7 Minutes to Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover Attempts Most Dangerous Landing Yet

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

18 dager siden

All landings on Mars are difficult, but NASA's Perseverance rover is attempting to touch down in the most challenging terrain on Mars ever targeted.
The intense entry, descent, and landing phase, known as EDL, begins when the spacecraft reaches the top of the Martian atmosphere. Engineers have referred to the time it takes to land on Mars as the "seven minutes of terror."
The landing sequence is complex and targeting a location like Jezero Crater on Mars is only possible because of new landing technologies known as Range Trigger and Terrain-Relative Navigation.
The Perseverance rover is set to land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021.
For more information about Perseverance, visit mars.nasa.gov/perseverance
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Harlem ICF
Harlem ICF 49 minutter siden
Why was there dust blown about when this landed on mars but when they first went to the moon same type of dust not same but type yet not a grain moved funny that
Iam Pro
Iam Pro 3 timer siden
Again drama, like 1969 landing on moon🤣🤣🤣🤣 landing on Mars 2021👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Josh 4 timer siden
I enjoyed my japati and roti whilst watching this, I cant wait to go to mars maybe the aliens will enjoy my japatis and roti with me
Cereal Pirate
Cereal Pirate 5 timer siden
nowindow.info/cloud/video/o6BlY2eHpKhviok.html You guys still drinking the Koolaid
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold 5 timer siden
Earths perseverance to ignore millions people starving and dying on the streets. Yeah let's look away and spend billions on a planet where we do not belong. What is it with earthlings to look aside their real and acute problems and spend money on something that has no purpose at all???
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 10 timer siden
Man! That was a lot of work put into Perseverance, Best one yet!
BHAVISYAवाणी 12 timer siden
cépa moa
cépa moa 13 timer siden
it is like the small automatic vacum cleaner in my kitchen but on mars !
Norman Scott
Norman Scott 15 timer siden
There is nothing there. No water... No air.. No life. I predict that about 2 weeks after the first people land there they are going to look at eachother and say "Dear God, what have we done.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 10 timer siden
Ilon Mask!
MUSTAFA DERCİ 20 timer siden
I don't believe it. It's like a movie scene. Sorry it doesn't have any credibility.
ma jord
ma jord 22 timer siden
140 million miles in 7 months? 😂 20 000 000 miles per month 645 161 miles per day 26 882 per hour 448 miles per minute 7,5 miles per second You dumb or just ignorant?
Tariqul Alam Mohd
Tariqul Alam Mohd 22 timer siden
We see multi coloured people who work for NASA
Σigma Dag siden
Why Perseverance is a "she" and not a "he" or an "it"? What defines the gender of a rover? 😁
pradeep bd
pradeep bd Dag siden
I wish I will reach there...in future ..
Malcom Johnson
Malcom Johnson Dag siden
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Muneer Muneer
Muneer Muneer Dag siden
ma jord
ma jord Dag siden
Don’t believe this, it’s just propaganda.
ma jord
ma jord 19 timer siden
@AstroPlays - Among Us Great! 👍😂
AstroPlays - Among Us
AstroPlays - Among Us 19 timer siden
@ma jord No, it's possible. Earth's escape velocity or the velocity needed to escape Earth's SOI is 10km/s, as time passes by, it slows down because it's nearing apogee around the Sun. By the 7th month Mars will intersect with the rover's orbit. And I'm not dumb. *You are*
ma jord
ma jord 22 timer siden
@AstroPlays - Among Us 140 million miles in 7 months? 😂 20 000 000 miles per month 645 161 miles per day 26 882 per hour 448 miles per minute 7,5 miles per second You dumb or just ignorant?
