2021 Vintage Open | Final RD F9 | Heimburg, Conrad, Rathbun, Locastro | GKPRO Disc Golf

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2021 Vintage Open
2021 DGPT Silver Series Stop #2
Final RD - Front 9 - MPO LEAD
Old Post DGC
Russellville, Arkansas
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Bushnell Range FInders through GK Pro
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Commentary Team
Kevin Jones & Thomas Gilbert
Calvin Heimburg
James Conrad
Gavin Rathbun
Nikko Locastro
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Papigringo 24 dager siden
When you root for Nikko to throw well just because you don't want to see him blow his top...
chapii win
chapii win 24 dager siden
: )
DigitalDharma 25 dager siden
12:52 Nikko from edge of circle 2
Ss S
Ss S 27 dager siden
Jesus nikkos putting is shit.
Cody Garner
Cody Garner 27 dager siden
Commentary is on point, uplifting and educational.
bioLarzen 28 dager siden
Whoever thought of naming a disc Eagle clearly didn't think of the coverage of these events... "He threw an Eagle" What? Where? How? :D
Joefil Kwan
Joefil Kwan 28 dager siden
@5:40 shout to GT! dfw, Tx local.
Jaoip 28 dager siden
That voice crack haha 8:42
SMR 29 dager siden
Wait James Conrad with a hat!?
Spencer Pellant
Spencer Pellant 29 dager siden
yo, what the hell is gavin wearing? those look like the pants I would wear when I worked at Cici's pizza.
Nathan Welker
Nathan Welker 29 dager siden
God bless this sport, these players and the GK crew!!
Ben M
Ben M 29 dager siden
Awesome to see Nathan Queen shooting hot in this last round in the wind! hope to see him on some coverage soon.
Ryan Aquino
Ryan Aquino 29 dager siden
What camera do you shoot with for those cutaway shots? Sony A7Siii? LOOKS FANTASTIC
flopkin 29 dager siden
Love watching James Conrad on the lead cards! Also KJ is doing a great job with the commentary.
Lekker Maan
Lekker Maan 29 dager siden
19:41. Yeah, I noticed it Kev.
Lekker Maan
Lekker Maan 29 dager siden
It is a little jarring hearing Tomcat speak in slow motion next to KJ.
Al Biggers
Al Biggers 29 dager siden
When the video transitions to a split screen with play going on in a small section of the screen a a commercial in a much larger part of the screen it is very annoying. I also wonder what percentage of the viewers even see what is being advertised while they squint to see the tiny part of the screen where the disc golf action is happening.
Al Biggers
Al Biggers 29 dager siden
I can't believe no one has put a basket on that little island in the middle of the lake.
Justin Fenningsdorf
Justin Fenningsdorf Måned siden
just chill play for fun
Von Hyzerberg
Von Hyzerberg Måned siden
James is looking so refreshed these days. Great energy!
scott curl
scott curl Måned siden
Makes a diff. when your not chasing the "Beast". That said Calvin is a crazy good and love to watch Nikko play.
Leon Ulman
Leon Ulman Måned siden
And suddenly JomezPro needs to try a little harder ... this is quality content, specially with Kevin on the mic. 👏
tjloefflerjaetem Måned siden
Gavin's theme song is, "I get knocked down, but I get up again. They're never gonna keep me down."
Michael Pitts
Michael Pitts Måned siden
Yo, Kevin. I've said it before but it bears repeating. You and Thomas are simply killing it as commentators. However, I would prefer to see y'all out there shreddin on the lead card. Keep up the great work and good luck this year. We truly love you guys and want the very best for you both.
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan Måned siden
The wind was so crazy on hole 1that Calvin's firebird shot skipped backwards😑
Acasi-Kley De La Ramtin
Acasi-Kley De La Ramtin Måned siden
Nikko haters are free to take the foot out of mouth.
Jim Plattes
Jim Plattes Måned siden
They call him Hammering Heimburg.
