite
Anne Lombardi
Anne Lombardi 10 dager siden
w e S | e Y
ARSENDO 10 dager siden
Terrible Taffy
Terrible Taffy 10 dager siden
When I try to play in my bio it didn’t let me in a game
Terrible Taffy
Terrible Taffy 10 dager siden
When I tried to put your mobile didn’t even let me in the game
Terrible Taffy
Terrible Taffy 10 dager siden
Kevin the cube never came out of the game he is in the middle of steamy stacks
Thunder Shadow
Thunder Shadow 10 dager siden
Well fishstick looks scary the others look like trick or treaters
Isaiah Zachary
Isaiah Zachary 11 dager siden
I agree with you with the chug jug but not the mini gun
Fortify Shiguy
Fortify Shiguy 11 dager siden
Actually, I didn't see it, But I heard it.
Steve Moody
Steve Moody 11 dager siden
Ceven returned
Tom 11 dager siden
i love you
Angelo Saadeh
Angelo Saadeh 11 dager siden
i saw agent jones in the black panther trailer!
Awesome Jake
Awesome Jake 11 dager siden
My favourite season is season 8
murad moeen
murad moeen 11 dager siden
I love your videos
Dontai Dominix
Dontai Dominix 12 dager siden
R.I.P. mobile I fell bad.
Adam Schaecher
Adam Schaecher 12 dager siden
Rocket reviews
Rocket reviews 12 dager siden
You realise there are still a few he missed play bo3
the slayer
the slayer 12 dager siden
i can look on my on
CatMiow 12 dager siden
The tamato bus thing that song is called pasta song I learned in school ( Italian)
mitsuyushi hashimoto
mitsuyushi hashimoto 12 dager siden
If peeles brain is in his croch then 😱😱
LAYLA DELARUE 12 dager siden
no i was
FuriousHarshil IQ
FuriousHarshil IQ 12 dager siden
Ali a I had to make my decision to switch to Nintendo switch lite
megha dhull
megha dhull 12 dager siden
Bekim Kadiu
Bekim Kadiu 12 dager siden
If season 4 is your favourite season then why did you not know it by the trailer
miguelthebeast 12 dager siden
in the season x trailer i saw the arcade for the street fighter
Green Stick man yt
Green Stick man yt 12 dager siden
Wow my little brother sent a letter to epic games to put caption in thE game a week later he’s in the game
SSV Victor
SSV Victor 13 dager siden
The ninja people will be able to defeat the pirate together and then the Fire King is going to melt the ice people and the Ice King and last but not least the Fire King we'll set the fishes in to fry world
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 13 dager siden
R.l.P Default
Wweking 178
Wweking 178 13 dager siden
I just saw the 8 head skin what’s holding the lever action shotgun time is 17:03
Hugh Holman
Hugh Holman 13 dager siden
DeadBloxYoo 13 dager siden
6:33 I got one of the skins on mobile before it got deleted
Lauren M
Lauren M 13 dager siden
I started fortnite season 2
Bobby Jordan
Bobby Jordan 13 dager siden
Thanks died in loot lake and the lake turned purple
Julie Nuttall
Julie Nuttall 13 dager siden
Ali did you make that name up Kevin da cube
Niki Atkins
Niki Atkins 13 dager siden
Sarah SuperSquishy
Sarah SuperSquishy 13 dager siden
I love the boggy bomb
Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox 14 dager siden
The butterfly is jonssey in the event in fortnite you help agent jonssey and during it at the start he turns into the butterfly
Tigtag 14 dager siden
Bro I pooped myself so hard for the season 6 trailer
MonsterousGaming6 14 dager siden
Also glactits
mackenzie smith
mackenzie smith 14 dager siden
I love Ali’s vids so much
Carter Fulton
Carter Fulton 14 dager siden
XpertNoob 14 dager siden
27:33 That's a "Sodurrr."
Mikael Lulaj
Mikael Lulaj 14 dager siden
I already liked
Samuel Fradgley
Samuel Fradgley 14 dager siden
Isn't Josie takes people video games and I saw a video game fly by
Freddie Lomas
Freddie Lomas 14 dager siden
# bring back chug chug
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