AstroPlays - Among Us
AstroPlays - Among Us Dag siden
what the heck
Ángel Dag siden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
First time I've ever slowed down a video...these engineers talk fast when they're excited
Arnuld Klabyu
Arnuld Klabyu 2 timer siden
They talk fast when they're lying
Mark Herera
Mark Herera Dag siden
Thats great nasa is the best i love planet and science
Junk Man Channel
Junk Man Channel Dag siden
Mars: please humans dont bring wars n diseases to our home.. Humans: Ah hahahaha haha
Junk Man Channel
Junk Man Channel Dag siden
They should send it to mars north pole
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
300,000,000 miles? lol cmon!!
Rhaizenne Fenatti
Rhaizenne Fenatti Dag siden
Reality: humans are the 👽 aliens. They want to invade another planet
Dag siden
Ilon Mask!
thecatlady Dag siden
Fake footage. NASA is nothing but a lie. Moonlanding was fake as well. Hollywood productions I am convinced of that!
AstroPlays - Among Us
AstroPlays - Among Us Dag siden
what the heck, prove it
Dees Nuts
Dees Nuts 2 dager siden
The accidental hyena suggestively clip because cone additionly compete amongst a resonant ocean. warm, sad linda
ML Goddess
ML Goddess 2 dager siden
Fascinating. Unbelievable technology. Kudos to everyone who's part of this mission.
AstroPlays - Among Us
AstroPlays - Among Us Dag siden
@ma jord no it's not wth
ma jord
ma jord Dag siden
It’s fake, lies are rarely fascinating
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner 2 dager siden
The humorous motion affectively unite because syrup apically protect but a sad bass. ruthless, fast eye
simple life
simple life 2 dager siden
Rob Gnisir
Rob Gnisir 2 dager siden
One India female , one Chinese male, one black male , two european females.. Where is the white european male?....guess they are not part of diversity, even though they started and provided the foundation to all of this. How ungrateful the hypocritical diversity crowd is.
bboi fliproc
bboi fliproc 2 dager siden
landing in safely was already an amazing job, salute to all earth's brilliant minds.
Bharath A B
Bharath A B 2 dager siden
hey 1100+ dislikers, sorry for probing your planet
Bangla Islamic Dawah Channel
Bangla Islamic Dawah Channel 2 dager siden
Allah Is Creator For Whole Universe ...Knowledge Is Power,Learn and Accept ,You guys Should More Knows About Your Creator......because We are Being Tested For Little while ..
Олександр Справедливий
Олександр Справедливий 2 dager siden
А где ж ПАБЕДЫ Рогозина? На батуте или в дырявом МТС?
rashal hossain
rashal hossain 2 dager siden
Susan Mariquit
Susan Mariquit 2 dager siden
Fil-Am engineers had greatly contributed their knowledge for the successful achievements of Perseverance rover Congratulations to all teams and may you continue to achieve more for the future of mankind
Chairman 001
Chairman 001 2 dager siden
300,000,000 miles? lol cmon!!
Jarwo Paspor
Jarwo Paspor 2 dager siden
Kok ada kamera yg memvideo siap duluan di mars ..keren
Jue and RIms
Jue and RIms 2 dager siden
Man! That was a lot of work put into Perseverance, Best one yet!
Meg Stewart
Meg Stewart 2 dager siden
Is there a Spanish language version of this video?
Darmansyah Putra
Darmansyah Putra 2 dager siden
The flat earth is real
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 dager siden
NASA have so many pictures but NASA don't have clips while perseverance rover explore the surface of the red planet.
Infinus Ultima
Infinus Ultima 2 dager siden
They constantly wonder if life ever existed on mars yet they never send a probe at the poles, the only place on the planet with snow/ice
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 dager siden
This is so cool! I love the sky crane video @t
Green Earth 2.O
Green Earth 2.O 3 dager siden
Kindly don't allow any religion to this massive success of human kind, its all our 0.000001 success only, still long way to search
Garibaldi Maia de Araujo
Garibaldi Maia de Araujo 3 dager siden
No dia 13/03/1966 do ano de 2021, estarei completando meio seculo e cinco aninhos (55), eu e o Uber está de Parabéns.
ej_ soul_jah
ej_ soul_jah 3 dager siden
Nasa's animation is getting better and better!