Evan Walker
Evan Walker Måned siden
Felt really bad for Gavin, some very tough spit outs, gotta be hard to deal with
Justin Wieduwilt
Justin Wieduwilt Måned siden
Great coverage! This is some very rememberable commentary.
Lee Ludtke
Lee Ludtke Måned siden
23:51 one of the craziest drives i've ever seen
Bryan Limon
Bryan Limon Måned siden
Nikko should implement a cartwheel backflip celebration to his outside circle 1 success shots. Be the first, be the best. Nikko2021
Micah Smith
Micah Smith Måned siden
Been absolutely loving the GK coverage this year. The production quality and commentary have been awesome. Also Calvin is good at putting.
Joshua Black
Joshua Black Måned siden
I really hope they have Kevin, James, and Calvin for the skins on this course.
TheMikeYoung Måned siden
For some reason that hat and outfit on James Conrad just makes him look so different and like, extra cool?!?
Nathan Welker
Nathan Welker 29 dager siden
And he looked just kinda extra cool b4
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 29 dager siden
Yeah, but when doesn't james conrad look extra cool?
Greg Hines
Greg Hines Måned siden
If y’all hate Nikko so much get good enough an kick him off the lead card.
Matthew Sadler
Matthew Sadler Måned siden
Ok, hole 1, Calvin “a little right”? You mean WAY right. Also, Gavin “a little low”? Come on. Straight into the ground more accurately.
HaikesXO Måned siden
23:50 you’ve got to be kidding me dude. that’s just so nasty wow
KrummyBear 29 dager siden
Yeah, I threw up in my mouth a bit.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez Måned siden
Good stuff!
HaikesXO Måned siden
22:31 Nikko with the death stare lol
BreakfastBacon Måned siden
Kevin’s explanations improve the viewing experience a lot.
Bill Hawkins
Bill Hawkins Måned siden
Everyone is rightfully singing KJ’s praises on commentary. But I just want to say that I am a huge fan of Thomas’s insight and analysis. Love his analysis. You can tell he just loves great shots.
Jodi Måned siden
Women's coverage???
Derek Smittle
Derek Smittle Måned siden
Ace Run Productions has all three rounds of lead FPO coverage.
Anthony Ruggiero
Anthony Ruggiero Måned siden
James Conrad throws an MVP open stamped Plasma Entropy; Thomas: "James throwing his new signature putter the nomad here, throwing it great already".
dumpy D
dumpy D Måned siden
I don’t know if KJ checks the comments but he consistently says: “x is throwing the disc good”. It should be “x is throwing the disc well”. The way he says it implies: the opposite of evil. I know it’s a nit pick in the face of great coverage and commentary but speech/language is a part of commentary.
TristanandIsolt Måned siden
Heimburg making that 40 or more foot putt on 9 right after he gave up a stroke. Unreal.
Fritz Holzner
Fritz Holzner Måned siden
he's right outside c1 how is that more than 40 feet? haha - still a huge putt tho
shmodizzley Måned siden
Bro I hate nikko more than anything
Hypeman Måned siden
Thomas....I enjoyed your commentary style. However, take it to the next level by reaching out to players to see what they were throwing on holes. You were off on what James was throwing. Goodluck the rest of the tour!
TheMan Angel
TheMan Angel Måned siden
James and that hat are looking rad
Tsxtasy1 Måned siden
7:00 I was waiting for the infamous 3 hour practice shot before his drive 😂. But they cut to his drive 😢
Nathan Pearson
Nathan Pearson Måned siden
James Conrad in a hat looking like that dude who always had the hookah going outside his dorm building in college
Ron Freeze
Ron Freeze Måned siden
Love the Bushnell distance marker, avg for hole in round to see difficulty, and commentary was on point. Really great job GKPro
BoTillman46480 Måned siden
That brighter/shiny pink disc Calvin is throwing (hole 7) is most definitely a Draco from millennium. His eagles are all kinda chalky looking and more peach colored, and he has a darker red one too.
PhoenixAshes13 Måned siden
GK has quickly became my favorite golf channel. Great pro commentary teams and video coverage. The descriptions of flights and discs plus the added yardage is very enjoyable. The discs were dancing this round and on such a beautiful course...
GK Pro
GK Pro Måned siden
Thank you for the kind words! We are so glad you’re enjoying it 🙏🏽
Tom Walters
Tom Walters Måned siden
The Commentary is World Class! keep up the great work!
j mc
j mc Måned siden
Nikko is such a douche.
Elijah S.
Elijah S. Måned siden
KJ is killing it on commentary. 🔥
Sahil Baxi
Sahil Baxi Måned siden
Crazy commentary there, Kevin
Isaiah Levy
Isaiah Levy Måned siden
Calvin Heimburg is the best disc golfer on the planet.
dustman Måned siden
The speed of playback on this video is slightly fast, makes it a little hard to watch. (Yes, I checked my settings)
Sue In Raleigh
Sue In Raleigh Måned siden
Calvin looks determined and confident. Love the pep in his step!
VIDEOsverigeNU Måned siden
No offense, Nikko, but James nail similar putts all the time.
Stefan Rechtlich
Stefan Rechtlich Måned siden
Did Conrad get a girlfriend because he finally looking fresh?
Gary Stry
Gary Stry Måned siden
These commentators are much better than Jomez. Big germ baby giggles to much.
Luke Guggemos
Luke Guggemos Måned siden
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Jay Penn
Jay Penn Måned siden
Sssuuuuuuuurrrrrreeeeeee 🤔
WHATtheSPORTS! Måned siden
James Conrad with a hat is exactly what we needed for 2021 😎
Alvaro Benicio
Alvaro Benicio 15 dager siden
@Watson Johan Definitely, been watching on Flixzone for years myself =)
Watson Johan
Watson Johan 15 dager siden
pro trick: you can watch movies on flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.
emusam 29 dager siden
I didn't know how badly the world needed this until I saw it.
Drone Services, LLC
Drone Services, LLC Måned siden
That’s his new apparel line, pretty nice.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Måned siden
I like hat James and no hat Rick.
Kobra Commander
Kobra Commander Måned siden
3 great players and then there is Douche Kko
Mr. Spud
Mr. Spud Måned siden
rip gavin... He has been unlucky in the final rounds on both waco and vintage open. He was at the lead after first round, lead card after second round, and started of bad on both finals leaving him not even in top 4
Nathan Oliver
Nathan Oliver Måned siden
I don't think I have ever seen James with a hat on
Tyler Taterka
Tyler Taterka Måned siden
Seth with the birdie on 4!! What a stud
AKaY Longshotz
AKaY Longshotz Måned siden
anyone know what hat James Conrad was wearing? That hat was really clean and I would like to buy one
Logan Painter
Logan Painter Måned siden
Nikko...what an unlikable guy 🤯💯
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest Måned siden
If I had as many spit outs and roll aways as Gavin I might not be able to finish the round.
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest Måned siden
@Matthew Sadler there are reason for that comment?
Matthew Sadler
Matthew Sadler Måned siden
That’s why you’re watching.
Flynn Stone
Flynn Stone Måned siden
8:43 "gonna help cut through that wYNdd"
Jody Mitchell
Jody Mitchell Måned siden
Just want to take a moment to say it's been a nice journey watching this sport grow to what it is today. When I first started playing, there was no footage like this and there was probably just a fraction of the number of courses there are today. My first closest course was an hour drive away, now there are 10 within an hours drive. I can only imagine where this is going to be in the next 10 years. Best sport ever!
Will B. Done
Will B. Done 29 dager siden
We started in 1978 with a roll of ductape and regular Frisbees. We would go to the park and put two stripes on a tree or pole and we had to hit in between the two stripes. Metal poles were nice because it would ring like a bell when we hit it but we would argue if it was between the stripes. Those were the days.