Gilbert Maravilla
Gilbert Maravilla 3 dager siden
Lakas ng hangin sa Mars ah ..
Abdellatif Ouali
Abdellatif Ouali 3 dager siden
Fake fake!!!
Alejandro Del Cid
Alejandro Del Cid 3 dager siden
Fake news! And real news: look here: “Mars Perseverance Rover Landing Debunked”
SAKAERU DAO DAO 3 dager siden
jashim uddin
jashim uddin 3 dager siden
Allah how Akbar
Arn M.E. Vlog
Arn M.E. Vlog 3 dager siden
Rejani BJ
Rejani BJ 3 dager siden
Great acheivement. Big Salute to the team
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 dager siden
Evelyn Wagner
Evelyn Wagner 3 dager siden
The oafish jasmine expectantly radiate because brother karyologically fear by a greedy database. godly, unhealthy join
Mr. Creel
Mr. Creel 3 dager siden
This is so cool! I love the sky crane video @t
DaweeeRio Roosevelt
DaweeeRio Roosevelt 3 dager siden
NASA have so many pictures but NASA don't have clips while perseverance rover explore the surface of the red planet.
DaweeeRio Roosevelt
DaweeeRio Roosevelt 3 dager siden
Racist Spotted.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 dager siden
Ah, the classic asians
SUPER LABINE 4 dager siden
So this is what they call a progressive video? A white-male-free footage so it won't be threatening to viewers 😂
Abul kashem
Abul kashem 4 dager siden
Congratulated Nasa. From Bangladesh
zabijca 4 dager siden
No white men were ever working on this project, ever. Only women and ethnic minorities. That's right.
Dr Mantis Toboggan
Dr Mantis Toboggan 3 dager siden
@zabijca or those are just the people who worked on it...
zabijca 3 dager siden
@Dr Mantis Toboggan It clearly mattered for people who made this video. Reminded my Spacex events. In early vids where space workers chanting USA! USA! after successful start/landing you'll struggle to see even one woman, (diversity both racial and gender craze wasn't nearly as strong as it is now) yet when came to live interviews before manned start they put in the front of the camera probably every woman or someone from racial minority they could find there.
Dr Mantis Toboggan
Dr Mantis Toboggan 3 dager siden
Does it matter what skin color or gender the people working on this have? Shouldn't it just matter that they are good at their job?
Let'sgo 4 dager siden
techcanyon 4 dager siden
Will human life be immortal for life or human would still die on mars planet? Is mars not vulnerable to the heartquake and tsunami that we are facing on earth?
Denric Ian Gaba
Denric Ian Gaba 4 dager siden
Grabe! Amazing, lahat Ng creations Ni Lord God! 😇
natural bangla
natural bangla 4 dager siden
Vallas Jo
Vallas Jo 4 dager siden
diez Quinn
diez Quinn 4 dager siden
i need to call my friend at tekkadan
Anto Paul Chazhoor.. Thrissur city.
Anto Paul Chazhoor.. Thrissur city. 4 dager siden
Graduations 👍
k venkateswarrau
k venkateswarrau 4 dager siden
Congratulations for your great grand success and wishing all success.
Igor Prawdziwy
Igor Prawdziwy 4 dager siden
"Spaceballs" vol. 2020 ;) Kubrick is proud of you!!!
Starcologist 4 dager siden
**Flat Earthers left the chat**
Shirima Net
Shirima Net 4 dager siden
76 76
76 76 4 dager siden
Ah, the classic asians
Shiva Srivastava
Shiva Srivastava 4 dager siden
0:20 Swati mohan (Indian) PROUD OF YOU MAM
Truth Facts
Truth Facts 4 dager siden
Parachute? Is there air maars?
Thomas Hobbs
Thomas Hobbs 4 dager siden
If NASA dissolved tomorrow nothing of value would be lost.