Chaz Naps
Chaz Naps Måned siden
Great vid coverage but had to turn sound down a bit. Jones must love to hear himself talk because he NEVER shuts up! Must all player intros be talked over? Must the obvious be stated time and again? I especially love it when commentators on any coverage talk about how beautiful a throw is or looks and you just know it either gonna hit the first tree available, be shanked or head OB. Basically I love the video coverage of all these post produced rounds but really can't take any commentators aside from "Ules" and Nate Sexton. Just an opinion from one of the minions! :)
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan Måned siden
Mute your volume and keep your mouth shut. Sounds like a win win for you
James Satchwill
James Satchwill Måned siden
I give Thomas Gilbert an "A" for his commentary this weekend...eh?
Chris P
Chris P Måned siden
31:10 Calvin casually throws his disc into another dimension and James casually transforms into Niko at 36:55 :D Was that cut intentional ?
gogopossum 29 dager siden
I came here looking for the comment on the cut from James to Nikki, lol.
David Harris
David Harris Måned siden
Lol, nice
Postermaestro Måned siden
Roina Roope
Roina Roope Måned siden
I really think it's quite annoying when commentator uses players full name more than once at the beginning. Am i the only one? Footage and commentary otherwise is really really great, starts my day with a smile. Before i only waited for jomez to upload, but you have upped your game so much recent year that this channel gets my splitted number 1 spot when it comes to disc golf.
sstwwmpne Måned siden
URL to Bushnell is broken. Heads up!
GK Pro
GK Pro Måned siden
Thanks for the heads up. Bushnell is quickly working on getting us a reliable link that last for more than 72hrs.
S.0.S Måned siden
Calvin is sooo smooth.
S.0.S Måned siden
GK Pro Final 9 coverage...Masters Final Round...and kicking ass on DGV. GONNA BE A GOOD DAY!
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Måned siden
have to feel for Gavin. So many spitouts
HaikesXO Måned siden
16:11 great commentary by Kj
MarkWire Måned siden
Nikko just never handless difficult winds, or pressure... such a shame
Travis Pena
Travis Pena Måned siden
I mean he won Waco which is a notoriously windy place and made one of the most clutch putts I've seen on 17 in the final round. You're comment is patently false.
revpgesqredux Måned siden
These guys are good
revpgesqredux Måned siden
Crazy Ground Suck on Hole 9 drives
Hurok Kalmus
Hurok Kalmus Måned siden
Great disc golf game, wow. Does anyone know what kind of flowers those red flowers by the basket at hole 6? I think Fuchsia but i am not sure.
Tuomas Oravainen
Tuomas Oravainen Måned siden
I know it's a personal problem, but it really grates my ears to hear Kevin say "throws good" instead of "throws well". 😅 Content is superb as usual. Well, now it is, as we finally got the HD version 😎
Evan Doorlay
Evan Doorlay Måned siden
Calvin came to fucking play today damn
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 Måned siden
Nikko doesn't like cameras because he feel they steal his soul a little. It's a dog/cat relationship
David Harris
David Harris Måned siden
Y'all come up with some stories, lol. I like the creativity.
S.0.S Måned siden
This was at the Portland Open in 2014
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 Måned siden
@S.0.S you shoulda kicked his a$$! Lol
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 Måned siden
@S.0.S yeah. My wife would have made a huge scene. It would been epic. He just needs a hug
S.0.S Måned siden
Nikko kicked a pine cone after shanking a throw and the pinecone hit my dog. Nikko didnt say anything, lol.
Scotlan Bettes
Scotlan Bettes Måned siden
Does it bother you that Innova posts the winner on instagram before you even post your coverage? Cuz it drives me crazy
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 Måned siden
@Scotlan Bettes we are all brainwashed to the nth degree. Thanks for saying I'm probably right. I never hear that. Lol. Today is a good day
Scotlan Bettes
Scotlan Bettes Måned siden
You're probably right. I've been brainwashed to click on it too often. I'll just unfollow Innova. Just seems like bad business
Orion 77
Orion 77 Måned siden
If it really matters to you, stay off social media until you watch the video coverage. We can't expect the rest of the world to stop just for us.....
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 Måned siden
Nope. I know so I stay off Instagram if a tourney is going on. It's a no brainer
Utah Fly Life
Utah Fly Life Måned siden
Kev dawg on some next level commentary. Thoroughly impressed. He and Uli would make a great pair. All commentators have their own unique ways, so seeing so many comments talking down on Jerm is pretty disrespectful. Some of y’all’s negativity doesn’t represent disc golf at all and it’s a shame to see such haters on these late GK videos. Great work GK and I hope to see more positivity from all of the disc golf fam. Peace!
Red Matthews
Red Matthews Måned siden
@awhislyle sounds like you're describing Nate. But he seemed to get a little tired of Jerm and Jerm seemed content to move on without him...
awhislyle Måned siden
@a y I feel like Uli just plays off the personality of whoever he is with, and mirroring Jerm's personality back at him causes a positive feedback loop which really exacerbates things. Jerm needs a partner who can play the straight man at times, someone who engages him at his own level causes things to get a bit out of control.
a y
a y Måned siden
@Kevin Freeman exactly. Kevin is just genuinely a good dude, while BLM Jerm and dbag Uli are clowns
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman Måned siden
I think some people are getting tired of seeing jerm and uli going at each other. I like watching both of them playing tournaments, but have tuned put of their miked up practice rounds. To negative. Kevin from down under 🙂🌏
danielcockerspaniel Måned siden
31:50 jk just generated 500 disc orders for the nomad
Patrick Hicks
Patrick Hicks Måned siden
I did google the disc right after that throw.
Ben S
Ben S Måned siden
about 90% sure that's actually a plasma entropy. The nomad, as far as I know, is the green putter that he finishes the hole with - it has an MVP prototype stamp on it. That disc off the tee was swirly with the Maple Hill 2019 stamp on it
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman Måned siden
Great shot wasn't it. When I seen the drone flight I thought that seems like a good line to throw. I was surprised too see only James take that line. Kevin from down under 🙂🌏
Orion 77
Orion 77 Måned siden
JK? Juliana Korver?
mp29940 Måned siden
Calvin should be the next Dr. Who
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Måned siden
bro nikko is so annoying lmao He ruins it for me
Troy Savage
Troy Savage Måned siden
Sameeeeeee I'm only watching for Calvin and James
Bahram Kheradmand
Bahram Kheradmand Måned siden
Loved James Conrad clapping for Nikko's putt on 3!
Benard Neuhaus
Benard Neuhaus Måned siden
Cool to see Emerson Keith at 18:23
Oskar Åström
Oskar Åström Måned siden
najssiness Måned siden
hole 3, that just means that it wasnt just luck at waco, nico knows windsXD
T. Noel Trudell-Kays
T. Noel Trudell-Kays Måned siden
Conrad with a ball cap on backwards?
Seth Sanderson
Seth Sanderson Måned siden
Nikko.. what a PUTT on hole 3!! 🤯💯
BaseballKiD4D4 Måned siden
@Greg Hines hey man I can lose tournaments too. Butthurt little Sally lmao
Greg Hines
Greg Hines Måned siden
Still better then you bud
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter Måned siden
@BaseballKiD4D4 Because he celebrated his good putt? This ain't ball golf.
BaseballKiD4D4 Måned siden
A nice putt but he still makes himself look like a tool
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter Måned siden
@Aaron Mayhew 2.0 think its a Sinus
Disc Blaster
Disc Blaster Måned siden
Gavin gets every bad break possible in one of these rounds, pretty infuriating
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Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)