Dr Mantis Toboggan
Dr Mantis Toboggan 3 dager siden
What makes you say that?
HEIST STOMZ 4 dager siden
Great 🙂💞 love from india. 🥰😘😘😘
काव्य - सागर
काव्य - सागर 4 dager siden
maître spirituel marabout médium
maître spirituel marabout médium 4 dager siden
Marco Cezar Pinto De Aragao
Marco Cezar Pinto De Aragao 4 dager siden
Talvez essa Jezero seja num deserto aqui na Terra.
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair 4 dager siden
Why wasting money no use. Spend money for health and education.
Dr Mantis Toboggan
Dr Mantis Toboggan 3 dager siden
You want a space exploration company to start working on health and education?
Bernardi Hugo
Bernardi Hugo 4 dager siden
Nuestro planeta Tierra es hoy el único lugar conocido que alberga vida. La posible existencia de vida extraterrestre es una cuestión que ha fascinado a la humanidad durante siglos. Desde el punto de vista científico, obtener una respuesta requiere un enorme esfuerzo colaborativo entre múltiples campos de investigación científica que incluyen astronomía, física, química, biología, geología, e incluso filosofía de la ciencia. Es importante no perder de vista que este impulso por explorar otros planetas, no nos distraiga de lo mas importante que es cuidar el nuestro, que hasta ahora es un paraíso único, en medio del desierto espacial.
Chess With Homer
Chess With Homer 4 dager siden
sayam Abu sadat md
sayam Abu sadat md 4 dager siden
One thing what really amage me , how immigrants made the America great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashok Ghosh
Ashok Ghosh 4 dager siden
Wonderful feeling
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dager siden
Swati mohan the lady who is Mission control director is from my village in South India state of Tamil nadu
Erwin de Haas
Erwin de Haas 5 dager siden
Mooi dat het kan, maar vind eigenlijk wel dat als zo'n apparaat is uitgewerkt dat het dan wel weer terug moet naar aarde. Vind eigenlijk niet dat we het daar achter moeten laten. Zooi maken op een andere planeet lijkt me niet de bedoeling.
Kenneth Mccalla
Kenneth Mccalla 5 dager siden
Speed is what count to know more about the universe. We might know more we know very little at the moment
Will Ahmad
Will Ahmad 5 dager siden
skycrane fly away to a safe distance.... my question is, where it goes? Does it landed safely also somewhere or just hit the Mars surface and destroyed?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dager siden
I'm impressed even if the control is in the U.S. and the Rover is in Iceland. I'm not impressed if the control is also in Iceland. I haven't seen the above video but I'm impressed
talzotar 5 dager siden
Nice CGI footage from Nasau.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vivian Castillo
Vivian Castillo 5 dager siden
Awesome share! Thanks
A'prille F
A'prille F 5 dager siden
That is Soo Cool
RODRIGO YBANEZ 5 dager siden
I think mars is a hot planet bcoz no water..no water means no oxygen..oxygen is the cold air we breath and hot air is co2
v. kozyrev
v. kozyrev 5 dager siden
«Мы подождем, пока американцы истратят деньги на новые технологии, а потом - цап-царап. Или задешево купим."
Mili Jannat
Mili Jannat 5 dager siden
Excellent team work Congratulations Nasa
the rock
the rock 5 dager siden
Dont disturb the aliens, they might strike back!
Luigi Palma
Luigi Palma 5 dager siden
Importante tecnologia Italiana fatta nella mia città, Torino
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim 5 dager siden
If perseverance was launched july 2020, it took 7 months to reach Mars
WILL UIS 5 dager siden
the rover design is not bulletproof
starlab k
starlab k 5 dager siden
These guys are good ..they should plan to plan to put a rover on some planet some time maybe
Жоробек Кылланов
Жоробек Кылланов 5 dager siden
007 5 dager siden
Image taken by Rover after landing shows 2 ufo one each at extreme left and right ,zoom the image and see it by yourself.
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